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First question I got is Weight Watchers Vs Medifast Diet? Thanks for any answer or 2. Second question.. AWESOME!!! Those big milestones are so encouraging and so good for the drive to continue! Keep up the momentum and you'll be at goal in NO time!!!!..

asked Apr 28 at 17:01

Gage's gravatar image


Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

answered Apr 28 at 17:26

Sam's gravatar image


Congratulations, did you do anything special to celebrate???.

I viewed your page and your artwork is amazing. Can you tell us more about that piece you have postedI thought it was one of the most unique and beautiful pieces of art ever...

answered Apr 28 at 18:42

's gravatar image


Thanks! No, I didnt do anything special to celebrate other than go to work, etc. I was happy though. SO that is something. Perhaps I should give myself a reward of a massage or something?.

As for my work, that is a giant piece I just did, it is over 25 ft wide and includes over 1,000 pieces that are printed through the process of etching and digital printing, then glued to wood and cut out with a scroll saw. It is called growth patterns and is about the uncontrollable growth of both nature and also such things like cancer. It goes across 3 walls, on to the ceiling and the floor of the gallery space. It is probably my most complicated work to date...

answered Apr 28 at 20:13

's gravatar image


Congratulations. You have done a great thing. Keep going and know that there are some of us chasing you do Onederland!..

answered Apr 28 at 20:59

Paul's gravatar image


What a great way to start your day. Congratulations...

answered Apr 28 at 21:08

Austin's gravatar image


Great news!! My weigh is tomorrow and I hope to join you in Onederland too...

answered Apr 28 at 22:14

's gravatar image


Congratulations! Shout it from the rooftops. You worked hard to get to where you are now and you've earned the right to celebrate your victory. Keep going!!!!!..

answered Apr 28 at 23:50

Omar's gravatar image


That is so Cool!!! You go girl. You should feel very proud of all your hard work. (esp those sit-ups LOL)..

answered Apr 29 at 00:02

Travis's gravatar image


Congratulations!! That is awesome!.

That is my next big Goal- ONDERLAND BY CHRISTMAS!!!..

answered Apr 29 at 00:33

Emerson's gravatar image


Wow! I was surprised to see people still posting on here! It is almost time for my next weigh in on monday! Thanks again for all of the kind support!!!..

answered Apr 29 at 01:14

Kaiden's gravatar image


Congrats on making such an awesome goal!! Keep on pressing and you'll be at goal before you know it!!..

answered Apr 29 at 02:24

Louis's gravatar image


Congratulations!! I cannot wait till I am in ONEDERLAND!!! I have 46.2lbs to go, and believe me, seeing this post is major motivation that I can do it!.

You Rock Girl!!..

answered Apr 29 at 03:47

Seth's gravatar image


I did it. I am now in ONEDERLAND. I am a tuesday weigher but I was just taking an extra peek today and *WOW* it said 199. I am so excited. It has been a hurdle I have been trying to overcome and I have done it. I am going to celebrate by having a mother/daughter spa day.

I can't wait and boy do I need a pedi. I am reenergized and excited about what the rest of my journey will be like...

answered Apr 29 at 04:36

Ernesto's gravatar image


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