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Got a quick question: What is a good Nutrisystem diet for a 17 year old boy? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: From CNN Health:.


Myth: Sugar makes kids hyperactive.




Myth: Suicides increase during the holidays.




Myth: Poinsettias are toxic.




Myth: You lose most of your body heat through your head.




Myth: Eating at night makes you fat.




Myth: You can cure a hangover.



Click here for the whole story...


Who'd a thunk?.

I think #5 surprised me the most and I still have reservations with their conclusions...

asked Apr 21 at 16:16

's gravatar image


Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

answered Apr 21 at 16:18

's gravatar image


I was kinda surprise about #4I was sure it was fact..

And I'm glad to hear about #8, as I'm so sick of 'Happy Holidays!", I've taken to saying Merry Christmas to everyone as if it was 1960...

answered Apr 21 at 17:24

's gravatar image



Sorry but #8 can be true...especially if the person saying it knows you are Jewish..


How about just saying Happy Hanukkah. Its more respectful - just sayin...

answered Apr 21 at 18:35

's gravatar image


I used to have a Jewish boss who insisted on calling our annual party a "Christmas party". He and his wife always sent out Christmas cards to their friends even though most of them were Jewish. And they are practicing Jews. From personal experience, I'd say that Fuzzie is correct for the most part. BTW, happy Hanukkah..

Enjoy the season!..

answered Apr 21 at 20:05

Felix's gravatar image


I find that most folks who know I'm Jewish go out of their way to say happy holidays or Hanuakkah. I've Never been offended by Marry X-mas, just assumed it was a friendly greeting of the season and nothing more or less..

My office, (when I worked) went out of their way to call it a holiday party, even though I was the only Jew. They even came and asked if I was offended if they put up a tree. I said YES I WAS offended. Now that they asked I couldn't "birtch" about it!.

Come to think about it, is this place full of nothing but fat jews?.

Maybe Nutrisystem needs to come up with a kosher plan! I know maybe we need to get a class action suit going as Nutrisystem is trying to get rid of all the orthodox "fat" jews by not offering a plan for them. Where's letsgomountaineers when you need him?..

answered Apr 21 at 21:36

Enrique's gravatar image


It sure seems it. So be honest, with Christmas later on this week, who's going to the movies and getting chinese food on Christmas Day? Don't lie, everyone knows it's a Jewish tradition :-)..

answered Apr 21 at 22:44

Keaton's gravatar image


I like Thai much better than Chinese. Might also catch the movie "Doubt"...

answered Apr 22 at 00:23

's gravatar image


Come to think of it, I was a stand in usher for the local movie theater every x-mas day in high school. That and chinese were the two major activities for years...

answered Apr 22 at 01:21

's gravatar image


I take issue with the logic behind #4. I understand that if you are wearing a swimming suit your body will lose heat equally from exposed skin. However, here in Wisconsin, in the winter when we are covered up with twelve layers of clothes and it gets down to -31 wind chill like it did last night - if you go outside without your head covered it will not only immediately suck all the heat out of your body, but within five seconds your head will turn to ice and your face will fall off. Even worse if you are partially bald like me...

answered Apr 22 at 02:02

Camron's gravatar image


I'd rather find some chumus and falafel or maybe some shwarma with zaatar spice.....

answered Apr 22 at 03:06

's gravatar image


Of course it is. If I know a person is Jewish, I say "Happy Hanukkah!" and I mean it..

Heck, I'm not a Christian, but you probably didn't know that, right?..

answered Apr 22 at 04:40

's gravatar image


I'm surprised more Jews don't embrace the secular part of the season. Namely getting stuff for free..

I also can't see why come the Jehovah's Witnesses don't celebrate Halloween. What I mean is it's real good training for them, cause when they get older they need to be able to get dressed up, knock on stranger's doors and ask stupid questions..

(no I'm not antisemitic, it's a joke, laugh)..

answered Apr 22 at 05:44

Kaleb's gravatar image


If I didn't know what faith someone was... it's best to just say happy holidays. To me when someone sais "happy holidays" it shows me that they thinking but also they are sensitive and respectful towards others. That is how we should all be, but thats just me and my .02. However, I have been told Merry Christmas by strangers many times... and that's ok, it's a freindly gesture when coming from a stranger..

I have been to the shrine of the Bb in Haifa. It is a beautiful shrine pearched on the hill overlooking the valley. Have you gotten a chance to make the visit? It's quite a place..

So, did I guess correctly?..

answered Apr 22 at 07:12

Hayden's gravatar image


Why would someone be offended by Merry Christmas???.

If it's not a holiday you celebrate, than it should mean nothing to you, and most certainly not offend you..

If someone said Happy Hanukkah to me it wouldn't faze me in the least...

answered Apr 22 at 08:39

Marshall's gravatar image


Yes, I was in Haifa in '90. Here's a sketch I did of the Shrine..

Yeah, I went for years saying Happy Holidays, but it's soooo.


I like saying Merry Christmas, and hearing it said, for the reason you gave: It's friendly..

So with that said,.

Happy Festivus!..

answered Apr 22 at 09:25

Kyler's gravatar image


Very nice sketch... and now I understand where it's coming from...

answered Apr 22 at 10:45

Zariah's gravatar image


As a Jewish person myself, it undoubtedly gets on my nerves when people say Merry Christmas to me. I don't get offended because.


Being Jewish is not an offense. But, I have also learned that some people are ignorant to the fact that some religions simply don't celebrate Christmas. I have had the experience of responding to "Merry Christmas" with "Thank you! But, I'll be celebrating Chanukah" in which several people were shocked that I don't.


Celebrate Christmas. I always say "happy holidays." As I think that covers all the bases!.

And for Damon's comment above, I don't understand how you expect other religions to celebrate a secular CHRISTmas. I don't believe in a jesus christ,so why would I celebrate the birth of someone I do not believe exists? Jewish people do celebrate the secular portions- the family gatherings, the gift giving, the house decorating, etc. But, for Chanukah..

Anyway, Happy Holidays to all!..

answered Apr 22 at 11:26

Ahmad's gravatar image


Oh and I forgot to mention in my above post that I will DEFINITELY be getting movies and Chinese food this Christmas...without a doubt!.

Now that's a Christmas holiday tradition for us Jews like no other!!..

answered Apr 22 at 11:33

's gravatar image


Which of the other Dwarfs would you perfer? Dopy? Slizzy?..

answered Apr 22 at 12:51

Skylar's gravatar image


Thank you... Being born in Jerusalem, Israel. Hanukkah carries with it special meaning for me and many others. The most important one that we must never forget is to.


(the central meaning of the holiday from the day of the destruction of the temple). As you mention and displayed here by some there is plenty of darkness but what's amazing is that when you light one candle, darkness goes away to the very corners of the room and the heart fills with joy..

Happy and healthy Hanukkah!.


answered Apr 22 at 13:45

Jaxson's gravatar image


I always thought that Jews recognized Jesus Christ as a prophet. Am I wrong about this?..

answered Apr 22 at 14:01

's gravatar image


I was thinking the same thing. Just because Jews do not believe that.

Jesus Christ is not the Messiah, does not mean they do not believe.

In Him at all. Right??.

<from a non jewish educated Christian, that may be throwing his ignorance.

Out for everyone to see...>..

answered Apr 22 at 14:38

Finn's gravatar image


Yes you are. Are you guys that confused about your religion.

Jews forever believed in one G-d. The only prophet for Jews is Moses. Christians too believe that Moses was a prophet as the old testament is incorporated into Christianity. However, Christians also believe that Jesus was a messiah (son of G-d in the new testament). Jews do not believe Jesus was a prophet or a messiah but a man like you and me..

Personally it's more important for me to know what I believe in not what others believe about my religion (Christians or anyone else for that matter)..

If it's so important for you to know exactly what.


Believe Jesus to be or not to be than you can read this:.


answered Apr 22 at 16:06

's gravatar image


Every individual is different. My two adult daughters, for example, both given the same formal and home education are as different as day and night. Both claim their religion as Jewish. However, one puts an orange* on the Sader plate and can argue fine points while the other just is care free spirit. Their ideals are as different and as far apart as they could be even on issues such as abortion. My wife takes credit for their independent thinking and personalities..

Just as individual church's have leaders to speak for their ideals, not all agree 100% on every issue..

All that said, Ben, I assume being Jewish is both a Nationality and a religion to you. To me it's my personal thoughts and heritage..

But hey, Happy Holidays works for me because I'll celebrate anything that has food and drink. Nutrisystem compatable of course!.

And I'm not offended by Marry X-mas as I accept it in the way it's given, normally a seasonal greeting..

*denotes womens rights..

answered Apr 22 at 16:31

's gravatar image


Most of my first wife's family were Lutherans living in rural Wisconsin. Besides their worry about dietary concerns (serving me pork or not) they didn't think twice about her dating and later marrying me (1972). She said it was because they knew nothing about Jews but had I been Catholic that would have been a problem..

As for myself, my knowledge of other people's religions is pretty slim. I think Christianity has been numerically dominate in this country for so long that it's hard for Christians to avoid stepping on non-Christian toes once in a while. I personally think Christmas is a terrific holiday and I as a non-practicing Jew who married a non-practicing Lutheran followed by a non-practicing Baptist, I've come to enjoy celebrating both holidays...

answered Apr 22 at 17:49

's gravatar image


The three religious truths..

1.) Jews don't recognize Jesus Christ as the Messiah..

2.) Protestants don't recognize the Pope as their religious leader..

3.) Two Baptists don't recognize each other in the liquor store...

answered Apr 22 at 18:44

's gravatar image


Don't forget the people who do not believe in any god. Happy Holiday (holy day) can mess with their minds, depending upon how extremist they are. But that's true of any religion or non-religion. It is the extremists who present the social problems. But don't get me started ....

I like the fact that there are so many similarities to this season with most religions and non-religions. Even pagans celebrated "light" in the middle of winter. In fact a lot of the traditions of this season began with them. Now, whether it is the Hanukkah lights, the star, Jesus as the "light of the world," the christmas lights, candles, even the gift giving - whatever, there is an effort at the beginning of winter and the end of a year to chase away the dark miseries of life, great or small, that seem common to humankind..

Just sayin .....

answered Apr 22 at 19:43

Nickolas's gravatar image


This is a great discussion for the time of year. I personally feel that we all need to accept others as they are and respect their individual beliefs. I work for my state government and it's stupid to have to watch what you say when wishing someone well at holiday time..

Its the thought behind the well wishing that counts, not the belief behind it...

answered Apr 22 at 19:53

Ricky's gravatar image


Dr. B, it was a joke. You would think that since 90% of the comedians are Jews that .... Never mind, what's the point...

answered Apr 22 at 20:08

's gravatar image


That's awesome...you win this entire discussion with that one. I challenge each of you to beat it!.

Merry Christmas to my Christian friends. Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish friends. Fun.


For the rest of you!..

answered Apr 22 at 21:26

's gravatar image


The posts about Chinese food and movies on this thread remind me of a SNL digital short from a few years back called "Christmas time for the Jews"..


answered Apr 22 at 22:39

's gravatar image


And we can never forget........


So drink your gin and tonickkah and smoke your marijauanakkah...

answered Apr 22 at 22:59

Cesar's gravatar image


I wanted to get clarification on a few points.

1. When you say that Jews don't.


In Jesus, are we talking of not believing in his existance in a historical sense or simply not believing in him as messiah?.

2. You say that Moses was the only prophet, yet it was my understanding that the Hebrew bible consisted of 3 parts, the law, the writings, and the prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, etc.)..

answered Apr 23 at 00:13

Nikolas's gravatar image


Being Jewish... is my heritage (history), conviction (belief), and is a part of my culture. Being Israeli is my nationality. A strong National pride for Israel however should be embedded in every Jewish person and not just on holy holidays..

However, I love America too. There are times which reminds me that people in this country can be pretty descent towards one another. Ironically it does not occur on the holidays...

answered Apr 23 at 01:47

Mitchell's gravatar image


Amen brother. I find the same thing to be true..

There was a time that I absolutely loved Christmas and everything that came with this time of year. It's not that way anymore. I get so bummed out by people being so selfish and irritable that I don't even enjoy it. In fact, I pretty much dread the period between Thanksgiving and New Year's day now...

answered Apr 23 at 02:17

's gravatar image


The reason you take 2 Baptist Preachers with you fishing....

If you only take 1 he will drink all your beer....

Couldn't resist...

answered Apr 23 at 02:55

's gravatar image


I had a girlfriemd that had a turkey tattooed on one thigh and a santa on the other. She was tired of her husband complianing about having nothing to eat between the holidays. - just sayin'..

answered Apr 23 at 04:32

Axel's gravatar image


Correct, but Christians don't believe Mohamed to be a prophet.

I couldn't resist, but really... it's true...

answered Apr 23 at 05:24

's gravatar image


If it wasn't for my kids, I would not even put a tree up. It's horrible what the holiday season has turned into. Thanksgiving is a true family holiday where giving is more genuine (for the most part). The Xmas/Hanukkah/Quanza/etc season has turned into this PC, over commercialized, trample over people in stores, cut people off for a parking spot mess. The majority of people have lost what it means and it reminds people who don't have much to the point of ultimate depression. They could do away with the whole thing tomorrow and I would not shed a tear...

answered Apr 23 at 05:35

's gravatar image


1. Nobody disputes that he lived. We just don't believe he's the messiah. Jews are still waiting for the messiah to come..

2. You're right about that. The old testament is divided into 3 major segments, which is called TANACH (it's 3 letters in hebrew). Torah (which means laws), Neviyim (which means prophets), Ctuvim (which means writings). The Neviyim books include all the prophets that you mention and many others. Note that the bible stopped being written after the fall of the first temple.

By the way, since this has turned into somewhat of an educational thread, Chanukah ranks way at the bottom of Jewish holidays from a religious perspective...

answered Apr 23 at 07:02

Samuel's gravatar image


"Lechaim" and thank you for clarifying that. I'll also add that there is no second coming for Jews... There are specific tasks the messiah is supposed to accomplish and he/she only gets one shot at it. here:.

What is the Messiah supposed to accomplish? The Bible says that he will:.

A. Build the Third Temple (Ezekiel 37:26-28)..

B. Gather all Jews back to the Land of Israel (Isaiah 43:5-6)..

C. Usher in an era of world peace, and end all hatred, oppression, suffering and disease. As it says: "Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall man learn war anymore." (Isaiah 2:4).

D. Spread universal knowledge of the God of Israel, which will unite humanity as one. As it says: "God will be King over all the world on that day, God will be One and His Name will be One" (Zechariah 14:9)..

And more here:.


Yes it's true... Its not a high holy holiday like Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur. Its main message is to shine light on darkness as remembered during the time of the destruction of the temple...

answered Apr 23 at 07:10

Orlando's gravatar image


I guess my question really wasn't answered. If the term prophet is used in reference to the books of the Neviyim, then why was it said earlier that Moses was the only prophet. I'm not trying to argue, I genuinely inquisitive about this...

answered Apr 23 at 07:31

's gravatar image


I think he did answer your question and you are correct and I apologize for your confusion... What was meant is that Moses is known as the prophet of all prophets or in other words the one prophet above all prophets. You also asked if Jesus was a prophet or a messiah... First prophet and messiah are two distinctly different things. AND... No he was not considered either by Jews.

Do Jews believe he existed? Yes he was a man that lived in his time. I hope that clarified it?..

answered Apr 23 at 08:58

Gunner's gravatar image


I was having the same discussion with a friend last night on the phone as I fought my way out of the Brea Mall parking lot having run inside to buy one last gift for someone on the way home from work..

Even though I was shopping last night, we are having a VERY modest Christmas this year. We just don't need a bunch more "stuff"...I'd rather help my friends and family in other ways throughout the year..

My wife keeps saying that her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving; simply because it is about family and having a nice meal with them, and not about all the other commericalization stuff that has crept into the other holidays..

I only put a tree up because the whole family is coming to our house this year. I still have to go home tonight and try to muster up the "Christmas Spirit" to decorate a bit more of the house. It just seems like such a waste, as it'll all come down in a few days...

answered Apr 23 at 10:05

's gravatar image


Damon- Maybe the Men's Room has uncovered a new.

Myth: Most Christians like Christmas more than most Jews..

We can usually avoid the holiday buying rush and we get a no-fuss Chinese dinner. Not to mention we can also catch a movie...

answered Apr 23 at 10:18

Maximiliano's gravatar image


This was just too good to pass up!.


answered Apr 23 at 11:35

Jose's gravatar image


I also have to say that the Men's Room today has demonstrated considerable intellectual breath by tackling these important religious issues and bowel movements at the same time...

answered Apr 23 at 13:02

Juan's gravatar image


Agnostics like myself think that all of the religions of the planet combined still only has a small part of the larger picture, but they each have a piece..

I'm also a person who believes that I cannot have true knowledge about the existence of God (but I do not deny that God might exist). To each his own..

I farted while I typed that, so is that multi-tasking?..

answered Apr 23 at 14:06

Drew's gravatar image


Yeah that's because 'most' of us have the resolve to ignore stupidity and instead focus on the issues...

answered Apr 23 at 15:01

Charlie's gravatar image


So, people that don't agree with you are stupid?.

Intolerance of other people's beliefs also seems to be a basic building block of most religions. "If you don't believe the way I do, that makes you inferior and you must die" type mentality is what has caused every war that there ever was. Step away from your little tree and have a look at the forest...

answered Apr 23 at 15:57

's gravatar image


Damon, I don't think you get it... The ability to ignore stupidity and focus on what's important is the first step to ending hatred. Stop the hate... don't spread it, fix the world...don't break it...

answered Apr 23 at 17:28

Allen's gravatar image


Hey, I believe you believe what you believe and I'm cool widdit, Bro. Also, I believe what I believe and I could care less that you don't believe what I believe and I'm cool widdat too. How does a Palestinian view it?.

"Perspective: Use It, or Lose It".

~ Richard Bach.

Define what you mean by stupidity. Cause it came across as people who don't agree with you are stupid. just sayin'.

Also, in my opinion it "Tolerance" of other's beliefs will be the only thing that will bring peace...

answered Apr 23 at 18:03

Conner's gravatar image


OK folks it's been fun but I gotta go light another candle..

As for stupidity...figure it out, you're a big boy!..

answered Apr 23 at 19:27

Malik's gravatar image


Exactly. Thank you for making my point for me..

Happy Holidays! My friend..

Hopefully we can agree to disagree, without being disagreeable..

There is a reason that politics and religion are noticeably missing from a weight-loss forum, it always ends when someone calls someone else "fat@ss", I mean "Big Boy". LOL..

answered Apr 23 at 20:35

's gravatar image


Only if you had both hands on the keyboard at the time...

answered Apr 23 at 21:58

Maximiliano's gravatar image


WOW! Started out great..

I promise to never take a Jew, a Baptist and a multi-tasking.

Agnostic fishing at the same time...

answered Apr 23 at 23:08

Rowan's gravatar image


Being Jewish is an issue?.

I got to go plunge what looks like a giant pine cone out of my terlet now..

Merry Christmas!!!..

answered Apr 23 at 23:47

Garrett's gravatar image


"Hey Fred, did you hear the one about the Jew, the Catholic, and the colored boy?".....(laughing)"That's a dewsy, Judge!".

Sorry, I couldn't resist. It was on last night...

answered Apr 24 at 01:16

's gravatar image


Which one of the boys was colored? The Jew or the Catholic. Cause they both come in all colors.

AHHH... something meaningful to respond to. At the least you got ONE thing from the thread. So, TY..

answered Apr 24 at 02:37

's gravatar image


I think the colored boy was the guy buffing Judge Smails shoes with a metal grinder. "Colored boy? I'll give him a colored boy..that son of a b*tch..."..

answered Apr 24 at 04:07

's gravatar image


Ok the wonderful thing about Nutrisystem is that people of all colors, nationalities and religions are fat. Let's get back to Naked women stuff and play like nice boys or I'll have to call the S.P.C.A. on you guys. Every one loves a worm pussy, cat that is..

Your welcome mr mod...

answered Apr 24 at 04:29

Jacob's gravatar image


I'm praying for forgiveness for starting this discussion...Grandma always said, religion and politics don't mix. She meant, religion and NS...hehe..

I'm also praying for February 2nd. Now there is a holiday we can all agree on:.

Groundhog Day!.

Merry Whatever.


answered Apr 24 at 05:12

's gravatar image


You'd be wrong. I don't think groundhogs are kosher..

Whenever I've questioned it's tenets the acolytes come out in droves...

answered Apr 24 at 06:08

Cade's gravatar image


I looked for a picture but this is the only one I can post.....

answered Apr 24 at 06:30

Phillip's gravatar image


You've just been drinking too much Nutrisystem Kool-Aid....I mean water..

Happy Groundhog Day!..

answered Apr 24 at 06:49

Cesar's gravatar image


I just threw up in my mouth a little...

answered Apr 24 at 07:36

's gravatar image


Yeah but than Nutrisystem isn't Kosher either so I'll take the ground-HOG....oink-oink....

I'm just thinking though... should I be counting it as two or three protein servings...???..

answered Apr 24 at 08:30

Aidan's gravatar image


I got your protein serving, right here..

And I think it's Kosher since my "protein dispenser" has a scar around it. Or is that just another Holiday Myth?.

Can't we all just get a bong, I mean get along......

answered Apr 24 at 09:21

Diego's gravatar image


But he is getting something in the shower when he drops the soap...

answered Apr 24 at 10:10

's gravatar image


Have no fear, I heard he likes a lil' poke...

answered Apr 24 at 10:32

Shane's gravatar image


All of you guys are so way off base. The only worthwhile celebration is Festivus, where we can air our grievances and display feats of strength...

answered Apr 24 at 11:30

Cole's gravatar image


Bet none of you mind being wished a "Happy Holidays", when it's said like this!.

(just a quick "fly by" to wish you all a HAPPY HOLIDAY!)..

answered Apr 24 at 11:55

's gravatar image


Damn hogs are packing these days as they cought wind of our plans.

Mine's biggaaaaaaa.

Happy hollidays..

answered Apr 24 at 12:30

Devin's gravatar image


Which reminds me of a quote I once heard....

"A baptised Jew is a circumcised Christian.".

German Proverb.



'aint' no myth.....

answered Apr 24 at 13:39

's gravatar image


So I'm wondering if any of my ancestral Jews from this thread took advantage of taking over the city for the day and grabbed some Chinese food while at it....

Never realized this to be the tradition. Is Japanese food within the traditional guidelines for the day? I love sushi..

answered Apr 24 at 13:56

's gravatar image


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