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First question I have is What are some creative names for these Medifast recipes? Many thanks for any answer. My 2nd question... I am five weeks out from the GBS and five days out from gallbladder.


My husband and I are contemplating booking a trip to Mexico for one week in early December..

Will talk to my surgical team, but I wanted to ask if anyone here took a holiday right after the.


, or (like I do) lives with a little fear of the complications and wants to stick close to home for a bit?.

It would be lovely just to.


The country, get some sun and.


, and walk in a warm climate every day. What would you advise a friend, as someone who has had this.



Thanks, in advance for your thoughts..


asked May 09 at 12:27

Jonas's gravatar image


That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

answered May 09 at 13:36

Jason's gravatar image


Oooh can you pack me in your carry-on, I bend easily ;).

Have fun! If your Dr clears you to travel I would go. Medifast food wise you should be fine... I had RNY and plastics in Mexico and was able to obtain all I needed (yogurt, milk, sf pudding & jello etc.) from the Gigante supermarket. Lots of Medifast food choices beans (watch the lard), eggs, fajitas, fruit, veggies. Bring some protein & a shaker bottle and you should be good to go..


Where in Mexico are you going?.

~Michelle "Shelly"..

answered May 09 at 14:15

Raymond's gravatar image


My husband had surery July 1, we went to the Outer Banks (about an 8 hour drive for us) on August 1!.

We didn't fly, but we drove and he like a typical male (sorry guys) insisted on doing most of the driving even though I said I would! We left PA on Friday after I got off of work drove to Williamsburg VA. Went to Water Country USA on Saturday and drove the rest of the way on Sunday. Spent a week in a rental house and sitting on the beach, went kyaking, went.


, walked up the lighthouse in Ockracoke, in general had a great week! Drove home the next Sunday. He did well..

We ate a lot of seafood. (well as much as 2 people who had GBS can). Crabs work well when you are post op (at lesast it did for us) because you slow down your eating. Hard to eat fast when you are picking crabs! and it's all protein! We ate fish and did most of our cooking at the house we rented..

I say go for it! Enjoy, and if you need medical supervision, maybe you shouldn't go without a nurse. I will go along to make sure you are ok!.


answered May 09 at 15:48

's gravatar image


I had.


March 30 and went home to San Diego (from Iowa) a month later...my Dr. wasn't too thrilled about air travel so soon, but gave in. I had to wear ted hose (surgerical stockings) and walk alot during the layover. He was concerned about blood clots since I still had the remainder of blood thinners in me...but I did as he said and all was well. Just make sure you get up in the plane and walk the isle every hour or so that will help. Enjoy your trip you will have soo much fun!!..

answered May 09 at 16:14

Zackary's gravatar image


As a clearly "atypical male" I drive as little as possible. I would not take a.


Now for free! I am just getting my habits established at home..

In education, if you teach a child something in one class, and then move the child to a different class, those newly found behaviors collapse and have to be re-established in the new environment..

So much of this process is cue based and dependent on a predictable environment and available alrenatives to old foods. I plan a big.


When I get to goal, as an inspiration, and because I couldn't enjoy it right now, having to carry everything I need...

answered May 09 at 16:24

's gravatar image


Shelly, we generally fly into a resort (PV, Ixtapa, Cancun) and then rent a car and stay in a little town within one hour of the resort. This has led to discoveries like Zihua, Bucerias, Sayulita, and Isla Mujeres. My concern is a medical emergency with my post-surgery bod: the language barrier (mine) and the potential for a lack of familiarity with the complications (and my inability to translate the same)..

I would love to go, but am worried about the one week worth of "oh no"s. Hoping that conversation here would put that, statistically, where that worry belongs. I don't want to be guided by anything but joy and common sense. (Re: don't want fear to make my decisions)..

We will take a holiday when I meet goal. But I also want to take a holiday when I am first able to walk ten miles, able to swim in the ocean without neurosis, when I need a boost because I had two surgeries in one month and want some.

Vitamin D.


Thanks, everyone for your responses. Please keep them coming - I am doing a survey here. :).

P.s. Ricky, I understand the caution. I am going to have to live life in two homes, traveling constantly and with one set of values and goals always with me. I may test their portability now. :)..

answered May 09 at 17:48

's gravatar image


I've become a home body myself (some would say hermit crab)so don't travel that much anymore. Now that the house is an empty nest - enjoying it to the fullest..

Anyway - check with your dr. I would be more concerned with the recover of the gallbladder then GBP. Be careful of your Medifast food choices in Mexico for their spices and such are different from "American" mexican food. Also don't drink the water and watch your alcohol intake. For pre-op drinking one glass was fine / po-op one sip can put you under the table. Your body now absorbs the alcohol much quicker to where DUI levels will be obtained with lower amounts and in a shorter amount of time...

answered May 09 at 18:48

Griffin's gravatar image


I am going to play a couple of the Rrbert Trent Jones golf courses in Alabama over spring break (in APril), and Alaska fishing in July, but I am not planning on travelling anywehere for the next few months...

answered May 09 at 19:00

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