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My first question is Southren fried chicken batter Medifast recipes? Many thanks for any answer or 2. My other question... I do not see to many men. that have had WLS, I am going in at the end of dec. I am now 598, I was 699 yea big I know. but that is why I am doing this. what do I expect...

asked May 09 at 13:22

's gravatar image


That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

answered May 09 at 14:37

Giovanni's gravatar image


I am also fairly new to the site, had my.


This past monday! there is a ton of support on this site, but you're right..not many men. reguardless I think you may find what you need on this site :) best of luck!..

answered May 09 at 14:52

Miles's gravatar image


You've come to a good place. There aren't many men here, so we need more. You are off to a great start with a 100 lb. loss. I am hoping to have my.


In April. I look forward to joining you on the loser's bench!..

answered May 09 at 14:59

's gravatar image


Young man I'd expect to be living a fairly normal life in about two years. With a bit of effort and.


I dropped 160 in less than a year so get your plan and just do it big boy. Good luck!.


answered May 09 at 15:29

Edwin's gravatar image


Good to see another Wisconsinite here!.

Although not very many men here, the ones that are here are a wealth of information..

I wish you luck on your.


It's the best gift I've ever given myself!..

answered May 09 at 16:07

's gravatar image


Hey gald you are here and sharing! Are you considering the sleeve? Where are you in the process?..

answered May 09 at 16:35

's gravatar image


Wisconsinite hell yea. Go bears... lol jk.. thank you all..

answered May 09 at 18:05

Dustin's gravatar image


Good impending health to you - and congratulations on your pre-surgery weight loss. You have already committed to the big change that is coming..

No, I don't see many men, but I think Lu, Less, Rath and Steve Davis enjoy our attention, lol, you will too..

Keep us posted on your progress and health, gender doesn't matter when your cheering section is this cute. :)..

answered May 09 at 18:32

's gravatar image


Hi Mike:.

I'm one of the guys on DS and on the path to wls. I started at 497.1 and now am down to 377 pre-op. My.


Is Dec. 8. There are fewer guys on this site than women, but I've found that, aside from the gender-specific issues, we're all dealing with the same things, generally. Don't worry about saying, "yeah, big I know." We're all big, or we wouldn't be here. Also, many of us have co-morbidities that are somewhat debilitating. I have HBP, joint pain and.


Apnea. Still, I'm 42, I work out every day, and I have prepared for the last five months to have.


, so I feel like I've really earned it. As for guy-type issues, beware any macho attitudes when it comes to depression or anxiety men are succeptable to them and if you suffer any symptoms of these, seek treatment. I have had prostate problems in the past and currently. I.


I'm not TMOing you, but women don't have to deal with an issue like chronic prostatitis. It makes giving a urine sample a long process... My best advice is threefold... First, follow the plan of your surgeon regarding pre-op Medifast diet and.


Do not think that slips or binges will not matter. They will. Second, keep track and records of everything. Make notes. Have copies of forms and test results. Health care workers WILL lose your paperwork and forms and then claim "We never got them." Twice having copies of my forms saved my progress.

Third, you are your OWN ADVOCATE. Nobody else in this process will help you or look out for your interests better than you. This means you have to ask questions and not expect doctors, nurses or any health care workers to do anything extra for you. You have to lobby for it yourself. Believe me, like most people, health care workers are trying to get through life doing LESS.

It sounds like I'm down on health care workers. I'm not. I've met many caring, over-the-top, helpful people on this process. But just like dealing with human nature, there are people out there just going through the motions who don't care. Since this does involve your health and, more important to them, your money, make sure you prepare a list of things you want done and make sure that everything on your list gets checked off.


Visit list now. Good luck to you. Although us guys are a minority here on DS, the women are unbelievably knowledgeable and helpful. I appreciate all of my friends. This site has made a huge difference in helping me prepare for.




, eat well, document everything and stand up for your medical rights. Best wishes...

answered May 09 at 19:08

Douglas's gravatar image


I do not see to many men. that have had WLS, I am going in at the end of dec. I am now 598, I was 699 yea big I know. but that is why I am doing this. what do I expect...

answered May 09 at 19:10

's gravatar image


Welcome to Mike and all the other new people on ds..

I had GBS over a year ago and I have lost 200 lbs (combing my pre and post gbs weight loss).

200 lbs is what most refrigerators weigh and that is how I think I used to live, by.


Around with a huge frig on my back. GBS was a very difficult choice, but I would do it again in a heart back..

As for me, I did not get my life back, I got a whole new life. It is amazing and I am doing all the things I only wished I could do before..

Best of luck to you all...

answered May 09 at 20:35

's gravatar image


On topic, I'm only here for two reasons primarilly..

1 I love fun and funny fat chick, always have and always will..

2i love to see the miserable fat ppl whine. These are mostly women!.

But I'm mainly here to keep all the psyco babble in check or these crackers would over run the joint and turn DS into some fricken twelve step nighare..


On loan from god to stop fat whining women!..

answered May 09 at 22:15

's gravatar image


Now, Lu, 12 Step Medifast food programs may be your nightmare, but for me and many it is a lifeline. *}..

answered May 09 at 22:46

Eduardo's gravatar image


RD you are the first 12 stepper I even like since I quit AA CA..

But the rest are all crackers!.

Love lucifer.

"all healed now" LOL..

answered May 09 at 23:50

Amir's gravatar image


I had GBS 20 months ago. My hubby had.


In July 2010. He listens to what I read and occasionally reads on his own, but he has a.


Disability and can't type or spell and doesn't post because he is very self conscious about his spelling and grammer..

I lost 150 lbs. He has lost 120 lbs so far and has mabye 20 to go. He had some chronic health issues like.


Apnea, borderline diabetes, hypertension, and he is doing amazingly well in all of those areas..

We both are much more active. Bike regularly. Just did our first metric century bike ride this fall. We both feel better and have way more energy..

You can expect to be rid of some chronic health weight related issues, you can expect to feel good and be healthy!.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have. We have a lot of very knowledgeable people that hang around here and are willing to share their tips, journeys, and offer suggestions and support..

I personally am a cardiac nurse. I have over 23 years of experience in nursing. I like to think I am a helpful caring professional who is willing to share my experience and.


With anyone who has questions. ( I am trying not to be offended by mapajo's comments. I certainly have found everyone in my surgeon's office to be helpful and caring and considerate and hospitals and drs offices are like everyone else, they know they have to compete to keep customers and truly are focused on customer service and enhancing pt satisfaction!).

Good Luck!.


answered May 10 at 00:27

Judah's gravatar image


I started out at 652 lbs officially but had lost some before I started working with a nutritionist. I am now a 565 lbs and awaiting approval for my.


I am choosing the BPD and I have found this site to be really helpful with suggestions and just sometimes to read everyone's comments and know I am not alone in the battle. I am not a man but from what I have read men tend to.

Lose weight.

More quickly than women so I look forward to your amazing progress...

answered May 10 at 01:54

Mitchell's gravatar image


Welcome to DS. WOW great on the weight loss. We are happy you are here with all of us. Good luck on your.


I still did not have mine yet. I should be getting it in Jan. I have lost 52 pounds so far on my own...

answered May 10 at 02:46

Esteban's gravatar image


Laurarn indeed, I'm not trying to offend you. It is simply that many of us walk into a hospital with the idea that everything is always handled perfectly (I was one of these people). Humans are working in a hospital, and thus we need to prepare for human errors. I am not infallible, I probably spelled four words wrong in this post. :)..

answered May 10 at 03:05

's gravatar image


Thank you allso much you are all a big help...

answered May 10 at 04:14

's gravatar image


It's not the number of men on this site, it's the quality, and your all great!!!.

It is wonderful to have men here who are reaching out to other men and women who have something in common, even if it is FAT. ; ).

Welcome to the GBS group!!!.

Chris (female, Lu)..

answered May 10 at 05:45

's gravatar image


Welcom to DS!!! Congratz on your journey I am pre -op and new the people on here are amazing and alot of support!!..

answered May 10 at 07:23

's gravatar image


I was a clinician for 25 years and couldn't possibly keep up with all the paperwork that was required of me. The wheel that squeaked the loudest definitely got the grease. The same has been true in my own healthcare experience..

I have had dreadful drs. nurses and other health care specialists. Some are lazy, cop attitude, others are mean and some are nuts!.

That being said, I have had excellent, intelligent, dedicated people whom I trusted completely...There is no need to excuse the one group to give respect to the others..

Too many people are afraid to stand up to medical people and let themselves be bullied. keeping your own records, whether medical, real estate, legal or educational is just smart business..

My surgeon, top in his field, forgot my pain meds...I'm jus sayin...when I asked him at 3 months, he was shocked and has yet to answer what happened. That is why I remind everyone to verify with the surg and anesth on the morning of surg that your pain mgmt plan is still in place!..

answered May 10 at 07:43

's gravatar image


Hi Mike glad to see you posting. I had my.


On November 22nd, 2010. I am 5 days post op. 100lbs is a great start. Congrats. You will do great goodluck!..

answered May 10 at 08:48

's gravatar image


Hi there I am 10mo out and I see a lot of men in the group meetings that I have to attend once a mo. and they all seem to be doing great just be sure to do what your Dr. says drink plenty of water and stay hydrated and good luck..

answered May 10 at 10:04

's gravatar image


Hi Mike,.

I AM from WI. Had my procedure on 7/28. The beginning of a new me. Love the results so far. Off 4 differt meds No long diabetic! More energy to chase the grand kids. Can't get any better then that.

And we are here for each other..

Welcome, Enjoy..



answered May 10 at 11:15

Elliot's gravatar image


Has any one from WI., had there.


Done in wausau , if not where did you have it done....

Thanks: Mike..

answered May 10 at 11:49

Colby's gravatar image



My mom actually had her.


Done in Wausau 2 years ago. I'm doing mine down in Milwaukee. Who is your surgeon?..

answered May 10 at 12:15

Saul's gravatar image


Surgical Associates - Wausau.

2400 Pine Ridge Blvd..

Wausau, WI 54401.


Robert T. Brebrick M.D.,F.A.C.S...

answered May 10 at 12:44

Everett's gravatar image


Small world... that's my mom's surgeon. She had a very positive experience and speaks highly of Dr. Brebrick. Good luck with everything!..

answered May 10 at 13:01

Noel's gravatar image


I lost 160 pounds in less that 6 months and breezed way past my goal. As a guy there is only one thing I reeally recommend to you and that is to make sure you get in the protein. The first couple months it will be impossible to get in the 80-90 grams a day that they suggest but during the rapid weight loss stage 3-10 months try your very best to get all of it in. I lost a lot of muscle mass because I didnt and it sucks! I went from about 325 to 165 and have kept my weight at 165 for the last year, I dont gain or lose anything anymore and have very little diffuculty tolerating most things, actually I wouldnt mind gaining 15 pounhds back..

I dont eat dry meats and don't eat untoasted bread and I do fine. I can't tolerate many carbs or sugars and after awhile you dont even think about them after they have caused you discomfort. I thought that would be a problem early out.. but yeah it hasn't been at all. If you have any questions hit me up.. I will help any way I can!! Good Luck!..

answered May 10 at 13:05

's gravatar image


P.S.... I guess there is one more thing I'd recommend and I'm thankful I was told this early on by a friend on here. Buy some decent moisturizer/anti-wrinkle cream for your face and neck so you dont end up looking droopy after all the weight comes off.. haha. I know this sounds crazy but it''s true. I had a freind pick me up a jar of this Lancome High Resolution 3X...

But damn you will be thankful you used it.. hehe. I've seen lots of after pics of people and yeah.. haha!! Good Luck!!..

answered May 10 at 14:28

Levi's gravatar image


You just everything I was wondering all in 1 post.. lol thank you ......

answered May 10 at 15:29

's gravatar image


Hi. My brother had it done. He started out at 350 and now is 180. He looks fabulous! Here is a guy who would eat then fall asleep right away and now he does a form or.

Martial arts.

Called Haganas and looks and feels amazing.You will do great!!! I myself just had the.


Done. It is day 13 and lost 15 lbs..

Best of luck to you!..

answered May 10 at 16:49

's gravatar image


Hey Mike, I.


You re read up norths suggestion about the skin cream. You've got a huge amount of weight to lose and obviously your skin is going to be in serious need of care! Dummy up boy, you've heard it from on of our veterans here..


Get the stuff because your gonna need a tub of it!..

answered May 10 at 16:58

Zayden's gravatar image


Hahaha.. Ludcifer!.

Yeah I am much happier looking 10 years younger than 15 years older.. lol..

answered May 10 at 17:00

Alec's gravatar image


Lucifer ,, thank you smart ass... jk... I know I will get a lot..

O I met with the Sergent todayI am now down 124 LB and it is pree opp. that is so so cool.....

answered May 10 at 17:49

Bryson's gravatar image


Hey there, no there are not many men on this site but we are all supportive of one another. So I think you have come to the right place. Congrats on your pre- op weight loss, keep up the good work...

answered May 10 at 19:05

Maximus's gravatar image


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