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First off, So I'm thinking about going on the Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any answer. Another question... Welcome.

Team PINK.



It's a time of new growth, rebirth and fresh starts!!.

Let the sun shine come in!.

Start your day with a "sunny" thought and keep them coming through out the day..

Positive thinking about where you are going and where you've been will keep you motivated to stick to the program..

OP, all the way, baby!.

Here's last month's thread if you need to catch up:..

asked Apr 28 at 05:17

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106 Answers:
I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

answered Apr 28 at 06:34

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Hi PINKs,.

Still thinking of you all but in a panic. Did I mention the house we are moving into is SMALLER than this one. It is all we could find/afford as housing is soooo much more expensive there. I am boxing up everything I can to give away and still most of my furniture won't fit. I will have to haul it across the state and then have to store it in the basement. We hope to convert the basement to living space but don't know how soon that can be done.

But it is good to get rid of stuff. Last night I packed boxes last night until I ran out of boxes (4am) and most of them was of stuff to give away (mostly books)..

I've been so busy I just told one of my local friends last night that I am moving! LOL.

((((Team PINK)))).

Btw, I got my cell phone replacement battery in the mail but it didn't fix the problem. my cell phone stillllllllllllllllllllll won't charge. ugh...so please email me if you need to reach me as I can't get texts or calls (but you can call my house phone). Love and Hugs to the PINKs.....

It's a GORGEOUS day outside today! Spring has sprung!!!..

answered Apr 28 at 07:08

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Hi lovely Pink's,.

Another month is gone, the time sure does fly. PL, I hope things are moving smoothly for you. I think if I had to move into a smaller house I would have to have a yard sale for a month. It is amazing how much a person accumulates over the years..

I am doing much better with all the problems that have been tormenting me over the months. I am doing the 4-1 for awhile and it is working for me..

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Love, Linda..

answered Apr 28 at 07:54

's gravatar image


Hello PINKs!.

NEWS FLASH!!!! I have just reached my 75 pounds of unhealthy body fat...GONE! yahoo!..

answered Apr 28 at 09:28

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WOO HOO!!! Allison.... you are the bomb!!!.

Sooooooo proud of you..


answered Apr 28 at 09:39

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CONGRATS to Allison!!!! YEAH!!! You go girl friend!!!.

PL, your in my thoughts....hope all is well and things smooth out soon!.

Linda, glad the 4-1 plan is working for you....keep up the great work!.

Hi Lisa, hope your doing well!.

Hi to all PINKs!!!.

I'm doing well, done with tax stuff...whew!! Now on to other things....BB tomorrow PINKs......good night!..

answered Apr 28 at 10:59

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Waiting for my Medifast order to arrive today so I can be OP. Also trying not to stick my head in the sand while I deal with inspections/not passing said inspections on house, city codes that make me want to scream and the likes. Also packing/paying moving truck. I have loaded up MORE boxes of stuff to give away then I have to keep. I am dividing my stuff up between three friends so I don't have to take it with me, which costs money to move and also it's going to be a smaller house so I have to get rid of stuff. still NOT happy about the city codes/ordinances/inspections which are not friendly to seasoned do-it-yourself-ers on all the repairs and improvements we want to do..

Don't want to always post about my frustrations (too late for that? LOL) but wanted to tell you I am still here. Love you lots (((Team PINK))).

Moving day begins April 14, close on house April 18, unload the truck when it is delivered on April 19 or 20...

answered Apr 28 at 12:21

's gravatar image


Congrats to Allison!!!.

75 pounds gone forever!!!!.

(sorry it is a picture of a cake! LOL, I usually find balloons to post.).

You've done an incredible thing!!!! Allison you have so much to be proud of and we are proud of you too!! Medifast works!! yay!!.

I know you gotta feel GREAT!!! Got pics?? Let's see the more slender you!..

answered Apr 28 at 13:46

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Hey a everyone... just lurking around... been hit and missing on the boards lately. too much going on, but still here and OP....


answered Apr 28 at 14:00

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Just checking in, I normally weigh on Mondays (to help keep me on track over the weekends) and I weighed 299 today! Yeee Haw, out of them blasted 3's...finally..

Congratulations Allsion on losing 75 pounds, Great Job..

PL, sorry you are so busy, I can't even imagine trying to move and it's just me, I've lived in my home for 21 years and have somehow come to fill a three bedroom home to the very brim. Prayers of peace heading your way.....

answered Apr 28 at 15:27

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Hi PINKs,.

It is a new day and one day closer to goal!.

Angela is 299! bye-bye 300s!! that is a great accomplishment!! I am so excited for you! you are on your way!.

Linda, LOL about a month long garage sale! I could probably do that too but I don't have that kind of time or energy. LOL I am boxing stuff up and giving it away to three local friends. Giving them what I know each friend would appreciate the most. I will miss them!!! (the friends, not the stuff, LOL. I am happy to get rid of the stuff before we move.).

Lisa, I have been MIA so long and I realllllllllly missed my time here so am trying my hardest to get back in the swing (with the moving going on, I am trying)..

Gotta question for you all....what time of the day do you have your Lean and Green (LG)?.

I am having mine now...11:17am. LOL Normally I would not eat it quite this early but we will see how it goes. It's chicken on a bed of fresh spinach. I love the spinach that comes in a bag...so easy! Another love I discovered that gets the weight off fast is cabbage! I just cut it up and eat it like I would a lettuce salad. It has more crunch so it's kind a fun for a change. Also sooooooooo much more versitle than lettuce since you can cook cabbage.

Anyone try that with cabbage?..

answered Apr 28 at 15:43

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Hi Pinks, glad to see an April thread. I read through it and had to laugh at the 75-pound-gone cake. Oh, the irony..

PL, as I think you know, I try to have my L&G about 6 pm with the family, because otherwise I'd feel too deprived. Also, even if I'm hungry at lunchtime some days, I like the convenience of not having to fix food. I'm a bar woman almost exclusively these days. (Sure, there are problems with eating at your desk, but this is not something I'm going to turn into a habit.)..

answered Apr 28 at 16:21

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Morning PL! I eat my L&G either at noon or 2 usually.... I'm almost always hungry (yes, even after 6 months on MF) so this helps me make it through out the day and prevents me from wanting to over eat in the evening. I'm one of those people who just love to eat! Hunger is something I've had to learn is okay. It's not going to kill me to be a little hungry through out my day. I've learned a lot about myself on MF..


answered Apr 28 at 16:54

's gravatar image



I usually eat my LG around 2 or 3 as well. This is just before the mad rush in my home of all the kids getting off the bus and then I am consumed being a mom. Family dinner is our shared meal time and a big deal in our house. This is hard these past 6 months keeping my family fed with good meals. I am starting to hear grumblings from different kids. issue is that LG with variety for my family are not always to have made before hand and ready right at 5:15.

In enters spagetti etc. This summer I should be getting more in the habit of LG at dinner when I am home more in the afternoon. What I do now is enjoy a cup of Medifast soup while everyone is eating dinner..

Lisa, I too, after 6 months still find my self hungry during the day...not always, it sepends on my mood. Man, I hate those darn moods and stresses in everyday life...sigh....I have hit 75 lb loss which is awesome, BUT STILL find my self swinging in and out of the Medifast groove. I have the head knowledge but still have some baggage to work thru. Man, at this point, I may need to be on the 5:1 FOREVER...... I just may need those boundries so I do not eat everything in my kitchen, including the kitchen sink! LOL.....sob....sob....LOL! See ladies, this is what I mean about the moods!..

answered Apr 28 at 18:33

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I'm here I'm here!! I USUALLY eat L&G at 5:30pm. BUT on Tuesdays I eat it at 2:30, because then I have more energy for 4pm ZUMBA!!!.

I'm considering getting the Time Savor Gourmet package as a weight loss reward....anyone tried it?..

answered Apr 28 at 19:33

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Allison~ LOL.... sob sob.... LOL.... Oh my! Was I laughing at that one! You are so funny! I think I've just made up my mind that I don't care if I'm hungry most of my life. I do NOT want to be over weight like this again! I'll most likely always have a little bit of Medifast on hand for low cal, good for you snacks, but I'm not going to stay on the 5 &1... I'm Italian! Can not live without at least some bread..

Amelia~I've never heard of it... is it another diet?.


answered Apr 28 at 21:08

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Lisa~ today has been one of those LOL...sob...days! So here is my question to you and any other PINK out there that is finding success on this program....I find that I am good when I am away from my house and kitchen...all the big parties, cook outs, special events, traveling...I can handle it. I think it is the accountability of being around other people that know I am working on reclaiming my health. Now enters time alone in the ...drum roll please.......dreaded kitchen! #@*! I have to have off plan food around because my family is thin and THEY need to eat calories. What ever reason I have just entered an emotional wanna eat off plan mode these last few days. It seemed to hit once I hit 75 pounds. What is that all about? Truely is frustrating in the sense that I know how to do all this Medifast stuff.

As I read some of the blogs ...I do not want to have to be a recommitt after 2 years and regaining weight that I have labored so hard to get off. What are your thoughts out there? Lisa, you in particular are just about the same spot I am with being a loser. how are you finding it right now? Are you in the Medifast groove? Do you find it easy to get out of it or are you an awesome 100% OPer? My hat is off to all you ladies that are! Great self control! Let me know your thought ladies......looking for some insight..

If any of you get a chance, Leonne wrote a great blog today about regaining wieght and the restlessness she starts to feel when she gets in the unhealthly eating mode. She is starting to feel it again and is trying to figure out what it is all about. Man, I so get that feeling!..

answered Apr 28 at 22:05

's gravatar image


I seem to be going through the same thing Allison... I think it's a combination of just being tired of dieting (6 months is a long time) and starting to feel "comfortable" where I am. I guess my psychy is trying to make me think it's not as needed as in the beginning... but THIS IS A LIE! I have read soooo many posts of people who have either lost most their weight or all their weight just to gain it back thinking they are "fixed"... I'm truly in the same boat my friend and want to scream!! I'm always hungry and seem a little depressed cuz I can't have this or that... You tell that inner brat of yours to back off and that NOTHING is going to get in your way of this goal! And like you, I also find it easier while away from the house...

We can do it! We'll need to be strong and persevere and just be grumpy and hungry for a while... it'll pass and we'll feel so proud of ourselves for making it through this... I'm not quiting and I'm not going to cheat! My plan for April is to take it 1 week at a time and each week report that I've been OP all the way..

PM me or post here and we'll keep each other accountable and encouraged....and avoid the kitchen ((( shudder ))) at all costs!.


answered Apr 28 at 23:15

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Evening Pink friends! My Lean n Green is ready for me just about the time I walk in the door from work each night.

My BF is also on Medifast with me, and it's a one hour drive from work to home, I just make a phone call and one hour later.... there it is. I know, I know, it simply can't get any easier!.

Let me address Alllisons concerns, from my experience the first go round on MF, I found the exact same thing and it was right around 70 pounds lost. I think Lisa is right it was a combination of being on plan for so long. No I was not a "rogue" as the team was called back then, 100% now, but I was very committed and stayed the course, I simply got tired and was not very creative with my Lean n Green. I recommend staying to a strict Lean n Green, even weighing portions (I didn't do that last time). This keeps you on the straight and narrow, however I ate well, but the same things all the time and simply got tired of it. Steak, Chicken, Broccoli, Califlower, and salad.

I really hit the slippery slop when I tried doctoring up the Medifast meals. I think I just needed a change of pace, different flavors. Since then there are some new Medifast foods, Ice Cream, Brownie, crunch bars, etc. I'm hoping that will help this time and also a bf that cooks! I'm not a big cook, even when I'm not on MF, don't know how to change up flavors with spices and such..

And although it is no my PLAN if I get to that stage again on this go round I will commit to going directly into T&M and learn how to eat right instead of simply stopping the plan. I can always go back to the 5 & 1 and into the weight loss phase to finish off the jouney..

Gotta run, Parenthood (my fav show) is starting..

Catch ya later...

answered Apr 28 at 23:37

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Allison, WOW, thanks so much for recommending Leonne's Blog yesterday, read it and all the comments, then POW that Oprah sight about addictions. Her blog today was GREAT. I never before REALLY considered myself addicted (even though I knew I was, I mean look at me!) but putting the feelings into words and working them through to find the answer of "The Pull of Addiction" that was powerful and helped me to realize just how important our work behind the scenes is... not just the weight loss, but the addiction recovery..

I've always said, weight loss issues are more difficult that alcoholics or smokers, they can stop and won't die, but everyone has to eat. It's a matter of managing the addiction rather than simply stopping it..

Gotta run, late getting out the door today... will catch up later...

answered Apr 29 at 00:29

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Angela~ thanks for posts about your experience. I really appreciate it. It is interesting that it was about 70 lbs that you started to get board. This is about where I as well as Lisa(greyflower) is. hmmm.

Glad you enjoy Leonnes blog! Powerful, isn't it? I think I am going back and reading it again today..

Lisa, I will message you. I think you are correct....we are at the same spot at the same time, lets work at getting over this hump together.

PINKettes....have a blessed day and stay Honest with yourself!..

answered Apr 29 at 00:31

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Hi PINKs,.

Yesterday I had an overwhelming day...physically and mentally. Good thing was a friend came to help me pack. She hopes to come back early next week because the moving truck will arrive on Thursday (April 14). I have soooo much packing to do. It is taking longer than it should because I am dejunking so much as I go..

BUT I am OP. Two meals down and two water bottles down today..

((((Team PINK))))..

answered Apr 29 at 01:32

's gravatar image


....just read up...LOVE your attitudes about doing what it takes to get the weight off and be healthy. LIFE is too short to be miserable in our own skin..

(((Team PINK)))) We can do this!!.

Next question is about water...are you getting it all in? I gave up diet soda (again , LOL) yesterday...just so I can get my water in. I know myself too well that if I drink the diet soda then the water goes by the wayside. SO...water first. Today I woke up with a water bottle next to my bed and drank it first thing. Water lubricates everything....our bodies need it!..

answered Apr 29 at 02:53

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Water... I thought I was drinking 80 oz a day and was having real trouble getting it down. Since I always fill the bottle up to the drinking spout my BF recommended I fill it that full and then just measure it in a masuring cup to see exactly how much it is, rather than just go by the line on the bottle that says 20 oz..

I did that and can you belive it, it measured out to 32 oz - no wonder it was so tough getting all that water in, I'm really drinking 128 oz (I couldn't believe it so I measured it again) I just can't believe that filling my bottle to the tippy top gives me 12 more oz than the 20 oz line. (Duh... it does get bigger as it goes up to the top!) I even measured just the 20 oz to see if it was accurate - sure enough! So I'm happy.

I'm getting so much more than I thought I was..

I will admit that my water almost always has infusers in it, I just hate plain water, I really struggle if I don't have something to put in it, even if only a mint leaf!.

I limit my soda to one diet a day... at first it was difficult now several days go by and I realize I haven't had my "daily" diet! I really love to make the brownie with 3 Tbls of diet cherry coke instead of water...yummy... it fluffs up more and adds a slight cherry taste to the brownie..

PL - I remember when one of the hilights of your day was sharing a diet RootBeer each night with your hubby! Remember that? So glad you have good friends to help you pack, it's sad you will be leaving them, but your giving them many things to remember you! And you will make new friends too. I'm a NAVY brat and moving was something we did just about every 3 years, for me, my personality type it was GOOD, I got good practice at making friends quickly and easily. Although I know it can be harder for others, at least your kids have their siblings if some of them find it difficult..

On Plan and waiting to see what the scale says Monday...

answered Apr 29 at 03:47

's gravatar image


Just checking in PINKs~ Another day done...am thankful... this reclaiming ones health is hard work! Phew........

answered Apr 29 at 03:51

's gravatar image


Hey gals....

Angela~ You are doing well! Let us know how your weigh in Monday goes...

Allison~ How you doing? I've been doing good!! Still sticking to the plan, but on the days I exercise, I either add an extra Medifast meal or a few extra oz of protein PLUS eat all my allowed snacks and stay toward the high end of my calories... it's helping with the hunger AND my weight loss is back in the 2's so far and no longer in the 1's like the previous weeks... goes to show you that what they say is true- eat too little and your body fights you. Anyway... thought I'd share. OH!! I only exercise 30-45 min 3 days a week, so even doing the aloud amount can hinder.


Peoples weight loss... looks like I was one of them..

Of course it's not helping with the other times I want to snack. Figured out that this is just boredom eating... tired of the diet sometimes and want to eat something else or just not much going on and end up wanting to snack. This of course means that it's not HUNGER that is driving me, but other issues. I'm thinking it's time to take the next step in my weight loss journey and find a physician or dietitian/nutritionist to help me so I don't end up going back to where I was... AM NOT GOING TO GAIN THIS BACK!!!!.


answered Apr 29 at 04:18

Drake's gravatar image


Hi everyone! Am having a "hungry day" today, but am staying OP, just on the upper end of it. That always becomes a slippery slope for me, but am committed that today it will not! Mind over matter!.

Lisa, good idea being proactive and getting connected up with Dr or nutrionist. May want to "shop" around and find one that will support you with MF.. Some may have a problem because of the low calories. Most do not like to go below 1200 cal. But, if they can look "outside the box" and see Medifast for what it is, it would be a help to you!.



answered Apr 29 at 04:55

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Hey PINKs!!!.

Just a quick fly by to check in...been MIA.

Haven't had to much time lately. Hope evry one is doing well and staying OP!!.


answered Apr 29 at 05:55

's gravatar image


Good morning PINKS!!!.

First let me apologize from being MIA. I have been a party of one at my own pity party. I came across a thread on this subject and realized that I was only hurting myself. I have been on this journey for a while now and had reached a loss of 78 lbs. However I did not receive this as a great accomplishment nor could I share it with any one because everyone has their own issues. Not to mention weight issues as well so what would I look like saying look at me.

Anyway, I am back on track starting today, hopefully. I have been lurking around on the boards but have not fully to have caught up with everyone. Will catch up today..

I hope everyone is doing well and that there is less of you..

Make it a great day PINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!..

answered Apr 29 at 06:53

Phoenix's gravatar image


Hello, Pinks!.

I have been MIA for a while...not because I don't need you guys (I do!) but because life has gotten incredibly complicated and I haven't had much computer time. I will try to be better!.


I have been thinking a lot about you and sending you positive vibes. You probably won't pick this up before you leave...but HANG IN THERE! You can do it!.

Hugs to all Pinks,.


answered Apr 29 at 08:08

's gravatar image


Hey Pinks!.

Sorry I've been gone alot... my computer is in the shop and I am seriously missing it..

As soon as I get it back I will update and catch up..

Love and Hugs to you all!!!!.


answered Apr 29 at 09:17

Joaquin's gravatar image


Don't worry gals... we've all been MIA. Too busy....


answered Apr 29 at 10:54

Luke's gravatar image


Good morning PINKS!!!!.

Its day 2 for mean hopeful this will be the last time starting over. Yesterday was not so back but days 3 through 5 are really killers. You would think that I would hate those days so much that I would not go off plan. There was a saying that I used to hear coming up, maybe some of you know it A HARD HEAD MAKES A SOFT BEHIND..

Anyway the weather is nice and we can no longer hide under coats and sweaters so I am in it to win it..

This is a great commerical. PINKS GO OUT AND DROP IT LIKE IT'S HOT!!!.


Have a great OP day PINKS!!!!!!!!..

answered Apr 29 at 11:21

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Hello ladies! Loving the april showers that bring may flowers here in western PA! PINKs stand firm on this journey that we have all chosen with MF! One day at a time+..

answered Apr 29 at 12:09

's gravatar image


Hi PINKS!!!!.

I came across this contract and wanted to share it with you all..

Contract for Success by Weight Loss with New Lifestyle Diet on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 8:57am..

I ________________ (Insert Name) promise that I have started my diet to change my life. I'm 100% committed to this and I'm doing it for me. I want to change my life and I understand that it's going to take sacrifice and hard work, but I'm worth it. This is the place in time that I've chosen to do this. Not tomorrow, or next week, but right now. I'm committed to reaching my goal weight and nothing is going to stop me, not even myself.

I'm worth every bit of sacrifice and I'm going to succeed at this diet no matter what. I know that if I don't start changing my life right now, the harder it will become. I'm making this promise to myself to succeed and nothing is going to stop me. Stand back world, the new me is on it's way!!..

answered Apr 29 at 13:45

's gravatar image


Hi lovely Pink's,.

Speaking of missing MIA, that is me. I don't have much time to get on the computer, but today I have some time. I have been busy getting rid of alot of things that I don't need anymore. As I type I have alot of clothing on my bed that I am going through to give to our Step Into Life Ministry at the church I go to..

PL, I have you in my prayers everynight, things are going to be great for you. Love, Linda..

answered Apr 29 at 15:15

's gravatar image


Another fly by....hope every PINK is doing well!!.

I have been busy with the kiddo's and baseball.....oh and a mission report that includes a diorama.....my hubby started to construct the building this evening, DS1 to paint tomorrow and I have printed info for DS1, he has read and will soon be writting on paper. Busy with kiddo's and soon will be checking again..

PL, sure do miss you!!! Hope all is well with the move!.

All Pinks, I miss you too!! Keep on keep on!!.


answered Apr 29 at 15:21

's gravatar image


Good to hear from all you PINKS!! Doing well... I'm going to start reporting my WI on Wednesday again... just so we can all keep in touch while PL is gone... If you want you can post too. I'll keep track of it, but you must report the actual weight as well as the loss or at least the actual weight the 1st time so we have something to compare it to..

WI: 175.3 (-2.4), 5'1.


answered Apr 29 at 16:17

Marcos's gravatar image


Hello Sweet Pinks!.

Well, I've finally caught up with what's going on... I'm glad I'm not the only one MIA, hopefully we can all get back in sync together..

It's rainy and wet out here in the PNW, we had some sunshine yesterday but now we're back to dreariness. It sure doesn't inspire one to much outdoor activity. In fact, I haven't walked in at least a month... we have literally had rain every single day..

My computer is soooo much faster since they cleaned it all up for me but unfortunately all of my emails are gone as are email addresses... yikes! I didn't know that would happen. Kind of a bummer but I am enjoying the speed so I guess it was worth it..

I am kind of stalled in WL right now... but I know that slow and steady works so I'm hanging in there. OP all the way! One thing I have noticed is that if I drink extra water my numbers go down much faster..

PL - I know I'm late on the question but here's my answer anyway, lol... I like to eat my L&G at night when my family is having their dinner... otherwise I feel deprived. I've also noticed if I eat it mid-day it's harder for me to stay completely OP the rest of the day..

Well kids are calling, I've got to go... hope you all have an OP day!.



answered Apr 29 at 17:12

's gravatar image


Hi PINKS!!!.

Its day 3 for me again, and it really wasn't that bad..

I am so glad to see that we are starting weigh in wednesday again. I did not weigh this morning. I can either weigh in the morning or wait until next week..

PL: I know that you are preparing from the big move. Hope all is going well..

Looks like the PINKS are coming back. YAY!!!!.

Ladies have a great evening. My back is killing me and I am turning in early...

answered Apr 29 at 17:30

Maximus's gravatar image


Hi PINKs!.

Regina, hope your back is feeling better! Today should be day 4 for you!.

Ladies have a wonderful day and enjoy spring!..

answered Apr 29 at 18:07

's gravatar image


Yep... think we're all ready for PL to get back and get this group going again....

Just got an email from PL and she's expecting the UHaul either today or tomorrow... can't remember.... Keep her in your prayers for safe travel!!.


answered Apr 29 at 19:19

's gravatar image


Hello PINKS!!!.

I hope everyone is having a great OP day..

Yes Allison tody is day 4 for me. Today is a bit rough but I know ketosis is around the corner. Last time I made it to day 3 and gave in, not this time. I am still having back problems, thanks so much for asking. I am taking Ibuprofen during the day and a pain medication I got the last time I went to the dentist at night. I am sure it will pass..

I weighed this morning and I am back up to 252.6. I will use this as a new baseline..

Now that the weather is nice has anyone moved there exercise outside?..

answered Apr 29 at 20:29

Raul's gravatar image


Regina- Keep at it friend! You'll get over this dreaded week and it just gets easier as the days go on! I started with about 10 lbs less than you and it hasn't been the easiest 6 1/2 months, but look at me now!!.

YOU CAN DO IT!!! The back will start to feel better too... my back still bothers me occasionally because of past injuries, but.


Compared to how much it hurt when I was almost 250 lbs!!.


answered Apr 29 at 21:39

Nicholas's gravatar image


Good morning PINKS!!!!.

TGIF - YAY!!!!.

Lisa you are so right. One thing that always gets me back on plan is the fact that weight just disables you. I checked out your ticker and it is fabulous. Keep up the great job!!!.

Shot out to all PINKS - anyone have great plans for this weekend?.

Make it a great OP day PINKS...

answered Apr 29 at 21:55

's gravatar image


Hi lovely Pink's,.

Just marking my spot and say Hi to all. Have a wonderful weekend. It is raining buckets here in Pa. today. Love, Linda..

answered Apr 29 at 23:03

Mateo's gravatar image


Hi Pinksters!.

I hope you all have had a great Saturday, today we went to our family celebration of Easter and saw relatives that we hadn't seen since Christmas. Even though several of them knew I was doing Medifast and knew I'd lost weight when they began to make the positive comments I got soooo embarrassed!!! I don't know why I feel this way... I am proud to be healthier and losing weight, I know I have a long way to go but I also know I'm heading the right direction so why is it so hard for me to accept compliments and admiration from my relatives?!? They were all so positive and supportive yet I was extremely uncomfortable with any comments. Has anyone else felt this way?.

I did manage to stay mostly OP, I had turkey and a large tossed salad, but (confession time) I did have one bite of green bean casserole, and fruit salad, and one pinch (literally) of a homemade dinner roll. I didn't have any dessert or even one piece of chocolate, and believe me there was tons everywhere! Overall I count it as a success... we'll see what the scale says though..

Well, I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed Sunday and I'll check in again soon... I haven't left and I'm not abandoning ship! LOL.



answered Apr 30 at 00:08

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Hi PINKs,.

I am still alive, but barely. LOL We have been loading the Uhaul for two days now and start driving to our new home at 7am tomorrow morning. EXCEPT there are complications with the paperwork for the bank. They lost the first batch of papers, we had to resend, then the first batch got partially processed by a different person which caused MUCH confusion. In summary, we aren't even sure if we are going to be able to close tomorrow (Monday) as scheduled! We will be sitting there with our stuff in the Uhaul. LOL AND all our stuff doesn't even fit in the moving truck.

AND now that our house is mostly empty, it feels BIG and we are going to a smaller house. Parting is such sweet sorrow, I suppose. We loved living here in the middle of nowhere and are now moving the burbs..

We said our goodbyes at church today. So many mixed emotions. Some of my friends are used to me doing major dejunking once a year or so for them and for me, it almost just feels like I am spring cleaning. The reality of moving hasn't really sunk in yet..

(((Team PINK))) Hopefully this time tomorrow I will be unloading the moving truck into our new house...if not, I will be sitting by the road side with all our stuff, waiting for the bank to finish the paperwork. LOL.

Love and Hugs to all!!..

answered Apr 30 at 00:59

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Good evening PINKs!.

Sorry been MIA for a couple of days. Been busy with DS1's Mission Santa Cruz diaroma and report. I will try to post some pics tomorrow, it turned out really awesome! Took all weekend to finish. It was a really fun family project..

Also busy with the schools board meeting minutes..

Hope to be better with checking in this week..

PL, hope all goes well with the closure tomorrow! Prayers for a smooth transition..

A shout out to all PINKs!.

Good night!..

answered Apr 30 at 01:32

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We are in the hospital....they are going to start the meds to induce me at 9pm tonight. They will give me a sleeping pill tonight, and hopefully I will get some sleep....then hopefully start pushing in the morning! We dont know how long it will take....but we expect him to be here tomorrow sometime....we are thinking by noonish..

I will update when I get a chance....it may be a few days.....

answered Apr 30 at 02:54

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I am so happy for you and hope to see pictures of the little man. I will be lifting you up in prayer tonight. Love, Linda..

answered Apr 30 at 03:53

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Hello, PINKS!!!.

Just dropping in to say hello...I sort of feel like "hit and run" is my new style..


Way to go! I am so excited for you! Hope all goes well and your labor isn't too hard/long..

No other shout outs...I don't seem to know too many of the Pinks here any longer. (Meshka, Linda, that doesn't apply to you). Hugs to everyone, though. Pink support will get us all through this!..

answered Apr 30 at 04:50

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Hellooooooooooooooooooo PINKs,.

I am here! I am in my new house in the big city!.

But what a story it has been. The mortgage company (the same one we've been using for 20 years with all our houses) lost our paperwork so we had to resubmit some of it which put us down to the wire for closing. We were scheduled to close Monday at 3:30pm which meant we were driving to the big city with our UHaul (think Beverly Hillbillies) but unsure we were going to close. At 2:15pm we got a call on our cellphones that we were approved to close! LOL We have never cut it that close before...but wait...there is more!! When we sit down to the table at the title company to sign all the papers we are told the seller had $82,000 tax lien and didn't have a clear title!!! So we could not close that day or possibly buy the house ever!!!! So there it was...getting closer and closer to 5pm and we didn't have a house to buy, a place to unload our rented Uhaul and we had new church friends waiting at our new house to help us unload! LOL We thought about spending the night at a hotel and waiting to see what happened with the seller. The seller had to prove by legal document that they paid the govt that money before we could buy the house. We were out of contract at that point so had to sign a new contract that gave the seller 5 more days to come up with the documentation.

Soooooo...instead of crying, all I could do was LAUGH. The title company lady that it was odd that I was laughing. We signed another paper that said we were taking occpancy before closing and we met our new church friends at the house to unload the truck. We put all the furniture in the rooms but left all the boxes in the garage until we knew if we were going to stay or not. We didn't build the beds, just put the mattresses in the rooms (we had left the bolts at our old house by mistake).

I dejunked a LOT before moving and even now as I am unpacking the boxes, I am filling up boxes of the stuff we brought to give away after rethinking it. I want a clutter free home and that means I have to be ruthless with all the stuff. Books are my worst offenders. I have gone through about 4 passes on getting rid of them (at my old house) so this is the 5th pass through and I get more ruthless each time..

Remember how I was worried about my kids moving to the big city? Well, they are adapting FAST. LOL There are a ton of kids are our new church and hardly any at our old. Also they like riding their bikes on PAVED roads and everything is soooo close!! Stores, restaurants, work, church, library...everything is just in a few mile radius, unlike our old house where we had to drive 3 hours to get to an airport..

I haven't started my exercise again yet but really want to. As it is I go to sleep each night exhausted from unpacking and my feet always hurt. But there is a nice park attached to our new neighborhood that I want to explore. It is suppose to have walking trails..

It is raining and has been most of the week. This weekend we are going back home, I mean back to our old house to get more stuff (a few things were left behind) and will just rent a small enclosed Uhaul trailer to pull instead of the full 26 ft truck like last week..

Monday morning my new life starts. LOL (it's been on hold! LOL) I think about the PINKs daily but go-go-go all day and then collapse at night. This morning I am starting out here first because I miss you all and want to let you know how crazy it has been..

((((Team PINK)))).

Love and Hugs to all..

answered Apr 30 at 05:09

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Krystin, beautiful avatar..

Prayers for you and your growing family..

Hugging all the PINKs, I have a lot of ketcup to do. Waving to Lynn, Cara, and Linda. High fiving Meshka on that weight loss!!!.

We reallllllllllllllllly ARE stronger together. I know, I have missed you!!!..

answered Apr 30 at 06:48

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