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Got a quick question: What CAN you eat on the Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any answer. Second question.. Hi, my name is PetersPal and I'm brand new. During the past month I have been on a diet of 1100 to 1300 calories a day and I gained 3 pounds. Talk about discouraged. I feel MediFast is my last hope.

How do you keep up your motivation when you have so far to go??.

Any response would be appreciated!.



asked Apr 28 at 13:03

Salvador's gravatar image


I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

answered Apr 28 at 13:27

's gravatar image


I would have qualified myself as weight loss resistant too. I've done many diets, took Xenical (the $500 a month prescription version of what became Ally), and always lost a few pounds, then nothing, no matter how much I would cut calories and increase exercise..

Medifast works, as long as you follow it properly. Watching it work every week keeps me motivated. You may experience a week or two every now and again that the numbers are low, or don't move, or even increase, but you stick with it, and you can see inches and pounds fall off. I am motivated to not cheat because doing so can knock me out of the fat-burning state of ketosis, and doing so would delay my success..

I have never had a problem with following a diet or exercise program. I have a problem with continuing it when months go by and I am not seeing results. Look at my signature. Would those continuous losses motivate you? I only kick myself that I didn't start sooner.

The first week can be tough, but once you are in ketosis, even the mild state Medifast puts you in will honestly decrease your hunger (trust me, I've never had a problem eating before, but now I have to remind myself to eat!!), and you will have energy as your body learns to use fat for energy rather than looking for glucose...

answered Apr 28 at 15:03

Christopher's gravatar image


You will find your motivation just starts to radiate from the inside out, when you see how fast you are losing. This will work faster than anything you have ever tried, and that is motivation enough to get started.

I personally just pick small weight goals that are important to me and journal them in a notebook, so I don't get overwhelmed by the whole picture. Trust me time flies...135 down in 8.5 months! You can do it too.


answered Apr 28 at 16:28

Albert's gravatar image


I like these ideas as I too have to lose over 100 lbs. I also think about it this way. I was gaining about 10 lbs a year. In a little over a month, I've lost close to 20 lbs. This means that I just erased 2 yrs of weight gain in a short time. I'm turning back the clock quicker than I gained it...

answered Apr 28 at 17:36

's gravatar image


Welcome to MF! You can lose weight here. I felt I was unable to lose weight (I was over 500 pounds at one point), but I've succeeded here. I take it one day at a time. I started Feb 2010 with 276 pounds to lose. I have lost 150 so far in just over 9 months..

I've found I can't really look at little goals (I just don't get motivated with 10 pound blocks with so much to lose). I do set 'rewards' for the bigger milestones at 50 lost, I make a painted pottery bowl at a local place (made it an event with my mother and sister), at 100 lost I donated blood for the first time in years (finally made weight and Hgb!)..

Basically, I try not to focus on the weight or the meals. I try to focus on the new things I can do because I've lost the weight..

Good Luck! Let me know if I can help you....


answered Apr 28 at 18:10

Manuel's gravatar image


I lost close to 200 pounds in just over 1 year on this program. Now, I must tell you that I had never tried to lose the weight before, so I suppose I shocked my system so seriously that it had no choice but to drop the pounds, but it was still not easy to do. It was incredibly daunting standing at the front end of this road looking at possibly 2 years on this diet. If I had done that for long, I would have been paralyzed. So, the day I started I looked only at that day. In fact, I took that day meal by meal.

Yes, it was exciting. Yes, I was eager to lose the weight. Yes, there was a glimpse of a whole new life of health ahead of me. I still had to figure out how to get there, though. So, I literally looked one meal ahead of me.

Not a week. Certainly not 188+ pounds down the road..

Like someone else said. Set mini goals. My very first goal was to get to 330 pounds. I wanted to be able to set up a Mii on the Wii, and I could not do that at my starting weight. I was astounded that I was able to do that within 2 weeks of starting. Then I just took it down incrementally.

Then 275. Then 250. Then 200 (I was very eager to get below 200, so I skipped right past 225 as a goal!! LOL!!). Then the magic number: 175. My goal weight.

I look back now and I know that breaking my goals down into what seemed to be more achievable numbers made it so much easier. After all, to reach any one of them I didn't have nearly 200 pounds to go. I only had 25, or 12, or 30, or whatever. It was doable..

So my best advice would be do not look at the big picture until you've just about finished the journey. Looking back at accomplishing a loss of over 100 pounds sure is much more edifying that looking forward to the challenge of having to lose over 100 pounds, don't you think?.

I wish you much success on your journey!..

answered Apr 28 at 18:43

Carter's gravatar image


I like everyone's ideas above as well. The mini-goals are really important in the beginning, because 100lbs is a lot, but TRUST me with Medifast it just melts away. I was nervous in the beginning too since I had close to 200lbs to loose. The mini-goals got me through the first few months and then as the weight loss slowed I used Lynn's thoughts to keep me going.. took me 30+ years to gain this weight... 2 years to loose it is nothing in comparison!!! Good luck to you though - there are tons of people on here with the same amount of weight to loose that are in the process or have already lost it.. if WE can do it, YOU can do it...

answered Apr 28 at 19:13

Noel's gravatar image


Ten pounds at a time... I call them " weight decades". I also blogged almost daily about it in the beginning but key to getting the weight off was the daily support of a team. Medifast works and combine that with daily support and you is ont it's way...

answered Apr 28 at 20:04

's gravatar image


I too have over 100# to lose......Love all the tips and ideas.....makes me look at things a little differently....Thank You..

answered Apr 28 at 20:24

's gravatar image


You've gotten a lot of good advice here. Mini goals: 10 pounds, 10 %, some amount that is significant to you whatever works in your head. One thing that hasn't been directly touched on is making the commitment to yourself to do this, no cheating, for one month. You can do anything for one month, right? Don't focus on how long you will be doing this, just commit to one month. At the end of the month, see how you feel. More energy? More hopeful about change? Then commit for another month.

I read a great article this week about ways to lose weight and a couple of the tips really made sense to me. Change three small things, track daily whether you did those things that day, re-evaluate goals/changes every month. I use the on line plan to post daily my following the diet, my water intake, and my exercise. My goals: do my Medifast plan, drink at least 64 oz water, exercise at least 2 x per week. I also use the boards and blog for support. There is a whole virtual community of people here who really do get how you feel! We help each other. You've taken the first step! Good for you...

answered Apr 28 at 21:03

Lincoln's gravatar image


Gonna add my two cents here and say, give it a try! I came into this program kicking and screaming, but completely desperate. Four months later, I've lost nearly 80 lbs and can hardly believe the new me who is emerging from what I was..

Yes, this plan takes perseverance, but it's the "easiest" way I've ever lost weight, because I feel SO good in the process, and the weight loss has come so quickly..

I started this program feeling hopeless and have seen what seems to be a miracle, unfolding before my eyes...

answered Apr 28 at 22:35

Gage's gravatar image


Just wanted to pop on and say, Dang, MamaMast - nearly 80lbs in 4 months! That's phenomenal! You are doing so fantastically and are quite the inspiration! Keep up the great work!..

answered Apr 29 at 00:10

's gravatar image


Staying connected to the boards really helps your motivation. Helps you stay focused etc. I found, following the plan 100% made it pretty easy, the weight came of fairly rapidly and that helped with motivation too. Not to mention, I felt SO much better and had tons of NSV's too! Just, stay connected here and know we are all here to support you..

IF "I" can do this and countless others can do this, SO CAN YOU!.

You can do it!.


answered Apr 29 at 01:43

's gravatar image


What a great and inspirational thread this is!!! These kinds of things keep me positive and confirm my belief that Medifast WILL work for me!.

Started: 10/31/10 51.00 days ago!.

Total Loss = -23.4.

Week 1-4 (-7.0)(-0.0)(-4.8)(-4.0) -15.8.

Week 5-8 (-1.6)(-2.0)(-4.0)() -7.6..

answered Apr 29 at 02:57

Khalil's gravatar image


Aw shucks... thanks..

When I started, I wish I'd known how relatively easy this would be and how GOOD it would feel to be even 25 lbs lighter! I spent a lot of time agonizing about saggy skin, hair loss, and fear of failure. Wish I'd just launched out with a little more faith and enjoyed the ride...

answered Apr 29 at 03:44

's gravatar image


Hi PetersPal - Welcome to the Medifast Community. I'm so happy for you that you found us here. Don't be afraid, the Medifast program, when followed consistently, will bring you into a fat burning state and you will definitely lose!.

We all have a history of dieting, obesity, and food which is unique and personal. What worked for me this time was that I did not set out to lose 179 pounds, and along the way I did not set any time tables or goals such as lose x amount of weight in x amount of time. Those tactics caused me stress and led to past failures. I only committed to staying on plan (known on the boards as "OP"). The weight loss and everything else just fell into place. What kept me motivated was my success.

As I say on my page, "Don't think about it. Just do it!"..

answered Apr 29 at 03:57

Beau's gravatar image


I'm also in the "don't think about it too much" crowd. I was one who couldn't lose weight on a 1200 cal diet, so I was unsure whether Medifast would work too (read my first blog for the whole sad story)... but Medifast works! I feel like it's a miracle. My partner marveled that I wasn't even tempted to eat all the foods my coworkers brought in last week, but as I said, "I've been trying, and failing, to lose weight for FOURTEEN YEARS. Now I've found the ace in the hole that works - no WAY am I going to throw this away!".

28 pounds in 2 months! And I just keep my head down and play by the rules, that's all I have to do. It's an enormous mental relief...

answered Apr 29 at 04:13

's gravatar image


Over 100 pounds to lose how do you do it? Like eating an elephant. One bite at a time. Ultimately I need to lose 200 pounds but figure I'll go for 90 first...

answered Apr 29 at 05:36

Thomas's gravatar image


I remember my first Medifast meal- I cried!! I did and that was 150 lbs ago. I lost it in 10 months and do you know what my secret was? Two of them, I never changed a thing or did recipes I just strictly did the Medifast program and the 2nd was the Beck Diet Solution book..

I went from crying to shining and have never looked back..

You can do it, we all can do it, and look a those who did, if they can you can too!..

answered Apr 29 at 07:15

's gravatar image


Hi Peterspal and everyone else who is trying to loose over 100 pounds. I am to. I also have been on every diet. I am 63 years old and had decided that I would just spend the rest of my life being fat and just do the best I could to get through life. The last 2 weight loss programs left me with some bad memories as after I had lost over 40 lbs on the 1st one my father passed away and in my depression I ate myself back to my previous weight and higher. Then I chose another plan and ended up going into cardiac arrest and had by-pass surgery.

Even though the doctors told me I needed to start eating right and loose weight for my health I was afraid to start another program because I was afraid of what might happen this time. (You've heard the phrase 3 strikes your out.).

I've said all that to say that I started this program after hearing my friend report that she had lost 128 lbs and it sounded like something I could do. I have about 122 pounds to loose. I started Sept 1, 2010 and it is Dec 29, 2010. I have lost 47 pounds and my goal is to loose 50 by 12/31/10. I'm not sure if I will make it but I'm so close and just can't believe it. Just take One Day at a time.

I try to visit this board or seek some form of encouragement every day. It keeps me going and I have truly stayed OP since 9/1/10...

answered Apr 29 at 08:54

Bennett's gravatar image


Hello everyone..

It has been a while since I have posted. Today I am needed some push and support. I am having trouble staying motivated and giving the program 100% of me as I did for the first 2 months I was on it. Not really sure what I'm needing or looking for. But I know I want to lose that weight, I am just having some mental blocks right now so I thought I'd reach out..

I hope everyone is having a great new year and a happy Wednesday..



answered Apr 29 at 10:34

Colin's gravatar image



Just look at how far you have come in just a short time. I too start to get a bit gloomy if I look at how far I have to go. We need to take small steps that will get us there. Our minds tend to ignore the good, YOU LOST 34 POUNDS!!! Don't ever forget that..

I know you must be moving and feeling better. I sure am. It is amazing just how much difference that lifted weight makes..

Stay with us. Join me in celebrating the victories and let that help to fuel your commitment. It will take time, but whatelse have you got to do that will make you feel so much better about yourself..


answered Apr 29 at 11:39

's gravatar image



Stop using the word lose..

As in "I am going to LOSE weight" or "Biggest LOSER.".

What you lose you look for to get back..

Try the simple mental switch of saying that you are slimming..

That's the word they use in Ireland and the UK, and I work hard to change my mental orientation so that I say I am slimming down. Because I want my focus to be on the happy process, and the benefits, not on the negative..

Controlling your languaging is just like controlling your eating, it takes constant awareness and presence of mind..

As for having a lot of weight to kick to the curb, it is just a one day at a time thing. I try to think about one day, one 24 hour stretch, and how many calories I consumed in that one time period and did I get enough exercise in and drink enough water..

That's all I can think about..

And in the big picture, in the long view, with MediFast it DOES result in being slimmer. I know it works, and when I am completely mindful and honest I stay in ketosis and the weight melts off me and I am further along the trail which is leading me to be a much better mule rider, a better walker, more agile.... all the positive benefits that are where I put my focus...

answered Apr 29 at 12:05

's gravatar image


Wow, you are so right! Success with a diet is to KEEP IT OFF. Changing our beliefs and attitudes, along with habits are a huge part of whether we are ultimately successful..

"I'm slimming down" - what a positive affirmation for our psyche, and connotation to whom you say it to. Love that.

I love all these posts and admire all of you that shared your concerns or advice. Thanks, you are a part of what motivates and encourages me to keep going. Best in your journey to lifelong success!..

answered Apr 29 at 12:09

Shaun's gravatar image


Hi Everyone,.

Thank you for your inspiring stories! My Medifast just arrived tonight and I am so excited to get started tomorrow. I have over 100# to lose, but I agree that setting reasonable, achievable mini-goals along the way is the way to keep motivated and moving forward. I'm sure I'll be looking to these forums often for advice and support!.

BTW - how do you add the ticker to your post?.


answered Apr 29 at 13:26

Abel's gravatar image


I have been thinking of the end of 5&1 eating plan and what will I look like? Will I have lots of loose sagging skin? Will I need skin trim surgery?.

That surgery is VERY scary to me. I have seen a couple of shows where they show it, and they have even said it is.


Dangerous. But then again, I don't know what to do to help the skin snap back..

Jeeze louise. Finally you lose the weight and have kept it off for a time when you have to have the skin trim surgery..



answered Apr 29 at 13:57

's gravatar image


I am starting today and I have about 141 pounds to loose I'm going to make sure I take each day as a step for now and maybe this won't be so overwhelming. It took years to get like this so I can take one day at a time and get back to a healthy weight. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!..

answered Apr 29 at 15:03

Waylon's gravatar image


What gets me are trigger foods, things I simply can't seem to eat moderately. I have a little bit, of cheese <!> and there I go, I'm eating another piece, then the evil voice is saying "You know you're eventually going to eat the whole thing so go ahead." Darn it! I do OK as long as I am strict enough not to eat any at all..

Why moderation is so much harder than abstinence I don't know, something very powerful kicks in and excess results. I continue to explore this on a mental and emotional level, conquering it is the key to creating and maintaining the body I want to be living in..

It certainly causes me to recognize that people who don't care about food don't have this issue, just like alcohol does not cause this response in me but does in others. We each have our path, our personal demons, and as adults we have to find our own responsibility to make ourselves behave in such a way as not to undermine our best interests. There is no one else to blame because we are 100% in charge of what and how we eat...

answered Apr 29 at 16:28

Kevin's gravatar image


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