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Question I have... So many Nutrisystem diets...where are the weight-gain diets for waifs? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. My other question... Last year while on Nutrisystem I didn't drink at all. However, I thought I could outsmart everyone and drink this time around. I figured a couple of extra hours at the gym, coupled with following the plan and I would be fine.

The alcohol itself is just filled with calories. Also it leads to uncontrollable eating.

Plus I can never stop at just a little bit..

Oh well, lesson learned. I figure I may as well stop drinking and make myself look better then keep drinking and trying to make everyone else look better, lol, no offense ladies, I'm just kidding...

asked Apr 21 at 09:51

's gravatar image


That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

answered Apr 21 at 09:55

's gravatar image


Lol I love it! One thing you forgot to consider, but the better you look, the more attractive the ladies who are drawn to you!.

Win, win!..

answered Apr 21 at 10:47

Pablo's gravatar image


Along the same lines... Alcohol makes you clumsy... especially with the decreased tolerance do to weightloss....

Anyone have a cure or suggestions for a black eye????.

(I slammed my head against the bathtub friday night)..

answered Apr 21 at 10:49

's gravatar image


Edited after further thought. Found badlionsfan's reply amusing and had seen something recently that went right along with the topic, tasteless as it might be. Didn't intend to offend anyone, so I apologize to anyone who saw the picture I posted and am pulling it before it disturbs any other potential readers. Hopefully it will be pulled from those who quoted me as well...

answered Apr 21 at 11:15

's gravatar image


So if you decide you don't want to drink while you're on NS, and you go out with the guys, do they give you crap for not drinking? how do you handle it?.

I've encountered a couple friends that apparently take it personally that I'm not drinking. Someone suggested ordering either diet coke in a drink glass or club soda with a lime so it LOOKS like I'm drinking..

I'm wondering how YOU guys handle this?..

answered Apr 21 at 12:45

Kyler's gravatar image


LMAO... More like I didn't listen to the cat under my feet and tripped... to bad I am single.. have no one to blame it on other then the cat!..

answered Apr 21 at 12:49

Kason's gravatar image


This no drinking thing is KILLIN me. I actually went ahead and had three shots of Crown Saturday night, but not drinking the whole time?.

Ah, man. I imagine itd be harder on a guy though... at least everyones to busy checking out my boobs to notice Im not holding a drink...

answered Apr 21 at 13:24

's gravatar image


No one actually cares if I am not drinking. The bigger problem for me is I really want to drink. Seeing everyone else drinking makes it much worse..

The real solution is to just avoid the situation entirely, but that sucks too...

answered Apr 21 at 14:53

's gravatar image


If you have to have a beer with the guys, try taking just one bottle. Drink slowly and try to see how long you can make it last. Also, I don't go those light beers they taste too week for me; they don't really satisfy me. Get one that you really like and make it last...

answered Apr 21 at 16:25

Brock's gravatar image


I drink Vodka and Crystal Light. Not advocating it, just thought I'd throw that out there...

answered Apr 21 at 16:58

Mark's gravatar image


If your locations is anywhere near your name...just go to a Yankees game, I'm sure the cost of beer is going skyrocket this year..

Heck isn't it already $11 a pop? Who can afford that?..

answered Apr 21 at 17:25

Henry's gravatar image


Oops I must be in the women's room! Sorry!..

answered Apr 21 at 18:25

Aidan's gravatar image


This is the Men's room. Men are offensive and rather obnoxious..

If locker room talk makes you uncomfortable, there are dozens of boards here for touchy feely crap...

answered Apr 21 at 19:23

's gravatar image


Has anyone had success on the program while still consuming alcohol? I must admit I love my wine and find it a lot to ask to give it up. I'm on week two and have had two comments already the I look like I've lost weight. I know ideally, I should give it up, but hey, I'm French, it's in my blood...

answered Apr 21 at 20:49

Tristan's gravatar image


So... I'm pretty new to this.... how many calories are in a shot of vodka?.

I'm on my 3rd day, and I only ate 1500 calories today... can I have a vodka with light cranberry juice without blowin my effort for the day?..

answered Apr 21 at 21:51

Leonel's gravatar image


No you can not. But hey if you want the vodka and cranberry have it...

answered Apr 21 at 22:16

Taylor's gravatar image


I am in a bar almost every day so it would seem like it would be harder to avoid alcohol, and I do love my Makers Mark. I told everyone I was going to lose weight and would not be drinking for a while. That is how you can tell who your real friends. They support you and don't offer to buy drinks, they keep the snacks away and the bartender automatically brings a large glass of water before you even ask..

Wait, come to think of it, they were always that way, never buying drinks and bogarting all the snacks, now I get it...

answered Apr 21 at 22:45

Clayton's gravatar image


My wife can have one or two glasses of wine and that's it - with me, I can avoid it or forget a few days of weight loss. The problem with the wine or gin is not the calories - it's the fact that I have to have some munchies and that once I start - I'll have more than 2. If I want to avoid drinking - I just order a club soda with lime - no discussion or explanation - just order it as I would any other drink. The extra problem with the alcohol is that when fat and alcohol show up at the liver it processes the alcohol and pushes the fat into storage! Basically you can lose enough in 5 days to have a couple of drinks on the weekend and end up maintaining your weight. That's what I've been doing since the end of November - I'm maintaining but not getting to my goal weight. If you have more than 10 pounds to lose - try to abstain - it's much easier than moderation.

For the long term success we all want there is no easy answer - only know IT'S WORTH IT!!!! As has been said - NOTHING TASTES (or drinks) AS GOOD AS THIN FEELS!!!..

answered Apr 21 at 23:06

's gravatar image


I quit drinking almost all together. I figured That I lost 1 pound per week by dropping the booz. I was drinking at least two drinks per night.... many times more. That's an 8 oz glass w/ice covered to the top with scotch. 2 1/2 to 3 shots per..

Figure it out assuming 100 cal per shot, times 6 shots per day times 7 days per week equates to 4200 cal. Using 3500 cal per pound, who needs Nutrisystem to lose weight? But,That was only part of my problem! I like food too!.

Now, I'm a cheap drunk. One of my old drinks puts my A$$ to sleep...

answered Apr 22 at 00:22

Damian's gravatar image


I found that out the hard way. lol After starting Nutrisystem and abstaining altogether, my husband's band played a show which of course made it tough to resist drinking...I can't believe I got so drunk off what would normally just be a nice buzz for a somewhat responsible (and a tad more classy) evening..

On weeks when I abstained, I saw weight loss. On weeks where I had some vino because I was celebrating something, out to dinner, etc., I maintained. That's all the proof I need...

answered Apr 22 at 00:30

's gravatar image


I'm not sure whether I'll be abstaining altogether or not. Before NS, it wouldn't be uncommon for me to have 6 or 8 beers in a night. I find that I can drink without munching. Also, the beers have a lot of water so I end up peeing like crazy..

However, for me, Nutrisystem is part of a healthy lifestyle and drinking that much just isn't healthy. I am in my second week on the program and I just reached 10 pounds of loss today. That was a mini goal for me where I'd let myself have a few beers. I'm pretty pumped about it so I'll forego the beers and keep trying..

It'll probably be a rough Superbowl party though!..

answered Apr 22 at 00:57

's gravatar image


You might be in the wrong forum...this is Overeaters Anonymous, not AA..

Just kidding of course....

I've had maybe 1-2 drinks per month since getting on the Plan. It's just not worth the calories...to me, I like spending my money on new pants and belts...

answered Apr 22 at 01:42

Reese's gravatar image


I have a dram or two of single malt Scotch every 2 or 3 weeks. While I enjoy it, it is not as important as being healthy is to me. I don't like the idea of anything controlling my life. Food used to control me - it no longer does. If you just can't give _____ up, then _____ controls you...

answered Apr 22 at 02:51

Milo's gravatar image


Fuzzie, I don 't see that as being a problem..


answered Apr 22 at 03:06

Felix's gravatar image


I wish it controlled me then maybe I wouldn't be so fat. I definitely have to say food control's me since it keeps me from getting sex...

answered Apr 22 at 04:17

's gravatar image


I find if I drink just once a week I have no problems with weight loss...

answered Apr 22 at 04:48

Robert's gravatar image


I agree. The only good thing that I know is ok to drink from a low-gi perspective but not in a calorie perspective is bacardi silver and diet coke. You can only have 1!..

answered Apr 22 at 04:59

's gravatar image


Alcohol stops fat burning so it isn't just about the calories. I allow myself one glass of wine per week and only if I have lost at least three pounds. I figure I miss one pound of weight loss for every ounce of alcohol. Make the trade off if you like but understand what you are trading. Is it worth it?..

answered Apr 22 at 05:11

's gravatar image


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