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Quick question... Souch Beach Living on Medifast Diet.. what's the diet plan? Thanks for any answer. Second question of mine... I am trying to see how other people structure their day of eating. Please share what you eat in a typical day and also your favorite Medifast food..


asked Apr 28 at 12:04

Deandre's gravatar image


That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

answered Apr 28 at 12:07

's gravatar image


I don't care for the shakes alone either, but they are very good when you spruce them up..

I like adding:.

Instant Coffee.

SF/Carb Free Coffee Syrups (I like adding Hazelnut to the Vanilla & Vanilla to the Swiss Chocolate).

1 Splenda packet.

I mix 1.5 cups of water and lots of ice - improves the texture & they go further. My Magic Bullet is my friend now!.

I just drank a vanilla shake blended with 1 cup of diet root beer and lots of ice..

There is a recipe to make a Wendy's Frosty that I tried and was very good too...

answered Apr 28 at 13:01

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Hi and welcome to Medifast..

7 am - Hot Chocolate or Cappuccino(mixed into a little cold water with a fork and then add boiling water....its not lumpy if you mix it up first) sometimes add a Tbsp. of instant coffee.

10 am - Oatmeal or pancake.

1 pm - Soup with 2 oz. of chicken or beef(chili or stew) and 1/2 cup of veggies) or shake.

4 pm - Either L&G or a bar.

7 pm - Either L&G or pretzels or puffs.

9-10 pm - Brownie..

answered Apr 28 at 13:26

Pierce's gravatar image


Hot Cocoa or Cappuccino blended with coffee (thyroid issues, gotta be non-soy).

Vanilla or chocolate shake with coffee.

1/2 L&G - M-F it's 3oz turkey breast with spinach/mushrooms/bell pepper and sprouts with 1T of red wine vinegar and crackle pepper.


Puffs or shake, and sometimes, this will be after dinner, depending on how busy I am.

Dinner - grilled chicken and veggies with a little balsamic or an egg beater scramble typically.


Right now, the cinnamon pretzels are my absolute fav, with the chili puffs right behind it. The chocolate mint and peanut butter crunch bars are also very very good..

My least favs are the oatmeal (I seem to be one of those that can't handle the bitter taste) and the soups...

answered Apr 28 at 13:50

Henry's gravatar image


I add an extra shake on days I work out with my PT but other days are more or less set up like:.

70 shake.

Group exercise class.

L&G (shirataki noodles w/ chicken and Lc cheese).

MF tea or cold drink.

Diabetic shake (not diabetic but I like the lower carb ratio these have).

MF tea or drink.

Diabetic or 70 shake.

On my days off I do more of the pudding, brownies, and love the pretzels. But when I work I need something super easy to make so go for stuff I can put in my blender bottle, or bars (pretzels are too crunchy for work)...

answered Apr 28 at 14:06

's gravatar image


My schedule varies a bit based on if I'm at work or at home. Mostly the time intervals change..


6:30-7am: Shake.

10am-11am: Shake or Oatmeal.

12-1:30pm: Chili or Chicken Noodle Soup.

2:30-4: L&G.

5:30-6:30pm: Shake or Hot Cocoa.

8-8:30pm: Bar or Shake.


9:30am-10am- Shake.

12pm- Oatmeal.

2pm- Shake.

5pm- L&G.

8pm- Pudding or Bar.

10pm- Shake.

Generally I like to have 3 shakes a day as I read somewhere that drinking more shakes leads to quicker weight loss. Some people drink only shakes. I prefer to eat oatmeal/soups/chili when I'm in front of my coworkers because they are less suspicious than a shake/bar. I also try not to have a bar and pudding in the same day. There's a lot of variance in my work schedule times because I'm a nurse and my workload/breaks vary daily..

My Favs:.

Shakes: Dutch Chocolate, Strawberry Creme, Banana Creme, & Orange Creme- all are 70.

Bars: Choco Mint, Oatmeal & Raisin (the peanut butter ones are salty and have a burnt taste to them IMO).

Soups: Chicken Noodle & Chili.

Pudding: Vanilla (it's the only one I've tried).

Oatmeal: Peach, Maple & Brown Sugar (Blueberry is terrible, Apple & Cinnamon is ok).

Misc: Hot Cocoa.

Everything is really trial and error though. HTH!!!..

answered Apr 28 at 14:53

's gravatar image


I am thinking for my next order it might be setup like this, but I am really anxious about being too hungry & getting bored - even though I haven't been too hungry yet. Also, I am afraid of eating all my favorite stuff the first 2 weeks. I am just really anxious about this 2nd order for some reason!.

Wake up 6-7 a.m..


8:00 a.m. Shake.

11:00 a.m. Bar.

1:00 p.m. Soup/Chili.

3:30 p.m. Bar.

6:30 p.m. L&G.

8-9ish p.m. Brownie or Soft Serve.

10-11 p.m. Bedtime.

Would a schedule like this affect my weight loss? Also, is it okay to eat my last meal 1 hour before bed?.

I ordered 4 boxes of eggs & 2 boxes of cinnamon pretzels. The eggs are good, I just want something faster. I don't care for the cinnamon pretzels. I am ordering 1 box of nacho puffs, 1 box of parm puffs, 2 boxes of chocolate chip pancakes & 2 boxes of brownies...

answered Apr 28 at 15:04

Jalen's gravatar image


That's pretty much how my day is except I do cappucino with coffee for breakfast (around 6am) and hot cocoa for mid-morning. My last meal is pretty much always about an hour before bed, and it hasn't hurt me. I read on the boards somewhere that it isn't so much about the hour you eat it, but that you get them all in. I don't have much of a choice but to eat the last one so late, because dinner is around 6:30 and I am usually still too full to eat again any earlier than 9ish...

answered Apr 28 at 15:56

Holden's gravatar image


Wow, I kinda am becoming a brownie freak lol..

What do you all mostly have for your lg during the week?..

answered Apr 28 at 17:04

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