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First question I got is What if the best Nutrisystem diet or plan that you have followed? Many thanks for any comment. Second question.. Mervyn's is going out of business and I thought I'd go over today and look for some warm clothes to take on vacation in a couple weeks..

Honestly, I was adrift to figure out what to try on. I just couldn't really figure out what size I'd wear. I tried on a few XXL's and they were quite comfortable. Then, I accidently picked up an XL and put it on....

The darn thing fit me....I can't even recall the last time I wore anything in an XL. It wasn't perfect and I opted for the XXL for comfort on the trip..

But, holy crap...I can wear a FREEKIN XL SWEATER now if I want to..

I have to admit, I kind of teared up for a second..

I really can't explain just what it means to have this success and chance at better health..

I've had a horrible week, my brother died on Wednesday, my handicapped sister underwent surgery Friday and I learned earlier today that a close friend has a tumor and needs to move up the transplant list fast or we may lose him. I really needed something good...and being an XL is damn good for a guy who was 4X four months ago..

(I also stuck close to plan, not 100%..but I avoided the emotional binges that I would have done in the past under this kind of stress.)..

asked Apr 21 at 10:02

's gravatar image


That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

answered Apr 21 at 11:13

Sebastian's gravatar image


You've had a difficult week. More power to you for finding something, anything to feel good about and you found two things: the XL shirt.


The fact that you stayed on plan. With those kinds of things happening around you, you have all the more reason to get healthy yourself. Way to go...

answered Apr 21 at 12:32

Erik's gravatar image


CONGRATULATIONS! And thanks for sharing - you have soooo many great things to look forward to - it may seem that it can't get any better - trust me it just keeps getting better and better. I keep noticing at odd times of the day - just doing normal thngs - how great it is to be lean (even though I want to be leaner - I feel lean already). The little bit of discipline we have to exert each time we're tempted - costs us a momentary pleasure - but it gives us 24 X 7 joy! You're doing great. I'm really sorry about all the chalenges - but I'm impressed at how well you're handling the stress! Keep it up!..

answered Apr 21 at 13:40

's gravatar image


Brother, life is full of challenges. Many people cave in, allowing the pressure to alter who they are and what they are trying to accomplish. It may be human, but it's still weakness. You stuck to it. You owe that to yourself. And nothing wrong with sensing the magnitude of your changes. I'm sorry for your loss and wish you the best as you continue to fight on...

answered Apr 21 at 14:53

's gravatar image


Thank you so much guys..

You've all played a role in helping me get this far losing my weight. I've said before how much I've learned from you here and how meaningful and important seeing examples like Michael, Tom and Damon have been in opening my eyes to understand this is possible and not some flight of fancy to dabble in before going back to old habits..

I really do believe now that I have some control over my eating and that I don't have to weigh 350+ pounds until I shuffle off this planet..

The support of friends here really means a lot to me. You guys "get it" and have walked the walk ahead of me..

My brother was a retired pro football player who lived distant enough from me that we only saw each other maybe once a year..

The last time we talked I told him how I was going going to the gym and losing weight. He was really happy and proud. He said he was concerned that I would develop diabetes like he had later in life. He was a gym nut into his 60's. But, he also ate "big" like all of us and it had finally caught up to him. I'm just really glad that even if he didn't see me losing weight, he knew that I was..

That promise right there is part of what has kept me on track for the first few days. I'm doing this for myself, but a small part of it is to not let him down now that I've come so far..

Thank you again..


answered Apr 21 at 15:04

Simon's gravatar image


Being a clothes ***** myself, I love the clothing NSV's. It takes a lot to make this big man giddy, but buying smaller sizes (not from the Casual Male XL catalog, or JC Penney's Bigman book) is one of them. I still have problems with finding tall sizes but until Nutrisystem comes out with a height reduction plan I guess I will just suffer through it..

Great going JT!..

answered Apr 21 at 15:09

Santiago's gravatar image


Hey jt. I wish you all of the strength you can muster during these tough times. That's a lot of load for a short period of time..

And congrats on the XL. You know, I really wasn't expecting that to happen so soon to me either. Actually, I wasn't expecting it at all. Meaning, I've been wearing XL for about 15 years, and thought that due to my wide shoulders that's where I'd stay. I knew for sure that losing weight would affect my size for jeans/trousers/shorts, but didn't much think of shirts..

Now I'm finding that I'm starting to swim in these shirts. Bought some L this past weekend, they fit, and still can't believe it. Certainly not as much progress as you or many others here, but I know a little bit of this shirt NSV thing..


answered Apr 21 at 16:03

's gravatar image


JT Glad to see that the plan is working, it probably has something to do with you working the plan. When stressed, I eat, or at least I did. With the trials that you had it is a testament to your mental toughness that you stayed on plan and kept an eye on your goals. Keep up the good work, things will get better...

answered Apr 21 at 16:45

Salvador's gravatar image


I'm sorry for your loss and I hope all works out for your sister and friend..

Wearing an XL is just a temporary stop on your way to L and then M. If XL made you feel good about yourself, how's fitting into a medium going to feel? There's some incentive, eh?.

Congratulations. More to come (off)...

answered Apr 21 at 17:03

Brennan's gravatar image


Found out this weekend that I can now fit snugly into a 5'6" brunette. She verifies I couldn't have done that a year ago...

answered Apr 21 at 17:37

Elijah's gravatar image


So does that mean that all of 'em that are over 5'6" are out for you now? Of course we are just refering to brunettes...

answered Apr 21 at 17:56

's gravatar image


Excellent question. Actually, it's the opposite of golf. She is a solid 7, pushing 7.5. The leaner I get, the more likely it is that I will be fitting into 8's and 9's...

answered Apr 21 at 19:34

Mitchell's gravatar image


JT, I'm so sorry about your loss. I will keep your sister & friend in my prayers..

And good for you for finding something positive to help keep you motivated. You are not just helping yourself look better & fit into smaller clothes, you are prolonging your life AND the quality of your life. Keep it up!!..

answered Apr 21 at 21:02

Donald's gravatar image


Well, to update the story a little since so many of you have been so nice and supportive..

My sister is supposed to be out of ICU today and into a regular room. The long-term prognosis is good. She may actually be easier to get into a wheelchair now and the hope is that her son can take her out a bit more often for sitmulation, fresh air,etc. (She's been bedridden for about 15 years with a progressive form of MS.).

Even better news came this morning about my friend. They seem to have caught it at a point that won't knock him off the transplant list. So, the doctor is doing some new type of treatment that I won't even try to explain, but it's planned to shrink the tumor and then he's actually being moved up the list as a priority case. So, we have a much more optimistic outlook...it's a long fight, but he's the sort who is always up to taking on a challenge. So, I'm hopeful..

Thank you all once again for all the kind thoughts and support..

Coming here and meeting so many of you has been a really unexpected part of my starting onto a weight-loss journey...NS should advertise the "Men's Room" as one of the benefits of the program for guys.....

answered Apr 21 at 22:01

Braiden's gravatar image


Oh yes he did!.

This thread is useless without pics!!..

answered Apr 21 at 22:37

's gravatar image


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