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First question I got is Sexual side effects while using Medifast?update? Thanks for any comment. Second question of mine... New Year Meltdown Challenge Week 4 Chat.

Can you believe we are half way through the challenge now! We are really revving it up now with exercise. Great participation this week. A lot of questions asked, a lot of questions answered. Now we are putting these plans into operation. Soon enough we will see the results. Keep us posted..

Let's start this week with some NSVs. Give us your latest or your greatest or both. These are what keep us motivated and remind us why we are on this journey. Do you remember your first NSV? Let's also post our first week's loss when we started this program.

My week one was 6.5 lbs, my best week ever! What was yours?.

Third Weigh-in Stats Thread Here..

asked Apr 30 at 17:17

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198 Answers:
I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

answered Apr 30 at 18:19

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Its better than I have, I am still trying to get rid of the oscid..

answered Apr 30 at 19:33

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Chick I am sorry to hear Bella's hurting again.

I think it may be time for a new Vet, yours seems to have his/her own agendas, and not Bellas best interest, in mind..

Our pets become like our children- My own big boy is just like child number 7.

- FYI he is 3 also and has started having some joint issues. His main thing is he is FAT 100 lbs (the vet says an Australlian Shepperd should weigh around 75 lbs) so he is on a diet and my son takes him on walks but since it is cold the walks aren't long. Who is the first to want to come back? the dog!! he is such a lazy boy (the dog), my son shoveled a path for him in our backyard because he doesn't like snow and was refusing to go outside to do his business...

answered Apr 30 at 20:33

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I was hoping tht it might say something like:.


This is the description of the item, blah,blah,blah.

Who would click on a link that doesn't say anything???..

answered Apr 30 at 20:37

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Hi Dreamers! I'm still battling the cold/virus/earaches. It is easing up but hearing still muffled, throat still sore, coughing....yeah, nothing but a big germ! It has to go away soon...has to!.

NSV? Hmmm, getting back into my skinny jeans, this past week, I guess. First week weight loss? I'd have to go digging in my records to see what that was, I am a bit surprised that I don't remember what it was....

Denyse, glad the meeting with your ex went well. Chick, sorry to read that your walking partner had a relapse. Not good. Poor girl!.

Hope everyone has a good day!..

answered Apr 30 at 21:41

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This is because the first portion of your iPage site for all pages has the same text, usually the stuff that shows up at the top of your page. You need to force something unique to the product to the top. I added my product name and a tag at the top of my page, directly below the logo. Now I seem to be getting descriptions on my Google listings..

A problem I haven't resolved yet is the many listings for the Buy Now links. The links are listed in the format of:.


How do you get Google to ignor the Buy Now button?.



answered Apr 30 at 22:23

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Happy to see folks have had losses. I will report tomorrow. What are NSV's?? Thanks for all the advice about my concerns re: my meal on Friday. Drank sooooo much water yesterday, thought I might float away. Just did hour spin today and will begin next week of Cto5K tomorrow. Have a great day, all...

answered Apr 30 at 23:51

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Not sure what you mean?? Are you saying type something in the code that's not visible to the customer? Or do you mean add a tag/description section like you would do on the index.php? I mean how do you do that for more than one specifc item? Since the product_info.php calls to the database and fills in the rest. How do you get each product to display correctly? Or is this where "rewrite" comes into play?.


This post has been edited by.


: 24 June 2004, 00:21..

answered May 01 at 00:27

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Hi everyone.

Hmmm, let's see NSV my first was going closet shopping and being able to wear everything in my closet that I couldn't wear, the latest is that all that stuff is now loose/too big. yipee. Congrats on everyone else's NSVs.

Also from the last thread, I found the thread where the Medifast exercise support talks about sagging skin.

Have a great OP week everyone!.


answered May 01 at 01:24

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I just did a search for my iPage site a google shows all my pages like this as resultsQUOTE]aplus-computersonline.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=34.

Similar pages.


Similar pages.


Similar pages.


Similar pages.


Similar pages.


Similar pages.


Similar pages.


Similar pages.


Similar pages.


Similar pages [/QUOTE].

Does anyone know how to fix this??.


answered May 01 at 01:53

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Good aftermorn/noon all..

Denyse, way to improve the loss. Something's working. Glad to hear the meeting with the ex went well..

Thanks for your kind thoughts Denyse and Talien on poor Bella. I too think it is time to look for another vet. As a human, we'd seek a second opinion or change doctors if we weren't comfortable..

Talien thanks for answering Lissy question on the NSV definition..

Kp, thanks for the link. That was an interesting response from support. A lot of good information...

answered May 01 at 02:26

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Hello Dreamers:.

Welcome to the team, Sabrina! Pull up a chair and stay a while!.

KP - thanks for that informative link on sagging skin. I'm dealing with that a little bit right now. I'm hoping the toning exercises I do will help in the long run. I'm going to borrow your experience of your first NSV - being able to wear everything in your closet. My clothes had been getting tight. Now I do NOT want to see an elastic-waist pair of pants again (unless they're slimming leggings)..

Denyse - I've started the second phase of Slim in 6 the "ramp it up" class today, which is a little over 45 minutes long. It's a darn good workout. Lots of good toning exercises. BTW I don't think you and I are alone with the cold weather - it seems like it's covering most of the country!.

Blanca - from the last thread, you go girl for bypassing pizza. That must have been tough. Get practiced in that, because we'll be living with that for the rest of our lives - super-unhealthy foods being passed under your nose constantly. Constant vigilance!!.

That was my experience last Friday night. My 9 co-workers and I went to Friday's for a planned holiday get-together. Friday's had half-priced apps and drinks. So while I sat there with my club soda and lime and grilled chicken with broccoli, things like mozz sticks, loaded potato skins, nachos, quesadillas, BBQ chicken wings and fried green beans (YES - fried GBs - sacrilegious!!!!) were piled on the table. One of my co-workers commented on my meal looking "sooooo good." The tone sounded a little condescending from her (she had had a couple of drinks). I was taken aback and irked a bit, but said nothing.

Yup - I'm in size 10's. That's my latest NSV and I have to pinch myself. And shopping for clothes - I'm like a kid in a candy store!.

Shopping for clothes used to be a painful ordeal. Now I got to watch it or I'll spend my paycheck..

Chick - you're very loyal to the plan and progressed steadily, but did you experience any plateaus? Especially as you approached goal. I know it's been talked about before. I'm just becoming a little impatient, tired, whatever at this point. Maybe it's the harsh weather or the letdown after the fun of the holidays - don't know. I feel like I've definitely lost weight this week (I weight in tomorrow a.m.), but, boy and really got to work for it (exercise-wise)..

answered May 01 at 03:27

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Chick - Sorry to hear that Bella is not feeling well. I switched to a mobile vet in our area. A lot less stressful than taking Roxie anywhere. Besides, since I switched vehicles, she can't get in mine very easily. They are only $5 higher than my vet was..

Dee - When I was close to goal, it slowed down a lot. Just keep on doing what you're doing. It will come off. It's easier to say that now, but just don't get impatient..

If I remember right, my first week loss on Medifast was 13 lbs..

DD19 and I went to Wal-mart yesterday. She wanted a Cadbury egg. So, we bought two. There is one sitting on my cabinet. I looked at it and it occurred to me it wasn't tempting me in anyway. This led to the thought of a year ago.

It lasted about 3 months. I am so glad I didn't just give up. I'm sure I would have been back to where I started or worse..

Gotta go, DD12 needs computer for homework..


answered May 01 at 05:04

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Afternoon Dreamers,.

Sorry, I have been MIA again, my week went to he** last week. I was out half the night on Wednesday working, and woke up Thursday with cold symptoms, sore throat, headache, cough, and runny nose. It seems like I no sooner mentioned that I usually get sick in January, then I did. I've been on cold meds and Zicam for the last four days and still feel like crap. My weight was down Thursday morning 2lbs, but back up today. I'm wondering if it is the meds? Although it looks like Talien is still losing while sick.

I'm just hoping it is not loaded down with carbs. I'm keeping OP and OW, I even exercised for 30 minutes yesterday. Today, no exercise, I have not even got dressed. Just sitting around with the TV on and reading a book in between naps. I finally decided to get online and post my stats and try to catch up with this thread..

Chick, sorry about Bella. I hope you can get some good answers soon..

Dee, congrats on your sz 10's and your amazing will power while out with your friends. Even though I have not lost a bunch this challenge, I did move down a size in pants. The exercise must be helping. Maybe it's the muscle weighs more than fat thing. I've been doing the SIX Ramp it Up workout for two weeks now. I'm totally amazed that I can actually do it all and keep up with it.

First NSV was closet shopping too. My fat, sz 26, jeans no longer fit after the first two weeks. I was able to enjoy closet shopping for 2-3 months due to the various sizes I had saved since my last wl effort. ALL of my former clothes are now in bags waiting to be taken to the Goodwill. My DD commented that I don't have any clothes when she was here for her short visit. I do, just not very many.

First weeks Medifast wl was -4.5, -6.5 second week. Let me just say those two losses really got me motivated for this program..

I feel another nap coming on, so I'll say bye for now...

answered May 01 at 05:09

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Happy Sunday Dreamers!!!.

Chick, I'm so sorry to hear about Bella. I really hope she gets better soon..

Dee, Way to not give in to temptation. I certainly know how hard it is! Great thought you had...You may be enjoying those potato skins now, but will you be enjoying the bigger jeans tomorrow?! Haha!!!.

PD, stinks that you are sick. I hope you feel better soon!!!.

I'm sorry if I missed personal messages to anyone..

I have had a couple NSVs since being on MF. Most recently, as my boyfriend and I were leaving the apartment to run some errands last weekend he looked at me and says "you need new jeans!" Well duh, hun. What do you think I've been trying to tell you?!.

The other one was right after I went on vacation to Costa Rica. I was showing men some pictures and all of a sudden one says "where's the bikini pictures?" haha!.

Well, today was my first attempt at doing Pilates and it was a big fat FAIL! My boyfriend bought me a DVD so that's what I was using. I waited until both the puppy and the kitty were napping, quietly moved the coffee table, set up the DVD (volume was no louder than what the TV was already at) and laid down, ready to go. Somehow the "kids" caught wind of what was going and woke up and started jumping all over me!!! Oh well, looks like we attempt it again on Tuesday night...

answered May 01 at 06:07

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Hullo - Just checking in to say I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Weigh in is first thing tomorrow morning for me - May it be a good one for one and ALL =)..

answered May 01 at 07:03

's gravatar image


Evening Dreamers!.

Finally starting to feel better. Figure if I feel well enough to clean (Cuz no one sure did while I was sick!) then I must be getting better. I hope!!! My house can't afford for me to be sick too long!!.

Denyse - For ChaLean Extreme you can use weights or resistance bands. In the DVDs she shows both ways. If you use weight, I'm pretty sure you'll need more than 10 lbs, mainly on the lower body part. On my arms, the heaviest I can use right now is 12.5 lbs..

Well, off to bed. Told myself I'd be in bed before 10 tonight...

answered May 01 at 08:11

's gravatar image


Everyone is off to bed by now for sure. I was MIA celebrating the New Year with family because this was the only day we would all be around at the same time. It was a nice conservative dinner which we enjoyed together. My DD mentioned Friday night that we were probably the last family on earth who actually sits down to the dinner table for a meal. And we do. My Dh and I do every night and if someone else is around they join us.

It's our tradition and we enjoy dinner conversation. Lots of laughs and reminiscing whenever we can..

Dee, better late than never, but no I never experienced a plateau. A plateau for Medifast purposes is 2 weeks with no loss. I always had a loss but was chagrined at .5 lbs. Those numbers are weekly numbers and as a daily weigher that could be down 3 up 2.5, netting .5. That part was/is frustrating. That is the danger of being a DW.

You keep thinking they will swing back. If you stay OP they will swing down, not up. Takes a lot of patience. When you are maintaining, it is the same way. Some days you are not confident that what you had was a good choice, and the next day you are rewarded or punished for that choice.

I've said it before, and many are echoing it. You will be forever vigilant. It is a lifestyle change...

answered May 01 at 09:28

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I'm Sabrina and I am just joining your group here =).

Little bit about me: I just turned 31; I've got two young daughters (ages 4 and 5); I'm originally from California but currently living in England with DH who is active duty military and deployed right now; I've got one year left until I finish my degree in forensics; and I've always struggled with my weight, pretty much since birth..

I've only been on Medifast since October, but have been steadily working on losing weight for about a year and a half. Hopefully, the end of this Medifast week (Wednesday for me) will bring a total of 70 pounds gone..

My first week on MF, I lost 6.6 pounds. And an exciting NSV for me: collar bones! I've got them and I can see them a little, lol. The little definitions in my jaw and neck are re-emerging and I am starting to feel feminine again..

Also, last week I went shopping for the first time since starting MF. I about died when I was able to walk out of that store in a size 12! I haven't worn a 12 since middle school..

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!..

answered May 01 at 10:33

's gravatar image


Hey Sabrina, what a great job you have done on your weight loss journey. Must be tough with your time zone difference to stay in sync. We have family in Germany so we are always tryng to get together when one of us is not in bed..

I love your comments about collar bones, jaw line, and other body parts emerging. I remember being in gym class and spinning in circles on my hip bones. It's taken many, errr many years to be able to do that again..

So how do you like England? Your degree in forensics is fascinating. My DH is a cold case detective and DNA is table talk. Good for you for finishing your career with little ones still clamoring for attention..

Congrats on those size 12s. You must be so proud. We are proud of you for sticking with it and would love to hear more about your journey!..

answered May 01 at 12:05

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Morning Dreamers!.

Welcome Sabrina! I applaud you for keeping up with your school and losing weight with two small kids. My girls are 19 and 13. I have to say that that would be my one regret - being fat while my kids were little/still at home. DD19 is married, pregnant, due in March and very overweight. DD13 is a stick and very active in athletics. So, all I can do now is try to be a good role model.

Starting back this semester. I guess better late than never..

Well, week two of transition - lost a pound. I'm thrilled with that. Especially since I've been sick and swigging the Thera-flu. I've been through 3 bottles of that stuff!!! It's the only thing I can take that doesn't completely knock me out. Hubby went to the grocery store with me last night. There is only one place I'll buy produce.

You'd think the man had never seen produce before. Wanna know what he bought???? Hot dogs, buns, chili and this monster brownie. And he wonders why he's gaining weight????.

Better get around, eat my oatmeal..

Have a great Monday!..

answered May 01 at 13:17

's gravatar image


Thanks for the welcome!.

Very cool! I'm jealous that you'll allow him to talk about work, lol. My DH hated me last semester during my decomp class. I never could figure out why it isn't ok to discuss case studies over dinner.

The biological changes the body goes through are fascinating and predictable. Just because it is not a live body doesn't change the fact that it's interesting, lol..

I can relate: DD4 is a thin little stick also and, unfortunately, DD5 has inherited my "bad" genetics. She is a HUGE motivator for me to change my ways. And you are absolutely correct: it is NEVER too late to work on your education. Kudos to you! What is going to be your concentration?.

I'll go back and try to find another thread, but can someone fill me in on what the challenge is? I guess I am jumping in half way here, but I still wanna make sure I'm participating...

answered May 01 at 14:51

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Good Morning - accidentally posted stats here...will go to other thread...

answered May 01 at 15:32

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HI all. Dee- Awesome about the size 10! That is one of my goals. Chick, sorry about the dog. That is so stressful. Denyse, so happy you survived the meeting with the ex. That must be a relief..

So, I am pretty happy about my loss of 2.5 considering I had a weekend of 2 dinners out, one of which was very difficult that I wrote about earlier. I have a question about how we consider ourselves OP. I felt like I was OP, but don't know exactly what was in everything, so I probably did have more oils, etc. I did my 5 Medifast meals and 1 L and G. I guess I would like someone to tell me how specific it gets to be OP. The following night had grilled salmon and steamed bok choy.

I have been up most of the night with my daughter, age 9, who has been vomiting all night, and dry heaving, which is the WORST. I feel so bad for her, and I am exhausted. I was supposed to be going with a friend who is starting chemo today and I feel bad that I cannot go. She is so anxious and was very grateful that I was accompanying her. Of course, I need to stay with my daughter, but I wish I was two people..

I hope I can stay OP today, this is the kind of day that would throw me off normally..

NSV's: looser clothes, people noticing, having done a week of Cto5k, made my family my favorite winter dinner on Friday night and ate none of it (cause I was going out) and had none of the leftovers all weekend. Sat in a Chocolateria on Saturday night with hubby and friends while they had cakes, crepes and truffles and I had herbal tea. Not one morsel of chocolate! I do feel strong and motivated..

Wish me luck today....there is leftover chocolate in the fridge. Hope it doesn't start calling me...

answered May 01 at 16:32

's gravatar image


NSVs for me One of the first about 4 weeks in - I began feeling dizzy. My health coach suggested I begin checking my bp (since I was on med). My bp was extremely low and my dr suggested I quit taking my med. Then there has been the complete new wardrobe, bras, panties and even a new shoe size. The last NSV was last week - my dr said in 10 more lbs she would send be back to the sleep lab to check my sleep apnea to see if it is still necessary to sleep with my cpap..

Wow Lissy! All that chocolate and not a bite!.

Welcome Sabrina!! What an interesting course of study! I think decomp class would have been enough to kill my appetite for a long time..

Renee, glad you are feeling better! My dh woke me up about midnight on Sunday morning - I have fever chills. I have take some tylenol, now what do I do you woke me up to tell me that - come to bed, turn up your electric blanket and go to sleep. Men!.

Daily weighing - Hello, my name is Kathy and I am a daily weigher. But I will add that some of my best weight losses have been weeks where I did not weigh daily, but weekly. I sometimes wonder if the "stress" of not seeing Delila move or as fast as I wanted sometimes sabotages my weight loss..


answered May 01 at 17:40

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Oh yea, most of my courses are FANTASTIC for being on a diet. And I wonder why I am never hungry, lol...

answered May 01 at 18:29

's gravatar image


Hi Dreamers - Sorry I haven't been around. I had a rough week with very little sleep. My daughter has finals this week, so I anticipate another busy week. I hope to catch up on the thread soon! Have a great week!!..

answered May 01 at 18:42

's gravatar image


Great losses this week! Love to see all that water and OP. We may grab that title back, yet!.

Lissy, getting credit for being OP for the challenge or otherwise is not meant to force you to log all you food or even weigh it for that matter. They are however great tools for knowing exactly where you stand should you ever have a stall or find yourself gaining. When you don't have a scale, use the guidelines of a double stack of cards or a computer mouse to guesstimate. I logged my food and weighed it for months. I got to be dead on to eyeball it. I could/can tell the size of a steak very easily.

If you are doing the 5 & 1, we want to be sure you are getting in all your meals, all your fluid, balancing your L & G with foods that are OP only, and of course no BLTs. If you are really hungry, you may be advised to have an extra Medifast meal. Could be your metabolism is really revved up from a lot of exercise, so that extra meal is not taking you OP when that is a recommended solution. So don't worry too much about unknown ingredients, it may be a lot less than you think and well within the guidelines. If you know it's off plan, then it surely is...

answered May 01 at 20:00

's gravatar image


Sabrina, we are half way through a six week challenge and I love that you jumped right in, weight and all. We run the challenges for six weeks, take 2 weeks off to recruit new members, then start up again. The rules are pretty basic. Drink a minimum of 64 oz of plain old water each day, getting one credit per day, up to 7 days. Same thing goes for being on plan, 7 out of 7. The score is based 25% on water, 25% on OP, and 50% for weight loss percentage relative to your last weight a la Biggest Loser.

We won the last challenge. Technically tied with another team. You can win the overall and never win a week because all the members who started on the team but have left, still get counted in the overall. The way to win is to get a commitment from everyone to stick it out for six weeks. We are the largest team so statistically it is tough to beat the small teams on a weekly basis..

It's a fun way to stay motivated and get over the roadblocks that get tossed in our path along the way...

answered May 01 at 20:51

's gravatar image


Sorry to hear about so much illness striking you guys. We are here to get healthy and that includes curing whatever ails you. Don't neglect your health. Follow the doctor's orders to take whatever you need because I'm seeing these colds and upsets run rampid through families. I'm not a very good patient, so I'm glad we have a computer screen between us. No offense, but I don't do sick well..


answered May 01 at 21:05

's gravatar image


Thought I better post the banner codes one more time for those who have missed it or are running around nekkid..

Challenge Banner:.


Remove the *** before IMG before pasting to your signature..

Team Banner:.


Remove the *** before IMG before pasting to your signature...

answered May 01 at 22:29

's gravatar image


Evening Dreamers...I've been gone a while...just getting back in the swing of being at work in the office...I go back on the road next Monday...I've enjoyed being home and doing my C25k program...I really love it...I really believe there is an inner runner waiting to come out of me....

Dee...WOO HOO on the size 10 and if I were you, I would have mentioned that to my co-worker but being gracious always wins out...keep up the good work.....

answered May 01 at 23:44

's gravatar image


I just reread the posts and want to welcome Sabrina. welcome aboard. this is such a supportive place..

Pepe....love the inner runner reference! I'm hoping there is one in me too!.

I made it thru a hard day with a sick kid...didn't eat any chocolate in fridge!..

answered May 01 at 23:49

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Hi Dreamers:.

I just glanced at our weigh-in thread. ALL of us were on water/on plan. That's wonderful! Congrats to all of us!.

Thanks for the pep talk - folks. Two weeks ago was the first time I gained weight during Medifast and it made me anxious. My DH was so sweet. He told me I did really good during the holidays and that I should concentrate on how far I've come..

Pam - if you've been doing "Ramp it up" for two weeks now, you have GOT to be building some serious muscle. When are you going to try "Burn it up?" Let me know what you think. Hope you feel better soon..

Renee - you use 12 lbs weights!?? You got my admiration. That is serious strength, sister!.

Chick - great astute explanation on plateaus. Yes, it is a lifestyle change. Also, I could never be a daily weigher while on plan. Judging how our bodies fluctuate, it would be too exasperating for me. I'll be a daily weigher when I start maintenance. I'll be so scared of undoing all my hard work..

Comment on sitting down to dinner as a family - we did that when I was growing up. AND since I've started MF, my boys and I sit down to dinner as a family more often. I'm cooking healthier and that means less eating out and "fast foods.".

Shortee - It's tough doing anything with kids in the house!! They always want a piece of you. I only got one 12-year-old DS and he can say nothing to me all night, but once I start exercising, he'll stand over me making conversation about silly stuff, until I say in a huff, "can't you see I'm exercising!" He'll stalk away glaring at me like I'm the worst mom in the world. Sheesh!!.

Sabrina - thank you to you and your husband for your service and congratulations on your accomplishments. My husband did a tour in Iraq in 2005. I'd love to visit England too. I'm a big Jane Austen fan and there's places in that country I dream of seeing..

Lissy - I LOVE grilled salmon, especially cold with a salad. I think that's one of Pepi's favorites too. Hope your little DD is doing better. I know you can stay away from the chocolate - "looking and feeling good tastes better than any food!!!!" (Sometime Chick told me when I was a month into Medifast and now it's my battle cry)..

Have a nice night everyone...

answered May 02 at 00:04

's gravatar image


Hello Dreamers,.

I'm back! I have been out straight.I have been helping to get everything in order with my nephew (DN20) all the paper work and insurances papers to do house ect ... itdoesn't seam to end..

I want to thank everyone for all the thought and pryers last week I realy needed them and it was good to know that all of you were here for me even if I didn't post often..

I have to catch up on all the post from last week then I will jump right back in ..

I stayed OP all week but still not a great loss I know that a loss is a loss but I was hoping for bigger # at this rate I will be working on my2nd goal for a while I hope it is just stress...

answered May 02 at 01:24

Silas's gravatar image


Just a quick note as the clock is ticking. We are missing some weigh-in numbers, so I'm hoping it will just be an end of the day check-in. Cathie you are always here so I was surprised I didn't see your numbers. Cindy where are you girl? You missed last week and I don't want to have you dropped, so it's okay to jump back in and continue on. You can only have one miss..

And yes, Dee, so far so good. Everyone is OP and OW. That's exciting. I am proud of all of you! I knew we could do it..

Pepi, 160's are right around the corner. Woohoo!.

Hey Lissy. Hope the kiddo is better and congrats on keeping that chocolate in the fridge!.

Elaine, we've missed you and I'm sure you still have a lot going on but you sound so much better. The worst is past, I hope and you are doing a magnificent job...

answered May 02 at 02:22

Abel's gravatar image


Evening Dreamers,.

Still feeling sick today, no better, or worse, at all. DD called and said she was sick also. I think someone in the family that we visited just after x-mas must have been the germ carrier, nobody will admit it though. Just what we get for visiting with the nieces and nephews, the little germ factories..

Welcome Sabrina, sounds like you are very busy with school and kids. Good for you for taking time to think of yourself..

Lissy, congrats on surviving the all the chocolate, I think that is a great NSV all by itself..

Shortee, I have the same problem with my "kids". It's hard to do an ab workout on the floor with little dogs trying to lick your face and jumping on you. The grandpuppy, another Bella (we call her Boo-Boo) just climbs on my stomach and trys to lay down. I'm about ready to lock them in the bedroom during the workout..

Pepe, glad you are enjoying your time at home..

Dee, I will do the the Ramp it Up for at least another 2-4 weeks before moving on to the next level. Unless I get bored and want something different. I think this cold will slow me down a bit..

Renee, glad you are feeling better. I also second the idea that it is never too late to go back to school. I went back to finish college at the age of 40, part time, and then on to the MBA, which I finished at the age of 52. Never to late..

Kathy, congrats on getting off the BP meds, I hope to get off mine at some point. I hope you can put the CPAP in storage soon too..

Off to bed early again tonight. Bye for now...

answered May 02 at 03:39

Cruz's gravatar image


OMG! Chick, I just realized I was necked!.

Think I have that corrected!.

My very favorite meal is salmon salad. I have been able to copy a salmon salad dish from my favorite restaurant. DH will even ask for it now..

After the talk of daily weighing earlier, I think I am going to try weighing only on weigh-in day this week..

Had a nice 4-mile walk this evening. Most of the shoppers are out of the mall by 8:00ish and I can do some serious walking..


answered May 02 at 03:52

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Yep, got two furry kids too. I have to go in another room or put them, OK put Boomer, in another room. Roxie doesn't bother me, but Boomer tries to sit in my lap, on my back or on my head. A 75 lb dog .... well, let's just say it can be comical, if not painful! I feel bad, cuz he's such a sweetie, but.... one of us is going to get hurt.

Dee - starting out I used 3 lbs weights. That has to be one of the biggest thrills - realizing you need more weight when doing the exercises. I would have never dreamed I'd like lifting weights..

Don't know if everybody has an Old Navy, but took DD19 to get some yoga pants. They had unadvertised clearance racks - .97. DD19 got 10 shirts and I got 1 shirt and 2 skirts. Go check it out if ya got one!.


answered May 02 at 04:23

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Hi! Sorry to check in so late. VERY tired. Worked two nights, 18 hours off and worked two days. I only lost 1.4 total= 176.6. Makes me kind of mad because I was I was 175.5 wed (monday I was 178) of last week after the weigh in. I thought I was going to have a huge wt loss this week.

Stayed OP/OW but the scale just went up and down, up and down the rest of the week. Landed at 176.6 this morning ;-( I know there is no possible way I could have gained actual fat wt since I have been OP. Just a little disheartening to keep retaining h20. Hoping it is lack of sleep and doubling my activity level between school, clinicals and work. Not to mention the stress of a DS5 that wants to "cuddle" because he misses his mommy ;-(.

156 days left until I graduate. Then I just have to sit for my boards. Work keeps asking me if I am going to stay on with them. Today was a crazy day which makes me reconsider staying on my current floor. I recorded 15 min vitals on patients for over 4 hours. Still had a full load of other pt too.

I guess a job is a job. Some grads haven't gotten a job that graduated in June of last year. Most want to hire seasoned RNs. So I will take what I can get. Nice to have people that want to hire me after I grad.

Ok, going to eat last Medifast meal and get to bed. I am so tired my eyes/ears are burning. Got to study for my first test, read 300 for this weeks class and write a paper tomorrow. Someone needs to invent a time pause so I can fit it all in..

I hope the wt just flies off this week. will try to sleep better! Ha, Ha...yeah right, not going to happen. 156 days, 156 days, 156 days. I just got to keep repeating it...

answered May 02 at 04:40

's gravatar image


Pam, I hope you are feeling better soon. It's really bad when it bounces back and forth in the family..

Kathy, nice to see you dressed. You look all spiffy (is that really a word), now..

Renee and others, same problem with Bella wanting to join in. Just pick us a wii controller and she expects me to toss it for her to fetch and jumps at my hands. Problem is even if I threw it, she plays keep away..

Cathy, so glad you made the weigh-in. Some times I forget how hectic a schedule you have. Don't worry that scale will move. A lot people have retention of water when stressed and not able to keep a steady routine. Eventually it goes because your are still dropping those numbers..

Ibr1978 was our biggest loser with 4 lbs gone forever. Sorry I wish I had your name and hope you are lurking to take a bow. Kori was next with a 3.6 drop. Kori and Cathie have both passed the 10lb loss mark for the challenge already. Congrats to all for staying OP and OW this week. We'll give them a run for the money for sure...

answered May 02 at 05:29

's gravatar image


Renee, thanks for the tip about Old Navy. Will go this evening and look. Am seriously thinking of ordering Slim in 6. Pulled out old exercise clothes this past weekend and the only way the pants stayed up was the tie at the waist. I do have a question about SI6 - is the cardio high or low impact. My knees can't take high impact..

Chick, sorry about your Bella. My DD & DSIL recently had to have their dog put to sleep - she was only 18 month, but had been having seizures since she was 8 months. Hershey (a chocolate lab) had kidney failire - vet thinks due to seizure meds. They are going to wait a few months to get another puppy..

Reading the book, Cordurory this week to my preschoolers - have all sorts of fun bear activities planned!.


answered May 02 at 06:01

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Kathy - the cardio is low impact. There is no jumping around. Go to.


And this one on youtube..


This kind of gives you an idea of the moves in SI6...

answered May 02 at 06:25

's gravatar image


Good morning everyone! Still dealing with the cold germs. This is day 10 or 11, so it has to be close to being over. I do feel a bit better so it does seem to be easing. Just slow to vacate the premises..

Weight is up .5 but that is what happened last week, too. It doesn't bother me..

Running errands today, so had better get moving...

answered May 02 at 06:34

's gravatar image


Thanks Renee! That is what I needed to know. I have a ton of Firm workouts, but they tend to be on the high-impact side and my knees just can't do that. Think I will order SI6 today..


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's gravatar image


So, I've been thinking a lot lately about the words we use. I say I want to lose wt. But the reality is I really don't want to lose wt. When I usually lose something, I want to find it again some day. I don't want to ever find these pounds of fat I am currently losing again. So, what do I call it? It's just like calling Medifast a diet.

Therefore, it is a lifestyle change. Hmm, just random thoughts that keep popping up..

My decision to go back to school years ago was met with all kinds of comments from friends/family. Most often than not, it was along the lines of "I don't know how you do it?" or "I could never do that, I don't have the time, my life is too busy!" I had a busy life. I worked full time. I had a 2yr old son. I began to realize that it was a choice I made of how I spent my time. I adjusted to meet the demands of this new plan, just like we have to adjust to daily obstacles good/bad that present themselves.

I guess the difference is what/how we react to these changes. If I decided it would be too hard, I wouldn't be where I am at today. If I looked too far ahead, it seemed like an unsurmountable mountain. Instead, I made daily choices to push me forward, and overlooked the negative things that would prevent progress (whether real/imagined). The bottom line, it was all about me and my perception of what I was presented with.

Do I have all these issues? YES! But, I am comforted by the fact that it won't last forever. That a better brighter future is coming soon. I am moving forward. It is worth it!.

Why am I rambling on? I guess because I have come to realize that EVERYTHING in life is about these same principles. I CHOOSE to make decisions that will keep me moving forward. I CAN accomplish anything. Make a plan, take it one day at a time, and reevaluate /adjust if things aren't going in the right direction. One either moves forward/backward/stays stagnant. The only difference between them all is the choices that lead you there..

The same is true for this journey to the new you. What choices will you make?..

answered May 02 at 09:06

's gravatar image


Interesting post, Cathie. It is not just semantics. It is not just regurgitating the same responses to the same questions. It is about putting meaning to the words and putting them into action. I think we sometimes forget that no decision is a decision. We've decided not to make a choice and let stuff happen, then deal with the fallout.

It sounds like you have made a lot of good choices and the rewards are there. A big one in the next 155 days!.

I've probably said this before, but I got my degree at age 36. I took my finals with a 2 week old baby in my arms. It can be done. You have to want it. You want it, you win it. Are there obstacles along the path? Most certainly.

There is a lot to said for the old saying that when one door closes, another one opens..

My two cents..... closer to a nickel...

answered May 02 at 10:10

's gravatar image


HI all. Cathie and Chick, your thoughts are touching. As I have mentioned here, I think the meaning of weight, the way you approach it and our reaction to others is really metaphors for other things in our life. The choice to be healthier, be a priority, matter, etc extends far beyond the Medifast experience..

I am starting to recognize that the food has really been a very old habit/reaction that started as a kid when I wasn't getting my emotional needs met. Food was always there for me. I now don't need that comfort as much anymore. I have a supportive hubby and great, loving friends. Don't know if any of you have ever read Geneen Roth, but the book,.

When Food Is Love.

Is very powerful and helped put lots of things in perspective for me..

So much of our lives are choices. Cathie, I am going to ponder the question about what choices I will make on the journey to the new me. Thanks for the food for thought...no pun intended...I will follow up tomorrow..

Sleep well all and have good, waterfilled, OP day!..

answered May 02 at 11:39

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My goal for 2010 the first year in many, many years that I do not have to say "loose weight", but to take care of ME. I was just thinking of this very topic tonight on my 3 1/2 mile walk. Setting mini goals to take care of me emotionally, physically and spiritually..

My thoughts were interrupted by some action at the mall - a 2 year old was separated from her family for about 20 minutes - police everywhere. The about 5 minutes after she was found, a lady fell and security went flying again..

Checking out si6 - thinking I will order from Amazon. Don't like to deal with infomercial sites..

Wishing everyone skinny dreams!.


answered May 02 at 12:08

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I love that "skinny dreams". Scary situation at the mall. We lost our DD at Sea World where we had a 2:1 ratio of adults to children. Everyone had an assigned kid, yet she was gone. Turns out she stepped off the sidewalk to the grass and security grabbed her. It was a blink of an eye and she was only 2.

It was horrible. We never dreamed Security would take her away that quickly. Obviously we found her, but that's a panic you never want to go through again...

answered May 02 at 12:25

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I keep forgetting to tell you about my Christmas present..

I'm like many of you cold all the time, even before MF. Any way, I got a battery operated heated jacket. It is so nice. You wear it under a jacket, so it is form fitting. I didn't know that at first, so I exchanged my small for a medium. The medium doesn't sit against my body so the coils in front don't have the best contact.

Have a great OP day. Challenge results should be ready in the morning...

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Morning everyone..

Same thing different day.... still doing excellent in staying on program, but still battling the cold. Symptoms seem to be easing a tiny bit daily, thus no trip to the doctor (I figure it is viral and they couldn't do anything but suggest over the counter meds that I am unwilling to take because then I'd be off program, LOLso I'm just whining and suffering through a nice long period of time with these germs). I woke myself last night with a big snoring snorthow attractive! not! Thankfully I'm still sleeping in a room separate from DH. I move out of our room when I have a bad cold so I don't bother him with my coughingor snoring. Now my snoring just wakes 'me' up! rofl.

Well, if I didn't have the cold to whine over, I'm just not sure what I'd do with my time..

Hope everyone is doing well...

answered May 02 at 13:49

's gravatar image


Where is everyone today? It's humpday. Gotta feel good about that! I'm off to post this week's stats and I'll brb. Keep doing what you're doing. It's working!..

answered May 02 at 14:59

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We did it! You did it! Perfection pays off! You should all be so proud of yourselves, I know I am proud of you. Considering all the illness and hectic schedules we had this past week, you proved it could be done! Congratulations everyone!..

answered May 02 at 16:24

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Congratulations everyone!!.

Thank you Chick, for undertaking doing the stats, I am guessing it is a very time consuming job...

answered May 02 at 17:20

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Congratulations everyone!!.

Chick where do you get a battery op coat? I got a new down quilt for my bed and I love it sooooo warm..

Hello to all..

answered May 02 at 18:39

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WOOO HOOOO We did it!!!! Congrats everyone!!!!.

This has got to be the longest week!!!!!! I keep thinking today is Thursday. Everytime I got on the computer at work someone would come in or the phone would ring. Then, DD19 spend most of the day there. Long story short - car trouble, (dad fixed), not sleeping well, doesn't like to be alone, and pregnant. I guess the last says it all. Only 9 more weeks to go!!!!!.

Since I was sick, I wasn't paying much attention to my calendar. I get to add fruit back in!! I bought a 2010 planner. I log everything. I mean everything. Two reasons - to make sure I eat enough and to make sure I don't eat too much. Hubby gives me a hard time.

My meals are getting more varied. Normally, I eat the same thing day after day..

Kathy - I've ordered quite a bit off of the Beach Body website. Haven't had any problems. I've also ordered off Amazon, fast shipping..


answered May 02 at 20:03

's gravatar image


WHoo HOOOO! #1. Thanks Chick for all your hard work!.

I had a long post addressing everyone this morning.... then my computer decided it was time for an update and logged me out of everything and shut down. ARG! I am glad I wasn't writing my paper when it happened..

I hope that my rambling on yesterday did not offend anyone. These truth-seeking thoughts just keep on playing in my head. Why do I do what I do? What did I accomplish by holding onto these attitudes? Where do I go from here? Just thought I'd share some of them with all you..

Hope everyone is having a great day! Per the scale this morning, I got rid of another 1.8 pounds. Hopefully they will not reappear later this week as I start to lose more and more sleep because of my schedule. I am now at the wt I was when I started dating my husband 12 years ago!.

Started writing this 1.5 hours ago. gotta run... life is happening!..

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Evening Dreamers,.

Talien, glad to hear you are feeling a little better. I finally feel better today also. I only hope it holds..

Just a quick drive by tonight. I still have some paperwork to get done tonight..

#1 - Whoopee!!! Way to go Dreamers..

Have a good evening everybody..

Bye for now...

answered May 02 at 20:42

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WoooHooo!!! #1.

Hey Dreamers -.

Sorry I have been MIA. I started back to work this week and it has been a little crazy. Got two new students in the same morning. Driving me nuts!! I am staying OP and OW. I started exercising last week and have done well getting my butt out of school on time and to the gym before it is too busy with all the New Year's Resolutioners (if that is even a word.

So...I am off to bed and back to work with the kids tomorrow then hitting the gym for some more TM time. Check back with you #1 ladies tomorrow!..

answered May 02 at 20:47

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Morning Dreamers!.

Exercise was shorter this morning, had extra time so thought I'd stop in and say HI! before the craziness starts. I think that's why I like getting up so early. It's nice and quite and peaceful!.

Kori - Good for you going to the gym! I'm not sure I'd get to it if I left it for after work. You're the first person I know with this name. It is what my daughter is naming her daughter - Kori Elizabeth. Her middle name & her hubby's middle name..

Think DD13 and I are going to the Zumba class tonight. It should be interesting. Been awhile, ok never, since I've done anything like that..

Since we're in a warming trend thoughts have gone to having a garage sale (someone hit me in the head!). I've got boxes sitting in the garage. I can't decide if I want to go through things and try craigs list first or not. Most of my stuff is basically new, I didn't wear it long enough to wear it out..

Better go get in the shower..


answered May 02 at 22:14

's gravatar image


Congrats to everyone....we're Number 1!!!.

Have a great day (OP, of course!)..

answered May 02 at 23:37

's gravatar image


Good aftermorn!.

Elaine, the heated coat came from Brookstone. Had to get that out before I forgot..

Renee, only 9 weeks left. My how time flies! I think I remember you telling us when she first got pregnant. Could that be? I've had this thread just over a year. Maybe so..

Cathie, congrats on returning to your dating weight. DH must love that..

Pam and Talien, looks like you both have turned the corner on being ill. So glad to hear that..

Kori, I remember (back in the day) of going to the gym daily. I'd go at 5 am. Then New Year's would come and you couldn't get a machine or weight for 3 weeks. Then the thrill was gone and it was back to normal..

I never waited for a Monday or an occasion to start losing weight. I'm a "got to start today" type person. Very impatient. So I started Medifast on a Wednesday, because my food came on Tuesday. Anybody else not wait for Monday?.

They supposed to finish the park renovation where we have a woodsy hiking trail running through. I think today is the day to check it out..


answered May 02 at 23:50

's gravatar image


Hello everyone!!.

I started Medifast on a Friday, my food came in on Thursday night - and I mean night. I think Fed Ex delivered it about 8:30 that evening..

No walk last night. My meeting ran till 9:15, suppose to be over at 8:30..

I think I feel better the next day when I do walk..

Glad to hear our sick ones are feeling better..


answered May 03 at 01:21

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YIPPEE! Go team!! Congrats to all of us!!.

Hope all the folks who are battling colds get over them soon..

Pam I think Im going to be doing Ramp it up for a while. Believe it or not, the toughest part of that video is the yoga at the end. My balance is lousy!.

Cathie your posts are very thought-provoking. I like them. Dont apologize for them. Youre right - more than our abilities it's our choices that show what were truly made of..

Chick Boy, a heated coat sounds HEAVENLY (especially in my neck of the woods when temps drop to the teens and lower). Just checked out their website Im saving that link. Im an impatient person too. Thats why I like MF. You really see results..

My dance group is having it's annual masquerade ball in a month. Im having my dream dress made (picture in on my MyPage). This is a dress that I would have never thought of wearing in my former size and now Im able to pull it off. I have a wonderful seamstress in my neighbor who has made costumes for me in the past (mainly because the costume shops didnt have anything in my size)..

Well, I had my first fitting yesterday, and I was blown away. I have curves again!! My seamstress also had measurements to compare! Five inches off my waist, 4.5 inches off my hips and 1.5 inches off my arms (cant remember my bust). Also, my thighs are even thinner. Im sitting here getting misty-eyed just thinking about it..

Have a great day all!..

answered May 03 at 02:34

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HI all. Congrats to us all that we are #1!! Let's keep it up. Thanks, Chick for doing all the calculating. Cathie, I appreciate your posts and have thought about the choices I have made on this program. It gave me reason to pause and reflect, so I am grateful for that. Dee, congrats on the gown and dating weight.

I have made it OP for the last few days despite two kids + one hubby with stomach bug. One would think that cleaning up vomit would make one lose their appetite, but staying home with sick kids used to always be a reason to overeat. Instead, I did lots of organizing, cleaning out, etc...that felt good..

I did my Cto5k this am and felt incredible, running for two intervals of 8 minutes each power walking before, between, and after. I love this program and am actually thinking about training for a triathalon or 1/2 marathon ...we'll see. Too soon to make that decision, let me just get up to the 5k..

I started Medifast on a Sunday after giving it much thought for about a month. My friend had food leftover from when she did it and gave me some for a few days. I HAD to start the day I decided and was thankful my friend could give me the food. The food arrived a few days later. I just put in another order and ordered choc mint bars and hot choc....we'll see how I like those..

Have a great OP evening.....

answered May 03 at 02:42

's gravatar image


Evening Dreamers! Work has been craaaaaaaaazy, but that's ok. I hate when I'm bored at work..

Tomorrow is day 3 of week 2 of C25K. I'm very excited because I found myself a running buddy and day 2 was much easier than day 1! I was willing to repeat week 1 if she wanted to, but she felt fit enough to start with week 2 and she did GREAT! We worked out a great route that ends us at the Starbucks...she has a 2-year old and has very little time to grab her morning coffee so we thought it was perfect. We did the complete workout and then did a little extra walking to get home...her w/ a drip and me w/ a hot green tea..

I started Medifast on a Tuesday. I had every intention of starting it on a Monday, but my food didn't arrive until Monday afternoon..

As you can see from my ticker, I am just about 10 pounds away from my goal. I am thinking of lowering it by about 5 pounds, but we will see for sure once I get a little closer to it. I have started doing some research on Transition. I know it's very early, but I want to make sure I am prepared. Unfortunately, I feel like these last 10 pounds are going to take FOREVER!!!!! I'm hoping to be there by Valentine's Day..

Are any of you fans of Hungry Girl? (.


I personally love her and her tips. She was at Border's near me last night and I was very excited to meet her and have her a sign a copy of "200 Under 200." It's 200 recipes, all under 200 calories! I am very excited to experiment with them and some I think I can even adapt to fit my L&G while still on 5&1. She had 1 great baby spinach and shrimp salad that I just need to remove a couple of ingredients from and it will fit the criteria perfectly!!! (I forget...can avocado be used as a healthy fat or not?).

Anyway, CONGRATS DREAMERS ON BEING #1 THIS WEEK!!! We are awesome and we couldn't have done it without each other..


answered May 03 at 03:11

's gravatar image


Just a quick note because it is really late, or almost really early for many of you..

This is probably the best team I have ever had for mixing and matching and exchanging. You really work well together and carry each other over day to day. Whether you post or not, I know you are thinking of each other and each of you know someone is thinking of you..

What more could you want?.

Have a great OP day. I walked my 4 miles, what did you do today?..

answered May 03 at 03:23

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I'm saving that website in hopes of getting ideas for transition as well. Thank you!.

Last night I ate my L&G at 9pm - I hate late meals. That is way too late. I went to a 'girls night out' and before I knew it it was 8:30pm so I had to jam home to eat. Not something I want to do on a weekly basis, that's for sure..

Hope everyone has a wonderful OP day. I purchased a used elliptical on tuesday and am starting out doing three 20 minute workouts a week. I am hoping to work up to five 45 minute workouts by summer. You guys are keeping my pumped up about working out with all the postings of cto5k and slimin6. Thanks bunches! Other than walking a few times I have lost all of my weight on just the diet. Hopefully incorporating excercise helps me get through the next 25 pounds (would be nice!)...

answered May 03 at 03:37

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Interesting question Chick, I got my food on a Thursday but I waited until Monday to start, somehow my brain felt like I needed to start at the beginning of the week and I wanted the 1st day to be while I was at work (read distracted from food cravings)..

Dee, your dress is beautiful, can't wait to see pictures of it on you. You'll be the Belle of the Ball (sorry if that was a bit cheesy).

I finished week 8 of Cto5K last week and did Day 1 of week 9..I am still here so I am actually going to push it a bit today and try to run for 36 min instead of 30 because I run on a treadmill at 5mph and that isn't fast enough to get in all three miles in 30 minutes...hope I make it through.

Shortee, you are lucky to have a running buddy, it seems like running with someone pushes you to do your best..

Have a great OP weekend, Everybody!!..

answered May 03 at 04:44

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Afternoon, Dreamers...sorry I've been MIA...busy at the office and getting ready to head back to TN...I would come home and crash every night...so excited about us being #1...we are the best...we should be so proud of ourselves....bbl...smooches..

answered May 03 at 06:21

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DEE...LUV THE DRESS!!! I am sure it will be beautiful on you.....

answered May 03 at 07:01

's gravatar image


PEPI!! U R a sweet <3!!.

LISSY Youre gonna LOVE those Chocolate-mint bars! Regarding a triathlon go for it! Love hearing people being able to do them. Id love to do the Danskin one, which comes to my state in July. Friends my age have done them. I just have two problems Im not a strong swimmer and I dont own a bike at the moment! Something I got work on..

SHORTEE Im down to my last 12 lbs as well and it seems to get more and more difficult. At this point, I doubt Id be losing weight if I just did the plan and NOT exercise. I love Hungry Girl and it's so cool you got to meet her. Such great ideas she has! Ive always had the link to her website, but your mentioning her prompted me to register on her site to get her emails..

BLANCA elliptical machine are the best. Enjoy your new tool..

Hey KP I like the idea of being Belle of the Ball. There have been so many times Ive gone to this event looking, well, frumpy! Thanks so much for your compliment!.

Way to go to all the ladies who are doing C25K. Keep up the good work..

Chick I started Medifast on a Wednesday, the day after I got my first supply of food. I eventually shifted my weigh-in day to Monday because it was easy for the challenges and it also keeps me in check over the weekends knowing that I have to get on that scale Monday morning..

Well, DS is going away this weekend to a Klondike with his scout troop. Its cabin camping, but they split into patrols and do competitions on outdoor survival, first aid, knots and lashings, and all that good Boy Scout stuff. Just got an email from scoutmaster reminding us of a few things scouts have to bring and one of them is a pocket knife! DS has misplaced his in his room (no surprise there), so Im going to have stop at Target and pick up a new one..

Have a great day everyone!..

answered May 03 at 07:34

Emanuel's gravatar image


Hi all,.

The week is winding down and it is at least a 3 day week end for many. We are on a 3 day and 4 day in this house, but DS has to work all of them..

Dee, Cinderella comes to mind. Going to the ball. Wunderbar!.

I see most of you were committed to start as soon as your food came in. Good for you and good for the team. That alone shows commitment..

Catching up with family this week. DD has to go to Kentucky for their last chance to visit with her husband's grandmother. Not going well. Seems to be transitioning as they say in the hospice world. We went through that with my DH's Mom 2 years ago. Hard on everyone.

Have a great OPOWOE day!..

answered May 03 at 08:42

Kason's gravatar image


Hi everyone. I'm still around but still feeling under the weather. I know I'm getting better, but it sure is slow. I do not ever remember having a cold virus that has hung around this long. No fever and lethargy, so I do not believe it is an influenza bug (those do last a long time), but this one is hanging around long enough that I'll remember it....

I've been OPOW all week and staying active with decluttering my life. Any and all excess is being gone through and dealt with. If I choose to keep kitchen appliances that I seldom use, that is finebut everything in the house, kitchen, bathrooms, sewing, quilting, crafts, laundry room...is being evaluated as to need or desire to keep. It is slow going, but I am finding myself excited about the process. At first it came about when I caught a few minutes watching a hoarding show. I thought "I keep craft supplies because I might be able to repurpose them into something else, then I have a whole bunch of craft/quilt kits that I have 'collected' but never madewhy do I keep buying more.

The devastation in Haiti has also pointed out to me in how much excess I and my family have accumulated..

Weight loss, so far this week, is great and I pray that I'll get to keep it for weigh in tomorrow morning. As I near my goal, I've been expecting the scale to slow to a snail's pace and it hasn't. Thankful for that..

In my decluttering, I went through my Medifast receipts and papers. For at least the first 9 months, I kept a daily log of everything I ate and how much water I drank. I found that I have a selective memory. I began BLTs much earlier than I believed I had and I also hit my current goal weight months before I claimed it as my goal weight. What I mean is that I had set a goal weight (I cannot remember now what it was 135 or 140, I think) and I was able to be at 144 to 147 for months. I never got any lower because I was not staying program compliant.

I did not remember it that way. I finally gave up on myself, figured 147 looked pretty wonderful compared to 222 (my heaviest weight), so I upped my goal weight and called myself 'done' losing..

I noted on my daily weights (recorded on the food journals) that my weight began creeping up a short time after I claimed 'goal'. My memory and belief was that I spent 8 or so months at my goal weight. That was not the case at all....and I was very surprised to see that..

Selective memory......wishful memory. I spent the next 18 months working to get the mindset to stick to eating 5/1 to get those 10#, then 15#, then 20#, then 30#....etc. off. But food desires always seemed to win out over my desire to get myself back to 147. That is food desires won until September 20th, 2009. Somehow the magic clicked in my mind again (finally!!!) and I was on program once again.

Should I lower the goal weight to my original 135 (I remember now that I raised it to 140, thinking that 135 would be too difficult for me to get to)..

Should I just keep 147.....

Who am I kidding....I'll be doing excellent to get to 147 and then do transition properly, learning to eat wisely, appropriately and healthy. Last time, I did hit 147, but I did not transitionI just got cocky and decided I was slim, successful and I did not need any more Medifast help. I did great on my own, didn't I? I did great in regaining 38#. LOL.

So, I have a lot of thinking to do and to make some decisions..

This time I will not believe that I can do transition on my own and I need to figure out if I am happy with 147. I do not think I will be...I think I would like to be in the very middle of the healthy BMI weight range...135-140#. For some reason, lowering my goal weight, makes me sad and a bit anxious. I need to mull the 'why' of that one, too..

Keeping busy here...decluttering my physical life and also doing some mental housekeeping, too..

Sorry for the long 'all about me' post....

Hello to all!..

answered May 03 at 09:10

Lucas's gravatar image


Wow Talien, thanks for that post. It's so important for me to be reminded not to get 'comfortable and complacent' - but to keep doing what works which for now is Medifast. Please keep us posted no matter what you decide, I'd love to follow your success throughout transition and so forth...

answered May 03 at 09:19

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Just finished a 3 mile walk. There was a period of time I would covet sleeping till 9:30-10 on Saturdays, not to catch up, but just "feel" decent. Up and out of the house by 9:00 for my walk. I cannot express in words the difference I feel over a year ago..

I so appreciate the insight posted by our Dream Teamers. Tailen, thanks for sharing! I, too, am feeling a need to de-clutter the closer I get to goal. I know I am physically feeling better, but I had been contemplating the psychological aspects of the need to get rid of the junk as my body is no longer feeling "junky". Anyone else?.

Umm, those chocolate mint bars are the next best thing to Girl Scouts Thin Mints. I have used the bars as my reward/treat in the evening. In my mind this has been my desert and still be able to stay totally 100% OP..

Dee, you go to your ball and shine!!! Not only will you look amazing, but you will feel amazing also!!!.

Decided to get slim-in-6 and will start this for the next challenge ( transition).


answered May 03 at 10:55

's gravatar image


Atermorn, Dreamers. Talien that was a great post. I really enjoyed your decluttering. It is both mental and physical. Your comfort weight doesn't have to be a number, it can be a range. How clothes fit, how you feel, how much energy you have, will all factor in..

I don't recall our discussing it before but when you have reached your weight range coming off of the 5 & 1, I found that my weight distribution was very different. I was slimmer and sleeker in appearance. After almost 10 months and eating a leaner diet but with more variety, I know there are fat deposits and I am one size up from my absolute lowest. I'm okay with that. I am glad I went below goal because I have a visual now and don't have to deal with "what if". I literally have one formal dress from years ago that I kept to fit back into.

The old me left the closet..

We have a lot of peeps closing in on goal. I hope we can continue to follow there..


answered May 03 at 11:35

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I know I have used the clique "never in my wildest dreams" and don't want it to become mundane - But, never in my wildest dreams. Must share my NSVs - bought size 8 jeans - fit into size 6, but they were still too muffin top. As I was putting my feet through the legs of the jean and looked down, thought - "my but t is going to fit in that??? Oh Yeah!!.

Also, I was looking at some shirts on a sale rack that were M & L (btw, thinking how proud I was to be looking there) when the sales lady came over to me and suggested I look at the S rack, they might fit better..

That lady does not know what she did for me ego!!!.

I have a big shopping spree scheduled and have already warned my DH. We have a trip to San Diego in a few weeks and I want to spend a day shopping. I had already planned to go to Nordstroms to get sized for new bras, but am saving my $$$ for my shopping spree..


answered May 03 at 11:42

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Hello Dreamers!! So much great chatter today with lots of folks with lots of success. I am excited for all of you and your NSV's....Kathy, size 6 and 8 jeans!!! Major victory! That ball gown, Dee....magnificent! Talien, having to really focus on what your final goal should be....SUCH a great problem!! All of you are inspiring. Dee, I did the Danskin in July a few years ago. Do you live in Massachusetts? It was amazing....if you are interested I can give you details. The swim is no big deal....but you do need a bike and do need to practice out doors. Talien, your decluttering post was so eyeopening....I have been doing it and not even realizing it.

I have been rearranging, throwing out, giving away all kinds of things. My clothes will be next, the larger ones that is! So of course, since we are all connecting around weight, I cannot help but state the obvious for myself....I am decluttering myself by losing these pounds!.

Today and yesterday have felt hard. I feel bored of the food and part of this I think is bc I am home and around on weekends vs. very busy with work and kids during the week. I was home more then usual this week bc of sick kids. That being said, I am OP. The choc mint bars arrived and they are delicious, def remind me of Thin Mints!! However, there were times with those Thin Mints that I ate the whole row! I am happy that I am just eating one bar and feeling satisfied..

I need to remember my own NSV's.....

Dreamers, there are some new residents in my home....CHEEKBONES!!!!!!!.

Yep. Noticed them yesterday and thought I had dirt on my face, couldn't figure out what the shadow was....then it was clear. I am positively smitten and need to remember this in my moments of boredom and irritation with MF. I am not a daily weigher, so I don't get that thrill/motivation daily. The thrill of the weigh in lasts most of the week, but at the end, I need another hit of motivation. The cheekbones were it this week for me! Oh, I also ran 20 minutes straight today, thanks to my C to 5k training..

So, anyone have any great, favorite recipes that make with the Medifast food? I tried the oatmeal "bread"...it was bread like, but did not remind me of bread that I know and love. I would make it again...... I tried the shake cookies....weird consistency, maybe I did something wrong....I would love to hear what people do regularly and what consistently works. I think this is part of what I need to do to get thru this boredom phase. I have just reached my one month mark on MF, so I guess some boredom with the food is expected...would love to hear from you wise woman..

Chick, can we change our goal for the challenge? There is no way I am going to reach that unless my weight loss seriously speeds up. I think my goal was 15 lbs and since the challenge began I have lost 6 or 7 lbs. I actually don't even know my weight when it started. Just wondering......

Hope everyone has a great evening...

answered May 03 at 12:04

Miles's gravatar image


Morning dreamers-.

My meeting with ex went better than expected, no nasty comments. in fact it was rather pleasant.no fighting, no nasty comments. went to mall of america and spent the day there- I had no BLTs anywhere, just ate chili cheese puffs. only weight comment was that I looked much thinner..

No NSV except as stated above, weight loss this time around has been so slow, but I am happy as long as the scale is going downward. The first week I had 0 weight loss, then week 2 lost 0.5 lb and this week 1.5 so maybe next week it will be like 2.5=3lb gone (i am optimistic.


Looking forward to a day of cleaning. Have to organize my Medifast foods, running low on my favorites so will place an order later this week. (I bought about 4 months worth of food when I 1st started to make myself commit since it's expensive- well it worked well.

) I think I will try that again ..

Renee- thanks for all of your info on slim in 6 and chalean/p90x, I have decided on slim in 6 for my next challenge, I will save every thing else for the spring time. Chalean sounds complicated- do you need a weight set for this ?- I have light dumbells ranging from 1-10 lbs..

Have a great OP day all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

answered May 03 at 13:18

's gravatar image


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