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Got a question, hope someone can answer... What factors may cause Nutrisystem not to work? Many thanks for any response. 2nd question I got is.. As promised here is my review of the GoWear Fit system..

I ordered my armband and monitor from Amazon which was cheaper than purchasing it directly from Body Media. The order from Amazon came with a 3 month subscription to the online service..

I've used it since 3/14 and have been very impressed with the system up to this point..

The system consists of.

1. Armband: this is fairly comfortable, but I think my arms are a bit too big for the strap I was sent, so I have an indentation in my arm fat whenever I take off the strap. I've been wearing the armband all the time except for when I'm showing, even at night. I've noticed some very minor irritation on my skin underneath the sensors, but dont' seem to be developing an allergic reaction to the metal..

2. Monitor: this came with a watch strap that the monitor can be placed on or a clip it can be placed on. The watch strap is a plastic strap that is stiff and uncomfortable, not to mention unattractive. I've been using the clip to put the monitor on my belt. The monitor will tell you the total number of calories burned, total steps, and total physical activity. It will give you that information for the current calender day (midnight to midnight), yesterday, and can be reset at any given time if you want to see how many calories you are burning for a single workout (without resetting the count for the current day)..

3. Activity Monitor: this is all online at the BodyMedia website. You download information from the armband via a USB connection. On the website you can log you food intake for 6 seperate meals per day. The food logging interface is much faster and more convenient than the one on the Nutrisystem website. You can input custom foods and it will add them to the searchable database, unlike on Nutrisystem where you have to scroll down a list of custom foods.

It also includes a nutritional breakdown of each meal and for the entire day, something not done on the Nutrisystem online log. Also reported are the total number of daily steps, total activity level (all activity above a certain threshold that can be custom set), and sleep activity. The armband is able to tell if you are lying flat and is also able to tell when you've been still for a prolonged period of time and reports this as sleep. The software then divides the sleep time into the total time lying flat and reports this as a sleep efficiency percentage..

I've been very happy with the system up to this point and I'm actually surprised how many calories I'm burning even on fairly sedentary days, as I've been over 4000 calories burned every day. My deficits have been 2000+ each day as well. I'm going to continue my current routine for the next week or so and just collect data, but based on what I know I'm really going to consider increasing my calorie intake..

If anyone has any specific questions feel free to ask...

asked Apr 21 at 16:45

Daniel's gravatar image


That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

answered Apr 21 at 18:17

Zachariah's gravatar image


This sounds surprisingly compreshensive in it's approach. I've been sceptical, so am looking forward to any further observations. For instance, I'd love to hear how your calorie deficit as calculated by this system aligns with weight loss over the course of a month or 2. Sounds like a great way to answer the questions about how much to add to Nutrisystem if you're working out. I wonder how it knows if your system goes into "starvation mode" from too few calories? Does it measure basal metabolism somehow by heart rate, body temp? Very interesing!.


answered Apr 21 at 18:18

's gravatar image


So, the Gowear fit is $169.99 on Amazon and the monitor (display device) is $69.99. Is that what you bought?..

answered Apr 21 at 19:20

Kayden's gravatar image


Does this have a feature you can add in your exercise? Reason is that to do different things, I am swimming sometimes 2 days a week instead of treadmill...

answered Apr 21 at 19:48

's gravatar image


How much is the monthly fee you have to pay to keep the monitor working etc?.

I don't understand the how you figure out the decifit number? How do you determine that? I know calories in (what your eating), calories out...through exercise, walking and just what your doing...

Like as being on the womens plan we eat 1100-1300 cal/day, and then your expending calories during the day etc. how do you know where you should be so you lose say 1 or 1.5/lbs a week?..

answered Apr 21 at 20:31

Luca's gravatar image


Does anyone know of an alternative to this that does not require a monthly fee? I understand that the GoWear and BodyBug both require the monthly access fee...

answered Apr 21 at 21:26

's gravatar image


I just bought a gowear fit myself. You can log exercise that you do with out wearing the armband. You can log the food you eat on the online program..

I couldn't find a monitor like the gowear fit or the body bugg that doesn't require a subscription. There are some different types of things you can wear that supposedly tell you what you are burning per day, but they aren't running on the same level as the bb or GWF..

I bought the GWF at Dicks Sporting Goods store. It comes with three months of monitoring. I'm going to decide after that if I want to invest in the continued monitoring..

I bought it because all the food and exercise logging I was doing wasn't resulting in additional weight loss. I thought this would be an accurate way to see if what I was logging for exercise was acccurate and if my BMR was what the charts say it should be...

answered Apr 21 at 22:08

Salvador's gravatar image


Thanks for your review Discobolus. I also just got my GoWear Fit from Amazon for about $230 (device and monitor) and here are some of my observations..

The good.

I find the armband to be very comfortable and often don't even notice that I'm wearing it..

It's a fascinating device and I find that it makes me want to exercise more..

I compared it against my heart rate monitor during a run and they were only off by +/- 10 kcal. Not to shabby..

The Activity Manager does make it easy to input your food log..

The Less than Good.

Despite coming with a 3 month free trial, they still made me purchase a plan for the activity manager upfront..

The armband must be on your left arm. As I prefer to sleep on my left side, this is the one time where the device is uncomfortable..

Syncing the device to the monitor can be more of a pain than it should be..

Also, though perhaps there's a way to turn this feature off, every time you reach a goal (ie # of steps for the day) my watch starts beeping which can be annoying (especially when in a meeting in the office)..

I had to remove Explorer v8 and reinstall v7..

I haven't explored the activity manager much yet, but it seems to be very basic in it's features. It would be nice you you could review multiple days worth of data simultaneously..

All the negatives aside, this is a great new toy (and yes, a useful aid). I'm very happy with it...

answered Apr 21 at 22:43

Rodrigo's gravatar image


Thanks for the review. I have the Polar F6 and I use it when I workout. It also has a website to record your workouts. What you are using seems much more detailed. I plan to check it out myself. Thanks again...

answered Apr 21 at 22:48

's gravatar image


Works great with either a mac (home) or a PC (office)..

Activity manager allows you to download several days of data into a PDF or excel format, or you select the range at the top of "several days" and select the range you want to see. This is a great feature as it shows you a trend a levels out the bumps. The Nutrisystem site doesn't allow this easily..

I wear mine all the time, including in the OR. I find it interesting that I burn more on OR days than in the office. More walking I guess...

answered Apr 21 at 23:02

Yahir's gravatar image


I started out on the left arm for a few days, but prefer it on the right..

I wasn't able to see a noticeable difference in stats vs. either side..

Mine wouldn't work with Ex8 either, updated java and it worked...

answered Apr 21 at 23:29

's gravatar image


Thanks Fixbones. I did run a report and it was pretty fascinating..

Wizz - I'll give it a shot on the right arm and see if it reads the same for me too. Thanks...

answered Apr 22 at 00:53

's gravatar image


Great review disco... I will copy it to the BB thread as well for folks to see. I think many have been following that thread and may have missed this as I did..


answered Apr 22 at 01:36

's gravatar image


I'm not sure with the GWF but I know the BB does have manual input specifically geared for swimming caloric burn... It will ask you for duration and activity level intensity. Once you input that info than it tabulates the most probable caloric burn. I did this and compared it to actual readings from the BB and came very close to the actual with the manual input...

answered Apr 22 at 01:53

's gravatar image


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