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My question is What do you all think about Weight Watchers and the Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any answer. Another quick question... Hi and welcome to our new thread. If you wish to join and want access to the banner to include in your signature please PM me and I will send it to you. Below is our Mission Statement and we feel it reflects who we are and what we are all about. A big thanks to.




Who wrote the Statement for us..

Mission Statement.

-This club is being established for use primarily by and for those who have had at some point 150, or more, pounds to lose, and want a place to talk about the unique circumstances we share in common that may be different from someone with less to lose. Anyone with a positive attitude and with acceptance and understanding that we have lived experiences others may have never been subjected to, is welcome to join our club..

-We agree that 100% adherence to the program is the best way to achieve success, however, we will not judge anyone who may have special circumstances, medical and otherwise, that prevent them from following this principle. We are here to support anyone who is committed to losing or maintaining weight on the Medifast program, even if that means they have needed to make modifications to the plan as designed..

-Confession may be good for the soul, but it is not required by this club. If you would like to talk about an incident of eating off plan, we are here to listen, and offer advice if asked for. Otherwise, most of us do a sufficient job of beating up on ourselves if we fail to live up to our expectations. We will leave it to you to decide what steps might be helpful in preventing a reoccurrence of the incident, unless you ask specifically for our suggestions.


If you want to see how we became a group, go to these two threads:..

asked Apr 28 at 15:56

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

answered Apr 28 at 17:10

's gravatar image


Thanks again for all you work on this. I took the link this AM and put it into my signature. Please include me in the club b/c I feel this the place to be. The mission statement says it all..

Talk to ya soon,.


answered Apr 28 at 17:34

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Hi Marathoner's,.

So far I have the following people besides me listed for our group:.

Maryannb53, lesliesh, pameileen, spacegirl60, annmbrauch, lisa r and vclark1958.

If you are not listed and already have the banner let me know...

answered Apr 28 at 17:53

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Hi Marathoners!!.

I'm still officially in lurk mode but I wanted to pop in and say thanks for starting this support group. I copped the banner already this morning..

Hope that was ok. Now if someone could help me figure out how to add the Shrinking Girls banner...couldn't figure that one out..

I'm back to lurking for now. Just know that I'm following along and finding inspiration from you all on the 100+ board. Give me a little more time and I'm sure I'll be back in full force. Just not quite yet...

answered Apr 28 at 18:08

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Lisa and All you Marathoners.


Thanks so much for this special group and all your time and effort to get it off and running!.

I'll be here right beside all of you going the distance.....Let's make the most the the journey!.

Wood - So glad to see your name on the boards....I hope to hear from you when you are ready...

answered Apr 28 at 19:36

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Good afternoon Marathoners!.

Nice to see the names adding to the list. We all can use the support..

Take care..


answered Apr 28 at 19:55

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I want to get this thread going here and thought I might put out a.

"question of the week".

To you all..

What is the sabotaging thought that you are dealing with right now around doing the program?.

With all that is going on with my heart lately (blood thinners and future shocking to regulate my heartrythm) mine was: That if I possibly only have so many years left due to my heart then why spend them not getting to do what I love.....eating fattening foods at restaurants and fast food places, as well as at home..

Instead I am telling myself that none of the years I have left would be any good if I don't lose weight and make these improvements. That going backwards will make that life even shorter..

So what's your struggle around?..

answered Apr 28 at 21:09

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I have dibs on that big purple chair in the corner, if no one else minds. I just feel a real sense of peace and calm. This place can serve a lot of functions, including a respit or refuge from the craziness of the world, and that includes board world. And the creation of this place sort of grew so organically. Lisa starts a thread calling to all with 150-200# to lose and the response was overwhelmeing. Whatever she said really resonated with a lot of people.

And the thread just kept on growing until eventually Lisa took the next step and started the "New club forming" thread. A bunch of us decided on a name, a mission statement, and a banner, and anyone who wanted to be involved in the creation could do so. The only mini-drama was with me being picky, picky, picky about the banner, for reasons I don't quite understand yet. I was disappointed that I couldn't put the banners I had created into a board ready format, but Lisa, being the very patient person she is, made a few modifications on the banner that everyone seemed to like from the ones she showed us, and now I can proudly display her hard work..

Cheers to everyone who wanted this group to happen from that original thread. You made it happen, so now just find your way back here so we can get on with the business of supporting each other in what seems some days a very daunting task - finding our way to good health. We CAN do this - together..

Mary Ann.

Day 109..

answered Apr 28 at 22:19

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Of you.



I am.


This "club" has gotten started..




, I'm happy to.




Just right click on the.

"Shrinking Girls Banner" in my signature and.






It to your signature.

That's how I got mine.

"I think that's.

How I got mine".


It's late.

What can I say???.



, I will.


About my.

Sabotaging thoughts.



About them another time.

It's a.

Good question.




For all your.

Hard work.

On our.



Good Night.


Good Morning.



answered Apr 28 at 22:57

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Good morning all!.

Lisa- I like the idea of a question of the the week..

The sabotaging thought I have had as been two mainly,.

The first.

Is my up coming trip to see my college roommate. I just don't want to leave my safe Medifast cocoon. I have turned down some invites out to lunch/dinner because I just want to control my food myself. I guess it is something I will have to work on..

So I am telling myself that this trip could be a good thing because I can prove to myself that I can venture out a bit..

The second sabotaging thought.

That repeats is when I look in a mirror or reflection in a public place. I don't like what I see and The thoughts to myself are HORRIBLE. I am looking and most importantly feeling better, my clothes are loose or baggy and a few people have said I look great lately( I have been wearing things that still had tags b/c they were too tight) only a few have pointed out weight loss. But I think sometimes people are trying to be polite..

SO, I need to work on holding on to FEELING good when I see myself and remind myself how great this is going..

Although all that may seem depressing my spirits are good today and these are the things in the forefront that I am working on. Thanks for "listening" everyone..


answered Apr 29 at 00:30

's gravatar image


Morning folks!.

I like the idea of the question of the week too. I'm not sure that I have sabotaging thoughts, per se, but I do have this fear that creeps up - what if it stops working? What if I freak out one day and eat an entire cheesecake and then I can't stop? What if something happens and I can no longer afford to do this?.

On the bright side, so far I haven't even been tempted to cheat. My biggest problem before discovering Medifast was that I was in convenience food mode - fast food, unhealthy TV dinners, stuff like that. I don't even really LIKE any of that crap, I was just eating it cause it was easy. And because I don't like it, I'd skip a lot of meals and/or put off eating until I was ravenous, so of course I was eating copious quantities of it when I finally did get around to eating..

When I looked into Medifast, my first thought was, "What if I don't like the food?" My second thought was, "You don't like the garbage you're eating now, so what's the difference?" I'm happier now eating things like baked tilapia, and green bean casserole, and boiled shrimp, than I was eating the junk I was eating before..

Now that's not to say I don't have my trigger foods, you bet I do. But I'm hoping that the way I feel and the fact that I'm more satisfied now with what I'm eating keeps those things as bay..

Sorry for the ramble and to have veered off topic a tad there... just things I was pondering this morning...

answered Apr 29 at 02:09

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Months ago I had ordered MediFast. The box sat in my livingroom for a whole month. I wasn't ready. I was afraid and I couldn't do it. I sent the box back for a refund. I kept continuing to gain weight.

I was depressed and so unhappy with myself. My life is great yet I was sabatoging my health and happiness for what? Food?.

Finally in August I ordered Medifast again. I wasn't going to start on a holiday but Monday (Labor Day) came around and I figured go for it. I told my husband I have a month to decide if I like this or not. Probably I wont like it. I was so surprised when I found I could eat the food. I found I liked making a lean & green.

Will I sabatoge this diet? I have confidence NO. Will I cheat once in a great while? Yes, I know myself all too well. It will be my choice though and I will always go on plan right away. Okay, so cheating to me is a bite of something. My choice though..

I am really struggling with temptation today. It is my birthday and I feel I should treat myself with a food item. It is always what I did in the past right? Instead, my daughter and grandkids are going to a local historical sight. Dinner afterwards and while they are enjoying the piece of cake I normally would have I will have the diabetic bar. My g/f asked to take me to dinner or lunch. I told her no, I'd rather go to the movies instead.

She had gbs last July. It breaks my heart when I see what she eats. She thinks because she had the surgery she can still eat almost what she wants. So actually by not going to lunch or dinner it is helping both of us. We need to break the cycle..

Well, I'd better stop now. hehe Kind of got into it here. I have confidence I will not sabatoge my new eating plan. I've been through family and work stress which were my trigger points in the past. Got through those without going off plan. I will do this!.

Thanks for listening..


answered Apr 29 at 03:33

's gravatar image


First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I know it makes it hard when it seems the world is eating their cake and none for you. I just finished my first month today on Medifast. The second day into my lifestyle change was my Dad's b-day. The whole family goes to the house for cake. MY DH asked me what I was going to do and I said I am going, have a cup of coffee black and bring along a shake to have while everyone was eating cake.

But it was doable. You can do it. You have made the right choice and committed yourself to this wonderful lifestyle choice..

As far as doing things that aren't food related, you will find in time that it will come easier. You will go out to dinner with friends and stay on plan. There are days I struggle with food triggers and literally have to sit on my hands not to go off plan. Will I succeed, you betcha, will I be perfect in this quest, no way, but I will survive and so will you..

Again have a great birthday, I am blowing out a candle for you right now..


answered Apr 29 at 04:31

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Spacie- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!.

You should really be proud of your choices. Those choices are the best way to treat yourself..

I don't know if this will help you but it helped me. I read someone's Medifast story and one thing in particular was a light bulb moment for me, she said she got through the holidays be telling herself the food would still be there next year. Like I said, I don't if that will help you or not but WOW it helped me. I don't think I'll ever go back to OLD lifestyle choices but by next year yeah maybe I can work a couple of splurges into my plan..

Anyway I think you're doing great and I just wanted to share what helped me..

Again, Happy Birthday!!!..

answered Apr 29 at 05:36

's gravatar image


I have more than a sabotaging thought right now.............I have a sabotaging symptom! My hormones are all screwed up (TOM) keeps showing up!!!!! He was here for 8 days and gone for 3 or 4 then back again.

The thought is that it is probably related to my weight loss and the high soy. I feel yucky ucky again this week. Could be perimenopause (I am 39 next month). Yuck. Yuck. I need to look up what has less soy and switch for a few weeks and see if it improves.


answered Apr 29 at 06:32

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This is fabulous! Thanks to everyone for working together to create this group..

I have bought the Beck book and workbook on Maryann's recommendation and I am wondering if we might like to start a "book club" or just discuss ideas from the book that we have found interesting or helpful..

Let us all know if you are interested and we can start a new thread!.

Keep up the great work everyone!.

Best, mld..

answered Apr 29 at 07:22

's gravatar image


Hi Marathoners,.

I am glad that things are really taking off now on here. My question of the week was taken from the things I am working on in the Beck Diet book. I had planned to use the info I am learning to make up questions & also give others the right to help make up questions. I would be happy to do it on here or someone can start a new thread for it. My only thought is that on another thread it may not get as much response because not everyone can or will be reading the book. Up to you guys.....


Either way I am interested..


I can relate. I went so far as to get a Diabetic sample pack and try some of the food first. It even took me 2-3 weeks to get to ordering the food. I feel like this is too easy now and worry that I won't lose enough like others before me have been able to do..


I think the l&g are what keep me from feeling like I am not really eating real food. I hate to have to admit that some days I am absolutely focused on getting to dinner time to eat "real food". Can anyone say "food addict"! I was planning on trying to meet for dinner if next week works out with my heart. I have gone out with my daughter (Red Lobster)and managed to stay on plan: meat/fish, veggies and salad. Some other places to try are Red Tomato and Fresh Choice..


"There are days I struggle with food triggers and literally have to sit on my hands not to go off plan. Will I succeed, you betcha, will I be perfect in this quest, no way, but I will survive and so will you." You must have been talking about ME!.


I am 48 and from what I have read and been told probably started my perimenopause at age 35. I thought I was all done....no spotting even lately....until last week that is. There are some good info books out there to get helpful ideas..


Another great big thank you for all of your help! Especially with the Mission Statement. I couldn't have done it better myself or probably half as good either..

Well it's 4pm here and I am tired today. Will check in later when I come on here to finish up my food log for the day...

answered Apr 29 at 07:49

's gravatar image


Happy belated birthday,.


Pretty cool it was cake-free, though I can't even recall the last time someone got me a bithday cake..




And all others this pertains to.

, we have an unwritten rule that there is no such thing as a too long post, and lord knows I've tried to challenge that notion. Just say what you need or want to say, with no word count ever taken..

Lisa R.

, sounds like you need to frame your bathroom or bedroom mirror with post-its with just the opposite of what you're saying to those evil public reflections. That really is the most insidious self-talk that takes a lot of practice to stop. So I'm serious about the post-its display. Maybe you can make a list of the sayings here, we can give you some, and then transfer them to post-its. I'll give you one..

I am a beautiful woman, inside and out.



, I'm thinking it must be a little harder if one is a good cook and don't want to indulge in any of your off plan specialties. So maybe it's a good thing that I don't have the patience for cooking. Though I confess it is something I would like to enjoy doing, especially in a new, healthy way, with vegetables and stuff, not a package of shredded cheese and a carton of sour cream that were my staples...blech..


, hormones suck. I've had just one pms type symptom that ruins a couple of days every month, even though that wonderful hormone I'm on prevents periods but it's other evil side effect is weight gain. But every month I have to remind myself why I'm feeling so moody and why I find myself crying over an abandoned kitty on Animal Precinct, when it's probably the 10th time I've seen it. A real trigger to call for a delivery..


, you read my mind. I've been thinking about starting a book club thread for the Beck book for weeks, but still have all these irrational fears that seeing my name as the thread starter is the kiss of death, though I'm pleased with the success thus far of the heroes thread. I really struggled with that, even though I really liked the idea and just took a leap of faith that a good idea would prosper, regardless of my name being attached to it. Maybe you and.


, the book's chief promoter, could share the responsibility. My thought was to start a new thread each week on each chapter, with a bit of an outline of the chapter in the first post and links to all previous chapters, or something like that. That way, anyone could start at anytime they happened to decide to read the book. Though,.


(my new name for you I'm trying out to differentiate between the Lisas. What do you think?...lol.) I can also see some benefit to keeping it in our group. I have to say, I'm conflicted. I was on a board several years ago that always had several book clubs going and always enjoyed it, though that board read some pretty controversial books that led to some "lively" discussions..

One last thing. I'm really enjoying seeing our banner out and about on the rest of the board. It has a WOW factor, but I'm mostly proud of what it stands for and all the awesome people who wanted this to happen who posted on Scrappy's original thread, and who slowly but surely will find their way here. We all have so much we can learn from each other, and in sharing our joys and sorrows. Which reminds me,.


, maybe you could put a link to the other two threads in the groups first post that lead to the formation of this club, as a sort of archives of it's evolution..

Nothing much happening here, except that it's finally getting colder and the kitties are getting more cuddly, for warmth. I refuse to turn the heat on until I can't take it anymore, and Rufus gives me that look of scorn, and many very loud meows that unmistakeably say, "Turn on the frickin' heat already. This fur coat isn't as warm as you might think since I'm a house cat, and I'm getting frostbite on my ears." Even with budget billing, the natural gas prices are ridiculous..

Mary Ann.

Day 111..

answered Apr 29 at 08:38

's gravatar image


Good morning Marathoners,.

I am really, really glad about this thread. I woke up this AM in a foul mood. Hormones of course and the rain. I am 43 and going through perimenopause, meaning some months I get TOMs and then one month nothing. Good thing the DH is fixed otherwise I would be stocking up on EPTs again (LOL)..

Ann, when this first started I was just 41, yes a little early but what can you do. My doctor told me Leslie, this cycle could go on for the next 10 - 15 years and my smartie answer was, could you give me a date so I can plan the party. He says what party and I of course state the one where I string every tampon and napkin on banners through the house that I will never have to use again.(again LOL) The one thing that is suppossed to help with some of the perimenopause is soy and soy products, but again it depends on the individual. Important to check with your Dr. The only thing I can't stand is the HOT flashes out of no where, they haven't started in my sleep cycle, only when I am awake..

Maryann, you and I are similar. My heat has never, ever gone on before Halloween. Natural gas is just getting out of hand. My answer to the DH and DD is if you are cold, go put on socks and sweater and stop complaining. My dog, Parker, is saying the same thing as Rufus, Mommy, turn on the heat, my winter coat isn't in all the way, and I am cold, move over in the bed. He is the harder one to resist..

Lisa R, just remember, you are as beautiful outside as you are inside. Never, ever, let anyone including yourself tell you different. We all go through stages, where we are beautiful in different ways, it sometimes is just harder for us to see..

Lisa (Scrappy), you rock, thanks again for putting all of us together. I feel, no I know, that we will all survive this journey together and come out at the end of the rainbow more beautiful, powerful and healthier..

Noelie, I too was in the convience mode, it was just easier after getting home from work or activities to cook, so whatever could be ordered, would be ordered. And you are right, it wasn't good, but I treated it like it was, and there is the problem. Now that I am cooking again (healthy) it is amazing how little of "fats" are needed to make something taste good. And how good veggies are again now that I am being creative..

Well, thanks for letting me speak, I really do feel better now, and I hope everyone has a great weight loss day..


answered Apr 29 at 09:22

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If possible, I would like to join!.

My sabotaging thought is myself; I have a really bad habit of going into something 120% then after a few days I get bored and move onto something else. I don't like to do 'hard' things, I like things to be simple and easily achieved. Not a good outlook when I have 150 lbs to loose..

In the past I was always able to count on others for the 'hard' stuff. But now I find myself in a place that no one can help me with this. They can support me and cheer me on, but they can't be in my head 24/7 with the positive thoughts and courage & control to 'walk-away' from food; that is 100% me..

I am horrible to myself. No one can say anything to me that will hurt me as much as I have hurt myself. God bless my husband, he hates my self esteem issues and it is a constant battle..

Thank you, thank you, thank all of you for just being and understanding...

answered Apr 29 at 10:07

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Leslie, you are SO right. I would never have believed that so little fat could add so much flavor to the things I'm cooking..

Shameful admission: I'm 39 years old and I.


Know how to cook. I tried to learn when I was younger and I was just terrible at it. I remember trying to make a pot of tomato sauce. I had my brother taste it and asked, "What does this need?" His answer was, "It needs the garbage can.".

So when I started MF, I figured well... I'll just do easy stuff. Anyone can steam broccoli or open a can of green beans, right? I got a couple of packs of Gorton's baked fish, which I knew wasn't ideal, but it had to be better for me than the takeout I was eating before. Then a crazy thing happened - I started checking out some recipes and I thought, "Hmm, this doesn't sound too hard!" Now I'm so proud to say that I actually cook (yes, COOK!) everything I eat for my L&G..

In the long run, I'm kind of glad I waited this long to start learning how to cook, because I'm learning from the very beginning how to cook in a healthy manner. I think that'll be a real key to my long term success - I don't know how to cook any other way! LOL..

And Mary Ann, duly noted. I am SO long-winded sometimes I always feel the need to apologize. I'll stop now...

answered Apr 29 at 10:51

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I want to thank Leslie, LisaR, MaryAnn and Lisa (Scrappy) for all the birthday wishes and words of encouragement..

Well yesterday didn't work out as well meal wise for me. I ended up getting the chicken in my salad that wasn't grilled. I did the wrong thing and ate it anyway because I had let work get in the way of eating my Medifast meal before I had to leave. I thought about it later and I should have eaten the bar in my purse instead. I was saving the bar though for my treat so it didn't hit me over the head till later. Arugh....Other than not getting all my Medifast meals in and the crusty chicken I did good otherwise.

Not everyone cooks the same and I never put a sauce on a stir fry. I had two bites of the chicken and figured it wasn't worth it. Luckily my daughter said she would take it so the food didn't go to waste..

We had a good time at the Winchester Mystery House. I hadn't been there in a good 20 years with my daughter. She brought her kids and we had a blast on the Mansion tour. If you are ever in San Jose, CA and want something different to do this might be something you should check out..

Lisa (Scrappy) I'll be happy to go to dinner with you any place you choose. I seem to find something I like that are the right choices. Well, except for last nights dinner (knew I should have gone with the omlet)..

Take care everyone and have a great day!.


answered Apr 29 at 11:09

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Oh, doh. I got so wrapped up in my tale of cooking I forgot to wish you a happy b-day, Scrappy. Sorry about that! Happy Birthday!..

answered Apr 29 at 12:07

's gravatar image


OK, dust off the bad and continue with the good. Today will be a 100% OP day..

I wish I wasn't stuck here on the east coast, I do love CA. Haven't been there since '85 when I was in San Francisco and Napa on business. The one thing I want to do is bring my DH to the west coast, he has never been and never seen the pacific. I do love Northern CA and Oregon. Well I think maybe I will make that another mini-goal, get down to 225 lbs and take a plane right out there and revisist..

The Mystery mansion sounds cool. Glad you had a great day with your family..

Have a great weight loss day,.


answered Apr 29 at 12:20

's gravatar image


Welcome, Laura, I'm really glad to have you here..

Lisa will be along and PM a banner to you.

, if you would like to display it..

Geez, can I relate to this. In my late 20's, I learned that my mother and other childhood trauma had set the path for my using food for comfort from a very young age, like age 6. But it was so hard to break that cycle of pain and blame, that somehow those responsible should fix this for me so it isn't so hard. But my mother is 90, and my perpetrator is dead long ago, so they are of little or no use, even if they could have done something. I suppose an apology might have helped, but would it still have clicked that I was the only one who could do the extremely hard work necessary to heal the hurt. Would it have prevented it from getting so out of control? Possibly, but that's a pointless route to take.

I know I am capable of love for others, at least in small ways. But it seems to be accepted wisdom that you really can't love another until you learn to love yourself. But does that apply to all kinds of love, or just romantic love. I think what I feel for my daughter is love, but even that had an unusual path. I got pregnant at 16 (1970), and it was pretty much assumed in those times that a "good Catholic girl" from a middle class family would do all they could to hide it and put the child up for adoption, in order to preserve the reputation of the girl and her family.

She lives in Nebraska, and before it became impossible for me to travel I had visited her several times. We stay in contact by phone and email, so I tend to believe the 27 years of pain I endured before she found me were more about love than guilt..

But I've never been sure I loved myself enough. All the evidence of not treating my body very well certainly seemed to point to a lack of self-love. I just can't or don't want to (is there a 3rd option?) get past the trauma of my past to accept that I am worthy of love, I have a right to be loved, by myself and others, in order to put out the necssary effort to achieve what is as close to impossible as it could get. I mean, seriously, how many people have you seen of my size ever reach longterm success? They are out there, but only a few have gone public enough to make the legitimate talk show or magazine article circuit, and I think I understand why. I keep my numbers intentionally vague in order to not attract the circus freak sideshow crowd. Even on Medifast there is evidence of that mentality..

I don't know if the strength and determination I currently feel is a result of developing more self-love, or just not wanting to die without living a little more to have the opportunity to love and be loved. But it really does seem like a foreign concept most days. So I guess that's where the whole taking it one-day-at-a-time comes in. Continual analysis of the same old crap seems pointless, as does the simplistic, "Just do it." So I guess what I do is what this group and forum are trying to do. Find respected, legitimate sources of knowledge that can teach us the best possibility of improving our relationship with food so that it s no longer the center of our universe. I also don't want to be one of those who remains afraid of certain foods in maintenance, where you end up with a list of "forbidden" foods because you really haven't learned any control except by continuing a very restrictive protocol very similar to MF..

My brain is tired, but thanks for listening..

Mary Ann.

Day 111..

answered Apr 29 at 13:32

's gravatar image


Hi Scrappy, Glad you geared me over here, I hadn't been paying attention! In anycase I am in, please send a banner. I also seem to share a lot of issues with Mary Ann, and I am close in age at 53. I have been on diets since the age of 4, had some unwanted attentions of a neighbor when I was about that age. Not sure if my parents knew, but we moved shortly after, years later it was discussed in the the way of a hypothethetical. I was told it was better to just forget, hmmm... Anyhow I also became pregnant at a young age, I was 15, delivered the twins at 16.

I just couldn't let go. So I was forced into marrying the father, big mistake, but that is a whole different story. I stayed for 12 years in a hell of a situation. But, all that is ancient history and my boys, 3 (I had one more son five years after the twins), are the best part of my life. I have been so lucky in that respect.

Three were married in and one sweet baby girl was adopted in, but they are all mine and I love being their grandma. It is one of the good reasons for me to lose the weight, so I can live long and watch them grow up. I would love to be able to do more with them also, as it is I have many disabilities due to the weight, arthritis, fibro, and pain pain pain. But I carry on. I had been a nurse for many years up until 2000 when I had to retire due to the inability to run the floors.

Ph. D. in counseling psych. I am almost done with classwork and will start my dissertation next fall. Life has been one big roller coaster but I survive. Well that is probably more than anyone needs to know but I was on a roll. Have a great day!..

answered Apr 29 at 13:46

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- glad you're here and sharing..

Goooooood Mooooorning Marathoners!!!.

Hi Everyone just dropping a quick line..

Today is weigh in day for me 5 1/2 pounds, WOOO HOOOOO!!!! Sticking with it last weekend when I had house guests was a little tough but what a great reward. ( I know It could have easily been a no loss week and I would still be doing great) BUT This is SOOOO much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Can you tell I'm flying High?!?!?.

I hope everyone has a great Friday....off to school Halloween Parties!..

answered Apr 29 at 14:08

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Thank you and thank all of you for your posts. I can feel the emotion that it took to write them..

I guess the one thing we all have in common is to feel accepted, not just by our families but by society. I don't want to weigh 100 pounds, but what I do want is to shop in more than one store for clothes, not be afraid when we go out to eat about the booth size, not panic if I have to get on an air plane due to the seat size, go to picnic and sit at a picnic table, not to be afraid to sit in a lawn chair and believe it or not, I am afraid to die because of the amount of people it would take to carry my coffin or if I have to get a 'large' one. WHO thinks like that???.

I have spent so much time being afraid to do things because of my weight and the embarrassment of not fitting in a chair, amusement ride, booth, what-have you, that I have missed out on so much. I love the beach and I love to swim, but I havent in over 20 years..

I was lucky; I was a size 10 all through high school and up until my early 20s. That is when I really started to pick up the weight. I used to own 2 horses and loved to ride. Now, I am afraid I would hurt the horse..

This is a lot to carry around and that is why I need to either do something about it or accept me for the way I am. I cant just role over, I want to be healthy and at an ideal weight to enjoy life and myself again. So, I don't think just 'accepting' is an option for me..

OH, and today is day one for me. My ticker moved because of all the dental work I had done this week, I couldnt eat, so this-mornings scale told me I was down 3 lbs. So, Ill take itit all counts!..

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I will not cry again. I will not cry again. I will NOT cry again. Sheesh. Laura, the answer to your question of "Who thinks like that?" is "More people than you think." I've thought that about the large coffins, I've also wondered how I would endure the embarrassment if something happened to me that required a trip in an ambulance..

In the end, I was just tired. Tired of worrying if that restaurant had booths I couldn't fit in or flimsy chairs. Tired of not going to the movies cause the seats hurt. Tired of not traveling anymore because of the size of the airplane seats. Tired of not being able to move very well, tired of the increasing pain in my back and joints. But most of all, I was tired of being tired..

I tried for years to just "accept" who I was and to love me for me, but that bigger I got, the harder it was to do that. And seriously, how healthy is it REALLY to just accept that?.

So here I am, walking right along side all of you who are in the same situation. It's an empowering feeling to finally be doing something that WORKS!.

Welcome to the family...

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It seems like we are in a good place. Sometimes we need to analyze why we became like this. What our fears are and being on Medifast we are moving on. How sweet everyone is that we can say what we need to in this forum and not feel judged. Thank you everyone for sharing your pain and happiness..

Happiness for me was hearing last night from two people my butt is looking like it is going down. Yes! I liked hearing that. Got a long way to go still but my stupid butt has always been in the way. haha.

Take care!.


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Hi guys. I have been quiet because having some health issues (darn hormones). Caroline and Mary Ann. You both touched my soul. So similar in many ways. You are both highly intelligent women too.

Funny how our "weight" is so much more than what meets the eye. I know that this is certainly a "journey". For me, my molester was vicarious............My mother had "issues". To the extent that she feared going to the doctor, changed her birth date by a year so her parents were "married first" and a bunch of other strange things it would take a year to go through. There was something from her past swept neatly under a rug and expressed itself as an unhealthy relationship with food.

The truth took second place. Unfortunately, this unhealthy "good" or "bad" eating etc. transferred to both my sister and I. The boys didn't seem as affected by it, but we have a body type that you need to fight the weight with too..

I have learned and still learn so much about myself on this journey. Sometimes it is even through you guys. So here is to taking things a day at a time and hopefully discovering something important about ourselves..

In my book, the fact that we are here makes us all winners and overcomers! So grab and oar, lets get this Medifast ship going! Ann..

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Hey guys, hope everyone is feeling better. I have not been blogging or posting as much due to work, parents, and myself. I am in a kinda funk that I can't shake. I am committed to staying 100% OP but for whatever reason, my mind isn't cooperating with my body..

I fight depression on and off occasionally, especially when my stress level is high. Part of it is I am my own worst enemy. I constantly keep myself from doing things, afraid I won't fit in. The other part is the hormones that come and go when they want. I will tackle this too. I will learn to put everything else aside and take care of me first for a change.

That's a hard one, I never want to disappoint anyone, only myself. I wil have to explore further why I always put myself last, is it just a body thing or is there more..

The positive side (yes I always try to find a positive side) is I am really learning my food triggers. I never knew how much of my binging was tied into stress, work, and family, but I am learning. Last night was a classic example of how I came home from work, was in a fould mood, did not feel like cooking and was going to order pizza and say the heck with this. I stopped what I was doing, put the menu down, sat my butt down, took a couple of deep breaths and asked myself, what in the world are you thinking. Just b/c your unhappy and your day was bad, do you think the pizza is going to make it better? The answer was simple, no but what to do. What to do.

You can request sauce on the side if you want. So I had beef with bok choy and brocolli and occasionally dipped into the soy sauce. So I stayed on plan, but did not eat my 5th Medifast meal last night. I will make sure today that I eat all my meals..

Well thanks again for listening. You guys are the best and what keeps me going, reading the blogs and stories. I know that I am not alone on this quest. I am going back to work, drink my water, and have a soup. I wish everyone a great weight loss day and a great weekend..

Talk to ya soon,.


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Hey everyone,.

I wish I would have read a littler more closely before posting so quickly this morning. Mary Ann, I did take time out and catch up and I wish I would have responded to your earlier post. I feel confident that you are so understanding that you wouldn't take offense at my light hearted post this morning. But I do want to respond to your post if you don't mind..

One of the thing you mentioned was If we ever get over the horrible things that have be done to us or happen to us. I have often asked myself the same question. I have a Mom who tries to have a surface "good" appearance like Ann's and I was raped in college and I didn't even admit to it until 10 years later when it came bubbling out under very bad circumstances. After a hospital stay for a suicide attempt my appointed therapist said one thing that as stuck with me. I asked him now that I have let this horrible memory into my life how will I ever get over it? He said, somethings are too horrible to get over. But we can face them, address it and over time choose to move on..

I thought, for me, that was the best advice I have ever gotten. It applies to more the the rape I endured. The psycho stuff my Mom laid as a foundation as a relationship with food can be approached with the same answer. I have to address, choose to change the pattern and now move on..

As for loving others, well Mary Ann, from everything I ever read that you've have written, your capacity to love knows no boundaries. You are so very warm, caring and have much wisdom to share. I understand what you mean about the whole self-love part I struggle too. I now realize that I have struggled with that my whole life. But I think it is getting better. Actually a lot better since reading the Beck Solution and following through with Medifast This Medifast plan has been the best gift I could have possible given myself.

Because just as Ann said,.

Just by being here and doing the work we are all winners!.

On a completely different note. I want to share a non-scale victory.

I took my son to the doctor and I FIT in the little waiting room chairs!!!!!!.

I hope everyone can have a good day and continue to share in this great new place of Marathon Village...

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*** Possible abuse trigger***.

Hi guys,.

I have been having a couple of really stressful days and my health is a little wacky. Lots of changes occurred at the same time as this diet starting. I did read all of your posts yesterday evening but could not compose what I wanted to say and chose to try again today. Some of your posts touched a real emotional place in me. Not a bad thing....

I began Medifast after my bf of 10 years said that he could no longer watch me dying or as he meant, killing myself. I was in a real deep depression and my health had been really bad during the last 6-7 years. Besides the weight thing, I had stopped going to Docs for a year. I didnt care what the outside of me looked like cause I new it didnt look nearly as messed up as the inside of me was. He became the catalyst that got me started on this road to changing my life..

Love myself, are you kidding I didnt and I still have problems with that. Something I am working on. The only people I know that I love are my kids. I think I loved my bf but am not sure where things are going with us, more about me than him. I no longer have a relationship with my parents or the aunt I used to be close to. Long story there and I wont bore anyone but suffice it to say that it is not an easy thing emotionally for me to deal with..

I think that many of us who have soo much weight to lose, have been abused in some form in our lifetime. I am no exception. My memories of my abuse had been buried for over 30 years when the media started breaking the news regarding child abuse by priests (3 in fact) in our church. That was right after my Sudden Cardiac Arrest had occurred in the hospital and my mom called to tell me about the newspaper article and to see if I had any memories. Over time the memories would get triggered by things in my life and eventually I remembered the rape and sodomy that had been done to me at close to 12 years old. With some of the other girls from our church I began a civil case against the church and after a few years we were able to get settlements out of the diocese because they knew about it and didnt do a thing.

Wow, writing this put me right back in the emotions. I am determined now to do this program and to keep pushing past the emotions that seem to bog me down. I fight with wanting to live or die (including some suicide attempts in the past) but I am now determined to improve my life and get back the desire to live, really live that is! No more just existing for me!.

I put the trigger above to give people who might be sensitive to reading about someone elses abuse, the chance to avoid it. I hope being this open with others is okay with the group and if not we either need to be more vague or give a warning..

Well I am emotionally drained but in a good way. They say that talking about this stuff can be healing but it can also be painful. Take care and keep up the sharing on here...

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Scrappy, I am SO sorry to hear (read) that. I'm also sorry for everyone else upthread who mentioned the same types of things..

It's interesting to me how many of us with this much weight to lose were abused at some point in our lives (myself included). It really makes you realize just how much of an impact that one event (or however many it was for any given person) has on the rest of our lives. I'm too emotionally... something, right now, to say much more than that..

But it does my heart good to see that so many of us have found our way to the same place and that we're doing something to confront those demons and change our lives for the better. The best thing I can wish for all of you is the same thing that I wish for myself - not to forget, not to "get over it", but to be at peace...

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I think sharing is good. That is why we formed our group to support each other and a lot of us are somewhat new and have some "stuff" to air out so we can get to the business of helping ourselves and helping each other. I am so proud of you for sharing what you needed to share. I was pretty drained after my last post too, but then I felt empowered for being strong enough to share..

We all have lessons to learn and battles to overcome, I feel that is why we are the Marathoners - I know it sounds corny but it is not only about distance but about doing something hard yet rewarding..

I hope you are feeling stronger soon and feel good about your share...

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Lisa R, congrats on not having the office chair glued to your backside! I think that we have all had a revealing day of sorts. I know for me that some of the "stuff" comes out in little bits here and there. Even if I am trying to deal with it, it doesn't seem to all come up at once..

I know that as the weight comes off, the issues do come. We have to learn how to positively face them rather than feeding our demons. I know that I have been struggling more the last 2 weeks as my health issue is bogging me down..

I wish all my fellow marathoners a great weekend and remember that we are overcomers and winners! We are here! Ann..

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Wow, just wow, so much hurt in the world. But, so much love and support here. I can't say much right now, too much emotion. I am glad I feel safe here. Night all!..

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, our lives have traveled an amazingly similar path. I don't know about you, but I'm amazed sometimes that I'm still here. Life starts to feel pretty pointless after all you seem to experience is sadness, neglect, and abuse. As difficult as I'm sure it was, I'm really happy you got to raise your sons. I never felt it was my choice to give her up, but I felt such guilt for possibly bringing shame to the family that I seemed to think I had no rights to anything, that I had to turn my will and my life over to my mother, whom I couldn't have hated more, but she taught me the self-loathing I felt and just accepted that being forced to give her up was my punishment. I had a therapist who tried to help me see that it really the best thing, because would I really want my daughter being raised by my mother, which is what would have happened.


, 5.6 pounds, that is truly awesome and must be incredibly motivating..


, I think the concept of fat-acceptance has served me well over the last many years that I didn't think I would ever get to a healthier weight. And I think it is misunderstood and misrepresented by many who don't really understand it. What it did for me was help me not hate myself or my body so much, which could have been even more crippling than the weight. While I have been at a weight that I couldn't justify as healthy since I was in my 20's, I know it is possible to be above the weight standards set by society and be even more fit that many thin people who eat poorly and don't exercise. A magazine I referred to previously, Radiance Magazine, that is no longer published, would have articles every month about fat athletes, that only the stupidest fat bigot would say were unhealthy. One was the woman who is a relatively well known long distance swimmer, who has swum (swimmed?) from Key West to Cuba, and the Bering Strait, between Alaska and Russia, and others.


, I never actually did this, because I've since seen that it must be possible, but I thought I had heard that really fat people could not be cremated and had thought I should get up my nerve, pretend to be a concerned relative of a really fat person who was critically ill, and call a funeral home. Though I don't recall any reason they gave why my original belief said it wasn't possible, my imagination did enough of a number on me. I was going to resolve the sometimes used as the punchline to a joke, "piano crate for a coffin" by being cremated and having them throw my ashes in the ocean on a whale watching expedition off Cape Cod, which has been one of the highlights of my life. I'll likely request it anyway, regardless of my size because I really like the idea. But for a while it was to save anyone from having to adapt construction equipment to get me to my grave for burial. Not to mention a belief that cemetaries are a waste of good real estate..


Lisa, I experienced two rapes in high school from boys I knew, and never told anyone until I was in therapy, but I guess something may always have the opportunity to trigger old pain. One was a big shot on the football team and I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I remember seeing him at school the next day, and he had his arm around his cheerleader girlfriend's shoulder, when he turned his head around, saw me and gave me a big grin and a wink. Just a few years ago, I was looking at a list of my former classmates on classmates.com. I hadn't even thought about him, until I came across his name and felt the blood leave my face. I still occassionally struggle with wanting to email him and find out where he is, and have had fantasies about trying to ruin his life the way I felt he ruined mine, or at least really damaged it, even with good therapy.

I gave up on all of that long ago..



, thanks for the reminder about posting a warning. I was on a board several years ago where a lot of us had similar experiences, but were in various stages of recovery, so a warning was an issue of consideration of not wanting to make someones pain worse, even for a moment. And thank you for sharing some of your story..

On a much lighter note.

, I cracked up earlier when I saw your new glitter sig. It reminded me that I had forgotten to warn you about the name I had given you because we had an over abundance of Lisa's (I think there were more on the original thread who haven't found their way back here yet), and it seemed to be catching on...very quickly...YIKES!. I PM'd you much earlier today to warn you, but got my answer in glitter. I think it's cute and really suits you. You scrapbook, and scrap quilt, and work with mosaic glass scraps. But I think even more appropriate is that someone who is.


Keeps fighting for themselves even under very challenging circumstances, and that is most certainly you..

I managed to avoid a pizza delivery temptation yesterday. My helper was off Weds, and then didn't show up Thurs and didn't bother to call. Then, my Meals on Wheels forgot my lunch on Thurs, so I was going to have to order something. Plus, I think my earlier post had stirred up some crapola. Thankfully, I chose one of my few L&G appropriate options to have delivered, but I really was considering that I "needed" the pizza and that it would somehow help my bad mood. I was even going to order the olive oil and garlic glaze instead of sauce, with chicken and vegetables.

It wasn't worth the aggravation it would have caused. Yay, me..

Mary Ann.

Day 113..

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Wow, Mary Ann - I hadn't even thought about that "not able to be cremated" angle. That's what I would want anyway too for myself. I lost my uncle and my grandmother about 4 years ago (12 days apart, if you want to talk about trauma), and they were both cremated. Both of their ashes are here in my living room and I have to say, it's oddly comforting to have them here. Much more so than if they were in some cemetery somewhere..

Also congrats on the pizza victory. I've had a few temptations myself in the last week or so and it makes me feel SO good every time I win one of those battles..

P.S. I think you can probably safely call me "Noelie". It's a fairly odd name and I don't think I'll get confused about who you're talking to. =)..

answered Apr 30 at 02:17

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Ok I had goofed earlier, for some reason (mostly trying to read too fast on the fly) I mixed up Mary Ann and Scrappy. Sorry guys. My long post, which I have edited to be correct, was referencing sameness between me and Mary Ann. Hope this isn't too confusing. Hmmm .... too much school sometimes makes me crazy!..

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Possible trigger.......near rape issue.

Wow, you guys are really making me come to terms with some "stuff". When I was 14, I went away to youth church camp (safe place hugh? Catholic church camp). Well I was walking to the bathrooms at night and grabbed by a guy in my church and high school. He had his hands all over me and got my pants partially down. I fought and screamed. A friend of his came along and they snapped a couple of pictures of me........yes, my breasts and my crotch.

End of trigger.

Well, I hope that I didn't offend anyone with that. I guess there is more "junk" in my life than I like to admit, but then again my "good" mother taught me to have a big rug to sweep things under..

I do find it funny when my family pesters me about not being Catholic. Boy there are a lot of reasons. Off to spend the day with DH and the boys. Ann..

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Hey Ladies.

Just a quick note to say how very grateful I feel to have our group. I am so moved to have become part of such an awesome group. We are all survivors and we will be strong and strong for each other. I see from the recent posts that we have some victories this week as well as some great sharing, I think it is equally important..

I hope everyone can enjoy a nice Saturday. We are carving Pumpkins today! Happy Halloween a little early!..

answered Apr 30 at 04:54

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I want to join! I do! I do! I just do not know how to add all of the banners and such. Do I add it under my ticker in the sig box? What else do I need to do?.

Thanks for your help!.


answered Apr 30 at 05:47

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You're quite right,.


But believe it or not, I did have a friend in high school whose name was Merry Noel. Her mom was a real Christmas freak or something..

Mary Ann.

Day 113..

answered Apr 30 at 05:58

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That's exactly what you do, and.


(aka Lisa, aka Scrapnfriend), our fearless leader, will PM it to you as soon as she sees this. Just cut n' paste it in, and what else you do is post whenever and about whatever your little heart desires..

Really, really, happy to have you join us, Stephani, no 'e', which is I bet how you've had to say it your entire life, am I right? Oddly enough, in order to get "them" to use both of my names, I've always had to say "Mary Ann, two words, no 'e'. Occasionally, I would consider hyphenating them, hoping to avoid getting stuff addressed as Mary A. But my sister wanted me to completely change the spelling to 'Marianne.' That never appealed to me at all. Although what I really wish is that my mother had actually named me what she had wanted to, not my dad and 5 yo brother's choice, which was Andrea. I thought that sounded a whole lot more unusual than my name, which was the bane of my Catholic grade school existence. I was always told by the nuns that I had a lot to live up to with my name.

Mary de Lourdes, whack my knuckles with that ruler one more time..

Heh, heh.

Mary Ann.

Day 113..

answered Apr 30 at 07:37

's gravatar image


I don't even remember seeing that, so my mind must have made the correction, knowing who you meant, and carried on. BUT DON'T EVER LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN..

Mary Ann.

Day 113..

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What a horrible experience, Ann. Where do boys get this sense of entitlement that they can just take whatever they want from a girl. Rhetorical question, but I'm betting it relates to women having to fight to be seen as equals since time began, and not treated as sex objects, such as in porn, that I know I won't see equalized in my lifetime..

My dad actually apologized for raising us Catholic in his later years. He thought it was terrible that he had forced us to go to Mass every Sunday. He had converted in his early 20's. At the time of this admission, he was attending a Universalist Unitarian church. He apparently never stopped searching, until Alzheimers robbed him of the use of his quite brilliant brain, just not terribly suited for raising children..

Mary Ann.

Day 113..

answered Apr 30 at 08:54

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I am trying to not cry, but I can't help it. I always ask myself, why does this have to happen, why do people have to suffer so much, and especially why does (what ever bad happens) have to happen to me? Sorry if that sounds selfish....

While I have not been raped or abused, I especially feel angry that this has happened to others, and I feel like I have been controlled. I blame my parents partly, but now that my mom has died (of what we do not exactly know, could have been congestive heart failure, diabetes, infection from a botched knee replacement, extremely poor HMO care, ...) I just miss her and want her to still be here - mainly because again, I am selfish...she gave me a purpose. My dad is still here, but we are not as close. Food - mainly comfort food is something they will never give up..

I am so tired of death...my little dog of 10 years (we did not know how old he was as he came to our house in a rural area and thought it was his) just had to be put to sleep this week. I am PROUD to say that the only extra bites I had were 2 pumpernickel croutons from Ruby Tuesdays and two small bites of a roll at another restaurant - I kept to my L&G chicken or fish and salad/vegetables. We are burying him tomorrow. He was like a child to me and was such a wonderful dog. My husband and I say he was the best dog in the world...because he was ...to us. We are so glad that we had the opportunity to have him in our lives..

I am very grateful to have all of you in my life now and I do not know why I was afraid of starting Medifast sooner. I am glad I am here and thank you to you all for your support of everyone. We can do this together!!!.

Best, mld..

answered Apr 30 at 09:12

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Well, I'm thankful I don't have to deal with THAT, lol. Mine is actually a family name - it means "Little Christmas" and is also the feminine of the name Noe (Noah). People always think that my birthday must be near Christmas, but it's not...

answered Apr 30 at 10:09

's gravatar image


So sorry to hear that about your dog, MLD. I can totally relate too. I'm tired not just of death, but of loss. In the span of about 3 years, my grandparents' house burned down, then my uncle (42 years old at the time) died of brain cancer, then my grandma followed 12 days later, then my dog died, then Katrina hit (I live in New Orleans)..

Not looking for sympathy, by the way. Just saying I really understand how life can pile it on til you feel like you're about to just scream..

And Ann... I am SO sorry to read that. So very sorry...

answered Apr 30 at 11:16

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Thanks, Noelie,.

I am not looking for sympathy either, I am just looking for an answer. But I am not confident that I will find one. I have always had a magical hope that an answer would come, especially about my being overweight, but I have to take responsibility for myself and I am doing that with MF. Books are piling up in my house, and they claim to have the answer, but I am not sure they do. I want to believe in something, but sometimes I am not sure if their answers are right. Still trying to find what the answer is for me...sorry for getting too philosophical..

Best, mld..

answered Apr 30 at 12:16

's gravatar image


Mld, we love our pets just as one of our children. Sorry for the loss, I hope it was a good 10 years..

Noelie, it seems that those tragic things come in groups..

Mary Ann - You sound like you went to the same school my mother did..

Any Catholics -I do not mean any disrespect against you or your faith. I am still a Christian and have a very strong belief system. I just could no longer thrive in that environment and had to go. It was an argument that went on for 14 years between my mother and I. In the end, when she was dying, we finally saw eye to eye. If I have offended anyone, please forgive me..

Thanks everyone for this thread. I really could hardly believe that I had pushed the photo assault thing totally out of my brain until I was reading the other posts. I personally think that I need to uncover some of the past junk to get over my weight issues. I was never heavy until collage and not really heavy until afterwards. I also remembered another incident, but wasn't ready to post it yet. I keep thinking that I was a very pretty girl.

I wonder if that was part of the weight thing. To become more invisible? Who wants to snap a picture of a fat lady? Or, drag her off in the woods? Makes me wonder. I am not saying that this issue is the only thing to blame for my being here. It isn't an excuse either. It is just one of the lumps under my neat little rug that needed to be taken outside and shook out! Ann..

answered Apr 30 at 13:38

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I just wanted to say that I'd like to join your group. I have lost 255 pounds and reached my goal weight on Friday. I'd like to be here to help and encourage folks as well as keep my own motivation to sustain my loss. Now that I'm here my biggest fear is that I'll mess up and put the weight back on. I know that if I follow the transition and maintenance plan I'll be able to do it, but Saturday was a real challenge. There was a part of me that just wanted to throw caution to the wind and consume stuff I shouldn't.

Interesting that I rarely felt that way while losing but now that I'm here I'm struggling. Sigh....

Oh well, I know that if I can lose it I can keep it off and I will!.

Now I think I'll try to get some sleep! Tomorrow is a 10 mile autumn/Halloween hike! Woo Hoo - that will keep the weight off!..

answered Apr 30 at 15:03

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I just want to cry so badly and I am so mad at myself. Today I had a blow out fight with my ex over issues that need to be taken care of, and then my cat ( who is very important to me) went missing and has not been heard from. This is very unusual, as he always comes home when it gets dark..


What do I do? I go to Jack in the box my favorite go to place when I want to eat, and I order and consume enough food for three people. THEN I come home and I make buttered popcorn and shove THAT down my throat..

Five days on plan......the FIRST five days, and I have already messed it up. What do I do?.

Why do I keep doing this to myself? I just ignored what I needed to do, and did what I wanted to do..

Am I going to be able to lose ANY weight this week now?.

Has anyone else out there done this before?.

I am so disappointed in myself...

answered Apr 30 at 15:48

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Hi! I would like to be a member of your group. I have 175 more to lose ... have lost 25 to date. Thanks for your consideration...

answered Apr 30 at 16:12

's gravatar image


Pipsy, you are a Medifast hero!!!!!!!.

Stephani, okay. First of all. If anything else, use this as a learning experience. Sounds like a big emotional binge. Please write down all the feelings you remember having about your ex, the cat etc. prior to going to jackinthebox.

Chances are that the food didn't do what your mind tricked you into thinking it did..

Next, tell yourself it was a mistake and try to get over it. The negative downward spiral of emotions needs to stop now. Pick yourself up, brush off and restart the plan right now..

Get a copy of the Beck Diet Solution if you haven't already. It is an excellent book to teach us to change the way we think about all of this. The messages we tell ourselves in our heads are very powerful. We need to retrain that voice. In the meantime, get out a piece of paper and write down all of the reasons you want to lose the weight. Read the list over and over.

Hopefully this voice will get stronger than the jackinthebox one..

I hope your cat came home. Good luck. We can do this together. Ann..

answered Apr 30 at 16:36

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Pipsy, what an awesome achievement! You can do it and we'll be here to cheer you on..

Stephani, I echo what Ann said. You can't beat yourself up about the "incident". That will only cause a downward spiral into further despair, in my opinion. Do the things Ann suggests, put Jack back in his box, and continue forward..

As to me... ugh, what a horrible night. I stayed up way too late watching TV (3:00am) and by the time I did go to bed, I was.


This is the first time I've been hungry on MF, and this was definitely NOT hunger that was in my head. In retrospect I suppose I should have gotten up and eaten something small, but I didn't. It took me forever to get to sleep because of the hunger and this morning I have a blinding headache. Lesson learned, I suppose..

Hope everyone else is doing well this morning...

answered Apr 30 at 17:57

's gravatar image


Pipsi- WOW! what an inspiration you are to us all! I can understand where this time might be confusing for you, but you are strong keep up your good work, enjoy your hike today and stick around here with us, PLEASE!.

Stephani, I am sorry to hear you had a rough night. Ann gave you very solid advice....please follow it. It will help. You can do this, you will do this, we all will!.

I have had a rocky morning myself. No off plan eating but negative thinking. I am getting myself very worked up about a trip on Friday. I haven't been out side my comfort zone or routine since starting MF. I have had a few social challenges but I manage with water or coffee and making sure I ate before. But I will be staying at someone elses house and I am just nervous......I realize I am making this harder on myself than it has to be.

He feels I should be thrilled to be getting away and stop worry about my "diet"..

I tried to explain I was just airing some fears so I can come up with a plan, but things went south.....I hate to argue..

So, I am going to get out and walk in the nice weather we a re having today and try to clear the negative thoughts out of my head and move on. I will face my fears on my trip and pack my meals and go from there..

Thanks for the good VENT!..

answered Apr 30 at 19:36

Jayce's gravatar image


Lisa r, take a few bars in your purse just in case. Have you told your friend? I went to my brothers and didn't tell them. I just nibbled on low carb stuff for lunch and dinner (sort of split my lean and green and ate 1/2 a bar and then the other half later. I have quickly made my oatmeal or hot cocoa too and gotten away with it. I am funny about who I have told and who I haven't. I guess it is personal. Ann..

answered Apr 30 at 21:02

Cayden's gravatar image


Happy Sunday Marathoners! It's your friendly Lurker.....well sort of. I've been reading but a lot has been on my mind since I last posted here. You know, the stuff that bogs you down. I have been able to stay on plan thru it and that is an improvement over my past...


A big public WELCOME.

As I said in my PM we can all use your success secrets here. We will also be here to listen and support you thru the struggles of maintaining your incredible loss. The thing you experienced might be what some of us do to reward ourselves for "whatever" by eating what we have been deprived of. Try to find non-food rewards maybe?.

In case anyone wants the Beck Diet book......I got mine from Amazon.com with a 2 day shipping. It really helps me stay focused..


Love the thought of putting Jack, back in the box. Does that compare to putting the pizza delivery guy back in his car. For me nights are the hardest. Even after eating the evening snack I am struggling with hungry vs. desire. I think it is all the dang comercials for food.

Lisa R.

Most husbands and bf's don't know how to support us in this weight loss thing. First there's the man-woman thing....we don't think or react alike. Then there is the fact that they always want to fix what isn't broken....so talking it to death drives them crazy. They don't get that we need to vent, cry, talk and get support before we can handle something that they never gave a thought to. Use us instead, if you can. Walking is a great way to work things out in your head.


You always give such good advice. I couldn't have said it better to Stephani. As to Catholics.....well I am sure you can see how I felt from my posting. Until my abuse I was a good little Catholic girl. Today.......don't even get me started on religion even in general. I can't handle it emotionally.

When the abuse stuff came out my moms concern was not for what happened to me but about her "Crisis of Faith". Yes, she still attends the church were I was molested..


I Pm'd you the info on the group and want to say a big WELCOME..


WELCOME, also. We are here for you. Don't be too hard on yourself. Consider it over and done and stop beating yourself up. Oops, maybe a little to strong but you are human. Don't worry about the scale this week look for positive things you have done.

To those with pets, I am sorry for your losses. It does seem that when things happen they pile up on us in multiples. Stay strong if you can..

Have a great day all,..

answered Apr 30 at 21:08

Reece's gravatar image


I just wanted to report that the walk on the nature trail today did me a world of good. thanks to all of you for your kind words. You are right Scrappy(Lisa) I need to vent here and work stuff out here first. DH is very supportive in general, he just does not understand my anxiety of traveling right now. Ann, no I haven't told my friend yet because she doesn't believe in diets.yes, you read correctly. She was a registered dietician for awhile and feels we all need to make daily healthy choices and we will maintain a healthy weight.

If you need to drop a few lbs she thinks moderate exercise and a few small cut backs in diet along with.


Is key!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, I know!!! However, this person is like a sister to me and I have kept my distance since I started Medifast because I know this about her. However I also know she loves me and will want what is best for me. It will help considerably that my Doc approved this plan for me.( in her mind anyway) So I am hoping she will be supportive when she sees me. I saw her last spring and I could tell she notice the extra pounds even though she would NEVER do or say something to hurt my feelings..

Anyway, a long story as usual with me, but I do feel better after the hike and I am going to succeed even while traveling! (and have a good time....


WELCOME! WELCOME!WELCOME! to everyone joining in this great group!!!..

answered Apr 30 at 21:29

Thomas's gravatar image


Lisa R, I hope your friend understands. Maybe you just need to tell her that this is a plan you and your doc have come up with and that you would just appreciate her support. That might get her to not get up on a soap box. I have a family member who has never struggled with weight who has the same "if you just eat less and exercise it will all come right off" attitude..

Scrappy, glad I didn't offend you.........didn't think I had. Well, I have company over watching the world series. Guess I better go in there. ann..

answered Apr 30 at 22:01

Orlando's gravatar image


Hi Everyone~.

I'm so glad you all started this support group. I feel like I have missed out on getting in a challenge support group and getting on board with a group of people, but now I feel I have found kindred souls. You have all touched my heart in so many ways. I appreciate your honesty in sharing what's going on and where you have been. My heart goes out to each and everyone of you who have suffered some terrible and deep hurts. I'm sure that Christ himself weeps with and for each of you who were hurt where you should have been safe and protected.

He said it would be better for the abuser for a millstone to be hung around their neck and they be drowned in the depths of the sea. They will all get what is coming to them..

I have struggled with my weight for what seems my entire life. I was doing a chronilogical chart looking at my weight, size, work situation, relationship situation to see what might jump out at me. Over the last 20 years I have been at my all time best a size 8 and my all time high 325lbs + and a 24/26. I did Medifast through a doctor over 20 years ago. I lost 60lbs and went from an 18-8 in about 5 months. Back then is was only 5 packets a day.

I thought that I would never have to diet again. I don't think I really got at what was driving me to eat. That is what I am hoping to accomplish this time. I know the weight will come off but will the stuff hidding under the fat melt away too?.

As soon as my paycheck hits the bank I'm buying the Beck book and workbook. From what you have been saying it seems like what I need to help me really accomplish my mission..

Thanks again to all of you who put this great place together for all of us. I think this will be a great place to learn, heal, grow and SHRINK! So I'm pulling up a chair and getting comfy. I look forward to sharing this marahon with all of you!.



answered Apr 30 at 23:17

Timothy's gravatar image


Happy Monday, Everyone! Thank you so very much for letting me join your group..

This is the start of week 4 for me. So far, I am 25 pounds down. I am a caregiver for my sister, who has a mental illness. She is also on the Medifast and has lost 10 pounds; I am happier about her loss because it is so hard to lose weight when you take a lot of psyche medications. So, both of us are on the road to healthy living..

I look forward to "talking" with each and every one of you..

Take care!.

Marie (lizy1013)..

answered May 01 at 00:43

Peyton's gravatar image


Hey all, seem to be having phone line probs again. Seems like more than a 5 mph wind causes static, and dsl lines don't like static. It's an old line into an old house, but you'd think they could do somethig..


, I'm so sorry about your dear dog. It's pointless, I know, but sometimes I get so angry that our pets weren't designed to live longer..


, I'm betting your system paid dearly for that food, even after only a few days of smaller meals. So one of many things you can do to try to not repeat that event is to remember how ghastly full you felt, and that you'd prefer to not feel that way again, thank you very much..


, tell your friend you hate diets, too. This is part of a lifestyle change so you can be done with trying to lose weight by every other method that has failed once and for all. I've always said that diets don't work, and didn't try one for over 16 years, and while Medifast may technically be a diet because it restricts your food intake, what makes it less of a diet is it's simplicity. All other diets take a lot of time to plan, measure, learn point values, calorie numbers, etc. So Medifast is closer to regular eating in that with regular eating you don't usually take a lot of time to plan, or even think about it everyday, and with MF, once you get the swing of things, it also doesn't take a lot of time to plan each day. There are a lot of people like your friend who just don't get it, but you really don't owe her an explanation if she decides to criticize you.

But tell her she's free to give you compliments when the weight starts coming off..

And welcome to.






I'm really loving seeing our banner all over the place, more and more. Together, we can be invincible against those who would doubt us..

Hugs to everyone else I missed. This group is going to get too big before too long to try to address each person, so,.

I think it goes without saying, but let's make a pact.

We won't take offense if someone forgets to say hi to us or respond to a post we think was significant. I think the feelings are so strong here because our need to succeed is so strong. So let it be understood that we all really need each other to succeed and to try and set as positive an example for each other as we can. Think of all of us here wanting you to succeed the next time you feel seduced by food that only wants to defeat you. But don't ever think you can't come here when you have faltered. We are your friends and will try to comfort you the best way we can, but food will always betray you when you go to it for comfort.

Mary Ann.

Day 115..

answered May 01 at 00:51

Shawn's gravatar image


You guys are so prolific with the posts! wow I need some time to catch up, and I am sorry I don't have time to read all, I do skimming well! I guess that comes from reading tons of journal articles. hmm... Anyhow MLD I did want to let you know I feel your pain, our pets are so important, they really are like our children. I am so sorry that you had to let go, that can be so painful, but I am glad you didn't spin you off on a tangent into food. That is what I often seem to do, and struggle to not do now. I continue to struggle but everytime I read about others strength I feel like I grab on a little bit more.

Have a great day all!..

answered May 01 at 02:25

's gravatar image



- Yes, the headache was gone by noon. But I don't intend to repeat that. Seriously, I think I'd have been fine both physically and MF-wise if I had just gotten up and had a shake or something, but I didn't want to disturb the whole house in the middle of the night..


- I have a friend like that too and I haven't told her about MF. I agree making healthy choices and exercising is awesome and all, but not when you have to lose as much as we do here. I needed to do something this drastic to get my life back on track, and I'm pretty sure most of us feel that way. Hopefully once you tell her that your doctor approved it, that will be all it will take. Good luck and keep your chin up!.

Welcome to the new folks!.

My Monday victory - lost 4 more pounds! That's 10.4 pounds in 3 weeks, yay! I didn't have a scale when I started, so I don't know what I lost the first week (boo!), but I'm guessing based on my clothes that I probably lost about 7-10 that first week...

answered May 01 at 02:39

Thomas's gravatar image


Hello Everyone,.

I wanted to say Hi to all the new comers to this forum. It is a great place to be..

MaryAnn-I agree with you on it is hard to address everyone who leaves a post onto this board. We are becoming a larger group. I for one will not be offended if I am missed..

I enjoy reading all of your posts. Both positive and items of sadness. We all need to know we are going through so much in our lives. Being on Medifast doesn't change our day to day life..

Well I had an interesting weekend as far as my weight goes. Saturday morning I had to look and see what my weight was. Ohhh...306! That was a 4 pound loss. I told my husband I hope that continues until Monday, which is my weight in day. Nope...this morning I weighed myself and I was at 308.6. Yuck...water weight retention is what I am thinking.


Saturday I had a little shocking realization. I was making a birthday cake for my grand daughter from scratch. No problem there. I don't need to lick the bowl or the spatula. The hard part was when I went to the grocery store. I decided to buy frosting instead of making it.

That is one of the things I did to get back up to 351. I know the prices well and always got what was on sale. Well, I normally would have bought an extra can for me to snack on. It was very strange not to be doing that again. One other habbit I will and have broken.

Looks like it is going to be a busy Monday at work. Have a good rest of your day everyone..


answered May 01 at 03:26

's gravatar image


Hi everyone- yes I do mean EVERYONE! A big thanks to Mary Ann for posting "The Pact" I completely agree. I will not be offended either if I am inadvertently missed. I know we are all busy and we all have good intentions.



Although I do want to say.


To lizy1013 and to Sandy. Jump in often and let us know how you are doing..

Spacie and Noelie - WOW!~ great weigh in reports! Every victory counts scale or non-scale!!!!.

MLD - I don't know if I said anything about your loss earlier but you do have my sympathy and I hope your spirits are on the rise..

I also want to think everyone for the great input on the situation with my college friend. I feel confident I will handle it well and now with thought put into how I will handle it, I think it will go well. Oh, Mary Ann I hope your lines are better now I look forward your frequent postings.....

Caroline, touch base when you can and keep up the good work!.

As ALWAYS you guys are awesome! Have a great Day!..

answered May 01 at 04:43

Richard's gravatar image


Just taking a little break from work. Today was a rough one at lunch. It is so hard sticking to my Medifast when the people around me have wonderful home cooked meals. You see, where I work we receive a hot meal for lunch! Oh well! Made it through lunch okay..

I am trying each day to focus on how important losing weight will be for my overall health. I have been very fortunate so far in that I have no problems with my knees, back, feet ... and, I will be 60 next year..

Does anyone watch "Dancing with the Stars?".

I am really happy I have a place to "talk" about this. Thanks..


answered May 01 at 05:03

Xavier's gravatar image


O M Gosh...I can't believe how hungry I am today. I am actually thinking of having two l&g meals. How funny that our hormones mess with us like that. Then I looked at the clock and realized it had been too many hours since I ate. haha I am still in a hungry mode today...

answered May 01 at 05:14

's gravatar image


Hi guys. I had a long dr. visit with my 3 boys today. 2 1/2 hours for their flu shots and checkups. I am all off schedule. Only had 1 Medifast meal and chicken on a caesar salad with Galeo's.

Sandy-you will like the book. Sounds like you are really getting your head work started. It is so much more than meets the eye why we are here..

Marie -Good job!.


Spacie-Victory over frosting!.

Mary Ann, I hope your phone is better..

Well, I need to get caught up with my housework and Medifast meals. Ann..

answered May 01 at 06:06

's gravatar image


Hey everyone,.

Welcome to all our new marathoners. You have chosen a great, great group. You will find you will get all that you need and more from the marathoners. These are good people..

Sorry that I haven't posted all weekend, as usual, more things to do than I have time but the community activist in me won't let me say no. I had to attend a luncheon today at a very swank upscale hotel, and let me tell you, it was no problem staying on program for what they served. All I can say is, I am glad I was someone's guest and did not have to spend the $$$ they charged for this luncheon. For the first time in a long time, I was able to look at the bread and butter and not touch it, the desserts were already on the table in front of the lunch and I did not have to worry about them either b/c if the desserts tasted anything like the lunch, yuch. Came back to work and had a bar and water. I am counting lunch as a 1/2 L & G for today..

I do have saddness in me today. I just got a call from my nephew saying about a month and half ago he got picked up for DWI and this was his second offense in two years. (Both times was a routine stop, no one was injured thank God) He was afraid to call me, more embarressed I think, not that I have ever judged him. Now mind you, I am a big advocate againest DWI, but you can't imagine how I am feeling. My nephew is going to prison for 30 days starting tommorrow. I am scared for him.

His mother and I were best friends and business partners till she passed away from pnemonia back in 2001 (46 yrs.) and then in 2005 his lost his father. He has lost alot and I am at a loss to help him. His step-dad is great but isn't sure what to do either. His brother, who is his fraternal twin is more scared than anything, but has his partner to help him deal with this. Part of me says you play you pay, but being his aunt, it is very difficult for me to even think that way.

They ain't kidding when they say you hurt the ones you love. I can only pray that all will go well for him, he will come out of this ordeal physically unscathed, and come to realize there are some problems too huge to tackle on your own and get the help he needs to make it to the next step in his life. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest, be well,.


(sorry about any mispellings today, not my best day)..

answered May 01 at 07:45

Allen's gravatar image


Hi to all! I agree with Mary Ann about not being too sensitive if one person forgets you or doesn't respond to your post. Some days we are able to be there for everyone and some days we just need to work on our own stuff. Myself, there are days that I can really communicate and others when I am quiet..

Three good things happened to me today. I lost 4 lbs at weigh in, my car seat belt is now loose (I used to feel strangled) and I went alone to go get my blood work done. To any one else this would be a big, so what.......but I am sure you all can relate. The going alone to the vampire's is a really big one for me. It has been a while since I drove myself to any appointments. If my bf didn't take me, I dragged my kids along for the ride.


List three advantages/reasons that are important to you for losing the weight..

Mine are:.

1. Improving my health: diabetes, heart and sleep apnea.

2. I will be able to walk and drive more.

3. I will not hate myself when I look in a mirror or need to avoid them.

***This one is important because right across from my bed are mirrored sliding doors.

On my closet. They were there when I bought the house and they remain open.

Most of the time showing my junk.

Have a good week!..

answered May 01 at 09:16

's gravatar image


LESLIESH, So sorry about your nephew. ABout all you can do, except pray, is be there for him. Let him call you from prison and write him letters. I have had a family member that went to prison and this is what I did. It will keep you on your knees praying, that's for sure. Eva..

answered May 01 at 09:57

Romeo's gravatar image


LESLIESH, I am so sorry about your nephew and I can't imagine what it is like for you and your family. I'll keep prayers for him..



) YEAH!!!!!! for all your victories today. Those are BIG!.

I am very happy for you..

My reasons for losing weight.

1) to get healthy.

2) to live life fully; I miss out sometimes because of my weight.

3) to like my own image.

Great Question of the Week!..

answered May 01 at 10:21

's gravatar image


Three reasons for my losing weight:.

1. Health (high blood pressure, sleep apnea, etc.).

2. Making damn sure I collect Social Security ... only 6 more years til retirement!.

3. Mental health: more confidence will come when I am slimmer; no more paranoid thoughts about my weight and how people are judging me because of it; not worrying if I will fit into a chair, etc..

Have a good night, everyone!.


answered May 01 at 11:36

Roger's gravatar image


Lisa-Congratulations on the weight loss AND driving yourself to the doctors. Isn't it great to be able to do things we've been missing..

Lesliesh-Yes, it is hard to know your nephew is going through these hard times. Too bad he cannot find solice in all of his family that is supporting him. Sometimes going to jail can be a help. I have heard some jails have AA programs. Is there anything like that where he will be going?.

Three goals/reasons to loose weight:.

1. Health. I want to be around for my husband, daughter and grandchildren.

2. So when I look for a new job in a year I will get it because of my job skills. I often got the feeling I wasn't getting a position because I was too fat and probably they thought I was lazy. Not..

3. TRAVEL!!! We have so much travel we want to do and I want to enjoy it. Not have to worry if I will fit on the plane, the seats or have people stare..

Thanks Scrappy for allowing us to share..


answered May 01 at 11:50

Ayden's gravatar image


Scrappy- I couldn't wait till payday.... I went to Borders during my lunch and picked up the Beck book. I started reading right away and am up to Ch 5- Day 1. I am so glad all of you started writing about this book. I can tell it is going to be a life changer..

My 3 Reasons:.

1) I want to feel good about myself again. I want to like what I see reflecting back at me in the mirror..

2) I want to be more active and do more things with my son..

3) I want to be healthy...

answered May 01 at 11:54

's gravatar image


Thank you all so much for the kind words. My cat is in the emergency hospital where I work and it does not look good, but I have not gone off plan again..

I wanted to, but I didn't, and for that I am grateful. I am definitely going to check out the Beck book, thank you for suggesting it..

I hope you all had a great day, and I want to tell you all how grateful I am to be able to share with you!..

answered May 01 at 13:19

's gravatar image


Leslie, so sorry to hear about your nephew. While it's a terrible thing, maybe this will be a wakeup call for him? I don't know, just putting that out there..

My reasons for losing weight:.

1. Health - I've been lucky so far with things like blood sugar and cholesterol, but I know that those problems are just around the corner if I don't get this weight off. And primarily, I'm tired of being in pain, tired of my back and joints hurting..

2. Self Image - I want to feel good about myself when I look in the mirror..

3. Confidence and enjoying life more - I want to feel confident when I walk into a group of strangers and not feel like they are all staring because of my weight. I want to go to the movies without feeling cramped. I want to enjoy things like going to the beach without feeling self conscious. Etc., etc., etc..

Hope you all are doing well today!..

answered May 01 at 14:08

Jacob's gravatar image


Good morning, everyone!.

I am finding that I am a little "edgey" being on MF. Although I do feel much better, especially when I walk the dog, I sometimes feel like I am being short with people. There is a women in our office who is divorced twice and still dealing with both exhusbands. The first one is the husband of her children and does not pay her enough child support. The second one stole money from her savings and has agreed to pay her back monthly, of course the money is never in the bank. What I am getting to is I am tired of hearing the same old crap all the time.

What a whiner! Enough said ... thanks so much for listening!..

answered May 01 at 15:29

Abram's gravatar image


Hello all!!.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: List three advantages/reasons that are important to you for losing the weight..

Although I have more than 3, these are on the top of my 'list'.

1: Getting control of my type 2 diabetes; aka getting healthy.

2: Getting pregnant without fertility drugs & procedures.

3: Loving myself!!!.

Have a great week! Started Friday and today the scale said I lost 4 lbs so far - asked my DH to hide the scale and only bring it out for Friday morning weigh in's. I know that the first week shows alot of weight loss and although counts, doesn't set the 'expected' rate of loss I want..

AHHH to loose 10 pounds a week, every week - wouldn't that be great?.

Also, because of my dental proceedures still healing, I wasn't 100% on Medifast since Friday - a lot of pain caused missed meals and very small portions of mac & cheese. BUT - I still lost and everyday I am getting closer to 100%!!!..

answered May 01 at 15:34

's gravatar image


My 3 reasons: Being more healthy, having doctors look at me for what my problems are/might be and not just assume it is the weight, be around a long time to pester my husband and boys..

Leslie, sorry about your newphew. But as a nurse, and a person who had a direct relative killed by a drunk driver, maybe this is what he needs. It didn't deter him the first time..........he might have more of a problem. Pray for him and write. It could be worse, he could have killed himself or another innocent person..

Stephanie, I take it you found the cat and some trauma had happened? Stay strong my friend..

Lizy, I get edgy sometimes, but I don't think it is MF. Are you spacing your meals well?.


answered May 01 at 16:55

Drew's gravatar image


Lizy...I know what you mean about people who CONSTANTLY whine at work. It is like...come on, get some new problems here. haha But yeah, sometimes you just need to tune them out..

Laura-Congratulations for being on plan now. Good for you. Good thing too you asked hubby to put that scale away. It is alway best to look once a week..

I didn't last Saturday. Monday is my weigh in day but I looked on Saturday. I was down four pounds from the previous Monday. I told my husband I hope it stays that way. Nope...I ended up being 2.2 pounds down from the previous week. I am hoping it is water weight gain.

Have a good day today everyone!.


answered May 01 at 17:14

Kellen's gravatar image


Yeah, boy. That's a big one for me too. I get SO tired of everything being blamed on my weight! Stubbed toe? You need to lose weight! Broken finger? You need to lose weight! Hangnail? You need to lose weight!.

I have a friend who is a doctor and when she was in med school, she told me that they are taught to bring up the weight thing in every consult/appointment with an overweight person because it's so detrimental to health. I told her, "Well, yes it is. I know that it is. But don't any of you realize that it also makes you sound like a moron when you tell someone with a broken finger that they need to lose weight?".

ARGH. Okay. Whew. Sorry about that. Rant over...

answered May 01 at 18:13

's gravatar image


When I was about 13 years old, a doctor walked into the patient room where I was and said: YOU ARE FAT! I will never forget how bad he made me feel...

answered May 01 at 19:39

Zane's gravatar image


Or do they think that maybe overweight people avoid doctors eventually because of that? Sometimes I just want to deal with the issue at hand. I finally had a doc in Texas I loved.......but, we began with me saying. I am a nurse and I know I am overweight. I am working on it and I would appreciate it if everything didn't come back to that! She was sweet..

I often wonder when I read some of the studies (like obese people have higher cancer death rates) if it is because some don't go to the doc until it is too late or they just hear "oh, you just need to lose weight". Ann..

answered May 01 at 21:02

Camron's gravatar image


You're exactly right, Ann. I went to a clinic in 1978, in a small town I had just moved to, for an earache that wouldn't go away. He comes into the room, sits down and scrawls something across the chart and asks me when I'm going to do something about my weight. I don't remember the conversation, only that when he moved to reach for something on a counter I saw the word.


Scrawled at an angle across the chart with several underlines. He stood up and was about to leave when I had to remind him I had come in for an earache..

I moved to a city two years later, but it wasn't until 1986, when I had a flu I couldn't shake, but had no doctor, that a friend said she had a friend who lived down the street from her who was doctor, and she got me in. But before I went, I called him and said I was coming in for the flu, that I was fat and was not coming to discuss that, if he could accept that. He just sort of chuckled and said that was fine with him. And he has continued to respect me and only address the issue I was coming in for for the last 21 years. He has never judged me by saying that any illness I had was related to my weight, even diabetes. I think he realized I was smart enough to know that and to bring it up would be an insult.

I can't say the same for my.



Stephani, I teared up about your kitty. I hope he gets better. My Potter got out May 6, 2006, with a carpenter. But I didn't realize he was gone for several hours. I still have his littermate, Trilla, and we both still miss him terribly. I can't even get through typing this.

My Rufus was gone almost 11 months and the microchip finally got him back to me. But Potter was the most playfull kitty I've ever had, and it's just torture to not have him around any more, especially with his near identical-looking sister around. But he's so pretty and sweet (long, gray hair, Maine Coon mix), anyone who found him would probably just keep him, if they didn't bother to check for a microchip. I will pray to St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals, and the only saint I still acknowledge, for the return to good health of your sweet baby..

Mary Ann.

Day 116..

answered May 01 at 21:40

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Thank you for bringing up a topic that affects us all. I agree, I used to stay away like heck from the docs b/c of all the negative comments. Even as a teenager during the 70's, I was constantly belittled by the ped. dr. about being FAT. I wore a size 14/16 was 5'8" and active in volleyball, and all through HS they claimed I was too FAT.

Office till my late 30's and the weight after HS just ballooned..

I finally found one that said, let's see what a complete blood workup says and then we will deal with any issues. Well surprise, surprise, I was very lucky, all my numbers belong to a thin person. I am very gratefully that we did the workup and he was just as happy and surprised. I know that genetics has alot to do with it and I am grateful..

Now when we get health insurance again, (long story) I will be back in this wonderful drs. office and surprise the heck out of him with my weight loss..

Talk to ya soon,.


answered May 01 at 23:03

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Leslie, my labs belong to a thin person too! Funny how people assume things. My ldl/hdl ratio is in the excellent category etc. I am more than just my fat!.

Mary Ann, I had a beautiful grey maine coon. The problem was that he was about 3 "normal" cats worth the fur! LOL. He was my first kitty I ever had. We bought him at a pet store not really knowing anything and thought he would be a nice small apartment cat. Well, if a big old 19 pound (and not fat) cat is small..........He was a sweetie. I micro chip my pets now too, but don't currently have a kitty (just my black lab). Ann..

answered May 02 at 00:28

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I just wanted to say a quick hello to all. The next three days I have various Doctors appointments but I will check in here and maybe post a little note. Think positive thoughts for me on Thursday.....seeing the EP guy and he is the one who decides when they might try shocking my heart back into rythm. Not something I am looking forward to doing.

I had a long talk with my Therapist today........she's great......I have been seeing her for almost 15 years now. Anyway, during the discussion something came up for me and really took shape in my mind when I took a shower later. It was the question of do I need to let go of unhealthy relationships in order to.


In this weight loss endeavor. Not sure if anyone of you can relate to this or not. Her answer was, not neccesarily. That as I feel better and stronger I might be able to be with these people in a new way and not need them as much. Healthier me means healthier relationships! We'll see down the road I guess..

Happy Halloween to all tomorrow,..

answered May 02 at 01:40

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Good luck on your appointment Scrappy. I hope it goes well for you..

Well guess what. TOM showed up early. I knew something was up because I could feel the water weight holding on and I was starving these past couple of days. Luckily I rode it out. Funny how are bodies react to any changes we make..

Well everyone is coming by and taking the candy I have had set out. I gratefully acknowledge they take it and thank them too. LOL No one in this building knows I am on mf. I work mostly with a bunch of guys and they are oblivious to the weight loss..

Today was another shock for me. I just realized I have not had one piece of candy corn. Wait...spacie and no candy corn? I didn't even think about it till this morning. Amazing how I am not consumed by it anymore..

I hope everyone has a safe Halloween. Eat your Medifast pudding as your treat! Hopefully you will not get any tricks..


answered May 02 at 02:49

's gravatar image


I hope the fact that it is so quiet on here means everyone is out exercising and not eating all of the Halloween candy.

My daughter bought the candy I didn't really like and she is going to take care of the trick or treaters tonight. Someone keeps mentioning candy corn on these Forums (won't mention who) and it makes me think of it.


But I know that I can resist it now. 32lbs down and feeling good in my clothes is better than a sugar fix!..

answered May 02 at 03:56

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Nope! No candy here. Just spent most of my day screwing around with some software that won't quite do what I want it to do. I tend to over-focus when I'm messing with stuff like that, so I wasn't on the boards much. And now it's time to take my tuna green bean casserole out of the oven and ignore the trick or treaters (yes, I'm mean)...

answered May 02 at 05:33

's gravatar image


Hello everyone -.

My first product shipment is to arrive tomorrow. I've been tracking it for two days now. I am excited to start the program, and I am grateful for this encouring support group. I'm sure that even though we don't know each other ... we'll become good friends!.

Have a great evening!..

answered May 02 at 06:30

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