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Question I have... What is your favorite fruit salad Medifast recipes? Thanks for any response. Another question on my mind: I started my pre-op eating plan provided to me by the Weight Loss Center at UMass Memory Hospital yesterday. doing good so far, but wondering if anyone can provide some insight on Post.


, what did you feel like the day of , day after , month after, or for the veterans of.


A few years out. I'm so nervous about doing this.


, but I think it's necessary at this point in my life. I love Medifast food and parting with it is very difficult any advise would be greatly appreciated...

asked May 09 at 10:52

Steven's gravatar image


Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

answered May 09 at 11:38

Braiden's gravatar image


Thanks for the reply looking for as much support as I as can get at this point..

answered May 09 at 12:21

Shawn's gravatar image


The day after.


I was tired, comfortable (thanks to the joy button in my hand!), and relieved to have.


Done with. It felt good to walk and the wee sips of water I got were sublime. The first week I alternated.


With rest, stopped using pain meds except at night after about 4 days (my ribs were sore & really hurt when I was lying flat.), my primary focus was sipping fluids and.


When I moved to full liquids & than purees I caused myself unnecessary stress over getting enough fluid & protein in, but that's getting better every day. I'm now 5 1/2 wks out, still have lots of questions and daily moments of stress. But I absolutely know that.


Was the right decision for me. No regrets!.

Breaking up with my BF food, has not been easy and I'm glad I had 7 months pre-op to work on changing my relationship with food. Slowly how I think about myself and Medifast food is shifting. And that my friend, tastes like freedom!..

answered May 09 at 13:01

Romeo's gravatar image


I had two nights in the hospital because I had allergic reactions to two drugs (not caused by the.


). I quit the pain meds less that 24 hours after I came home. I am actually amazed at how relatively painless this experience has been for me. No drain to deal with at home, just a lot of surgical glue on my six little incisions. Some lifting restrictions for a while. It's taking 16 hrs a day to get all the liquids/food/protein/supplements in, so I spend my days with a kitchen timer set at 15 minutes, and every 15 minutes, something goes in my mouth. Things will become a bit more manageable when I move to the WLS stage 3 diet.......

answered May 09 at 13:23

Brody's gravatar image


I am almost 2 years out and I feel great and yeah, look great too! I eat most everything I want to just in small quantities. I have way more energy than ever..

I bike, walk, run, do tons of stuff I never did before. I am actually living not just sitting on the sidelines watching other people live..

Good Luck,.


answered May 09 at 13:37

Bennett's gravatar image


Welcome to the group fatchsr!.

I am relatively new also. I am still in my pre-op stage. I found it very useful to browse back through this groups discussions and then read through some journals. Some people are really detailed in sharing their experiences, day by day,b or week by week, so you can get a real-time experience of what the process is like for people..

Also, the way I actually found this group was by watching someone's vlog on YouTube as they went through the process. That was invaluable. There are many people who have posted WLS vlogs and have videos from before.


, at the hospital, then for years after.


Search for "gastric bypass" on YouTube and you will find some..

I also just watched a series of YouTube videos by Dr. Connie Stapleton that I found super informative. She taped 8 parts all between 4 and 9 minutes long, so you can watch them all in a row or just one or two at a time. Here is the link to Part 1:.



Everyone here is so wonderful. I know you will be happy to have found us..

Good luck and see ya around! ;-)).


answered May 09 at 13:44

Kaden's gravatar image


HI fatchsr,.

It is a life changing experience to have this.


, for most of us. Yes, complications can happen with any.


Complications will develop if one remains obese, which was MY situation. I had been healthy and doing well, being active etc., all of my 50 years (at the time). Slowly though, I developed diabetes, had my thyroid removed, slowed down and just got tired of taking up so much space..

I resisted this.


For many years, feeling I could figure out the balance of Medifast food in, energy out..and was certain IN TIME, I'd find that thinner, inner me. Well, as the diabetes numbers rose, I realized I was NOT managing it, not feeling successful, day to day, and more important was not living life fully. For me, it was a last try attempt...having done many diets and work out programs along the way..

I was uncomfortable after.


, and had some side pain (in the area where a lot of the bypass work was done...not uncommon), which lasted about 3 weeks in my case. Pain meds helped that, but once that dissipated, I felt wonderful..

I never had to go back on diabetes medications, and to date have dropped nearly 140#. I have committed to not eating some old favorites, probably forever. Those are things like rice, pasta, simple carbs, for the most part. Some are able to add small amounts back, once they are at their goal for a while, but if they were tempting foods you could over eat prior to.


, I'd.


Them after too..

I do still enjoy foods, but the small amounts we can eat does change the relationship you have with it. To force more in will result in not feeling well, and over time, weight gain. I'd be sure you are in the right frame of mind, wanting to lose the weight and being willing to give up some of those "old friends'" before going through with this procedure..

If you click on the back pages of this site (see bottom of the main GBS page, you can read back on answers on these type questions and various responses..

Good luck in the process...

answered May 09 at 13:59

Nehemiah's gravatar image


Best advice I have is work hard pre-op to take off weight before.


Get used to eating protien first, then following with green vegetables, then healthy fruit... Get used to smaller portions and, if at all possible, completely stop eating complex carbs and sugars. I haven't had any complex carbs bread, pasta, sugar since July..


Is a huge help and stress reliever. Learn to love to drink water it's the only thing I drink. If you're having trouble, don't suffer alone. Talk to your psychologist and dietician and tell them you need help. This process is all about you getting help to control your life. Wls is just a tool to help all of us do that.

Best wishes!..

answered May 09 at 14:36

's gravatar image


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