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My first question is Question about Nutrisystem diet and excercise? Looking forward for any response. Second question of mine... Guys - for some of you that have lost a lot of weight and been on the program for a long time, please give me your perspective. My weight loss has slowed considerably. It seems like I am fighting for every pound now. Over the last six weeks I'm only down about about four pounds.

So, I understand that I would not have lost much during that period. But the last three weeks I have been on plan and the weight loss is still very slow..

I'm going to stick with Nutrisystem until I reach goal. I'm just wanting to know what to expect. Is one pound a week just about what I should consider realistic? What was your experience?.


asked Apr 21 at 16:41

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

answered Apr 21 at 18:14

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There is a good little daily click about plateauing so you might want to check it out! Good luck and dont give up!..

answered Apr 21 at 19:11

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It seems to vary alot for people, however for me as I got near the end (the last month or maybe two, I was pretty much down to losing just 1 pound per week. Stick with it and you can reach your goal...

answered Apr 21 at 19:59

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Try being at about the same weight for about 3 months... well, thats what I'm going through. Its rough... I too am very concerned that the scale is not moving. I'm constantly looking for reasons to combat it which keeps the fight in me and does not allow me to give up. I guess that is what it's all about huh?.

The following are theories of why I think things are slowing for me:.

1. Nutrisystem has way too many CARBS in it's diet.

2. I am doing way too much exercise.

3. My exercise intensity is too high..

I too am sticking to the diet and have been watching scale progress come to a halt. I've gone from weight loss honeymoon of 17 LBs to 5 to 3 to no weight loss on the scale registered. I do still see measured progress so that helps to keep me motivated to stick with it. after three months I'm hoping for a break, scale wise..


answered Apr 21 at 21:36

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It is normal for your weight loss to slow. I averaged 4 pounds a week for a long time, but I am now down to 1-2 pounds a week and that is if I stick 100% to plan and drink a gallon of water a day. A small variation from plan will be a no loss or slight gain for me...

answered Apr 21 at 21:45

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I really like the crab cakes! But I do think they slow down your weight loss. Especially when you eat them with tartar sauce...

answered Apr 21 at 22:22

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I get about a month of 3 pound per week loss, then a slow down for 4-6 weeks when 1 pound is great. As little as 300 extra calories can acutally send me up a pound when I'm in that stall period. Ben the carbs are fine on Nutrisystem - don't try to lower them your body wll just compensate. You have the key - think about it - you're in a heavy calorie deficit - your body is hanging on tooth and nail to have the calories to support your workload. Back way off - get your weight down then add back the exercise when you can take in enough calories to support that work. Stored energy is the bodies key to survival - there is a very narrow range where it will give up the stored fat...

answered Apr 21 at 22:35

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You caught me again... thank you for correcting me.

Welp I meant the CARBS not CRABS. LOL!..

answered Apr 21 at 23:31

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You're probably right Tom... Its just that I love to exercise now. LOL I would have never said that several months ago. Perhaps just sit-ups push-us and pull-ups for 15 min/day x 3 days and nothing else. I'll try, we'll see.....

answered Apr 22 at 00:34

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Will changing the dairy servings to, say, protein servings help in overcoming the plateau? This is actually a question to anyone. Those who have had much success in NS, did you all stick with eating the same exact food each day or did you switch it around a bit (ie. instead of eating an apple for a fruit serving, you ate strawberries instead)? Thank you for the info in advance...

answered Apr 22 at 01:18

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For you guys who's weight loss is slowing down..

1.) Look at what you were doing in the beginning. Have you started to add things in? Have your portions increased? Are you drinking enough water? Go back and duplicate the things you were doing in the beginning and see if that doesn't help..

2.) Go heavy on the cardio. Weight training is great but, IMHO, it will slow your weight loss. Cardio will burn the calories and speed up your loss. If you must do weight training, keep the pace up and the weight light to keep your heart rate up. (I didn't do any weight training until after I reached my goal.).

I think that most people's weight loss slows or stops because they start either playing fast and loose with the program or they don't focus on cardio..

Just my ramblings...

answered Apr 22 at 02:42

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Yeah, Larry just started. Don't listen to him. He doesn't know what he's talking about </sarcasm>..

answered Apr 22 at 03:06

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Hey Patrick! What's up with the race schedule on hold? You injured?..

answered Apr 22 at 03:27

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Those are some great suggestions. However, 3 months of no loss is a long time and so during this time I have tried all of the suggestions you mention. like going back to the basics on the Nutrisystem plan and also increasing the cardio heavy and than going back to light. Tried reducing my weight training after doing fairly heavy. This past month I got no results scale wise for the entire month. Perhaps not doing any weight lifting or intense anything? I don't know...

What I do know is that I feel great eating healthy on the plan and gaining strength with the work outs. I'm just not loosing but everything else is great..

answered Apr 22 at 03:57

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If you look at the charts of everyone who has posted to this thread you can see that they have all slowed, had plateaus, and then kept losing. I think changing the food choices and drinking more water help with plateaus. Good luck...

answered Apr 22 at 05:26

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Are you measuring? If your doing everything you say your doing,.

You should be getting results some where. lose of waist, biceps bigger.


As you can see I have lost 1 pound a week for 3 weeks straight..

I am still happy I'm losing but it is kind of frustrating..

I quit all activities except the 30 min cardio 3 times a week.

Just to see if that would get me more weight loss..

I even stopped using the PP just so I could see the scale.

Move some more...

answered Apr 22 at 06:14

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Hi all,.

I'm new and have never posted but I wanted to get plugged in to a thread. I have not had the plateau but I expect it and I'm getting mentally prepared. I'm down 18.5 lbs as of this morning and loving it...

answered Apr 22 at 07:27

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If you are working out as much and as hard as you say then you may need to consider actually adding calories to your diet..

You may be sabatoging yourself by not eating enough..

NS puts you on the ragged edge anyways and when you add exercise you need to compensate..

My 2 cents....I am still a noob to Nutrisystem but unfortunately quite familiar with losing and gaining weight...

answered Apr 22 at 07:39

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Hello Everyone,.

I too have hit a stop, it was about 4 weeks of no weight loss and then I got discouraged, I went out of the system and I shot up 5lbs one week! I hadnt stuck to the system at all but I was just so bummed that I wasnt losing anything and I feel frustrated with no one to talk to. Well after I noticed the 5lbs I hit panic mode, I havent managed to get myself back to 100% Nutrisystem yet but I'm getting there and I'm glad to say I'm at what I was at plus 2 Lbs in a week so hopefully this keeps up and I will not only get to where I was but keep going. My point is, dont follow my lead, keep up with what your doing and dont get discouraged because it could be worse then a plateau, you could gain! lol so keep it up and dont let it get to you, eventually you'll bust through and start losing again..

On a side note, you know it's funny, I've lost roughly 45lbs over the last several months, and when I started NS, I felt very heavy, once I lost the 45lb I felt much better about myself, but now having gained back the 5lbs I feel the same as I did when I has 45lbs heavier, I feel horrible and festively plump over 5lbs, something that before I wouldnt have cared about, that makes me both happy and sad, odd huh?..

answered Apr 22 at 07:56

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Best advice I ever got. Talk to a dietician. They are the experts in this. If I had to venture a guess, I would agree with whoever said you may need to eat more if you're working out that hard. I disagree with the stop the weight training. I have done it all along.

Muscle burns fat and raises your resting heart rate. Don't stop it. IMO...

answered Apr 22 at 08:33

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ChasWilly, I agree with you on one thing. Having more muscle will cause you to burn fat more efficiently. But both weight lifting and cardio.


Your resting heart rate..

The dilemma here is to ask what your goal is. If it's to gain muscle and strength, then go ahead and train with weights. It it's to lose weight, then my suggestion is to do cardio. You can bulk up your muscles once you reach your goal weight/body fat percentage/BMI or whatever you aspire to..

I haven't seen many here that achieve the weight they want while lifting. You may be the exception that proves the rule. I can't tell where you started or where you're going since you don't make any of that info available to us. All I can say is what my personal experience has been and what I've observed here in the past couple of years on this board. I treated these as two different entities. The first was to lose weight and the second was to work on my physique. I'm still working on the latter...

answered Apr 22 at 09:59

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It's very difficult to gain any muscle while in a negative caloric environment but what you can do is not lose any of the muscle you already have..

On any diet a certain percentage of the weight loss will come from muscle tissue and your goal is to minimize that loss while dieting. Weight training has a HUGE number of benefits that most people don't even realize and I don't think that you should take an either/or approach..

Myself, I think the best combination is a mixture of both...

answered Apr 22 at 11:29

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Larry, I should have been more specific. I did a circuit training routine when I first started. I worked with a trainer. I was doing that 3xweek and cardio 3xweek. I did not mean to imply to do weight training over cardio. Only that I did both.

I started at 250 and am at 186 last weigh in. I did that in six months. I think I qualify as results not typical though. And one more correction to my post. I should have said elevates your metabolism not resting heart rate.

See, this is why I don't post much. You fellas are on your game. HAHA...

answered Apr 22 at 12:11

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Thanks warrior....

I am NOT in an official plateu... as measurements ARE going down. All-be it very slight. My bi's actually are the exact measurement as when I started with Nutrisystem and so too are my legs. However, I have definitely gained muscle and lost fat there. That is plain to see.

I just measure it with arms relaxed as I have been from the start on NS. I have lost inches and continue to in my chest, hips, and waist. So again I know I'm not at a plateau. Just not losing scale pounds... Which is very weired for three months.....

answered Apr 22 at 12:50

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There is no doubt that you have valid points to make... I am still a NOOB after 5 months and still learning from the old timers. As you said I too can see a pattern and that is that people who are more sedentary seem to loose more than those who are doing a more intense routine. There is no doubt that I am attempting to work on both loosing weight and becoming better cardiovascularly as well as increase/maintain muscle mass at the same time. This is proving to be difficult. at least with the scale it is.

Thank heavens for that!.


I am currently doing both about 50/50 weight lifting and cardio. before I did one or the other and switched between them...

answered Apr 22 at 13:52

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Another great suggestion... I've actually been there as some on the boards know. I was actually taking in 1800 cals at one point. However, it started to slow when I was upto 1800 cals and that is why I've gone back to the basics to see if I can jump start the weight loss. However, it has not..

Only differance is that when I was taking in 1800 cals. I was losing 3 lbs./month and now I'm not losing nothing scale wise...

answered Apr 22 at 15:15

Abel's gravatar image


Thanks for the clarification!.

I will say that I had some of my best results right as I reached my goal while working with a personal trainer. I sure wish I could afford to do that all the time. And yes, you do definitely qualify as "results not typical". And yes, it does elevate your metabolism. Post a lot more though. You have some good info to give and some success under your belt to share. Everyone should get all the angles so they can decide what works best for them and their lifestyle...

answered Apr 22 at 15:58

Jonathan's gravatar image



Don't worry about it. You'll step on the scale one day and 5 lbs will have disappeared. This is VERY typical. What Nutrisystem advises to kickstart you agai is that you mix up the meals. Eat a dinner at lunch and lunch at dinner..

The truth is that while you're not losing weight, you are in the process of losing weight. It's tough to feel good about it when you plateau but it'll kick back in...

answered Apr 22 at 17:16

Maxwell's gravatar image


Thanks for clarifying Larry & Ben. I was getting ready to call customer service and complain. I get the occasional bear in my BBB but I've never received the crabs from nutrisystem. I would think that the extra scratching would surely burn calories...

answered Apr 22 at 18:35

's gravatar image


Are you suggesting that you get your crabs elsewhere? perhaps from the wifey..

answered Apr 22 at 19:51

's gravatar image


Not sure I would have gone there. Actually, I am sure that I wouldn't...

answered Apr 22 at 20:37

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There are definitely some funny mofo's in the mens room. Thanks for keeping it light hearted..

As far as plateaus go, been there, done that. But the last thing that you want to do is to do away with the weight training. It is an extremely integral part of a healthy lifestyle and losing weight. As has been mentioned before, when you lose weight, you also lose lean body mass. So, say you started at 300 lbs and 200 lbs is your ideal weight...at least from a BMI perspective. You might feel great about being 200 lbs, but you might still be extremely overweight as you may have lost 30-40 lbs of lean mass, thus carrying a high body fat percentage.

Not only are you losing muscle mass without weight training, but you are also losing bone density, which will cause even more problems as you age. Weight training actually helps you to maintain or even gain bone density as you lose weight..

The thing you will have to figure out is the balance of calories, weight training, & cardio to see a steady decline in the scale. For me, once I started weight training (about a week or two after beginning NS), I added extra calories, mostly protein to my diet. I know that the mens plan equals about 1500 calories/day, but I've had no problem taking off pounds with consuming 2500 or higher/day. But then again, I lift 3 days/week and do at least 60-90 minutes of cardio 6-7 days/week. If you are also working out intensely and for long durations, then you must add calories. 1800/day probably is not enough.

Also be sure to eat plenty of fiber and don't be afraid of the good carbs. In fact, load up...

answered Apr 22 at 21:29

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Dave I agree with you 100% with every single sentence you said... I am just a bit surprised that you had to up your calories to 2500 but than you were doing alot so that is understandable. This post really put things into perspective for me and although I don't think I needed to get to 2500 cals I agree that 1800 was probably too low..

When I first started working out I would do 6 days a week 1.5 hours/day of intense exercise which would include cardio and weight lifting. For a time I was juggling back and fourth between the two disciplines. That is until my second month on the plan when things slowed down and me and my counselor started to adjust the caloric intake and reducing the amount of exercise. We increased it 100 calories upto 1800 cals. and reduced my exercise to 4 days/week one hour/day. I did like the reduced exercise schedule better as I felt that it was more manageable with a "lifestyle change" exercise routine.

I think my counselor (with all good intentions) suggested that I go back to the basic 1500 cals and cut back my exercise time/intensity because I was getting discouraged about the dramatic slowdown in weight loss. Really it was my decision to go back to the basics this past month. However, as you already know that proved to be fruitless..

May I ask what some of your additional food choices were? the food that was above and beyond the Nutrisystem menu that is... For me I was increasing the additional 300 cals. with extra fruit and protein. However, I was already upto 2 extra fruits/day and 2 extra servings of protein/day. This would help out greatly in helping me understand the possibilities. I still consider myself a 5 month NOOB and I still learn from folks like yourself that have been through it.


answered Apr 22 at 23:03

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If you are into lifting a fair amount I would forget the fruit and add the extra calories from protein.....clean protein like shrimp, eggs, fish etc..

I agree with Dave.....his experience mimicks mine in many ways......I have a long way to go with this trip back down the weight scale but like a lot of people I am one of the yo-yos....meaning I can lose weight with the best of them....I just don't maintain my good habits..

On my last big weight loss I was into lifting and riding mountain bikes. I typically rode 100 plus miles a week and lifted 3 times a week. I could easily...and I mean easily....lose weight on 2k clean calories a day!.

Winter hit...the riding stopped and the bad habits started up again. Probably a similar sad story for many of us..

I can't tell you for sure what is wrong, if anything, with your weight loss but I know that I would keep the calories around the 1500 -1800 mark to start and lift 3 days a week with light cardio and then do heavy cardio two nights a week. Take the other 2 nights off to recover and let your body heal. You may have to adjust slightly but this is a starting point..

I would adjust caloric intake/exercise ratio so that I was losing about 2-3 lbs a week and no more. More than that and you are going to risk your body fighting you..

Good Luck and keep us posted......another thing I often found to be very helpful in the past was to confuse my metabolism by eating out once a week and splurging a little...sometimes a lot. Whenever I hit a plateau that lasted more than a week I would usually take the weekend off from working out and go out to eat. I wouldn't go crazy but a Japanese steak house or a good steak and potato kind of meal..

I think these can actually HELP you in the long run because it keeps your body confused and not thinking it is going to be starved to death. It might not work for you as much of this advice might not but it worked for me well in the past and is working well again so far..

Again...good luck...

answered Apr 22 at 23:38

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Try this...it works for me. I like to make a good salad at lunch time. I take a healthy serving of spring mix, along with 3-4 oz of lean turkey, 2 tbsp of mango salsa, a hand full of crunched up pretzel chips (from Costco), cherry tomatos, roughly 1 tbsp of sliced almonds, and 2 tbsp of Newman's Own Southwest dressing. This whole salad has roughly 15 grams of fat and about 500 calories. I also mix it up every once in a while with fresh strawberrys, craisins, and rasberry walnut vinagarette dressing. After you eat your salad, have your mid afternoon snack right afterwards.

Otherwise, keep all of your other meals the same. This add in will take your daily calorie intake to around 1900, mix up your eating schedule, while giving you the extra good protein, carbs, & fat that you need to sustain your workout routine. If you want even more calories, try having the same kind of salad at dinner time too along with your regular dinner & just cut out the evening snack. It works!!.

I actually disagree with part of this statement. I believe that the human body can easily handle an intense cardio workout 7 days a week, as long as it isn't hard on the joints. I ride a recumbant exercise bike for 60-90 minutes at a time, and sometimes twice a day. In 90 minutes, it says that I'm burning over 1200 calories (Schwinn 231i). But I literally sweat buckets on that ride as I lose 5-6 pounds of water weight in 90 minutes while consuming about 40 oz of water. I've been doing this consistantly for a year now and my 40 year old body is holding up just fine. If you are into running for your cardio, I agree that you shouldn't be doing it every day as that is much harder on your joints and bones...

answered Apr 22 at 23:55

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Maybe...I've just had better luck confusing my body rather than doing the same thing week after week. I agree the body can take it...the body can take just about anything from a cardio standpoint. Cardio wise you don't need the time off as much as you do for lifting and it depends dramatically what kind of lifting you do. I still think cardio on 5 days combined with an intense weight training program is more than enough exercise and those two days off will do you good..

If you're doing high reps and lots of sets then you can probably lift every day but if you are using heavy weight and lower reps to build strength then the muscles positively need time to recuperate before being stressed again..

The points I gave are very general and I thought I stressed that it's only a starting point and will require adjustment as everyone is different but maybe you missed that part..

Everyone is different so Ben will have to find what works best for him...

answered Apr 23 at 00:19

Zachary's gravatar image


This is why I love this place... There is SOME great folks who really try and help. Hammer and Dave. I think you both are really saying about the same thing. I am going back to increasing my calories and workout starting tomorrow..

Here is my plan:.

1. since I was at 1800 when my weight loss was slowing, I am going to start at 1900 and Dave your suggestion for increasing cals in a salad with additional protein is something that I'm going to start doing right away. Boy I love the sound of those salad ideas. could you tell me the size of the portion once completed just so I can get an idea... However, I think that by now I can figure out what 500 calories is. Great suggestion...

2. I plan to increase my work outs back to 4 days a week at the gym at 1.25-1.5 hrs (this will include about 60:40 weight lifting : cardio) and continue with doing my 15 minute perfect push ups, situps, and pull ups short morning routine 4 days/wk than give myself 3 days break in between..

I really appreciate your help guys as this has given me the push I needed to try and get back to what I originally started. Dave I keep reading your post #33 and it makes total sense to me... Muscle building is key when you are trying to loose weight. So many folks simply don't bother to do even a fraction of what you have done on the program and that is why you look the way that you do now... I think that going back to the above routine will break my stall. I tried going back to the basics for the entire month and saw no results.

If going back to increasing cals and exercise only yields 3 lbs/month... well thats better than reducing cals and exercise and yielding zero loss/month..


answered Apr 23 at 01:08

's gravatar image


There is not much that can be any more healthy for the human body than weight lifting. It seems to have a bad rap on this forum but that is not really that surprising..

Two things working against success with weights on NS.....first is that we are in a negative calorie environment....most experts will agree it is very difficult to add muscle mass in a negative calorie environment. You can gain strength and you can gain definition but very difficult to add true muscle mass..

2nd is that most people learn about weight lifting from reading magazines. Magazine workouts are typically pro workouts and designed for people who are more into bodybuilding than building strength or losing weight. The workouts in magazines simply aren't that great. If I see another workout containing stupid and worthless routines like a bent tricep extension then I think I might throw up..

Squats, Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Chin Ups and Ab work and you are good to go. Most of these exercises will stress multiple muscle groups and stress them well. They also have the benefit of being "real world" type exercises meaning you actually use these kinds of motions or lifts in real life..

Lifting weights can provide a cardio workout at the same time as it provides a strength workout too....you just need to understand the term superset and you will quickly see that the lifting can challenge your lungs as good as any exercise bike ever dreamed of..

My 2 cents...

answered Apr 23 at 01:51

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No bad rap from me. I just stated what I did on the program and it seemed to work well for me and a few others here. One thing I probably need to add is that I was at around 25% body fat when I reached goal, spent 2 months with a trainer and was at the same weight and around 20-21% body fat. It seems to me that the Nutrisystem program has a high enough protein content to keep muscle loss to a minimum...

answered Apr 23 at 03:16

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Great post! I think the key is that Nutrisystem out of the box is just not designed for a really heavy workout session. Remember the Olympic swimmer eating 10,000 calories per day and stayinng slim? I'm really glad you're sharing your knowledge with us. I'm really glad BEN is trying some of the suggestions. I don't believe anyone here thinks that weight lifting isn't a good idea - it just doesn't work unless you give your body enough calories to handle it..

As far as the cardio - check out the PACE thread I started. You may be working against yourself with the cardio. After 2 PACE sessions I'm appear to be expierencing positive changes but I'm not going to report much untill I have some more experience..

I'm so glad we're getting these posts from so many people that are "working it". I'm amazed at what I'm doing now and the impact it's having on my life - and I credit you guys with getting me involved..

THANKS!!!!!!!! and for heavens sakes KEEP POSTING!!!..

answered Apr 23 at 04:05

's gravatar image


Not if you don't work your muscles... Your body will laugh off the protein you give it. You have to work those muscles to keep them... Nutrisystem won't/can't do that for you. Additionally I can tell you that supplementing a protein shake made of whey HAS mad a difference. but than I do work out with weights. So not sure if I totally agree with you on that point...

answered Apr 23 at 05:22

's gravatar image


Agree or disagree, I'm just reporting the results that I achieved. YMMV...

answered Apr 23 at 06:13

Tanner's gravatar image


Let me supplement my stance by saying that I didn't start Nutrisystem to become something I'm not. I know myself well enough to know that my number one priority was to lose weight and improve my health. Lifting weights was not necessary to achieve that goal and it was something that I wasn't sure that I would have maintained anyway. I wanted to lose the weight and be able to maintain that loss without feeling that I had to be in the gym 6 days a week..

I have achieved that goal and maintained for over a year now. I did spend some time in the gym when I first reached goal but don't spend nearly as much time there now. Once I have the bicep in my right shoulder repaired, I might decide to work a little harder though. But I do know that I don't have to in order to maintain my weight...

answered Apr 23 at 06:57

Trent's gravatar image


Loosing weight in itself IS becoming something that you're not. After all that is why we are all here. but I know what you are trying to say..

I think what some of us on the board are saying is that getting skinny may not be the only goal that we should strive for. Number one for most of us is actually to be healthier... right? So one has to ask themselves what it takes to become healthier. Sure getting thinner is one. Just like gaining strength should be another. Can you get thin without getting strong.

But is that healthy? ummmmmn I'm not so sure about that one..

I can tell you that before Nutrisystem I ate real crappy, I moved less and I was weaker. Getting my fat a$$ up has again reminded me just how much I love to hit the gym and do both cardio and weights. I think when the endorphins kick in and you feel energized after a good workout reminds you that you are on the right track. IMHO making a lifestyle change should include weight lifting and cardio and not just diet. BUT... thats just me..


Oh, one other thing,,, just look at guys like fittom. You will see that there are great benefits to resistance training and cardio in terms of getting stronger. FitTom also hardly did any resistance training and lost most of his weight that way. Once he started to train he found it difficult but this guy is something else. Just take a look and read through his PP thread and see just how far he has come and the kind of progress he is making. It's amazing and inspirational...

answered Apr 23 at 07:36

Luke's gravatar image


This is a great thread....

I actually agree with the majority of the points made..

I do believe that exercise is something that should be added in addition to NS. It helps ensure the weight loss is fat and not muscle as well as producing lean muscle that will actually burn calories..

I also agree that everyone needs to decide their lifestyle choice in regards to weight lifting and exercise..

About 10 years ago I decided that I needed to lose weight (little surprise considering I was about 305). I switched to a low-carb (no carb) diet and stated that I would not be exercising since I knew that I would not keep it up after I finished losing weight..

Once I got down to 194, I started making the same bad food choices that had gotten me to 305 lbs..

Here I am, 10 years later, hopefully smarter..

This time I am learning portion control and balance while also adding exercise that I know I can continue long term. I think the amount and type of exercise will vary depending on your personal needs..

This has to be a life change, not a diet..

The great thing about Nutrisystem is that it can support all the different goals and objectives of people using it..

I can't tell you how much all of you help me towards my personal goal by just telling everyone about your journey..


answered Apr 23 at 08:28

's gravatar image


What I'm not is someone who is going to consistantly excercise. Never have been and probably never will be. I'm betting that the majority of the guys here are probably the same or they wouldn't have ended up here in the first place..

What I did was find a way to lose weight and keep it off without worrying or feeling guilty when I go for great lengths of time without visiting the gym..

The bottom line - your weight loss seems to have stalled. There's a good chance that you'll start losing again if you put the weight training on hold and get back to basics. It was never meant to be anything more than a suggestion...

answered Apr 23 at 09:36

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Thats right it stalled... and do you know why? I DECREASED my exercise and DECREASED my caloric intake back to 1500 as reccomended per the basic plan. I did this because I thought going back to the basics would get me losing a bit faster than I was. As of two months ago I was losing about a pound a week. However, I lost NOTHING AT ALL this past month. I have gone back to exercising intensely this month and increased my caloric intake now to 1900 as many have suggested that 1800 was not enough for me with what I was doing.

You may read my journal on my page to see my progress and what was happening to it throughout my journey so far, if you wish..

I think that after five months on Nutrisystem I have learned how to adjust my caloric intake based on the activity level that I wish to achieve..

Doing this isn't for everyone... Many people on Nutrisystem as Mobay has suggested/done choose to never lift weight or intense cardio. Thats fine if all you want to do is loose weight. However, if you care about keeping your muscles or increasing your strength and becoming healthy as your lifestyle goal than I suggest to MAN UP and hit the gym, do your push ups, situps, grab your dumbbells, or whatever it is that you like to do..

However, if you prefer just chewing on Nutrisystem food I can guarantee that it will increase your Pterygoids muscles... LOL..

answered Apr 23 at 09:59

Arturo's gravatar image


I'd do you. I mean, in a figurative and non-penetrating way, of course...

answered Apr 23 at 11:08

's gravatar image


Dang, Larry, your wife does not get the kudos she deserves. She is looking great. Please send my regards. (assuming that is even the same woman!!!)..

answered Apr 23 at 11:36

's gravatar image


Well, this is a perfect example where a picture is worth a thousand words. My observation... not only do your glasses match perfectly but I'd say your wife has better definition.

I agree with Vader526 she is lovely..

But seriously...Larry you've obviously set your goal and reached it, Congratulations! I'd also be pretty proud of those pictures. That's awsome..


answered Apr 23 at 11:52

's gravatar image


Sorry but it just isn't as simple as blaming weight training for a stalled weight loss. I get ya....so don't get me wrong.....everyone is different and everything varies from person to person but we need to be careful to always qualify what we say..

What I mean by that is people read something on the internet and they repeat it in other threads...someone reads that and repeats it and it snowballs..

Then before you know it....it's all over the board that if you want to lose weight on Nutrisystem then don't lift weights. That is HORRIBLE advice. I realize it might not be for everyone but lifting weights is sooooo good for the human body that it is amazing what it's capable of doing for your health and your self esteem as well as your longevity..

Weight programs vary dramatically and many can actually be a cardio workout if done properly. YOu also have the benefit of increasing your resting metabolism for life...even AFTER you stop lifting....assuming you do stop..

A lb of muscle burns more calories than a pound of fat....so the more you can retain while losing weight or the more you can build then the higher your metabolism will be when you reach goal....never a bad thing..

A common misconception about muscle is that you lose it if you stop lifting...again simply not true. You will lose strength rather quickly but you retain much of your muscle until you being to atrophy from age. If you want to retain as you age then you need to continue to lift..

My 2 cents...

answered Apr 23 at 13:14

's gravatar image


Hey hammer... I must say that advice is worth far more than 2 cents. Perhaps to mobay but as for me I would pay a million. Thank you..


answered Apr 23 at 13:32

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First, read what I wrote..

Secondly, read what I wrote..

If you did, you would realize that I agree with a lot of what you just said..

Look, most of us guys didn't lift anything larger than a remote control for several years. Not doing it for a few more months until you reach your weight loss goal isn't going to make that much difference. Although cardio isn't as efficient at building muscle as weight training is, it does a great job of strengthening the most important muscle - your heart..

And BTW - I do like cats...

answered Apr 23 at 14:26

Tristen's gravatar image


First, we all read what you wrote..

Secondly, it's really hard to read what you wrote again because it makes little sense as far as how important resistance training is to a diet..

You have to realize that it is during weight loss where some sort of resistance training along with cardio are so important to guard against muscle loss and burn fat at the same time. Your body will metabolize the muscle you do have rather than the fat in some instances if you don't do some sort of resistance training. I would bet that it would be difficult for you to gain muscle mass now rather than when you were heavier. Many thin guys complain about not being able to gain muscle mass despite the level of training. There is a metabolic reason for this. If you wish there are great books out there on the subject matter that can explain this better than I can.

Mobay, I find alot of the things you post on here to be very very valuable. You are also very inspiring to me for what you have achieved especially at your age. However, when we chose not to listen to what others suggest in order to learn we can become a bit narrow minded. BTW, take a look at FitToms post on the PACE program he's on... You may actually want to rethink your statement about cardio and it's effects on strengthening the heart muscle. Shorter but harder intensities are better than a long half hour duration.

I wonder why?.


answered Apr 23 at 15:35

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B_E_N, this started because you were asking for help over and over again because your weight loss had either slowed or stalled. All I intended to do was to share my experiences to let you know that there is more than one way to skin a cat. I don't know why you guys took it to mean that I think that someone should not workout with weights while they are trying to lose weight because the original advice was directed solely at you..

Take it or leave it. You will either suceed or you won't. That's the bottom line...

answered Apr 23 at 16:54

Angelo's gravatar image


For those of you out there who want to read a great thread on the subject... I would highly suggest this thread below. Also pay very close attention to "privateer" and "cheifwiggy" they both seem to have a good grasp of the facts..

I learn from them..



PS- thank you Mobay, believe me, you've helped more than you realize...

answered Apr 23 at 18:16

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Touchy...Being skinny makes you cranky I guess..

Not doing something for a few months until something else happens is also how a lot of us got fat in the first place too..

I'll start eating better tomorrow......next week......after X-Mas....etc..

Let's just leave it at to each their own.....which I also wrote....so if you "read what I wrote" then we'd be good to go...

answered Apr 23 at 19:37

's gravatar image


Come on guys lets stop pointing fingers, and slamming on guys who have done what we all want to do. LOSE weight!..

answered Apr 23 at 20:08

's gravatar image


Something I've learned here is that everybody is different and what works successfully for one person may not work for another. I know that my weight training, intense cardio, and about 2500 calories per day has worked very well for me in dropping 163 lbs in under a year and completely changed the way I look and feel. I would have assumed that what I've done would work for anybody, but I guess I may have been wrong. A lot of it probably has to do with age, bone structure, genetics, natural muscle mass, diet, & of course metabolism..

Bottom line...if you get stuck at a plateau for longer than you feel comfortable with, then look to change things up. The human body definitely responds to change, whether it be good or bad. When you hit the next plateau, change it up again, etc......

answered Apr 23 at 21:04

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There was this article on MSN Heath today about Plateaus..

Dont know if you will find it useful... but here it is.


Says to think of a plateau as a maintenance phase and use it to "as a time to keep weight stable, improve the nutrients that you eat and to get stronger and develop more stamina from exercise. After three to six months, you can aim for weight loss again.".

Basically stop complaining and use the time to your advantage.....

answered Apr 23 at 21:52

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No one is pointing fingers. I happen to value Mobays opinion about many things but this one is just incorrect. Even wrong advice can be something that we can learn from though. However I think what happens sometimes is we take a defensive posture when instead we should see the value in "the other way". Mobay clearly stated that resistance trainging is not what he's about and it clearly shows in the photos but hey thats fine if that is what he wants. I think what Hammer is concerned about is that alot of people listen to the advice of the "old timers" here on the site.

Ultimatly, the goal should be getting thin and healthier not just thin, but thats just me. How you define healthy is different from one person and another. Losing weight is the easy part, building muscle is the hard part especially when you're trying to do both like me. However, IMHO that is the epitome of being healthy..


answered Apr 23 at 22:12

's gravatar image


Thank you for posting. it was a great read and I thought to quote a section here "Exercise is a key weapon for weight loss, especially during the maintenance phase. You don't mention what type of exercise you're doing, but it should include a combination of cardio workouts such as walking, swimming or cycling, along with weight training to target muscles..

When you lose weight, you also lose lean body mass, a proportion of which is muscle tissue. The faster and greater your weight loss, the more muscle tissue is lost. Weight training has been shown to decrease the amount of lean body tissue that's lost during periods of weight loss. So if you haven't already, include weight training in your routine, along with performing cardio (aim to accumulate 60 to 90 minutes per day on most days of the week). Try to target all your major muscles in your upper and lower body on two to three days per week."..

answered Apr 23 at 23:14

Luke's gravatar image


Great thread. Thousand different ways to skin a cat and we are all doing it! We all have different goals. Like mine is to not have a heart attack before 50 and to see my daughters graduate from college. If I had been doing this five years ago I would be in the gym cranking it out and getting buff. Point is, we are all in different places and those places change over time. As long as the foundation is smart eating, we are all good...

answered Apr 23 at 23:21

Daniel's gravatar image


I agree with Exfootball player... We are all different stages in our life (age perhaps) or Physical Limitations (where exercise may or maynot be an option)..

Look at hazelangeleys and what she accomplished with no physical movement whatsoever..

Look at me. broke my Pelvis and spend the first 3 months on Nutrisystem in a wheelchair or in bed, and still managed to lose 40 pounds in those 3 months....

To contradict the article I posted just a tad,.

While exercise is important to those that are able, and based on your own personal goals, it is not entirely necessary for weight loss alone...

answered Apr 23 at 23:49

's gravatar image


Umnnnn... I don't think that anyone here was talking about physical limitations or injuries for that matter..

If you have phisical limitations than you do what you can do. Believe me I know first hand what this means..

However, I did meet a guy at the gym the other day who is old enough to qualify as my grandpa. Let me tell yah, the guy was unreal. Words can't acuratly describe. When I say fit... oh man. He looked younger than my dad and I'd say not a day older than 42 and I he was almost twice that age..

Age has absolutly nothing to do with it. Sure age factors in when it comes to building muscle but sorry it's all about what you want in life. Nothing more and nothing less...

answered Apr 24 at 00:07

's gravatar image


There are some out there that are just incredible when it comes to staying fit for years and years. I have a feeling that this gentleman probably lifted and worked out for probably half a century. Although working out isn't 100% necessary for weight loss, it is something your body will love you for when it comes to joint health, tendon movement, etc over the years. And I've always believed working out/strength training is like a 401k plan.. the earlier you start, the better..

(This was a bit off topic. Just had to throw my thoughts out there. Now back to your regularly scheduled thread discussion.)..

answered Apr 24 at 00:28

's gravatar image



I can't believe I just now read this thread. Great debate, but BEN, you lost your argument the second you contradicted Larry (see menz rulez). While being a gym bunny seems to be your forte, it's not for everyone. <insert raised eyebrow here> As a matter of fact I canceled my membership today (not that I was going all that often anyway). I lost a bunch of weight while I was a member, but it sure wasn't from attendance. I coulda just as well given 28.00 to a stranger every month, woulda had the same results. Coulda, woulda, shoulda, didn't.....YMMV (your mileage may vary)..

answered Apr 24 at 01:44

's gravatar image


Yea but not one the cat will like.

Sorry I couldn't resist..

Interesting read here I am in the "thousand ways to skin the cat" group here. Mobay has impeccable credentials and cannot be proven wrong when it comes to shedding the pounds. He is an example of how to do it "your own way" and the proof is in the pix it worked for him indisputably..

I on the other hand am trying the cardio/weight training method, one reason being that while my ldl ( bad cholesterol) is rock bottom at 114, my HDL (good cholesterol) is low at 25 and the one sure fire way to raise it without medication is vigorous exercise..

I do believe that a well designed and executed weight/strength/resistance training plan along with an equally sound cardio plan could benefit almost anyone. That said I know from personal experience that it's not easy to regulate the right amount of each in a weight loss/ negative calorie situation..

I would say that overdoing the weight training might even have negative consequences as compared to not doing any at all. For me it has been more beneficial to do the multiple muscle group type of exercises rather than the isolating type like a body builder would do, I think this type of exercise is known as "functional strength training". The reason this type works better for me is the cardio benefit of using large amount of muscle groups while improving tone without necessarily bulking up..

These statements have not been tested or approved by the FDA any claims made by the author are strictly his own opinion and not necessarily the views of NS. Any re-broadcast of these events, accounts and/or descriptions of this post without express written consent of major league baseball is strictly prohibited..


answered Apr 24 at 02:11

's gravatar image


Has there been an addendum to the mens rules? as I did not see it on the first post and thats as far as I got. I think it's clear that I'm not the only one who has contradicted Larry here. This is because SOME of the statements made were incorrect... AND SO - mistakes need to be corrected right? just like my spelling errors....

So, if contradicting erroneous statements made by anyone is against the mens rules than I say rules are meant to be broken and.


Is a manly thing to do.

Just sayin.

Now excuse me as I have to hop on over to the gym.....

answered Apr 24 at 02:57

Joel's gravatar image


B_E_N, please quote the post that I was wrong in. Just because you don't disagree with what I said, that doesn't mean that I'm wrong...

answered Apr 24 at 03:26

Cody's gravatar image


Here is my FIFY version below:.

Its not that.





(double negative) with what you said. Its that.



With what you said. I would love to entertain your request but I think many here already did this. You should just re-read posts 60 and 66. I'll add by saying that you may (if you choose) read about the PACE program as well. Also see fittom's thread in that regard. Learning new things allows you to keep your mind open to the world..

I think this thread has come to a close for me. Its been real fun boys. Enjoy!..

answered Apr 24 at 04:15

Gage's gravatar image


I just hope you're able to get back to.



Good luck at the gym...

answered Apr 24 at 05:00

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Here is my 2 cents when one is weight lifting. I've been at this for two years and have done it every way imaginable. When you are weight training, forget looking at the scale anymore. Losing weight in a calorie restricted diet (in the daily intake sense of the word) is an apple and weight training with any type of diet is an orange. There are different physiological factors involved. When weight training, rely more on how your clothes feel than a number on a scale..

I think that all Larry was saying is that if you're here because you have an eating problem, you should tackle that first. If you are weight training and have your eating in check, more power to you..

P.S. Larry, sorry for seeing your post late, but I did suspend my races due to injury. I am on my second week back running while keeping up with other forms of exercise. I hope that you're doing well...

answered Apr 24 at 06:15

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