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Question I have... What isthe diference in diet plans: Nutrisystem Nutrisystem diet Programs & Jenny Craig? Hoping for any response. My 2nd question... I had my annual physical today and my doc was just beside himself! He pulled up my weight chart as well as blood pressure and heart rate charts which all showed a steady increase since the computer has been charting these things. But today there was a dramatic decline in all areas!.

My weight was 191.5 (down 85.5 pounds since starting NS)! Blood pressure was 123/74 (down from 160/105) and my heart rate was 60. He ordered my bloodwork so I will post those numbers when I get them. He told me that my resting heart rate was that of a runner and he just couldn't believe how far I've come. I have to say, it was so much better than getting my butt chewed!.

Thanks to all of you who have and continue to inspire me!.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!..

asked Apr 21 at 13:30

's gravatar image


I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

answered Apr 21 at 14:09

's gravatar image


Congrats! It's nice to actually look forward to seeing your doc instead of the dread and anxiety that came with it before you started NS...

answered Apr 21 at 14:25

Dante's gravatar image


Now that's one of the best NSVs you can have. My doctor was able to take me off of one of my blood pressure medications and the anti-gout medication I was taking due to a side affect of that blood pressure medication. Hopefully if you've been on meds your doctor will let you stop some too after the blood tests come back. Keep up the good work...

answered Apr 21 at 14:33

Marshall's gravatar image


Well done Steve. I had a very similar experience with my doctor in August..

Merry Christmas to you too!..

answered Apr 21 at 14:54

Leland's gravatar image


I wasn't on any meds, but I'm sure I would have been this time around had I not made the decision to do something about my health...

answered Apr 21 at 15:15

Israel's gravatar image



We can't really understand what this will do for our quality of life as we get older. Just start doing a little calculation of the number of beats your heart won't have to work at your new rate - it's pretty obvious that you'll be adding a lot of quality years to your life. I had a similar experience to yours and the blood work was a miracle (Chol from 221 down to 140 etc.). What we've achieved is to precious to ever lose - I intend to stick around here - because I know how easy it can be to put it all back on!..

answered Apr 21 at 16:41

's gravatar image


Congratulations! Seeing one's doctor with those kinds of results and reactions is like putting an exclamation point to all this effort we put into NS. Keep it up...

answered Apr 21 at 17:04

's gravatar image


How many times have I actually seen a patient lose weight that said they were going to? How many times have I seen a patient who didn't want to start meds for their cholesterol or blood pressure actually lower those numbers through diet and exercise?.

People actually suceeding at this is so exceedingly rare that we are speechless when it actually happens..

I've seen a lot more people quit smoking than lose weight..

One of my weight loss motivations (among many) is to actually be an example of what can be accomplished to my patients. I also think it carries more weight (all pun intended) coming from a doctor that has struggled with his own weight and suceeded than from a doctor who has always been lighter...

answered Apr 21 at 18:17

Raul's gravatar image


And you will! Keep some pictures along the way to show them...

answered Apr 21 at 19:31

Silas's gravatar image


Yo Troutman....Congratulations. Your results follow your hard work and dedication. Woo Hoo. JT..

answered Apr 21 at 20:39

Camden's gravatar image


When I started Nutrisystem I was borderline Diabetic, had sleep apnea, took 3 Blood Pressure pills a day and one statin drug for cholesterol, 12 pills a day total. Now my BP is a constant 120/80, I take only 4 pills a day now; 3 for the brain, Effexor XR, Vistaril, Trazodone and 1 for the body, omeprazole..

Steve, Enjoy your new found health. These are really the numbers that count. All too often we find ourselves transfixed on that damn gravity number and not on the only ones that matter..

When your blood work gets back, here is a little bit of info that helps to explain those numbers...

answered Apr 21 at 21:55

Saul's gravatar image


Hey Trout-Man! Fantastic report. I hope to impress my doc in a few months too. Very inspiring..

Thanks Disco, for giving a Physician's perspective. My wife and I have been wondering why our docs have not been more insistent about life-style changes over the years, but it's evident from your posts that y'all tire of telling us knot-heads to do stuff we already know and that you know we're not going to do!.

This Program is fantastic! Provides a way to actually make these changes possible for people like me. Takes good intentions and puts them to action..


answered Apr 21 at 22:40

Jacoby's gravatar image


I want to go make an appointment just so I can get a little love from the doctor. I have not seen him since before I started and his scale did not go high enough which yes is a little embarrassing, but also part of why I finally wised up...

answered Apr 21 at 22:52

Keegan's gravatar image



Yeah, my recent doctor visit was similar. He told me to stop losing weight - that I was where I should be....

...I think that another 10 lbs won't hurt..

answered Apr 21 at 23:39

's gravatar image


Disco, I reported after my own annual that my doctor, female and usually very reserved and professional, almost cried. She said all day long she sees patients that will be in trouble if they don't lose weight and exercise - and she knows they aren't going to do it. To see a patient actually do this was indeed rare. You will indeed be a great inspiration - I did have one doctor - a supposed friend - that was so nasty about my weight - I would only go to a doctor if I was sure I needed at least an appendectomy! Having a doctor - who's sympathetic but KNOWS it can be done will make all the difference. Thanks for your dedication and for sharing a docs perspective in the way that you do!..

answered Apr 22 at 00:43

's gravatar image


Now THAT's something great to hear from a doctor!! Awesome..


Way to go Steve! Congrats. Thanks for sharing that. Staying off meds, super!.


answered Apr 22 at 01:06

's gravatar image



I can't wait for that! Last time I saw my doc I went in for a back problem and she said it was because I was getting too fat and if I got pregnant now I would for sure develop diabetes. Wait til I lose 50lbs! I'll fix her wagon!!! Rawr!..

answered Apr 22 at 01:18

Grant's gravatar image


Congrats. I can't wait for my own results this comming fall after I've lost my weight...

answered Apr 22 at 02:53

Edgar's gravatar image


Super Duper Job Man! I can't wait to see the face of my doc when I have lost 50 lbs!..

answered Apr 22 at 03:21

's gravatar image


GREAT JOB Steve!! That kind of NSV speaks volumes and must me much more rewarding than just seeing numbers on a scale. Congratulations!!..

answered Apr 22 at 04:45

Lukas's gravatar image


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