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Quick question: What are good George Foreman grill Medifast recipes? Looking forward for any answer. Second question of mine... I am really wanting a salad BAD. When do I get to have one?..

asked May 09 at 12:56

Elijah's gravatar image


Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

answered May 09 at 13:14

David's gravatar image


My surgeon let me have one after 3 weeks..


answered May 09 at 13:56

Alexander's gravatar image


Oh, I guess I have to wait to see my surgeon on the 22nd then : (..

answered May 09 at 15:25

's gravatar image


I couldnt eat raw veggies until I was about 6/7 months out. It just really depends on your pouch. Personally, I dont think you are ready for them now. My team explained to me that in the begining you have to very careful when you add foods back into your diet. You will have to first let your stomach heal fully. You can eat a rough Medifast food that can scar your insides and lead to other probs. I had a girl that worked with me that it happened to...

answered May 09 at 16:51

Parker's gravatar image


Just take your time with adding certain foods back... In the long run you will be happy that you did...

answered May 09 at 18:08

Braxton's gravatar image


Im 4 weeks out and my dr said it's a no no for a while......

answered May 09 at 18:23

's gravatar image


Listen to your doc. My practice has a plan of what we can eat and when. I am 5 wks out. I have had some small salads with vinegrette dressing. I LOVE those little grape tomatos on the salad as well. I am tolerating veggies very well.

You'll figure out when your ready...

answered May 09 at 19:30

Pablo's gravatar image


Just because some say no doesn't make it wrong. It soley depends on your pouch, your ability to chew well and your keen sense which things work and those that don't.

Do the program. You bet. But become self reliant as soon as possible..

Just chew and ear slowly! It's just plants for gods sake.

If you eat live Medifast food chewed well , they just don't know shit!.


answered May 09 at 20:01

Keith's gravatar image


I am really wanting a salad BAD. When do I get to have one?..

answered May 09 at 20:40

Scott's gravatar image


I couldn't have a salad till 4 months out, and it was the only thing I wanted........didn't disappoint, I still love my salads and I'm 14 months post-op. Went from 338 lbs to 175....I still want to lose another 20-25 but it's coming off soooooo slow now..

Good luck..


answered May 09 at 20:44

's gravatar image


Even well chewed salad doesn't digest well so be prepared to have it exit the body in much the same format as it goes in. So yes, chew it really, really well and expect to get all the benefits of the fiber. It's a little rougher at the beginning than later in the process so take it slow and listen to what your Doc advises. Pureed veggies were a treat for me - I needed the variety after meal after meal of soft meats and protein shakes. And I made a sauteed spinach and cheese omelette once I could have soft foods. Just enough spinach to add texture and taste. Good luck - it gets easier!..

answered May 09 at 21:31

's gravatar image


Oh yummy!! That sounds wonderful. I will have to do that when my time comes for soft foods...

answered May 09 at 23:11

Cullen's gravatar image


I can't have any raw veggies for 3 months. Along with no bread or noodles for 3 months and no steak for 6 months. I am really missing salad I love it could it all day everyday!!..

answered May 10 at 00:34

's gravatar image


Kim and all others, I juiced tomatos and greens the day I got.

Home from the hospital. I think Kitti... Mentioned something about being hard to digest. She right, you'll see leaf in your big potty if you don't chew well..

But I like that! LOL.

But FYI until your stomach acid returns you'll have problems with anything that's solid forsure..

But so I'm clear, anyone who thinks eating plants is out of bounds, just doesn't know shit about this journey. I say again, the sooner you can eat live food, blended, chewed well or juiced the sooner your big bodies will begin to thrive and your faces will have color again..


answered May 10 at 01:33

Malik's gravatar image


Me too = ).

I did eat a salad with shredded lettuse today. It was YUMMY! Ok, so it was a pinch of shredded lettuse and a drop of salad dressing. It still hit the spot...

answered May 10 at 02:32

Giovanni's gravatar image


I am at 15 months and still can not do raw vegs or salad..


answered May 10 at 03:18

Adam's gravatar image


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