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Got a question... What is Medifast Diet ? does it work?( in summers?)? Many thanks for any response. My 2nd question... Good morning,.


Every day is a new day on MF. Join us in our journey to a new healthier, slimmer, us..

Let's celebrate our good fortune and weightloss with good tunes, dancing vibes, and the freedom to.

Say NO to.


Off plan items.

Which trigger us..

It's going to be a great month!..

asked Apr 28 at 17:13

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

answered Apr 28 at 18:00

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Thank you as always for the new thread.


, I see your ticker.



, it's going downwards, WTG......

Hope everyone else is doing wonderful and lets all hope for yet another OP rocking month.....i belong to this wonderful shakes thread which is sooo lively and active & super energetic and there i've committed to going BLT free for this entire month of July.....i've been having bites of this and that, licking sometimes even having spoonfuls and thought that i've to put an end to it...more later then Flirts......

answered Apr 28 at 18:50

's gravatar image


Hi my friends,.

I've set myself a challenge to weigh myself every day for July. It may sound weird, but I've been spending too many days "not thinking about it". I have to be conscious again. I've kind of been feeling like, oh, one more day of eating won't matter. But, oh boy, does it. Every day counts, of course, as you all know..

It was quite a shock to the system today too! I was 239.5. Seriously!!.

My other challenge is to exercise 20 hours for the month of July. I'll have to get a ticker for that over here..

I did 30 minutes today on the elliptical..

I'm already making better choices with food today because I know I have to look at that scale again tomorrow..

UK- I'm so glad you're recovering your mojo and your ticker is moving in the right direction again!.

Sony- sounds like a great goal for you... no blts. I bet you'll see a big difference..

Hinata, I hope you're welll and that you get to have a nice, relaxing weekend..

Mary, I'm here, my friend. Still starting over.... I hope you're well..

Everyone else... Hello!!.


answered Apr 28 at 19:56

's gravatar image


Good morning,.



I didn't go to the recipe board to find this recipe, but it may already be there..

When I was a teen, my DM and I discovered a recipe for "chiffon." Using one cup of powdered milk and a box of jello, we made a creamy dessert tasting nearly as good as ice cream for a lot less money. We didn't have much, if you know what I mean. You make the jello following the directions on the box. Just before it sets really well (meaning it has thickened but is not yet totally firm), you add the instant milk a bit at a time and use the mixer to turn it into an absolutely creamy, frothy delight..

I have done a bit of substitution and it was WONDERFUL! I used one cup of SF jello, black cherry to be exact, and one envelope of diabetic vanilla shake. I put this in my blender (I would recommend putting the jello in first) along with a handful of ice cubes. It came out light and creamydelicious! Since we are allowed SF jello as a snack, this should remain OP. I only used one cup of the jello saving the remainder for a jello snack at another time. It really was good..


, I am a daily weigher. It is the only way to keep myself honest. Whenever I have tried to stay away from the scale (or been forced to by circumstances or travel), I find that I will gain weight once I am back to the scale. I hate the feeling of relosing ground I have already covered. Here I am weighing twenty-three pounds higher than my lowest weight. I did this to myself.

I bought all of these delightful clothes that I really can't wear. I am supposed to be taking this awesome official photograph, and I dread facing the camera again. There is no guessing for me; I HAVE to be a daily weigher. Perhaps it will also help you in your process. That and coming here as often as you canagain, something that helps me stay away from food!.


, my friend, where are you?.




? I hope that all three of you are out there doing your best. Some of our crew has come and gone since we began this journey in October. It saddens me, but life happens. All of us have to come to this in our own way. I am glad that we have not given up and continue to strive for that healthier us..




? You two are an uplifting pair. Thank you for being here. I know we had a newbie joining us in June. Has she made the jump to July? Please chime in when you find the new thread so we know that everyone has made it. I should have left the connecting for.


To do! Sigh. Sorry about that,.


, I was just anxious to get July going yesterday and had little patience..

It promises to be a lovely day. Ciao, my friends, and stay OP!..

answered Apr 28 at 21:09

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Good morning Flirts!.

This week has been over-the-top crazy busy and tomorrow I leave for Los Angeles for a convention. Go go go go go! Still stuck at the same weight, but I have another doctor's appointment next week where we will mix up the diet once again and see what happens. I am beginning to feel like a lab rat! LOL. Hope you are all well, and staying on your plans! I'll try to take some pictures from LA ^^.

On the topic of daily weighing, I am a daily weigher. I had to train myself to learn how to read a scale accurately, and daily weighing was the only way to do that..

I think many people just see the number and mentally translate that to fat - that is how I used to be when I started this weight loss process. I'd hop on the scale, see a number, and get either excited or bummed out. Then I started doing an experiment - weighing myself both before and after I would eat, or after drinking water. I would, of course, see the number on the scale go up, but mentally I would tell myself "Of course you are up a pound, you drank 16 oz of water!" or "Of course you are up 2 pounds, you had chicken, broccoli and 24 oz. of water for dinner!"..

Doing this often enough has allowed me to see a number and mentally be able to know why it is where it is, how I got that number. Now I don't mind if the number goes up in the day because my brain automatically thinks something like "That makes sense - you drank 12 glasses of water, which is equivalent to 6 pounds, no big deal." Of course, I still have my off days where I just want to see a lower number, but who doesn't?.

Anyway, be well everyone! I'll stop by when I get back from my trip!.


Quote of the Day:.

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.".

~Henry Ford..

answered Apr 28 at 22:24

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Good Morning!.

I was down a pound today, and I'm off to do my cardio next..

I wasn't Medifast OP yet... I'm not even starting 5 and 1 officially until Monday. But I'm not thinking of the next 3 days as "Free days' or "last meals" either..

I went all day yesterday with no chocolate and I didn't eat after 6:30p.m. All huge for me. That was enough to get this started..

Hopefully I can do even better today and through the weekend..

We're not doing anything for the 4th, so no problem there..

Just family fun at home..

Hinata, and UK -Thanks for the thoughts on daily weighing. It's an interesting thing. For sure, it's helping me already. Maybe that will change when I'm OP for a long stretch and need a break from obsessing. I look forward to that!.

UK, thanks for the recipe!! That sounds great! I'll use it next week for getting started..

Hi Sony, Mary, and Everyone!.

I'll be around and can check in throughout the weekend. Because you are right, UK, it does help..

I have to keep my head in the game. I don't want to live with this extra weight anymore..

Good news is... I have the choice to do something about it. woo hoo!.

Love to all,.


answered Apr 28 at 23:08

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Good morning Flirts!.

Hope everyone is well - I'm just taking a break to pack for my trip, so I thought I'd say hello! Down to.


Today, which is great news for me! I'm finally over 1/2 way done - I have already lost more then the rest I have to lose. I am hoping to lose another 12 pounds in July, so wish me luck. I am barely making a 1 pound a week loss for the past 6 weeks and it is beyond frustrating. Something has to move - you cannot be eating as little calories as I do and not lose more. I really desperately hope my doctor can figure it out. In the interim, I will be happy with 204 and keep shooting for my goal..

Have a great weekend!.


Quote of the Day:.

"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.".

~Thomas Foxwell Buxton..

answered Apr 29 at 00:36

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Missed weighing in and chatting this am as we were on the road...DH bought a used BMW station wagon and we had to go and pick it up WAAAYY out of town! LOL Will see how the scale looks in the morning..

Happy day, Flirts!..

answered Apr 29 at 01:12

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Four months of weight loss ruined for a few chocolate muffins! What can we learn from this,.



Stay OP!.

I know better, really I do. Lucky for me, I can and will jump right back in and get back on track..

I love music. I participated in choir all the way through the senior year at college. I love to sing and have always wanted to play the piano. There was never enough money to do that though, in my family of eightso my voice became my instrument. I was not a soloist by any stretch of the imagination, and my range is more alto, but I do love to sing. LOL.

I am curious? What types of music do you listen to? I like something lively, like rock, when I am walking and exercising. I prefer the same when I am tired and want to energize myself on a long drive. There are other times though, when I prefer listening to comedy like Jeff Foxworthy to cheer myself up. Most of the time, his work does not leave me with a red face or totally lost in misunderstanding..

What do you all listen to? I like country, CLEAN rap is okay, but I prefer music with lyrics that are sung not spoken. I like artists that harmonize with others as well as solo performers. I like music..

Today is the Fourth. I will be missing my family like crazy, but enjoying the outdoors at our military installation barbeque and fireworks. No one person can do it better than an official military base. I look at all these young men and women who work so hard providing us with the freedoms we enjoy, and am very proud to be serving my country in the only way I can. "I am proud to be an American..." to quote Lee Greenwood...and look forward to standing up tonight to show how proud I am..

Take care, stay safe, be OP!..

answered Apr 29 at 01:17

's gravatar image


What a beautiful morning,.



I enjoyed the fireworks last night and steered clear of all of the ice cream, deep-fried desserts, barbeque (except for one lone naked hot dog), beer, and general Medifast mayhem at the carnival last night! LOL I ate my LG before we left, and pocketed a chocolate crunch bar for my snack late in the evening. I have to admit, it was hard to walk away from the funnel cake, but I managed..


, how was your Fourth? Did you and your bunny have a great time, or did you celebrate quietly at home?.




, how about you and your families? I know I always enjoy the wonder I see and hear when children enjoy the fireworks. That is the main reason I drag my husband each and every year to a fireworks display. He is not into it so muchespecially the long lines as we try and leave once the show is over. We left ten minutes before the show was done and still spent twenty minutes in line trying to get home. lol.


, how about you?.


! How did you celebrate the Fourth of July?.

Water weight now seems to have gone.....here comes the hard part. Losing the pounds of real weight I gained over the last two months. I was watching the Suzy Ormann show yesterday..

She contends that it doesn't matter how much weight you lose if you do not work on your own self worth.

The weight will just come back if you do not build up your own estimation of yourself. I can see where she is coming from, and perhaps attribute part of my gain to that as I was questioning myself as I went through the selection process for the competition I was inbut how do you balance your feelings of self worth with modesty? There is little I abhore more than someone who is so full of themselves they never see or understand the people around them! I am afraid I will lose myself if I am not careful. I like who I am and how people (my students) react to me for the most part. I don't know how to improve my self worth without destroying what makes me.....me..



? Do you think our self-worth is what keeps us from "health and wealth?".


answered Apr 29 at 01:56

's gravatar image


Good morning.



Back from my trip to Los Angeles! Wow, that was one huge convention. I have never been to Anime Expo before, so it was a real treat! I just love the costumes the people make - I swear, some of them must spend hundreds of hours and lots of money crafting their costumes. Such fun!.


: Hello! Glad you had a great 4th of July! I was on a business trip to Los Angeles and just had a nice BBQ with my co-worker. By the time I got home, I was dead tired so I just fell asleep. Oh well, anytime I can rest is a good time for me, so it was nice..

As for what type of music I like, my tastes are all over the board. I tend to listen to rock, rap, punk, ska, world music, jazz and classical. I tend to like music by song, not artist or genre. If a song captivates me, then I will put it in my iPod..

Finally, my thoughts on the Suze Orman comment are that it seems like a fairly intuitive piece of advice, but one that can be hard for many people to accept or grasp. You mentioned modesty, and I think in some ways modesty is good, but in other ways it can be detrimental..

I think many of us were not raised to consider ourselves "the best" at anything - that somehow publicly celebrating our successes or our moments of greatness is a form of boasting or arrogance. I, however, think it is perfectly fine, even healthy, to recognize and appreciate one's own greatness and achievements. One can do this in a way that is not arrogant or belittling of others, and which does not undermine one's own sense of self. Think about it - this is what we do when we post "I am worth it" about this diet. By saying this, we are validating our self-worth and letting others know that we think we are important - that our health and our lives are important. We are often quick to harshly judge ourselves, but don't want to take credit for our excellence..

Frankly, why shouldn't you tell yourself "Hot damn, I am Teacher of the Year, and I deserve it. I have worked long hours and gone above and beyond the call of duty to help my students and their families. I have put in overtime and extra money to arrange lessons and field trips to help shape young people into decent, valuable, loving members of this society. Other people have recognized this talent in me, and I am going to recognize it in myself. That effort deserves an award."? You can tell yourself and others this without it seeming flashy or contrived. You are just speaking the truth, right?.

Anyway, hope this helps!.

Have a great day everyone - Hang in there on your plans!.


Quote of the Day:.

"Self-worth comes from one thing - thinking that you are worthy.".

Wayne Dyer..

answered Apr 29 at 02:46

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Good morning from England! lol I hope you are all well and enjoying your summers?.


Thank you..

I am proud of the award on the one hand, but nervous and embarassed on the other. I don't particularly like being in the limelight and this has pushed me into it with a vengeance. Ah well..

2.3 miles on the treadmill this morning,.


! Now I just have to keep up the workout to show any movement. That put me at 45 minutes as I had to slow it down to 3 mph againmy hiatus from exercise has cost me the fitness I had achieved. I have begun again in hopes of gaining the momentum I had before Spring Break. We shall see how it goes.....

I think we lost.



It's Tuesday, and I hope everyone will check in and tell us about their weekends! We have another trip or two planned for this weekend but I hope to be able to check in morning and night to tell you how it went..

Have an OP day!..

answered Apr 29 at 04:06

's gravatar image


Good morning Flirts!.

Just stopping in to say hello and wish you all a great day! Just got back from the gym and have to hop in the shower soon since it is going to be a long and busy day. Isn't that always the case with going away? While you love the trip, you know the work is just piling up behind you like barbarians at the gate. I foresee a lot of coffee in my day today!.

I have started going to the gym twice a day, so anyone who exercises in the morning or evening, know I am working out with you! I am disciplining myself to do this, and know that it is the best thing for me..

Discipline is such an interesting word, isn't it? Most people I have met use the word "discipline" to convey "punishment", but really, it means "learning, instruction, knowledge". To be disciplined in a subject is to be a student of that subject, to learn and know it; to be a disciple of the subject. So when I say I will discipline myself, it means that I will unfailingly commit myself to learning about fitness and exercise, and will master what it takes to be a disciple of good health. Just something I was thinking about...

Have a great day everyone!.


Quote of the Day:.

Discipline is based on pride, on meticulous attention to details, and on mutual respect and confidence. Discipline must be a habit so ingrained that it is stronger than the excitement of the goal or the fear of failure..

~ Gary Ryan Blair..

answered Apr 29 at 05:06

's gravatar image


Hi All,.

I am getting ready to...gulp... be OP tomorrow (wednesday). I think I've created a mental block about MONDAYs. Oh well.... I keep creating my own blocks..

I hesitated to even say I was starting because I keep.



But, then I remembered the quality of friends I have here and I said it anyway. I think it's good to make the statement to set my intention..

I am doing everything I can to make it so..

I worked out today and that always makes me feel stronger..

UK, I'm so glad you're back on track and that the water weight is gone. I really like what Hinata said to you. She is so insightful and wise..

And I want to add that I don't believe you can ever lose what makes you, you. You are, at your core, the beautiful, loving person that I've seen only a small part of. You will never change that part just because you actually acknowledge that you are special and valuable and that you've got something to contribute. I think it's the opposite. I believe that you will become more yourself and that those wonderful things will gain strength becasue you are no longer "hiding your light under a bushel" so to speak..

Be the best, most wonderful self you can be. Your light will only shine brighter and spread more goodness to those around you and to this world of ours..

You posed the question to the rest of us and I'm almost embarassed to admit that I think I am the opposite. I think my self esteem is too good and I have a deep fear that becoming more "visible" and viable in the world will possibly prove me wrong. You know, that maybe I'm not as great as I always thought I would be (when I lost the weight...) and it's not just about beauty, especially as I'm older now. It's everything. Hmmmm. you've given me something to think about.

Hinata, glad you made it back from your trip and got some rest. I have to ask you.. I can't remember if you already told us...what do you do that you keep going to all these anime events? I'm not really an Anime person, but old school comic book geek for sure..

Hi Sony!.

Hi Mary, how are you feeling?.

Hi Elaine, and anyone else who stops by..

Take care all,.


answered Apr 29 at 05:57

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Hello everyone, sorry I missed last few days, long weekend, had a bbq with friends up in the mountains on sunday, went to see the fireworks in the downtown, my 2 boys started their school today, one is going to kindergarten and the other to his prek (2nd yr).....lots of things to do, papers to fill, 2 huge supplies list that I have to go and shop for....etc., busy busy schedule ahead.....but i'm sooo happy to announce that i'm striving hard and staying strong and onplan all thru this.....

Have got a hold and control over blt's thank god....TOM visited yesterday so the scale is up a lil bit....no worries though i'm doing my part contributing 100% it'll eventually move....

UK, i'm sooo glad to hear that you r losing your water weight in a fast pace.

And WTG on the treadmill now guess i've to start it to put up with you....now since kiddos r going to school i'll have some free time to commit to....

Hinata, you r such a wonderful lady your quotes just puts my mind to work and thinking every single day....they have sooo much of depth and meaning.....i keep reading and re-reading them like 10 x to take it all in...and I see your ticker.....last time I saw it at 206 and now 204!!! wow congratulations!!!.

Teresa, I hear u.....i know how difficult it is to restart, but the good part is there is a hope that there is always a *tomorrow* and every day is a brand new day, we're here if you need any support.....

Ok ladies check back with you all later.....

answered Apr 29 at 06:11

's gravatar image


OkayI was BAD last night. It was awful. Ice cream cones, chocolate covered nuts.....yeah. Crazy bad..

So. DAY ONE today, Wednesday. I am right there beside you Teresa! We can do this together! HUGS from across the big pond!.

By the by, I will be flying into CA for a conference in San Diego the first of August. Anyone over that way? LOL.

Hang in there, Flirts! More later......

answered Apr 29 at 07:03

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Good morning Flirts!.

There are some interesting discussions going on in this thread lately - I love it. Glad to see people opening up and really talking about what they are thinking and feeling. Makes me feel more connected with the group. Hope everyone is doing well and remaining on track! I'm down to.


Today - 60 pounds lost, over half way done with the weight loss, and gunning for a weight that begins with a "1"!.


Thank you for your kind words ^^ I just kind of say what I am thinking, but if it helps others, then yay! Good luck on your re-start. Remember to use SMART goals to help you define your plan and stick to it. SMART is an acronym to describe important facets of goal setting (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Framed). I know you can do this! As for my job, I am a web site administrator in charge of safety and account integrity issues..


Glad my quotes are helpful to you - this is why I post them! I try to pick things that have meaning to me, which really resonate with me as being true, or containing within them some level of truth as I have experienced the world. Glad they are meaningful to you too ^^ Congrats on staying on your plan through the tough time!.


D'oh! Pesky ice cream - it is sneaky and makes you want it so! Not to worry, if you want the weight loss bad enough, then this was a one-off moment of bingeing. Back on the proverbial horse, and on your way! And I wish I was going to be around on August 1st, or I'd come meet you for coffee. Alas, I will be in Baltimore. Have a great time at your convention though! ^^.


Quote of the Day:.

"Things alter for the worse spontaneously, if they be not altered for the better designedly.".

~Francis Bacon..

answered Apr 29 at 07:58

Devin's gravatar image


DAY ONE!!! Woo Hoo!!!.

Sony, thank you so much for the support. Good luck getting your two boys squared away. I can't imagine. One is keeping me busy enough!.

UK, Okay day one together!! I'm actually glad to be here. It feels so awful to be out of control..

I wish I could see you in San Diego... just a bit too far with the little one..

Oh, and about the music thing... I LOVE to listen to show tunes when I work out. I really love to just sing loudly and it helps keep my energy up. Lately, I've been listening to the soundtrack from Wicked. My other classic favorite is Jesus Christ Superstar, especially if I'm feeling particularly angsty. There are some really good intense vocal releases..

Hinata, You're so close to Onederland!!! Congratulations on 203! It may be going slowly, but it's going..

Two workouts a day is amazing. Your body must be feeling really different by now. Do you notice it?.

I am "planning" on having 6 and 1 today. I'm being realistic and I want to get started. That's still really good for me. I'm also planning on eating an extra lettuce salad and even an extra egg if necessary. Whatever it takes to get the ball rolling..

I think I've been having trouble going from all to nothing. Once I get on the every two hour schedule, it'll be much easier. And I figure the only time I can do this is now, before the "ketosis" kicks in. Because I NEVER want to fall out of it again..

I still remember the moment last fall that I really FELL. I took one bite of a chicken fajita pita (from Jack in the box... blick, not even quality food). But it was sooooo good. And that was the end and the constant cycle of trying to start over had begun. I just never recovered..

So... a new era has begun..

I'm so glad you're all here to talk to..

And UK, you're still an inspiration to me. I'm really rooting for you. Come and write to me tonight if you have a craving. Because if you keep going off.. you will keep gaining and you have worked too hard to let that happen..

You are one of the ones who will keep it off! You can do it..

See ya later flirts,.


answered Apr 29 at 08:16

Elliot's gravatar image


Thanks ladies for your continued encouragement and support!.

So far, so good today!.

But I've only been up for about 4 hours (slept late)! LOL! So far I've had 2 Medifast meals - Dutch Chocolate Shake 70 and Cherry Pomegranate Shake and 64 oz. water. 3 more Medifast meals and my L&G to go!.

My foot is a little better each day! It's irritating that it still bothers me! The last 2 surgeries that I had were hernia ('09) and gallbladder ('91). Stomach surgeries are so different than foot surgery! I suppose it's partly because I have all this weight on my foot!.

My sister and nephew and yellow lab came down for the past weekend. We went to see the fireworks over the ocean on Sunday night! Beautiful! My 22 lb. cat held her own with the lab! She was making sure that all "visitors" knew that it was her house!.

Lots of cat hissing and cat growling going on! LOL!.

I have so many reasons to stick to this plan and so few reasons not to! I'll take a nap if that's what it takes to stay on plan today! (Hot outside today here on the East coast anyway!)..

answered Apr 29 at 08:23

Joe's gravatar image


Happy wednesday Flirts.....it was a busy day so far....dropping kiddos to school, shopping for school supplies, picking them up, etc., it's sooo nice here around 50's and cloudy it's soo good for a change, I know how bad it is for you NE'ers out there.....

Teresa & UK.

, goodluck to you on day one, as always the first few days are the hardest once you r thru it then everythnig flows by soft....Teresa, you do whatever it takes to be away from offplan foods, 6+1+ small salad is better than eating offplan food....let us know how it went today for u....


Congratulations, you have been losing steadily since past few days, is it cuz of the 2x workouts/day? whatever it is you r for sure gonna see a totally newest century in next few days.

Now i'm getting curious, heheee....


I'm sooo glad to see u.....oh that pain sucks though, hang in there.....

Ok ladies see y'll tomorrow, have a good one.....

answered Apr 29 at 08:29

's gravatar image


Lia Here!.

Ok, so today is my new Day 1! I didn't want to post right away because I always feel like I let the group down as well as myself down when I fall off the wagon so quickly! I haven't been really OP since my DH got back from training last Nov. although I have had several false starts. So I was at belly dance class last night (my daughter and I have joined a performance dance troupe) and I just felt so fat! I usually never feel like that about myself and actually usually feel better about myself while I'm dancing, but last night was not one of those nights. Then I got home and when I went to bed my heart was pounding hard and I just all around felt like crap. I made the resolve last night that I was tired of feeling that terribly at only 33 y/o and that it was time to quit messing around and get back to MF. So here I am, feeling good, not craving all sorts of crap...

I have a performance at the State Fair on Sept 2 and I am looking forward to feeling and looking much better by then!.

Sorry for the hiatus, I always think about our group, even when I'm not here...

answered Apr 29 at 10:04

's gravatar image


I'm still on track! I had the Oatmeal Raisin Crunch Bar for my 3rd Medifast meal and my L&G was chicken breast and green beans and another 32 oz. of water. I have 2 more Medifast meals to go and I just may get in another 32 oz. of water!..

answered Apr 29 at 10:33

Maximus's gravatar image


Good job Mary! Sounds like we had dinner together! LOL I had the same L&G.

I have one more Medifast meal to go, I'm thinking pudding, yum!!!.

Great Day 1 for me today, I am feeling much better about everything! Hungry as heck, but that's ok, week 1 will soon be over! Working on my 5th bottle of water which will put me right around 84oz for the day which is amazing considering how little water I have been drinking. (Or rather how much soda I have been drinking!).

Anyways, so glad to be back and so glad you are all still here and truckin' along!..

answered Apr 29 at 11:16

Ashton's gravatar image



- Great day for you!.

Although, at times, it slips to the back of our minds, Medifast works if we work it! Have a great Day #2 tomorrow!.


- How was your day?.






- Thanks for the continued encouragement!..

answered Apr 29 at 12:49

's gravatar image


Thursday already,.



Like Tuesday, Wednesday started with 45 minutes on my treadmill. I am watching Sanctuary, season one (again) as I walk. So far, my legs aren't bothering me to badlyso good, right? lol Then I shower and get ready for work. I pack 4.5 liters of water to take with me. That is about 21 cups or 168 oz. My goal is to have all but the ice drank out of them before I get home.

On both days I managed to stay OP all the way through my LG.......then things fall apart..

I am actually terrified to get on the scale this AM. DH is gone. I am home alone and depressed, I guess. I hate what is happening to me. Where is my determination? It is so easy during the day......I can't explain the eveningsI really can't! Until I understand what is going on in my own head, I can't fix it. It is so frustrating!.

I don't know what I would do without you ladies; I really don't. You help me think through a lot..


, the conference runs Sunday through Saturday with a stopover (short one) in LA on Saturday..


, it would have been awesome to see you and the little one. Maybe I can quit running myself ragged by then. sigh. And staying OP in CA? Yeah. May not be fun, that's for sure. I actually ordered four boxes of pretzels this last time.


, dancing sounds like fun! We have to remember to keep the fun in too, I think..


, what do you think?.

Maybe that is part of my problem? Being home alone is NO FUN, LOL, and the food is in easy reach. DH may have seen his last choc. chip cookie for a while. I need to get out of harm's way! Hopefully today will be better..


, I am cat-sitting for a friend. I noted today a LOT of loose fur (my first visit, and my friend has been gone since mid June. another person watched the cat up to yesterday). Is this normal? I don't recall EVER seeing a cat shed so much. She looked dusty, and dirty. Just not normal, you know? I could understand her following me around so closelyshe obviously misses her familybut what about the other? Is that something I should check on more closely? she had plenty of food and fresh water.

I have never had a catmy men are all allergic..


? How are you? Where are you?.

Still struggling.....still determined to get back on track..

Hugs all around,..

answered Apr 29 at 14:28

Joaquin's gravatar image


UK, I'm sorry you are having such a struggle, I truly understand!!! I'm glad you've continued posting through all the hard days, makes such a huge difference! You still rock and will always be my inspiration!!!.

As for the cat, sounds like it is just stressed out from having it's family gone. We were gone for 2 weeks and when we got back all of our pets were shedding profusely and the cats even had some mats, which they never have really had. Its a symptom of stress and once it's family gets home things will settle down. Just make sure you are paying a lot of attention to it and that it is drinking water regularly. They sometimes don't eat much when stressed, and they can go awhile without eating, but the water is important. Also, the cat may enjoy being brushed if they have a brush, depends on the cat..

So I ate pudding 2x today with no problems, but the Medifast soup still has me running to the bathroom shortly after eating it. Pudding used to do that too, but not today thankfully. Not sure what to do about the soup since I do enjoy it. Anyways, I'll save more food conversations for tomorrow...

answered Apr 29 at 15:07

Jay's gravatar image


Good morning Flirts!.

Hope everyone is well, and managing to stay on their plans! Just got back from the gym - 50 minutes on the elliptical machine nearly did me in! Oh well, I better get used to it since this is part of my new exercise plan. I like going to the gym in the morning best, because nobody is there - I have the whole place to myself and I can relax and just do it..

Anyway, the scale is at.


This morning! The 100's are so close I can taste it! Must press on and force myself to stay on track. Getting off my path is not an option and nothing or nobody will derail my efforts. Especially myself. I will not let fear of success or failure or anything else in the universe undermine my belief that I can follow-through, and that I can succeed in my weight loss. It is really hard work, but no risk, no reward. Besides, this fat isn't going to lose itself - I have to work at it with everything I have..


: Heya! Nice to see you about. Still have a mental block about not seeing myself as "fat" but I am working on that. My clothes sizes are getting smaller, and I fit in plane seats now, so something must be working! I cannot wait until the day my brain catches up with my body, and I am able to look in the mirror and not see a "fat girl" staring back at me..


: Glad to see you back! So happy to hear your foot is healing nicely. Congrats on staying on your plan!.


: Awww, taking the little ones to school - how fun! I remember when I was a kid I loved school shopping hehe. Not sure why the weight loss though I suspect it is because of the 2 workouts a day. They are fairly intense and calorie burning, so that is likely the reason. I guess my body just needs a bit more exercise and protein to lose. I am doing 1.5 hours on the elliptical machine and 30 mins of warm up/cool down walking on the treadmill. Whatever it is, I hope it keeps working!.


: Nice to have to back and posting! Belly dancing sounds fun - what a great way to exercise and get fit. Keep it up!.


: If evenings are your weakest time, when sticking to your plan is hardest, perhaps find ways out of the house to fill your time. And what about splitting your L&G so you are more full when this time of day rolls around? Finally, you are a strong woman and are doing great at this - just don't forget that food has no power over you. While I think identifying the reasons why we eat off-plan is very important for long term maintenance, in the interim, don't overthink things, just do it. Just walk away from the food. What helps me when I really want to binge is saying to the food, out loud, "No, you do not have any power over me. I will not eat you mindlessly." and then walking away.

Extract yourself from the situation so you don't relapse into a binge. Anyway, hope this helps!.

Quote of the Day:.

"You cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind.".

~Author Unknown..

answered Apr 29 at 16:22

's gravatar image


Goodmorning friends....

Wow i'm sooo glad to see this thread moving actively forward again.....


Congratulations, wow 199 seems to be right around the corner...!!! Thats a very good workout regime you have incorporated in your everyday lifestyle.....


, i'm exactly the same....i tend to stay sooo strong and 100%OP till later in the evening....i don't know what happens as the night approaches I tend to fall apart!!! I agree with Hinata that we need to divert ourselves and get busy before that attacks us.....

Mary & Lia.

, i'm sooo impressed by the way you were reporting and sticking to the plan all day yesterday.

I think the more we shout out abt what we are going to do and have a plan the better we are in following this program! I personally feel much better when i'm accountable to someone and i've a plan abt what my l&g is, when to have my cup of coffee, etc., or else I try to reach for offplan food.....


, how did your day go yesterday? How was it doing the 6&1? Now u've to come back and be OP and tell us abt your plan for the day......

I'm wating to hear from u....

Ok ladies have a good one will catch you all later...

answered Apr 29 at 17:47

Noel's gravatar image


Morning everyone! (Well, it's morning here in AK lol!).

A friend of mine is selling me her leftover Medifast food for less than 50% of retail (YAY!) which is good because I am running low and payday isn't until next week! This was part of my problem last time, ran out of money before I could order more food. Sigh... anyways I should be able to make it this time, consuming some of the stuff I am not too fond of..

Hinata, I am soooo excited for you to be so close to Onederland!!! YAY!!.

Sony, nice to meet you! I'm not sure if we met before I went off plan late last year, but good to see you here either way!.

Teresa my dearest, update us!.

Ok back to work for now, I'll be surfing the boards though! LOL!..

answered Apr 29 at 18:06

Dillon's gravatar image


I'm with UK about the nights..

It's so lame because I was so close. Why go off when there are only a couple of hours left of the day?.

For me, I don't even have to worry about night time becasue I'm so pooped, I pass out not long after my little one..

So... I have my body bugg on today and I did cardio this morning already. I am going to do a second short session later..

I'm still having trouble wth the "all or nothing" mentality, so that when I go off, I don't just eat one little thing to satisfy a craving... one thing that I could pretty easily work off...

I didn't really binge or anything. Just chocolate and bread. Carb addict, or what?.

Then I regret wasting the Medifast food I did eat..

Today, I'm counting calories and exercising. Goal is to burn more than I eat. All through the weekend. I decided not to set myself up for failure because the next few days are stressful for me..

UK- I'm with you again on the hubby away thing. Mine has to go away tomorrow and I am already stressed because of it..

We'll see. I'm hoping I get a break from the cravings because I just got TOM (after 38 days!! perimenopause is FUN)..

I dream of being OP. I too, have to find strategies for dealing with those afternoon/evenings. If I were busy with something else, I couldn't listen to that voice saying, "F*** it! I want FOOD". It's brutal when I'm just circling the kitchen the whole time at that time of day..

I'm going to figure out heat and serve meals and plan to go out and work out in the afternoon and let my DH feed child and cleanup kitchen..

I just need to get started, then my super OP powers will kick in again..

Also... from the BECK book... she said that every time we give in to those temptations, cravings, voices... we weaken our resolve not to give in and strengthen the "giving in" muscle (or whatever).

And that is exactly what has happened with me over the last 7 months..

But I do still remember how it felt to be able to make that choice not to give in..

UK, you must remember even better. you did it for so long..

Hinata, you go girl!! Straight to Onderland. Man, have you earned it..

I'm glad you're working on the self image stuff now, so you're better able to accept your thin, healthy self. I do think a lot of people who keep seeing the "Fat" girl, just re-create her for themselves..

As you know I (and Lia, I believe) am the opposite. I got so fat because I looked in the mirror and saw an okay looking girl. Definitley knew I was fat, but did not know I got to be totally round and hugely fat..

I say, own your hottie self now!.

Lia, you have to share some of those belly dancing pics! Hottie in motion..

Mary, how did you do? How is today going? I wish I was with you on day 2, but my time will come..

Sony, I think I won't even try 6/1 or any variations again. just straight up. Any variation seems to lead to eating. But, I'm trying to shrink my stomach a bit for a few days. thanks for asking. And I hope you and your men are well..

Also, I forgot about the headache! I do not have time for a headache. Well, who does, of course..

Okay friends, off to do some work. I have to figure out what to feed these people. I'm so SICK OF THINKING ABOUT FOOD!!!.

Hugs to you all,.


answered Apr 29 at 18:52

Brycen's gravatar image



My BFF on these boards! We can do it, we have done it, and will do it again! I'm thrilled to say that I am actually on Day 2! Phew! Last night did get a little rough when DH started snacking, but I downed one of the Medifast infusers with water and made it to bed, phew! So good so far today, my stomach has been complaining a bit, but no major issues..

I actually finally found the Beck Diet book at Barnes and Noble on clearance so I am excited to finally start reading the book I keep hearing so much about!.

Go see my profile page, I added some of our belly dance photos! My new profile pic is one of them, but it's so small it's hard to see. Might change that pic to something viewable..

My family has heard me say several times that I was MFing again and then watched me fall off, so I am looking forward to showing DH and kiddos that I can do this and make it work. Now I feel like I have even more to work towards! My son is sooo sweet, he tells me that he's proud of me for doing good on Medifast so I am REALLY looking forward to hearing him say that again!.

I really need to get more shakes, those fill me up the longest and I am running low. Actually all of the drinks seem to last longer, the bars don't do too much but are good for throwing in my purse. And I can't stand the peach iced tea! I LOVE actual peach iced tea, but the Medifast version is think and nasty! I'm gonna try it one more time and see if it was just a fluke, but otherwise I am done with that one! I do miss the puffs and pretzels so I'm looking forward to ordering those again..

That's it for now I think, have a wonderful MFing day!..

answered Apr 29 at 19:28

Emmett's gravatar image


Ok, I changed my profile pic to one of my son and I..

answered Apr 29 at 20:38

's gravatar image


So glad Thursday is over. Off to bed, Flirts. Tomorrow I will try again to make it OP for the entire day....another lost evening. sigh. Still not sure why I can't make it past the LG without eating something I shouldn't. Maybe I should try a 6 Medifast and no LG? Something has got to give!.


answered Apr 29 at 21:43

's gravatar image


Yeah Lia, for day 2!!.

Make it 3. You can totally do it..

I forgot about those infusers... I miss those. Too bad I can't handle 'em..

I love your new picture. Too cute..

UK, I've thought about trying the 6 Medifast for a few days too. Just not to trigger the eating thing at all. When does your husband get home?.

Good luck my friend. Keep up the exercise, it will save you from really gaining. I suggest adding a second cardio, even a short one and also starting some strength training. Build muscle now. Especially if you are having plenty of calories..

I made the mistake in the past 7 months of not working out as much because I kept "starting MF" and then I ended up not doing Medifast and not working out..

Well Flirts, I'm fading,.

More tomorrow,.


answered Apr 29 at 21:56

's gravatar image



I wouldn't even mind having.

One day.

On plan and.

One day.

Off plan, if it could progress to.

Two days.

On and.

One day.


Three days.

On and.

One day.


Four days.

On and.

One day.

Off, etc.! Eventually I would be at.

30 days.

On (1 month) and.

One day.


I'm still trying!!!..

answered Apr 29 at 22:25

Jeremiah's gravatar image


Well, add my "me too" to that! Day 3 is just too soon to push it and be surround by fair food! We went to the Bear Paw Festival today, sort of like a mini state fair for those of you familiar with those. And for those that have been to these types of fairs you know what I mean by "fair food!" I didn't totally go crazy and get everything I wanted, but when I found myself in the food aisle and my stomach growling because the Medifast bar just didn't cut it, I was almost in tears. Blah! I broke down and got myself a salmon quesadilla, so not as bad as it could have been. Anyways, just wanted to share since it sounds like we are all struggling at the moment. I appreciate you all!!..

answered Apr 29 at 23:03

Cristian's gravatar image


Good morning,.


I made it..

One day totally OP! DH is back and took me out for a chicken salad for my LG. He was totally supportive without being too ugly about it. I am glad he was home though. I also thought ahead and made SF jello for the evening. I mixed the strawberry-banana jello with my strawberry shake and it was quite delish!.

Day Two now begins. My legs and ankles are bothering me a bit this AM. I may be reacting to the change in the weather predicted for the next few days. We shall see! After checking out the site this AM, it will be time to walk on my treadmill. Yes,.


, I had given some thought to adding another round on the treadmill or something, but as achy as I feel this AM, I think I need to move slowly like I did last time or I may end up not being able to work out at all..


, I like carnivals. Amusement parks are right up there as well. In Europe, they are fests. Then again, an old-fashioned barbeque does wonders for the food overall! LOL Why are we talking about food again?.

Oh yeah, so we DON'T eat!! LOL.



.....I feel your pain. One day down and 30 to gobut one day at a time will do. I have to keep reminding myself it is one meal, one bottle of water, one day at a time. If I look further than that I give up and allow myself the leeway I do NOT need. I must narrow my focus and keep on the Medifast path. I know I can't do this alone, and I thank God for the support I find here..

Five thirty already? Where has the time flown?.


, my friend, how is your day?.


, thank you!.


, please stop by...and any other.


That is out thereknow that together we can accomplish all of our goals!.


answered Apr 29 at 23:49

Charles's gravatar image


Good morning Flirts!.

It is 5:04 am here, and I thought I's stop by and say hello before I hit the gym. Glad it is the weekend - I have plans to just rest and relax. I am trying not to work all the time anymore - this is difficult for me as I am wired to work and there is always so much to do. Nonetheless, I am teaching myself to step back a bit and take time for me. My plans for this weekend are to go out and explore the countryside and enjoy the fresh air. Anyway, today the scale is giving me.


And I am thrilled! I realize this rapid loss won't continue forever - you know me, drop a few pounds quickly then be static for weeks. Regardless, I will enjoy this while it lasts!.

I have been thinking a lot about this process lately, and the idea of "Day 1". I am beginning to wonder about the impact of the "starting over" mentality. While on one hand I think it is good to have that perspective, to be able to say "Tomorrow is a fresh day and I can begin again!", I do wonder if that is also not a curse at times that can undermine our efforts. I know for myself, I have come to realize that there is never another "Day 1" - it is always the same process that started for me in January. Regardless of how on my plan or off my plan I have been, I just press on with the next meal and mentally frame things in terms of good or poor choices..

If I were to "start over" all the time, it would get demoralizing; it would feel like I was always starting over and couldn't stick to a plan. Constantly "starting over", for me, allows too much freedom - why have any responsibility for what I put in my mouth if I can constantly have "do overs"? I know that for myself, when I frame things in terms of the overall process, like "I've been doing this since January" there is a gravity to the idea - undermining 6 months worth of work seems so much more dire than blowing 1 day's worth of effort..

A few poor choices, however, doesn't undermine the whole project. We are human and make mistakes, take missteps. I know that for myself, I just say "Well, that wasn't a healthy choice. The next meal will be better" and commit myself to doing better. This is just something that works for me and I thought I would share....


: Just saying hello! Hope all is well with you and yours. How are the little ones liking school? Have a great weekend!.


: Thanks for the encouragement! I am struggling every day to force myself to do this, but glad I am seeing some results again. I am typically a very slow loser, so this is a nice change of pace. I hope I can sustain it, but I wouldn't bet the bank on it. Love your new pics by the way - fabulous! ^^.


: Thanks for the kind words! I think that the mental aspect of weight loss is the toughest for me. I don't care about the food control, and I can force myself to go to the gym - some days these are challenging, but not impossible. It is always the mental and emotional aspects of this process that threaten my stability so I must work on these. I have been looking for a good therapist to help me make the mental transition to my new body, and I think that will help. Always good to have a neutral 3rd party who is close by to bounce ideas off of!.


: Hey my friend - hope you are doing well! Don't let a tiny set back derail you - you can do this! Just keep going ^^.


: Congrats on a successful day! Well done - keep up the awesome work. Sorry to hear your legs are bothering you - hope that ceases soon and you are back to being able to walk and run without any discomfort. I am doing ok, pretty good actually - just working on the diet and taking some time for myself this weekend. I need to learn to rest and relax more..

Have a great weekend everyone!.


Quote of the Day:.

"Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back.".

~Chinese Proverb..

answered Apr 30 at 00:29

's gravatar image


Hey Flirts,.

Today has been a good Medifast day and I am happy to say so! I am mentally moving forward which is a lot more than I can say for the past many months..

UKB and Hinata, I am totally on board with the moving forward, one day and meal at a time perspective and not feeling like I am constantly "starting over." This is a process, each day, each meal another one on the journey and we have no choice but to keep going since time sure isn't stopping for us..

How is everyone doing this weekend? I have a bunch more water to get in so I'm sure I will be close to the bathroom for the rest of the day...

answered Apr 30 at 01:16

Erick's gravatar image


Still tired this AM..

I think I will go back to bed but wanted to say GOOD morning to my.


First! LOL..

answered Apr 30 at 01:28

Lincoln's gravatar image


Good morning Flirts!.

Just stopping by to say hello before I hit the gym! Hope you are all having a great weekend and getting some much deserved rest and relaxation. Anyone do anything exciting or fun? I'd love to hear about it!.

So this morning the scale has me at.


Pounds. Wow - if you would have told me 6 months ago that I would have a weight that began with a "1", I probably would have laughed. And now I am on the bubble - I am *so* close! Ahhhh, this is getting suspenseful for me - when will this happen?!? I know I cannot rush the process, but I am just so excited to be in the "1"'s. I am going all out this week with exercise and good eating. Wish me luck!.


: Glad you are moving forward and not focusing on the past! All we ever have is right now, and I am thrilled to see you embracing that philosophy. You can do this Lia, and you are *so* worth it!.


: Good morning! Hope you got some great rest, you certainly deserve it. Have a fabulous day my friend!.


: Just saying hello! Hope everything is well in your world. How is the little princess doing? Take care of yourself, ok?.


: Hope your foot is continuing to heal up nicely! Have a fabulous weekend - don't forget to do something nice for yourself. ^^.

Everyone else, you be well too! Hang in there, you can do this. Don't forget to treat yourselves with the same love, respect, and compassion you show others on their weight loss journeys..

Quote of the Day:.

"If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.".

~Buddhist Saying..

answered Apr 30 at 02:22

Dawson's gravatar image


Good morning to you too, UK! Although I have a feeling it's no longer morning for you, but it's 10:40am here in AK at the moment!.

Hinata, thanks so much for your encouragement!! So worth it to come here and read our posts to help each other along!.

I keep thinking that I should exercise and that I should really follow everyone's example and hit the gym or walk or something, because for so long I haven't exercised at all. And then I realized, I DO exercise, 2 or 3 times a week already! I enjoy belly dancing so much that I haven't been thinking of it as exercise! LOL! I go to an hour to hour and half long class on Tue and Thur and then we have a 2 hour troupe practice on Sundays! YAY!.

Silly I know, but it was nice to think of myself as exercising since that was always my downfall in the past..

One of my new motivations for losing weight is belly dancing. My mom started dancing back in the late 70's and has given me ALL of her costumes! She was much smaller than me back then though so I would LOVE to be able to start fitting into these costumes without too much alteration. And to be able to order stuff in regular sizes instead of seeing all this beautiful stuff and know that it won't look the same on me without alteration. Anyways, I have dance on the brain since I have troupe practice this afternoon, so I just wanted to share!..

answered Apr 30 at 02:30

's gravatar image


I just wanted to say that I am excited to be cold today! Why? Because it's my signal that my Medifast is working it's magic!.

Last winter on Medifast I was freezing all the time, and not just because I live in Alaska! LOL! Just had to put a sweater on and I feel wonderful about it! Tee hee, just had to share!..

answered Apr 30 at 03:56

Silas's gravatar image


Good morning Flirts!.

It is 4:14am here, and I am just stopping by before hitting the gym. To be honest, the last thing in the world I want to do right now is go to the gym - I am so sore I can barely move. My muscles are killing me - legs, arms, thighs - everything hurts. It would be really easy to go back to bed, but I won't do that. I need to work out this soreness, so back to the gym for me. No movement on the scale today - how frustrating for it to stop at 200! Oh well, I have lost a fair bit recently, so this is not a shock.

Hope you all have a great day and do well on your plans!.


: Congrats on the "feeling cold" XD Glad that you have kicked into a healthy routine and are starting to feel the effects. Awesome work! And you are right - you *are* exercising! Vigorous belly dancing can burn between 200-300 calories and hour and has great cardio benefits. Keep up the excellent work!.


: How are you doing? Haven't seen much of you around for a few days. Hope everything is well with you ^^.




: Just saying hello ladies! How are you both doing? Everything going ok for you? Wishing you a fabulous OYP day!.

Everyone else, be well and have fun! Remember that you are worth this, and that you can do it!.


Quote of the Day:.

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.".

~Albert Camus..

answered Apr 30 at 04:51

's gravatar image


Hinata, I can only imagine what the feels like to be sitting right at 200 just waiting to drop off to Onederland!!! You have done amazing to get there and will continue to do so! I can't wait to join you there!!!.

How is everyone? I know it's a Monday and all.... I woke up a full half hour before my alarm thanks to someone using a power saw next door. I know this is AK and all, but a power saw this early? UGH! At least it looks like we're gonna have sunshine today so we're always thankful of sunny days up here..

Have a great week everyone!!!..

answered Apr 30 at 06:09

's gravatar image


Hello everyone.....i'm down to 155.4 this morning that a loss of 1.8lbs for the week, i'm so happy atleast it's down not up, heheee.....


, i'm holding my breath at this moment....did you weighin this morning after workout? I bet u'll definitely see 199 way before this weekend!!!..

answered Apr 30 at 06:12

Jacoby's gravatar image



So glad to hear that you r feeling cold, lol....i'm so happy that you r sticking to it, it's day 3 for you right? BTW what time is it in Alaska, is it an hr behind pacific time?..

answered Apr 30 at 07:20

Samuel's gravatar image


Happy Monday,.



This makes day 3 OP for me. I think. Sigh. I really miss my scale (food). I even went looking at a DIY store and an electronics store with kithen gadgets all to no avail. Heavy Sigh.

DH is out at practice again. He has practice tonight, tomorrow, and leaves for another three day ball trip on Thursday. I am a bit worried about this weekend as it is the time that he is gone that I find myself with food in my hand more than not....Making myself stop eating once I start (LG) is the hardest part right now. My stomach is just not signalling full to my brain quickly enough! It is only 1800 and I am thinking about going to bed just so I can stay away from FOOD! LOL.

Walking has become my preferred exercise once again. I get up in the morning and try to accomplish one item from a list, walk for fortyfive minutes, get ready for workall before 0730. So far, so good..


, I wish our bosses were as good about encouraging exercise as you are with your staff. We have a number of individuals who I believe would do more for their own health with the right type of incentive. I see it as being good modeling for our students as well. Guess it is a dream of sorts for me....to teach my students to take better care of themselves than I did of me..

Okay....just about to drop off a bit. Sleepy. Take care,.



answered Apr 30 at 07:55

Brett's gravatar image


Hi Flirts,.

I tried to post earlier, but it wouldn't take....

Oh well..

I'm just trying to recover from TOM and focus on making every day a "reduction" day. Meaning making good choices even if I can't manage to be Medifast OP yet..

I do agree with Hinata about cutting out the Day one's. This is a process and I've never given up so I suppose I'm just months into an up and down journey. Sometimes sideways!.

I'm going to the market tomorrow and everyone is gettng premade sandwiches all day Wednesday so I don't have to deal with anything (except my little one, of course)..

And hubby is doing dishes..

I better let him know.

Take care everyone,.

And congrats UK and Lia on getting it going..


answered Apr 30 at 08:32

's gravatar image




, we are all a little tense here.......


? Did it drop? Are you in ONEderland? Hmmmmmmmmm? Know you can do it and we are all right here ready to cheer!.

No pressure though. LOL.

Teresa, Teresa, Teresa.


You are so much better at verbalizing than I. With just DH and I to contend with, I don't think I would be able to handle this and a wee one. Yes, it does mean teaching them to eat right from the beginning.....but is difficult when they want things like mac n cheese, ice cream, etc. which in small amounts does not hurt a growing child. Sigh. If I could reach out and help in a more substantial way, I would.


, my mom used to belly dance with a class. I used to laugh at some of the antics with the different exercises she didsomething called "cat and dog" is the one that comes to mind..

Cute costumes aside, I would just like to get back to the 165 I enjoyed for only about a week! My size 8 dress slacks are too tight to wear comfortably. It is beyond frustrating to know I had it and then lost it in a haze of chocolate muffins.....

Otis Spunkmeyer.

Seems to be my downfall! Of course, choco chip cookies and peanut butter didn't help!.


, you are getting mighty close to goal. You go girl!.

We have lost.


Again, I fear. Please come and see us......


, how is the foot? I know you have been struggling right there along with me. I finally forced myself to get up and start walking again. I hope I shall start to see some differences on the scale. Still only managing about 2.5 miles a morning, but that's 2.5 more than I accomplished last week!.


, my friend, what can I say. Your timeliness saved my OPness last night. You are the greatest. Thank you again. I am trying to come up with some kind of plan for this weekend when DH is gone. I know that I will be lonely, stressed, and oh so tempted....but not right now..

To all those.

Future Flirts.

Out there: Together we can accomplish muchone Medifast meal, one bottle of water, one day at a time. Bless you,..

answered Apr 30 at 09:18

Maximiliano's gravatar image


Good evening Flirts!.

Just stopping in to say hello! The only change on my scale is upward LOL. Oh water weight from over-exercising, way to ruin the moment. Oh well, I shall press on, and once you are gone, I will be in the 1's!.

I am thrilled to see so many people posting again - really feels like a community. How fabulous!.

Sony: Congrats on the 1.8 pound loss - well done! Keep going - you are so close to your goal. You can do this!.

Teresa: I am so proud of you for constantly trying to figure out what works for you - I know one day you will find it. Excellent work taking the steps you need to reduce your calories, eat better, and get moving again. That is brilliant ^^.

UKB: So glad I could help - and thrilled to see you back to your old self. Well done with the staying OP and the exercise - awesome job! As for this weekend, you may be lonely, but no need to be stressed or tempted. Fill your time in non-food related activities that bring you joy - hell, if I were married and my husband went out of town for three days, I'd spend it all giving myself facials and pedicures, and doing everything girly under the sun. You take the time to make a wonderful weekend for yourself - relax, read, garden, and treat yourself. Focus on the fact you have some "you" time and reward yourself. Your husband will be back, and then the absence will make the reunion fonder right?..

answered Apr 30 at 10:19

's gravatar image



Wow, what a morning...what a morning! I have *2* pieces of news to share this morning... I am singing and dancing and jumping for joy!.

Firstly, today I weigh.....


! It's a 1! a 1! Great googly moogly, my weight begins with a one. Thank you all for the support for these past months - I cannot even begin to tell you how much it means to me. As you know, I have struggled on this plan and had to make many modifications with the help of my doctor. You also know that my weight loss is slower than most, and at times it has felt impossible. The only thing I can say is keep pressing on no matter what - no matter if you have a bad food day, no matter if the scale doesn't budge for weeks, no matter if you have to modify your plan, just keep going..

Secondly, I was at the gym this morning doing my morning routine. There was a guy there lifting weights - you know, the kind that doesn't look like he needs it, all muscle and fit and good looking. He finished his workout then left. Anyway, I was on the elliptical machine, all sweaty and gross and not giving a damn and this guy comes back to the gym, and walks up to me. I stop my routine and wonder what in blue hell he wants. Then he says "Hi - I just want you to know I think you are doing great.

I am a chiropractor, and here is my card. Call me if you ever need anything or you get hurt or need a plan to help reduce the risk of injury - I'd love to help you out." Seriously, I blinked like an idiot, took his business card, then introduced myself and thanked him for his support. Wow, maybe I am on glue, but I think I just got hit on by a guy at the gym. Talk about an NSV XD.

Anyway, have a fabulous day everyone! Love to you all. Remember, you can do this - whatever your plan, whatever your goals, keep going <3.



"Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light.

- John Milton..

answered Apr 30 at 11:51

's gravatar image


Yeah Hinata!!! Hurray!!! Woo HOoo!!!!.


You have earned every bit of it! I'm so happy for you..

Nice work at the gym too..

I think you may have to get used to that, my girl..

Hinata, you really are an inspiration. I can get so discouraged when I'm really dieting and have slow losses or none! But you prove that sticking with it will get you where you want to be..

Thank you!.

UK, I'm absolutely working my plan through this weekend too... hopefully we can send each other strength and focus vibes. We know what to do and we know it's worth it..

Sony... congrats on the loss! and thank you for all the continued support..

Mary... how are you?.

Lia, are you feeling the "high" yet?.

Take care everyone,.


answered Apr 30 at 12:39

's gravatar image


Hinata, YAY WOOHOO YIPEE!!!!!! Congrats! Onederland forever!.

Sony, yep, Alaska is an hour behind Pacific time.

UK, can't say I have heard of the "cat and dog" belly dance exercise, sounds hysterical though! LOL.

Teresa, good vibes to you! And to all of us Flirts!!.

Last night was totally off plan, but not worth it after all as far as enjoyment of the food. Which I'm looking at as a good thing because it showed me that I really don't have the desire to eat that kind of food since losing weight feels so much better! Can't wait for more of the little NSVs: pants fitting better, rings loose, cold all the time LOL!..

answered Apr 30 at 14:05

Trey's gravatar image



- I am so very happy for you!! Congrats on the scale victory and the "man at the gym" victory!..

answered Apr 30 at 15:38

Diego's gravatar image


Oh yes, I forgot to comment on Hinata's gym experience, AWESOME NSV!!!!..

answered Apr 30 at 16:00

Jose's gravatar image




Woohooo......i was sooo soooo eagerly waiting for this, i'm sooo proud of u, seriously...i mean it...i'm just floored by that gym experience.....

That too coming from a muscle man!!! what a great way to celebrate onederland, seriously, heheheee...LOL....OMG *blowing kisses atcha* your sooo cute I tell ya....

I've to share this with you all...i belong to another wonderful thread which was created by a lady and she reached goal yesterday. She is such an inspiration to us all and looking at her before/after pics made me feel guilty abt myselves when sometimes I was offprogram and hindered my weight loss....i was almost abt to binge on some yucky food lastnight out of stress and then suddenly reminded of her....then I felt that if she can do it and reached her goal then why can't I? why do I need that chocolate pecan icecream? I know how it tastes and whats it like, it's full of fat and cream and I don't want to blow it away tonight!!! so I kept it away....


, if I can add in my 2 cents, I would get rid of all those cookies or whatever is my weakness just trash it or give away, so that way I know that those r out of my reach and to have them i've to make a trip to the store which I wouldn't...secondly as Hinata said, indulge in something exciting, like watching movies with a friend, go have a pedicure, etc., I know you can do it..


I'll be sending good onplan vibes to you and UK this weekend, just stick to it you can do it! Look at Hinata....just keep thinnking abt her if she can reach onederland we all can too.


Ok you had offplan food lastnight and you judged it right....its not worth it right? no worries dust yourselves off of it and hop right back on the wagon....



, nice to see u...how is your lil foot doing?...how is it going on with MF?.

Flirts, I have taken up a part time work from home job from my previous company that I used to work 5 or so yrs ago....figured out that since my eldest is off to fullday kindergarten and the lil one to prek, I can squeeze in few hrs in between their schedules, I still want to be dropping them/picking up from school, feeding, cooking etc., so it's gonna be quite a bit of a challenge for me, lets see how I can handle 'em.....

answered Apr 30 at 17:16

Grayson's gravatar image


Sony, what is the other thread where the lady reached goal? I would love to check that one out!..

answered Apr 30 at 17:30

's gravatar image













Go, Hinata! LOL.

I am running out of time to walk this amgot up about an hour later than usual....SO, I will be back to chat more later..

Hugs to all my wonderful.


-y Friends!.


answered Apr 30 at 18:08

Patrick's gravatar image


Good morning Flirts!.

Hope you all had a great evening, and that you will have a fabulous day as well! Thanks for the kind wishes and congratulations - it means the world to me! Stay focused on your plans, and you will succeed ^^.


: I hope you come up with a fabulous plan for the weekend! Do something good for yourself and take some time to relax and refocus. You totally deserve it! ^^.


: Sometimes the best lessons come from the less glamorous experiences. So glad you had the opportunity to learn that eating bad food doesn't feel as good as getting healthier. Nicely done! You are doing amazing - keep going!.


: Always good to see you! How is the foot doing - is it healed yet, or at least almost healed? Hope you continue to get stronger each day.


: Congrats on the part-time work from home - how exciting for you! Indeed, this will add challenges to your day, but challenge can be a good thing! I am sure you will do brilliantly.


: Thanks for the fabulous shout-out! Hope you are doing well my friend. You can do this, just keep going! Keep planning your weekend too - make sure to have an awesome time!.


Quote of the Day:.

"Talk doesn't cook rice.".

~Chinese Proverb..

answered Apr 30 at 19:43

's gravatar image



Just search for chickpea and u'll get to her....also I belong to this thread shaking off the pounds July challenge, we do that monthly and she is the boss of that thread, heheheee.....BTW how is your day going?.


, thanks, I know it's quite a bit of a challenge these first few days but I am glad that I am still be able to be with kiddos all the time, and it's soo fun WFH when compared to my last job of actually driving to work, I don't have to get ready or worry abt the commute....except of course for video conferencing....

Did any of you get hold of the new products yet? I placed my order for new products and getting the shipment on friday, hooray.....can't wait to try that pb icecream, as well as mango & coffee icecream, and the pancakes....slurping.....heheheee......

To all my dear flirts, have a great day.....

answered Apr 30 at 20:44

Issac's gravatar image


WOOHOO! Despite the ups and downs of this past week I managed to be -4lbs this morning! YAY!!! I heart Medifast! LOL Yesterday was an awesome OP day and today will be as well! I have a challenge tonight however so I am trying to plan ahead to be ready for it. We are meeting with a girlfriend of mine from out of town and will be doing swimming and pizza with the family. Wish me luck and Medifast vibes!.

I placed my first order in MONTHS 2 days ago so I am totally excited to have new food to choose from! Just ordered one box of choco mint ice cream and one box of brownies to try those out. I am looking forward to having pretzels and puffs again for Medifast crunch! Have a great day Flirts!!..

answered Apr 30 at 20:46

's gravatar image


Hi Flirts,.

I'm still around, just crazy busy with work and life..

I'll write more tomorrow. I'm going to indulge in a good book before I pass out completely..


answered Apr 30 at 21:03

Steven's gravatar image


Upside down day for me today,.


I did most of my LG for breakfast with a veggie omelette. I may actually do it again tomorrow as the day has gone pretty well thus far. No hunger pangs or anything like that. It may be the answer for a little while. I will have to go and stock up on egg beaters if I do decide to continue this route though so I am not upsetting my cholesterol numbers..


? What did today look like or did you skip weighing? Mine was up a half a pound, but it should have been considering my slip last night. Heavy sigh. That would be why I have switched things around today in hopes it will help me stay on track. Could very easily go to sleep right now. Guess those four and five AM walks are catching up with me..

Teresa, I am glad that you are busy. For me, Medifast is so much easier when I am busy. Hopefully it is the same for you..


, are you still going to classes? How is it going? How are your beautiful children and supportive DH doing? I imagine they are cheering you on just as hard and loudly as we are..



I hadn't heard about the new products yet,.


So thank you for cluing us in..

I will go and check them out now..

To all the other.


Out there......Have a.



answered Apr 30 at 22:27

Cameron's gravatar image


Things are pretty good here!.

I overdid it about with the soy crisps and rice cakes yesterday, but lesson learned so no big. UK, what all did you put in your veggie omelet? Sounds YUMMY and I need a break from salad since I'm at the point where I'm having a hard time getting it down as I am SICK of leafy greens!!.

For that matter, what does everyone do for the Green in your L&G?..

answered Apr 30 at 23:49

's gravatar image


Red and green pepper, mushrooms (which I had to pick out because YUCK), onions, and grilled tomatoes were in this one......

answered May 01 at 01:11

Timothy's gravatar image


Good evening Flirts!.

Wow, what a long day - work, work, work! My scale is still at 199, and I am perfectly ok with that! I didn't have time to get in my morning workout today, so I am going to head out now and get a bit of exercise in. Just wanted to stop by and say hello! Hope you all had a great day and managed to stay the course..

I also see some of you brave souls are trying the new Medifast products. I don't think I will personally, because to me, I don't want to get in the mindset of eating "pancakes and ice cream" to lose weight. I don't know, but I love those foods and even a facsimile of them might start me down a slippery slope I couldn't recover from. You are all braver than I to try them! I hope they are delicious for you.

One thing I did do though was call that guy from the gym! LOL - the one that gave me his business card! Why the hell not? Could be a good thing right? Worst that happens is I make a new friend who can help me with fitness goals..

Take care!.


answered May 01 at 01:57

's gravatar image


Good morning,.



I have an early meeting today and will have to postpone my walk until this afternoon. I will walk though. LOL Yesterday's breakfast LG seems to have put me in the right place. I am going for a repeat today at my breakfast meeting. We shall see if I am as successful two days in a row or if this is just a fluke (one pound down)..

DH left early this morning and actually managed to get up, shower, and dress without waking me up. Usually he at least gives me a kiss prior to leaving. Guess he figured out I was tired and let me sleep. I know he planned to leave at 0300. I woke up at 0330, freezing, and looking for him. I am a retired military wife.

You would think I would be used to it!.

Plans for this weekend? Not really. I have some cleaning to do, puttering in the garden that kind of thingbut no real plans. With the trip to Cali coming up, I need to save money for my time there. All of the expenses have to come out of my pocket first, then I get reimbursed when the government gets around to it..

I am good with that though as I know this training will be good for my students..



, hope your day is a good oneand OP all the way!..

answered May 01 at 03:14

Mateo's gravatar image


UK, that omelet sounds yummy! I went out and got peppers and an onion and made chicken stir fry for dinner tonight after thinking about your veggie omelet! LOL!.

Hinata, how exciting!!! Did you talk to gym guy???.

I had a terrible Medifast day today, I was starving to the point of feeling ill and ended up eating off plan a couple of different times today. But I'm not throwing in the towel and giving up, just moving forward. Night all!..

answered May 01 at 03:46

's gravatar image


Hi Everyone,.

Lia, I like the way you stay the course even when you go off plan here and there. I know it's better not to go off plan... but at least you're not throwing in the towel and trashing the day. I think that makes a huge difference in being able to stay right back on track the next morning..

I will try to follow your lead..

Hinata... I love it that you called gym guy. Adventure is what it's all about. I hope you're enjoying life in Onederland!.

Sony, how's the new job going?.

I didn't know anything about new products... I still have a cupboard full. I had stocked up on the puffs and pretzels. this time I'm going to keep them for my after dinner snack though. I thikn they might trigger me if I do too much during the day..

I'm having to re-adjust to the taste, it's been that long. I know I loved the oatmeal after a while, but it's not so great right now..

Mary, how are you? I'm still not Medifast OP, so if you're just starting over, you won't be alone..

Off to get work done now..

Love to you all,.


answered May 01 at 05:00

's gravatar image


Hello Flirts, have been a busy week with working from home/kiddos schools/etc., and to top it off DH's best friend & his family are driving over to Denver from St.Louis saturday and gonna stay here for 4 days.

So was busy tidying the guest rooms, cleaning up the entire house+managing to work....huff....typical life of a woman...hehee....

BTW just got my shipment in the morning and tried out the mango softserve, well....not bad, guess like any other Medifast food it'll take few tries to actually love it! I agree with u.


But for me I think I needed things like onplan icecream cuz that would atleast stop me from *tasting* my kiddo's icecream,....so now whenever they're having theirs I can always have this option of having mine guiltfree.

BTW goodluck with your *new buddy*, hope all goes well....

UK, I do make a similar omelette with eggbeaters or eggwhites, veggies & cottage cheese, yummy.....spray pan with pan or 1tsp olive oil, I put blanched spinach, a tbsp onions, tomatoes, saute for a min, then pour eb on top, salt & pepper it, flip over when it's nice and browned, then ones other side is nice and cooked flipover again, sprinkle like a tsp or so of parmcheese, and I put couple tbsp of cottage cheese on one side and fold it...yummooo.....it soo fills me up and I only use 1 cup (out of 2) eggbeaters and the rest I have in the form of cottage cheese or something else......

Lia, congratulations on the 4lb loss....how exciting.

Teresa, as I mentioned above it has been a stressful first week of WFH....i guess it'll get better with time....going and working at the actual workplace would have been much better but I have kiddos to take care of so this is what I guess must be doing for few months.....BTW you said you r working I didn't know that???.

Ok friends more later......

answered May 01 at 05:58

's gravatar image


Heya Flirts - good evening!.

Thanks goodness it is the weekend - this was a *long* week and I need the rest. Scale is still at 199 but that is ok - I have lost a fair chunk recently so I am sure I have hit another stretch of no loss. Silly body, if only it didn't hold on quite so much!.

I am doing ok - haven't heard back from "gym guy" but it has only been 1 day. You know the three day rule - if they haven't gotten back to you in 3 days, move on. But we haven't hit day 3 yet, so no worries. Either way, at least I tried right? I don't think anyone knows just how much courage that took me to do that. I am not good when it comes to guys or dating or love - pretty much always been alone my whole life. Even trying to connect in that way is painful for me, so it was a risk to put myself out there like that.

I might get let down in the end, but at least I took a huge risk. That has to count for something..

Be well everyone - I will check in tomorrow!.


answered May 01 at 06:45

Silas's gravatar image


"The biggest regret are the things you didn't try." My DHs fave movies are the "Grumpy Old Men" saga..


, I think you did exactly the right thing. As he is a doctor (of sorts), cut him some slack. When my DH first got my number, he did not call for TWO months. Of course, I didn't know he had my number! LOL One of my students gave it to him in hopes that we would date and she could see more of me over the summer. He didn't actually call me until the summer was about over (Aug 7), so she and I didn't get to hang outbut after 26 years of marriage I guess it worked out in the end..

Hmmmm.....just called the hotel I will be using in Cali....was told that I would not have a microwave in my room unless I was willing to pay 10.00 extra a day and only if one were available at the time I checked in. Wow. I may have to rethink what I am packing to eat from MF! I really don't care much for the shakes without ice but I may not have a choice. sigh. Maybe I will go and look at my magic bullet and see if it will fit in my suitcase?.


, I did go ahead and order the soft serve ice cream and pancakes. I want to see how they are to be fixed, etc., before I make them a regular part of my order, but after this many months am ready for a new taste. Hopefully they will arrive prior to 1 August so I can tell you what I discover..

Upside down seems to be working just fine for me. I am going to try making breakfast again today with Medifast eggs and a meatless boca burger with salsa as a garnish and a small salad. I intend to go to the store and puchase eggbeaters today as well (for the rest of the week). That way I can have the other boca burger and a small salad for lunch as well if I want. It's kind of splitting my LG, but I discovered I really wasn't hungry eating every two hours from noon on.....ran into something that stopped me from getting my midmorning snack at 10 yesterday. With LG as a breakfast, this was not a problem..


, yours sounds like what I call an egg scramble because the omelotte ingredients (part of them) seem to be in the eggs rather than folded inside..

I like those too!.

Good morning,.




You too..

For whatever reason, upside downright side upyesterday WAS easier. Remember our creedo......

One meal, one bottle of water, one day at a time!.

We can do thisyou know we can..

We have done it in the past, and can do it now. Just thinkno holidays are around to trip us up. This time, we can be successful..


, are you there?.


? Together we can accomplish it all!.




Are GREAT additions to our original group and we can't let them or ourselves down any longer..

Have a super Saturday, Flirts! Stay OP!..

answered May 01 at 08:13

's gravatar image


Hi! Ladies Im new to this thread but you guys are all so supportive I cudnt help but butt in lol. Uk- I recently stayed in a hotel and a lot of times in there lobby where they have coffee machines and stuff they'll have a microwave there also. So you might wanna ask if they have that option...

answered May 01 at 08:28

's gravatar image



Ms. Kitty!.

They did mention that I could use one in the front lobbybut every 2-3 hours trekking to the desk? It may just be simpler to take the things not needing warmed up..



Fell off the Medifast wagon a bit this afternoon with some Splenda - made choco chip cookies. Not happy with myself, but will get back up and do better tomorrow..

Anyway, getting ready to go to sleep now as I am falling asleep over the keyboard...Night everyone!..

answered May 01 at 10:07

's gravatar image


Good morning Flirts!.

It is a hot day outside, so my plans include lurking indoors and reading a book! I did go to the gym this morning though, so that was at least productive. But I have some good news! I had to buy some new pants today since my other new pants are starting to get too big and I am trying to train myself to wear more fitting clothes. I fit into the Size 18! My pants size begins with a "1"! Wow, I was just bowled over - how awesome!.

Have a great day - I'll check back later and make shout outs to all..


answered May 01 at 10:33

Colten's gravatar image


OMG Flirts! Gym guy got back to me! Told me he admired my dedication and was happy to show me how to lift weights or anything else I need to get fit. He can set aside time on Thursday and Saturday mornings to help train me, is looking forward to meeting me again, and to feel free to call him any time. OMG! I am just, I dunno - overwhelmed? Excited? Amazed? Ahhhhhh *runs around in circles* And blushing, I am totally blushing. OMG! I feel like I am 16 again XD.


answered May 01 at 11:52

Jakob's gravatar image


Yeah! Happy for you, my friend..

Hang in there......

answered May 01 at 12:52

Peter's gravatar image


Hinata... woo hoo! enjoy this. It's really a fun part of this life journey. Plus... someone to lift weights with... I think you'll really enjoy that too..

UK, glad upside down is working for you! I hope you get your trip all sorted. You might not mind going down to the lobby a few times... then fill in with puffs and pretzels?? Also, don't forget that you can slip into 4 and 2 before you have to even consider going off plan. It's even easier to keep your carbs low actually. You can do this!.

Hi pnutbuttrkitty, Welcome! You have come to the right place for support..

Sony, I'm working from home. I've been starting a business online selling my jewelry designs and crystals, gifts. Finally launched my store... and a blog to go with it. So, now, I'm working every second I get to drive traffic and there is alot of writing I need to do. I do like being home...

More later, flirts... (hubby and daughter are out for a few hours and I can get some things done. I must....).


answered May 01 at 14:18

Shane's gravatar image


I guess your right about that UK ! I thought that your allowed to have splenda?.

Hinata- That is.


Great that he called you and is going to help train you! I don't think your just a future flirt anymore if your picking up guys at the gym..

answered May 01 at 14:52

Jace's gravatar image


Can't believe it! I got my food 3 DAYS after I got the shipping notice! WOW! I wasn't expecting it until late in the week or next weekend! WOOHOO! Tomorrow I will be trying out some of the new stuff, can't wait!!!.

Hinata, I am sooo excited for you!!!! I can't wait to hear about this possible, blossoming friendship/relationship! WOOHOO! No matter what, at least you get to feel all the exciting butterflies!!.

Have been off plan this weekend, but I am ok with it. Yesterday we went to several tribal gatherings and ate traditional AK Native food so I don't feel bad..

Getting my box of Medifast food already is a good motivator to be focused tomorrow!..

answered May 01 at 15:06

's gravatar image


Good morning Flirts!.

So sad the weekend is gone already - really didn't a chance to do much this weekend, but the rest was much needed. This week is going to be a busy week, and I am nervous about meeting my new friend - seriously, it is the only thing on my mind. I'll try not to let the nerves affect me, but I am sure I will over-think this as usual. I have a hard time not letting things consume my thoughts. Just going to try to breathe, relax, and have fun..

Anyway, I am off to the gym now - gotta get in my morning workout before the gym gets busy. You all have a fabulous day!.


: Hello! Wow, he waited 2 months to call? Silly husband! XD At least it all worked out in the end. Aren't you glad you didn't know he had your number? How crazy-making would that have been! Anyway, how is the planning for the trip going? You've hit a hot spell to visit Cali, so pack some shorts my friend! As for the microwave, definitely check if they have one in the lobby - you could use that to heat up your food..


: Meow! Welcome to the group - I think you will really love it here. I know when I was new, the Flirts really amde me feel welcome and supported - I am sure they will do the same for you! Just remember that we all have good and bad days and don't be afraid to let us know how you are doing so we can support you in your journey! And thanks for the nice words - maybe I *am* already a flirt! It's funny though, because I wasn't even trying to flirt - I was 40 minutes into my exercise routine and covered in sweat when he approached me! XD Oh well, maybe this is a good sign right? If a guy gives you his number and says nice things to you when you look your dead level worst and are stinky, maybe he can see past all the superficial trappings that we tend to focus on. We shall see!.


: Congrats on the store - I want to know where it is so I can get some stuff from you! It is one of my personal policies to buy arts and crafts from my friends - gotta support our artists! Especially when they are raising princes and/or princesses. You have no idea how many things I have bought or kids' fundraisers I have supported - I'd love to add you to my collection. Hit me up with the URL to the shop! My doctor is also thinking about putting me on 4 & 2 to mix up my diet once again - it seems to be working better when I change my diet/caloric intake levels every few weeks. And thanks for the kind words about gym guy - it is really fun, and though nervous, I am going to try and enjoy this..


Congrats on the 4 pound loss - well done! And that is great news about the food getting there so quickly! Don't worry about the traditional native foods - really, they cannot be bad for you and besides, they are part of your area's culture and heritage. I lived in Canada for a while, and have a nephew in Canada who is Native Canadian, and had the priveledge to go to many of his ceremonies growing up and be adopted by his tribe. The food is simple and often on plan with the meats and soups. Plus you are lucky - although your winters are more difficult than California winters, you have the Northern Lights! I once went dog sledding in Nunavut to see the Northern Lights - so brilliant!.

And yes, I have butterflies - so many I think I shall burst. It has been many years since I felt this way - I didn't think it was possible anymore. Just trying not to let my nerves get the best of me. I am funny like that - I can handle the most dire emergency situations and not flinch, but a date is what turns me into mush! XD.

Anyway, have a reat OYP day everyone - you can all do this. If anyone ever needs me, just let me know how and I will be there!.


Quote of the Day:.

"Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly." ~Robert F. Kennedy..

answered May 01 at 16:10

Nasir's gravatar image


Hello my name is Marcy. I am fairly new to medifast and looking for some friends to go through this journey with. I am starting my 5th week. So far so good I have lost 13 lbs...

answered May 01 at 17:21

Jackson's gravatar image


Good Morning Flirts,.

I got to sleep in this morning (until 8!) I actually have some brain. I can't believe it. It helps. I think waking up tired makes it harder not to start snacking..

Marcy, WELCOME! Congratulations on your great start!.

Lia, great job staying in the zone. New food, huh? You'll have to review it when you try it. I wish I could get going so I could make another order. There's often just one thng I want more of. Right now it's my maple oatmeal..

Hinata, do keep enjoying those butterflies. When are you meeting?.

I'm glad your doctor is keeping your program updated. Why waste time stalled out. You're working too hard for that..

Thanks for asking about my store. It's.


I still have a lot of work to do and a lot of inventory to add, but it's getting there..

UK - how are travel plans coming along?.

Sony, pnutbuttrkitty, and all the other flirts stopping by... Hello!.

Off to but this brain to good use,.


answered May 01 at 18:54

Brian's gravatar image


Teresa, I didn't know you were working on selling your items! That is so exciting! I just bookmarked your store, I can't wait to buy from you! Once I get more of my dance regalia made I was thinking of selling on Etsy, have you looked into them at all?.

Hinata, I'm still so excited for you! Just reading about your butterflies reminds me of when I first met my DH! AWWW!! And actually, I still get them sometimes so and we've been together over 13 years so it's nice to know they don't die with time!.

Welcome to our two new members! Keep posting and checking in, things work a lot better on Medifast with constant support I have found!.

UK, Sony, how are things?.

I got my order of Bath and Body Works soaps and lotions today so I am savoring all of the sweet smells! I am such a girlie girl sometimes! LOL!..

answered May 01 at 20:03

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I am having the Medifast Choco mint soft serve ice cream for the first time and I have to say I am very pleasantly surprised!!! I cannot wait to order and try the peanut butter now! I followed the directions exactly (thanks to my Mom for gifting me a Magic Bullet blender!!!.

) and the consistency is PERFECT and the taste is great! Good recommendation from me!!! YAY for new products!!!..

answered May 01 at 20:50

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Good morning Flirts!.

Just stopping by before the gym to say hello! Hope you all have a fabulous day and manage to stay on your plans. Still stuck at the same weight, but I can deal with that. I am beginning my 4 & 2 week per the doctor's orders, so we shall see how this fares. She says mixing up caloric intake and exercise can help, so I am willing to try it. Man I wish one steady plan worked for me as this constant "trial and error" is starting to drive me crazy. Moreso now that I am over half done with my weight loss - the closer I get, the more my patience is tested with every passing day.


: Welcome to the group! Looks like you are off to an awesome start - congrats! I am sure you will enjoy this group. I have found the Flirts to be an amazing well of support in good times and bad. Please don't hesitate to post about anything you need help with so we know how best to support you!.


: Nice store - it's looking really good. I will have to get something from there, but I am not sure what yet. I'll let you know ^^ Glad you got to sleep in too - what a nice way to start the day, all relaxed and refreshed. And I am meeting my friend on Saturday morning, but I might see him before then at the gym. I am not changing my routine for anything, so if we cross paths, so be it XD.


: Awwww! So glad to hear you still get butterflies - that is so sweet and inspiring! I cannot even imagine being with anyone for 13 years - seems like such a foreign concept to me. Glad to see people can still stick together in this day and age.




: Just saying hello! Hope you are well my friends!.

Take care,.


Quote of the Day:.

"Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.".

~John Quincy Adams..

answered May 01 at 22:20

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Good evening,.



I have been MIA for a day or two, sorry about that. We are in the final days of the summer school program and I have so MUCH left to do. LOL.


, welcome to the.


! Best support in the world, right here!.

I know I don't want to go anywhere else, good or bad dayand believe me, some days are bad. :/.

Ms. Kitty.

? Are you still out there? Why did you pair peanutbutter with Kitty? Do you have a cat that is obsessed/loves peanut butter? Just curious.....


, after I finish this message I shall check out your web site. Thank you for sharing. I am looking for some way to impress upon our students how important / easy it is to include art in your own life. Maybe your web site will give me a few new ideas..


? How do you measure the ice? I have ordered some of the soft serve ice cream but after reading the directions via this web site, still don't know how to do that. LOL They say add a number of ice cubes. Guess what, those come in a lot of different sizes!.

Still not sure what to think about that one. And I bought myself a magic bullet in hopes that it will help on this trip. I can take the motor and a couple of the cups with me in the suitcase and the hotel has ice....we shall see how it works..


, butterflies are not a bad thing. DH and I have been together almost 27 years and he can still give me butterflies. When he tells me, "Ti amo" or calls me "mon ami"....I still melt. In English, he does not say it much....so it makes it just that much more precious in another language. The funny thing is that he told my little brother he was going to marry me on our third date. Took him two more months to convince me, though.

Time is on your side,.


Slow is goodand making new friends even better! Dating is toughbut it takes two to make ANY relationship work. My grandmother told me straight up. You have to WORK at it to make it right. Both of you. DH and I are still working on it..




? Still around?.



How are you doing?.

Two days straight with no slip ups. 2.5 miles a day on the treadmill. I am.



answered May 01 at 22:46

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Hinata, can't wait to hear how things go at the gym with "Mr. Man!".

UK, I have a measuring cup that came with my first order of Medifast (I was signed up for TSFL at the time) which measures 4, 6, and 8 oz increments. I use that to measure the ice up to 4 ozs. My ice maker will do either cubes or crushed, so I measure out approx 4 oz of crushed and then blend the hell out of it in my blender (which my DH says is not a Magic Bullet, but very much like one.) Only takes a few seconds in that lil' blender then I add the 2 oz of cold water and the mix and blend for another 20-30 secs. If you have to use ice cubes start with maybe 3 and see how it goes. HTH!.

And congrats on being back on a good roll!..

answered May 01 at 23:14

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Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone has issues with headaches and tiredness. I feel like I could sleep all day and for the past couple of days I have had a non stop headache..

On a side note I am looking forward to dinner tonight. I am going to attempt a cream sauce with the laughing cow cheese, and put that over asparagus, mushrooms and chicken. I am not sure why it sounds so good. I guess I am in the mood for something creamy...

answered May 02 at 00:48

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Hi Flirts!.

Thanks for checking out my store!.

Lia, I thnk Etsy might be perfect for your things. Are you selling your beaded pieces? What else do you make?.

Marcy, I had a lot of issues with headaches and I let it get me really off track. This was last fall when I was still OP. I finally figured out that I couldn't handle the maintenance bars. Big bummer, because I loved them..

I also had trouble with the infusers..

Now, I'm starting again, and just sticking to the things I know don't bother me..

It seems like you should be well out of that initial headache period..

I'd also make sure you're getting enough water. It's so important with this becasue you're constantly having to flush your system of toxins that are released with the fat..

And lastly, make sure you're getting enough calories for your activity level..

If your carbs are on track, you can and I think, should eat at least 1000 calories. Especially if you're exercising at all..

I hope that helps..

Oh, I also found that Advil worked best for me with the Medifast headaches. But be aware that Advil can sometimes bloat you a bit, so don't worry about the scale the next day..

Well Gang,.

I've got one more hour to work (before I lose my help)..

I prepared everything for everyone to eat tomorrow so that I can stay out of the kitchen and do Medifast all day. I'm going to spend the entire day (that I have help...) in my studio working with crystals and gemstones and making things that make me happy..

I'm really ready for this..

Love to you all,.


answered May 02 at 02:13

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Marcy, you may not be getting enough salt, try doing a search on these message boards for headaches and see what comes up. I thought I remembered reading something about not enough salt/sodium possibly causing headaches. Also everything Teresa mentioned..

Teresa, I SO wish I could be there in your studio working with you! How much fun would that be??? I'll be selling some handmade belly dance bras and possibly some of my beaded AK Native stuff as well, we shall see what all I get accomplished!.

I went just about 4 hours this morning between meals because I was in a meeting at work and OMG I thought my stomach was going to start eating itself! I grabbed some puffs that I had with me, but those don't fill me up as much as the liquid meals. Sigh another 45 mins or so til my next Medifast meal so I'll suck it up til then!..

answered May 02 at 02:21

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Teresa and Lia - Thank you so much for the information. I will be trying some different things..

Teresa I hope you have fun making things tomorrow...

answered May 02 at 02:49

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I just wanted to stop by and let you know that "Gym Guy" got back to me - we will be meeting at 6:30 am on Saturday since "his kids are up then anyway". *watches as the butterflies in my tummy fly away*.

Oh well, whatever. I am used to this by now. I should know better than to ever get my hopes up...c'est la vie...

answered May 02 at 04:09

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Hinata, Does that mean he's married? Oh well, at least you got some butterflies out of it anyways! More to come!!!.

So I have to say YUM! I was feeling hungry, deprived, and kind of bit*hy so I had to come up with something. I decided to try out the soft serve instructions using one of my Mocha shakes. I did about 6 ozs of crushed ice and crushed it even more in my lil' blender, 2 ozs of water and the shake mix. Y-U-M!!!! The taste is stronger than the soft serve and very yummy (since I know I like this shake anyways!) Nice frozen treat and it upped my mood! LOL The consistency is a little different than the soft serve, but this is a nice change from straight up shakes since I get to eat it with a spoon and I think there's a little more than when I made the soft serve so I feel more decadent!..

answered May 02 at 04:51

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My review on the new Medifast brownie: BLECH!! I hope other people have ideas on how to make these things palatable, because right now I am wondering how I'll use up the box! Can't quite get the texture/consistency right, but the flavor is also bland and totally un-exciting. After taste is kind of funky too. I doubt I will be purchasing this one again...

answered May 02 at 05:57

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, try using one TB of caramel SF syrup and two TB of water for the brownie. I like it that way..


, I think your questions got answered? If not, PM me and I will share a little more. LOL.


, I think your jewelry is beautiful. I haven't yet explored the entire site, but may end up with a pair of those rainbow earrings once things settle down around here..


, he may indeed be married. Then again, he may be a single dad raising his kids on his own. At least he is not hiding them from you making for a great friend..

Hang in therebutterflies or no, he may be an answer to the plateaus you keep hitting. (A gym buddy to help keep motivated there).

Two days OP. Medifast headache has started. A bit of sleeplessness as well. I was up at two this AM chatting with my firstborn. Seems he went and got married without letting his dad and I know in advance. That's something I need to think about..

Have an OP Hump Day,.




Halfway to the weekend, after all...

answered May 02 at 06:41

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UK, thanks for the tip, I will try that... I'll have to see what SF syrups I have currently..

What a shocker about your son!!! Do you know his new wife? Was it totally out of left field, so to speak? WOW!! What are you thinking about it?.

Today was my 2nd day totally OP as well and although it was a rough one, it is now 9pm and I think I just might make it afterall!.

Looking forward to seeing what my "friend" the scale says tomorrow...

answered May 02 at 08:14

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