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Got a question... Nutrisystem help(a little confused)? Looking forward for any comment. Another question... I'm drinking the required amount of water (probably more, actually) but I still notice that I'm retaining quite a bit of water. I've been on the diet since April 10th..

I use a Tanita scale and my weight and body-fat percentage have been all over the place. For example, on Friday my weight was about 170.2. I was extremely happy with the results. Thrilled might be a better word. This past Sunday night my weight was in the high 170's and my body-fat percentage had dropped significantly. It was definitely around 7% to 8% less than earlier in the week.

I'm staying on program and exercising regularly. I seem to sweat more than ever before when I exercise..

I did cut out a somewhat high in sodium non-fat salad dressing. Maybe that will make the difference..

Has anyone experienced these types of ups and downs with water weight?.

Any help would be appreciated..


asked Apr 21 at 12:26

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

answered Apr 21 at 13:47

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DON'T weigh in at night. Your weight goes up during the day and can fluctuate by up to 4lbs. If you weigh daily, do it the same time every morning after using the bathroom...

answered Apr 21 at 15:09

Tristan's gravatar image


I don't trust those fancy scales. I honestly do not believe home scale BMI indicators are ready for prime time yet. Swings in weight and body-fat percentages like you're reporting may be scale errors as much as water-weight fluctuations. Just my barely-informed opinion. The tech may have changed dramatically in the past year or 2..

I'm not going to try to figure BMI until I can find a dunk-tank near me..


answered Apr 21 at 16:48

Issac's gravatar image


What kind of exercise are you doing? Frequency, length of sessions, type of workouts ? .

Besides possibly being the result of not weighing first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, or the result of sodium intake, as others wrote, it could be exercise/nutrition related..

Short version. If you exercise hard, your body goes into a catabolic state unless it has proper nutrition. Catabolism breaks down muscle cells, as well as fat cells, and prevents new muscle cell growth..

Does your tanita tell you skeletal muscle mass percentage? Would be interesting to see how that fluctuates..

Also, in men, when the body becomes catabolic after hard exercise (or too much moderate exercise) it helps trigger the secretion of the hormone estrogen which causes water retention, amongst other things...

answered Apr 21 at 17:44

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Thanks for the responses everyone..

It's highly likely that I'm not getting enough calories. I use the GoWear fit and according to it my deficit is HUGE. According to the GoWear fit I've already burned 1020 calories and it's only 9:00 am. I probably should start supplementing with some additional lean proteins..

I work out 3x a week with a trainer and also use a spinning bike at home 3x a week. While spinning I use two "brands" of videos. I guess I can't mention them here but they're great. The videos in the series range from endurance to strength to interval to recovery, etc. I use a spinning computer to monitor my heart rate and cadence - both are usually range they should be according to the videos. I would say each ride lasts between 40-50 minutes.

I have a new trainer and he's great. I had another trainer before this and he was far too easy on me. I'm not sure how much longer the training sessions will last as they are expensive and I've been doing them a long time now. I'll probably head back to the gym on my own in July. Anyway, I warmed up for about 8 minutes (using machine called Jacob's Ladder - if you don't know what it is you can Google it) and then we focused on some posture exercises along with back/biceps. Most of the workout is geared towards overloading the muscles.

There is very little conversation/chat-chat. Training sessions are 1hr..

Thanks again..


answered Apr 21 at 19:03

's gravatar image


Re: weigh-ins.

I never weigh myself at night, except to see how much different it is from my usual first-thing-in-the-AM weigh in. My weight fluctuates around 2-4 pounds during the course of the day, especially after meals and during my water intake, when I normally drink at least 128 oz., sometimes up to 192 oz. or 1 1/2 gallons per day..

When I do a morning weigh-in, it seems to be fairly accurate and rarely is more than a pound off from the previous day. Sometimes I'll reach a new low weight and follow it by a few days of slightly higher weight before that becomes my new "average" weight...

answered Apr 21 at 20:03

's gravatar image


Pretty good self-analysis .... grin ! Its quite possible you are preventing proper metabolic processes and causing catabolism by "starving" your body..

If your nutrition is correct, you don't need to run a calorie deficit to lose body fat, because you will be building muscle mass which will use increasingly more calories as it increases. [Ivy, Rivera, et.al.].

Also, don't just add proteins. You need more complex carbohydrates so the body can break them down into good sugars and store them in the liver, muscles, etc., to support your activities..

This is why cardio is worthless for body fat loss compared to resistance training. Cardio requires you to run a calorie deficit to lose weight, but the weight loss produced includes significant loss of muscle fiber mass..

You also just pointed out a problem I have with 80% of the so-called trainers out there. Why wouldn't your trainer know by now what your nutritional needs are given the level of work you expend in your workouts and daily routine?.

I mean, considering nutrition is at least 60% of the battle, if not significantly more as the Nutrisystem food plan so ably demonstrates..

I recommend if you engage a trainer again, you find one who is more than personally genetically gifted and who knows more than just how to do the exercises...

answered Apr 21 at 20:29

Dustin's gravatar image


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