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First question I got is What may be an interaction between Effexor an antidepressant and Medifast? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Second question.. KISS Challenge ~ Week 2.

Here we go. Let's start building momentum. You signed on for six weeks and I need to get your feedback and know you are still on board. Yes it takes work, yes you have to focus, yes you have to have a plan. If there were a true cybernet virus, you have given it to me. I hate being under the weather, sick, whatever you want to call it.

You need to keep me healthy. Where are all the cheerleaders who will take over in my absence? Speak now. Well at least if you can speak, speak now..

I'm sticking with the challenge until the end. I make commitments and I keep them. I had a crappy week with walking and my goal is in sight but a little tougher to get to. I'll do it because that is who I am. If you detect a slightly defeatist attitude, you are right on. I want you to succeed, I want to cheer you on.

Four more weeks to go. Let's buckle down and get through this. You are winners, you are worth it!.

2nd Weigh-in Stats Thread Here..

asked Apr 30 at 17:07

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

answered Apr 30 at 17:29

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Hey Dee,.

Thanks for checking in. Congrats on your son's basketball. WTG!.

Got my walk in today. Not a great week last week, only 10.71 miles in. I've certainly done better but I have a third of that already done today. We are headed to Vegas Tuesday thru Sunday for a conference for DH. Me? I'll meet up with some friends and do the usual donations..

Whatever this cold, flu or virus I have acquired is, it is not fun. Hope it only last a few days...

answered Apr 30 at 17:40

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Something to think about. Which side of the mirror are you on? Or do you see it in reverse? I tend to be the thin one looking in the mirror at the not so thin one. How about you?..

answered Apr 30 at 18:45

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Hi Dreamers,.

Thanks for the push Chick. Sorry I have been out of the loop, I was not well last week, especially the last several days..

I had to go to the emergency room the other day because I had sharp pains in my side. I thought it was a matter of eating too much from Olive Garden the night before, so I prolonged actually going to the hospital thinking I could just ride it out. NOT SO!!!.

The pain got worse, so I stopped trying to diagnose myself and called someone to haul me in. After an Ultrasound, a CT scan and several other tests, I was advised that I had at least two cyst on my ovaries to collapse (rupture) which caused my pain and my ovary, the left one, is swollen. I have to go back to the doctor tomorrow to discuss my options..

I found out that I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) about three years ago, I have had it since childhood, but officially diagnosed three years ago. As a result, I have multiple cyst on both ovaries that causes several issues for me. I seldom have any pain associated with it though, so this incident threw me for a loop. Just in case some of you have not heard of PCOS, which is still in it's infancy stage of research, this is what I know about it..

It is unknown how it develops, maybe inherited, but not in my case. PCOS causes infertility, weight loss is difficult, almost impossible.

I can gain with no problem, go figure!.

It increases the male hormone, androgen, in women increasing hair growth in places you don't want! (sorry for TMI) Also, can increase chances of developing diabetes and heart disease. The most common symptom of PCOS is irregular cycles..

I have always had irregular cycles, but never experienced this and it was painful. I am still feeling some pain, but I have medication to help now. I will find out tomorrow what I can do from this point forward. The doctors have no idea why the collapse now versus any other time and they are not sure if or when it will happen again..

I will let you all know what happens, time to try and study again..

Til next time..

answered Apr 30 at 20:03

Javon's gravatar image


Wow, DeeDee, that is certainly interesting. I have heard of PCOS before but not known any one suffering from it. And I'm whining about a little cold, geez. Let us know what the recommendations are to help you. It is one of those things that women tend not to acknowledge and perhaps suffer needlessly or without explanation. Good lesson for all of us..

You are losing so great. Another 3 lbs! I think you have the program in great control!..

answered Apr 30 at 20:40

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Just finished a nice Saturday afternoon nap! Sooo nice!!.

Chick, hope you get to feel better soon! No fun having a trip and not feeling well..

I am one that just cannot see the thin person I am becoming. Even difficult for me to write this..

Went to lunch at Appleby's with friends of DD. DD and DSIL's birthdays are in March and we are planning a party for them. We have guest list and place, now have to decide on food, drink and cake(s)..

Anyone try the new fitness shoes like Sketchers. I tried on a similar pair at Naturalizers, but just can't justify the investment with a $249 price tag. Sketchers brand are a bit cheeper I think..


answered Apr 30 at 21:47

Lincoln's gravatar image


Hey Kathy! My Mom wears the Skechers Shape-Ups, I think that's what they are called. She absolutely loves them. She is a teacher so on her feet all day. She also has arthritis in her feet and ankles so always has had pain in her feet. After wearing those shoes, she says the pain is gone. She said it is like walking on cushions.

They are having a sale next week that you get the Kohl's cash back for making a purchase. Might want to check em out then!.

DeeDee- Wow girl! You are doing great for having such a rough week. Keep it up!.

Chick - Feel better {{{{Hugs}}}} Hope you have a good time in Vegas. Win some money...I know I hope I do when I go in a few weeks!.

Need to post my challenge stats. Check back in later..

answered Apr 30 at 22:58

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I have PCOS. It is liveable and this diet does wonders with it. When you lose the weight, the symptoms almost all go away!!...

Hang in there. Let me know if you have any questions. More than happy to answer them. Was diagnosed with it in 2000...

answered Apr 30 at 23:35

Phillip's gravatar image


Chick, sorry to read that you are feeling lousy. My apologies to you, and to the entire team, for not being more active here. I've not been feeling like visiting, more like hiding from the world until things settle down for my loved ones and some stress leaves me..

I'll try to check in a lot more often..

Tomorrow is my weigh in. Hoping to see a loss..


answered May 01 at 00:45

Isaias's gravatar image


Evening Dreamers, I am the naughtiest of the lurkers- Not even lurking all week long, but I stayed OP and had a -3 lb loss, now just hoping it stays off. Every ounce is always such a fight for me. I was in a real bad attitude all week. Feeling jealous and basically sour. I somehow hurt my hip and have been unable to exercise all week..

On the good note- I went in for my diabetic labs and physical and the MD was amazed at how far I have come and, get this, all of my labs were normal. The MD said that if it wasn't in my chart he would say I was not diabetic- everything is normal- values of a non diabetic person. His words - You are amazing, keep up the good work. So that made me happy. Then Saturday I finally went out with my coworker and we had a really nice time- talked for 3 straight hours- I feel renewed- Never knew you could miss male company but I really think I did. We are planning to go again soon on more of a "real" date..

CHICK- I am sorry I have not been around, I am sticking with my commitment but like I said, I passed through some sour days, painful hip days and now I have some good to share. I hate to always have crabby news.

Dee and DeeDee- I laughed because we have so many Dees, if I go by my nickname I am DeeDee #2 or my ex calls me Dee.

Kathy- today I see the skinny girl.

Maybe tomorrow the mirror will reverse but it's always nicer to see yourself thinner than what you are. It seems to affect how I see myself and my self esteem. If I feel better, I see myself as thinner. If I am crabby with a bad attitude I see myself fatter..

Ok, no promises except that I will be OP and will try to check in more this week. I hope everyone is successful this week and remember: WE ROCK..

answered May 01 at 01:27

Pierce's gravatar image



- I hope all is well/ improving. Sounds like I missed some of your worries as I did not even check in last week (head in sand). You do fantastic just stick it out. Take care..

answered May 01 at 01:30

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Hi Denyse, congratulations on your -3#!.

I woke at 1:15, lousy 3 hours of sleep (gotta love menopause and sleeplessness). Weight recorded at 1:15 a.m. so not pretty. If it wasn't weigh in day, I wouldn't have bothered to step on the scale, but I knew I was awake for the day and that I'd be drinking my water & coffee..

I'm babysitting 2 grandchildren today. Going to be a very long day..

Hope everyone checks in today and had a great week...

answered May 01 at 03:04

's gravatar image


HI all, I am guilty too, of not chatting so much. It was a crazy busy week for me and I am hopeful that it will not feel so crazed this week. I was preoccupied with food and struggled to stay op. I managed to lose a teeny tiny 2 oz over a very difficult few days. I need to rev my motivation. I am actually starting to see myself as the "thinner" one in the mirror and don't want to stop losing, but there is a part of me that feels so great, I could just stay where I am.

I am getting sick of the food, which is def. an issue. Any creative suggestions?.

Most everyone had great losses. Wow, ladies, great job! Sorry to drag you down. Will try for next week..

Dee Dee, PCOS is an interesting dilemma. I know a number of people with it and the changing of the diet helps tremendously. There is a great book about it that I have used with my clients and I highly recommend it. I think it is called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome....it is a smallish book with great info. Good luck. I also have had cyst on my ovaries and have had surgeries (years ago, don't think they do it much now) and take bc pills to control it.

Feel better...

answered May 01 at 03:30

Joaquin's gravatar image


Denyse, just saw your post, great about the co-worker! sounds fun..

Also, ever tried yoga for your hip. I had hip problems for many years and now I keep it in check with weekly yoga. Google the yoga pose pigeon. It is awesome for hip issues! Congrats on your great loss!!.

Talien, good luck with the grandkids....you are so close to goal. I have been thinking of you as I have been struggling.....

answered May 01 at 04:18

Spencer's gravatar image


Hi Dreamers.

Chick- sorry to hear you aren't feeling well, hope you feel better in time for your trip to Vegas (NICE!).

Dee- Congrats on your DS's win and on getting a break soon from all the sports running around.

DeeDee- I hope the doctors find some answers, I don't know much about PCOS but I do know several ladies who have had it and gone on to have babies..

Kathy- I have the sketchers I looooove them, definitely a difference in walking in them versus my regular nikes. The are definitely worth the money and I think Famous footwear sells them too and they have 20% off coupons every once in a while..

Waving to Kori and Talien and even luck.

As for the mirror question Chick, I was actually just like the original picture which I think is why I let things go so long, DH wasn't complaining and I carried the weight well with flattering clothes. I decided enough was enough when I got tired of having to buy new clothes to fit in them. Now looking in the mirror I may be switching and having a harder time seeing the thin me...so weird when I have gone from wearing a tight 18 to an 8/10. Its like now I see the little pudges and problem areas, so I keep pressing forward but goal for me is more about BMI and Percent body fat than clothing size at this point.

Anyways sorry for the long post...I saved it up from last week.

Oh and my apologies to the team on the up a pound this week, I stayed OP and guzzled 100oz of water a day to fight TOM but TOM won, oh well I have to shake this off and move on to the next ......

answered May 01 at 04:24

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Good Monday Morning everyone!! It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood - that is what we are singing this morning - talking about friends this week. So in addition to my preschool friends, I am sending a big HI out to everyone this morning..

Tonight when I go to the mall for my walk, I will go a little earlier so I can try on Sketcher's fitness shoes. I think they are a little cheaper than the $249 at Naturalizer..

Hey Denyse, 3 lbs! You go girl! Glad you enjoyed your "outing"..

Got to run - baby is letting me know he is hungry. More later..


answered May 01 at 04:46

's gravatar image


Hello everyone,.

Sorry about being a lurker but I am here. I usually only have time to catch up on my reading and then feel too embarrassed to come up with something to post. Anyway, I'm off to the MD today to schedule my surgery and I also start my new round of classes today. I will be taking World Geography and Children's Literature. Six more credit hours closer to my BA..

Hopefully things will get easier this week by being busier. I find my toughest days are when I have nothing to do (or nothing that I want to do). I tend to veg on the couch and am most tempted by my kitchen at these moments. It probably doesn't help that I'm waiting for my shipment so I'm running mostly on oatmeal and soup..

Stay in the dreamers!..

answered May 01 at 04:54

Kyler's gravatar image


Afternoon Dreamers,.

Sorry, I have not even been lurking the last week. I signed on today to post my stats. The scale is not moving much, but I have not exercised in three weeks. My uncle is still in intensive care, he took a downturn this last Saturday and was moved into a higher level intensive care. I have had company for over two weeks. My sister up from New Orleans to help with our aunt, my cousin and wife down from Cincinnati and this last weekend, more aunts down from Cincy.

I am 99.9% staying OP, just not moving. I have kept working every day and at the hospital in the evenings, I am just plain ole wore out. I need to refocus and prioritize some time to take care of me, but it is hard to do with so much going on..

Chick, sorry you are not feeling well right now. A few weeks ago I would have volunteered to help with some of your leader duties, but right now family comes first. Maybe things will settle down before the next challenge. Keep me in mind. I really need, like,and appreciate the support and accountability of these challenges..

That's it for now, sorry all about me again. I have the afternoon scheduled to control my inventory and carstock for work and have to get that done as I have also been neglecting that part of my job the last few weeks..

I'll check back in when I can..

Bye for now...

answered May 01 at 05:48

Enrique's gravatar image


Happy to see all the Monday check-ins!.

I still have to go to the weigh-in thread and see how we are doing. Denyse, yours stands out on the posts, so congrats on those big 3!.

I don't know how we all got busy at the same time, but that is just how things happen to roll. I'm leaving tomorrow, so my check-ins will be limited. Those who are able need to keep the conversation going. I'm hoping we won't get in too late in the evening but DH has some things to do for court before we can take off. Bella will be boarded at the vet and despite bringing her food with her, she always gets upset when boarded. At least my DS can free her on Saturday, even though we won't be back until Sunday..

Have to order a new laptop battery. I thought they had a one year warranty, but doesn't seem to last that long..

Thanks for the well wishes, I think this whatever ailment it is, is breaking up and I'm feeling less sluggish and headachy. Stay healthy, you don't want to get this monster..

BBL after I check the weigh-ins and look for any MIA's. Gain or loss, please all report in...

answered May 01 at 06:05

's gravatar image


Hi just a quick drive by, today is going good, got all of my water and meals in now and just am sort of hanging around. xray has been done on my hip and I am just waiting to hear results..

Thanks Lissy for the advice on yoga pose to try, I have never done yoga before but perhaps it would be of help. I googled it and it seems easy enough for me to do.

Its good to see everyone starting to check in but that means it's harder to address everyone- my mind isn't as good as it used to be..

Hopefully everyone is doing well, I believe Pam said her uncle wasn't doing well. You need to take care of yourself too or you wont be able to take care of others, just take it 1 day at a time. Take a breather if you need to. Hopefully well will all be here when you come back , seems like many of us needed a breather at the same time..

Chick- I hope youre doing ok, I have been worried about you since Sunday- you seemed to be so frazzled. take care of yourself- Relax breathe deeply.

Kathy- let us know how the scetchers work out. I have been tempted to invest but am worried that it's all hype and really don't have extra money to "try out" new shoes, they are really cute though.

OK enough for now.


answered May 01 at 06:55

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Hello everyone I am guilty like the rest of just lurking in the wind..

Chick I hope you feel better soon It took me all month to get ove what everit was that I had. Saturday was the first day that I went out and did some shopping I have been tring to chatch up all weekend on all the thing that I didn't do this month ( like put away the rest of my snowmen0 havent gotten around to taking out my spring yet I will ..

Tom is BACK just lovely .Well hope everyon had a great week stay opwill ck in later...

answered May 01 at 08:28

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Hello Dreamers,.

I am feeling MUCH better! Thank you all for comments and encouragement. My doctor's visit was okay. I was advised that bc pills should get everything back in order. I was surprised, I thought to myself,.

Man all that pain I experienced and you give me a bc pill.

I am thankful that it was not worse than that and I definitely plan to take those pills religiously until I find other options..

Chick- I had the same issue toward the beginning of the week, so I would have been posting my complaints about that too had this not happened. Hope you feel better..

Lissy- Thanks, I will definitely look into that book..

Thanks again to ALL I appreciate the support..

I still have a little soreness in my side, so I am going to bed now..

Til next time...

answered May 01 at 08:40

Lorenzo's gravatar image


Evening Dreamers!.

Like so many others, I've been lurking too. Either no time to post or just haven't felt like it this week. You can tell by my weigh in (2 lb gain), fighting the food demons this last week. This time last year it would have been Cadbury eggs (the little chocolate ones) that I would have turned to. This year it has been Grape Nuts and almonds. So, no more of either in the house.

At least I know why and will do something about it. It is/would be so easy to fall back into old patterns. However, the difference this time - I know what it is, I can tell when it's here and why. To keep it short, the why is hubby. The issues will have to be dealt with, but I'm not ready right now.

Anyway, my health coach sent this e-mail about commitment. Kind of brought things home again. I have made my choice and will stand behind it no matter what. I will succeed. On the other forum I'm on - Beach Body (exercise) their saying is this:.


You must know what you want in order to choose. After you choose, then commitment is your declaration to the world that you are going to cause your choice to happen. Commitment is a declaration of intention. It anchors choice and puts a motor behind it. Commitment makes choice real..

Commitment means that you're taking yourself seriously. It means that you'll do what you say you'll do, no matter what the obstacles. Commitment means no holding back, no waiting to see if something better will come along and it means no more waiting for someone or something else to do it for you. Commitment is active and determined. It means getting out and making it happen....putting 100 percent of you on the line and going for what you want. When you are truly committed, nothing will get in your way and no reason or excuse can stop you..

When you are committed to something, there is no doubt or confusion. You have direction, focus and purpose. Commitment allows you to have freedom and power. It means you stand behind your choices no matter what..

Commitment means claiming your power to manifest what you want in your life...

answered May 01 at 09:41

's gravatar image


Renee, Thanks for the info from your coach. It is helping me too!! I agree with all of it. Hope the issues with hubby subside, in the meantime, why not make yourself write in a journal or here before you dip into the grape nut almond mixture. I sometimes do that....I will say to myself, "you can come back into the kitchen after you have spent 15 minutes on the Medifast website" It helps every time.... a good distraction from the food calling my name.....

I am doing okay, dreamers, pretty determined this week, a bit worried about the end of the week, hubby is away from weds to sun. I always feel anxious when he is away and miss him terribly. He is off an a ski adventure with some buddies, and I am so happy for him, I just worry about the flight or that he will get hurt skiing....I know, it is irrational, but the truth. hope the anxiety doesn't get me eating.....

Need to order some more food, am so sick of the normal stuff I have been eating.....

Have a good day all...

answered May 01 at 09:50

's gravatar image


A quick check in today because I have tons to do yet before we hit the road. Quite a few missing from the weigh-in. I hope you all are okay. I've sent pms to those who are behind..

Kori and Cathy, what great weeks you had. Both at the top with 4.2 each..

We'll talk about the stats tomorrow or Thursday. Let's push for more days OP and shore up the water points. Water is a huge factor in keeping the hungries at bay and shedding those lbs..

I'll check in sometime tomorrow since it will be late before we arrive in Vegas. Have a great OPOWOE day!..

answered May 01 at 10:58

's gravatar image


Hello everyone! Apologies for being MIA...I was traveling for work and logging some VERY long days. I am not sure if I announced it here or not, but I have started to transition. I realize I am still a few pounds away from my initial goal, but it just feels right to transition now. Unfortunately, I have not been 100% OP.

Our shoot was on Saturday night and after a long day of prepping and shooting, we decided to order some pizzas to feed our crew. I don't know what came over me, but I just couldn't resist and stole a couple slices! Everyone kept telling me "it's ok...you've done great on your diet so you deserve it!!!" which is the LAST thing I wanted to hear. What I wanted to hear was "you've done a great job and now you're going to mess it all up by eating some pizza?!". Oh well...what's done is done. I can't go back in time and not eat the pizza, but I can remember how terrible my tummy felt after and not let myself do that again!.

As for the wedding planning...it's slowly coming along. I'm planning it across the country and am relying on my mother to help, which is hard since we have very different opinions of what we like. The most difficult part is figuring out the budget. My sister got married 6 years ago in a small town in Maryland and had a casual 80-person buffet affair. I'm looking for about 120 people at a formal sit-down in New Jersey, so it's not reasonable to expect it to cost the same (my parents did add a teeny bit extra to adjust for inflation over time, but it still would not be enough to pay for the wedding). Luckily, my fiancee's parents are extremely gracious and offered to give whatever necessary to give us the wedding we want.

My mother keeps trying to pull the whole "we're paying, we make decisions" attitude, but I told her she's not allowed to do that unless they pay for the bulk. If fiancee's parents pay 50%, they get just as much say!.

I was so stressed over the situation that my BFF took me to try on dresses since I needed something fun and girlie to do. Not to boast, but I looked pretty darn good in some of those dresses!!!!!.

It was also nice to see that I can get a gorgeous dress at a reasonable price (watching too much "Say Yes to the Dress" had me thinking you couldn't get a good one for less than $2000). I think I will be able to stay under $1000, including alterations and hopefully veil..

Anyways, sorry for typing up a novel...being away for so long has turned me into quite the Chatty Cathy!!! Congrats to all those with losses and that are doing well. For those with illnesses (or loved ones with illnesses) I wish a speedy recovery!..

answered May 01 at 11:33

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Hello Dreamers:.

Hope everyone is having a good week. Whoa, I wrote a novel today!.

Chick the picture (thin girl in mirror) you posted was a good one. I often see the opposite. I may have lost a sizable amount of weight, but Im still seeing room for improvement. Its difficult to get rid of that mindset. Hey have a great time in Vegas!!.

DeeDee hope everything works out with your PSOC. Sounds like a worrisome thing to deal with. Thanks for keeping us posted..

Denyse Didnt realize you were a Dee too. My real name is actually Diane. Dee is a shorted alias I gave myself on the forum. Digger is a pet name my dad gave me, because when I was a little kid and used to take my moms kitchen spoons and dig around in the backyard making dirt pies and looking for worms (great visual, huh? - scruffy little tomboy, I was). At 83 years old, my dear old dad STILL calls me Digger! GREAT NSV at the doctor, by the way (as well as the SV of 3 lbs down)..

Lissy I can confess to you that Im getting sick of some of the foods too. Ive been on the plan since August. Some of them I just downright never came back too after trying it (crab soup yuck!). Best thing to do is maybe rotate the foods during the day (i.e. sometimes Ive had my oatmeal as a mid afternoon snack rather than in the morning) and step away from the ones youre getting sick of and come back to them in a couple of weeks. Hang in there!.

Hey Mz Peters! Darn that TOM! Take heart, I bet you record an excellent lose next week..

Pam sorry about your uncle. Saying a prayer for him and your family. Totally understand being exhausted and not getting the time to exercise..

Renee Thanks for sharing that excellent statement on commitment. Ive been perusing the Beachbody site a lot and looking at the different exercise programs they have. Im still doing Slim in 6 and started Burn it up last week, but Im wondering which one of those other programs can take it to the next level for me. Since youre on those forums, whats the word on whats good? Whats your opinion on those other programs? Would love to hear what you think..

Hi Shortee dont beat yourself up too much for falling off the wagon. Just jump back on. Good luck with that back east wedding. Being from that neck of the woods (Long Island), I know how costly it could be. Hope the family cooperates with you. I bet you look great in the dresses!.

As for me, got a busy week/weekend ahead of me. Most of time Ive been doing my exercise tapes at 9 pm at night!! Tonight Im going for cut and color which Ive put off WAY too long. Im so gray! My hair is sort of long and scraggly too so Im looking forward to this appointment. Maybe cut a whole pile of hair off and go for a short look. DH is leaving for a four-day drill at Fort McCoy, so playing the single parent these next few days. DS is in one last basketball tourney and tomorrow night is his first game.

Take care everyone!..

answered May 01 at 11:34

's gravatar image


Afternoon dreamers:.

I went to the doctor yesterday and have set the date for my surgery. March 15th. With only 2 weeks it already feels looming and I've only known for a day..

I logged into my classes yesterday as well and am relieved to see the syllabus isn't too scary..

For those haunted by TOM this week I feel for you but be thankful you at least know when it is (lol). I've been on the Depo for almost 3 years now. Despite the weight gain it caused during the first 4 months or so and not knowing when my TOM is or when my mood swings will be I am thankful I don't have to keep a stash of unmentionables in my bathroom anymore. I bought myself an ornament type thing that says "My biggest fear is that there is no PMS and this is just my personality." I keep it hanging around to remind myself not to be an evil monster.

I loved the mirror picture and the commitment statement. Those really help motivate you and make you think at the same time. I think sometimes we view ourselves in a positive light because we are in denial of the truth. It is definitely healthier for our minds though than viewing ourselves negatively and always beating ourselves up over it. "*" Happy thoughts, happy thoughts "*".

I've started a happy thought list for those of you sickly people, stay positive!..

answered May 01 at 12:22

Cory's gravatar image


Hi Dream Team. I had a great day yesterday even though I spent the day away from home, either sitting in a hospital waiting room or babysitting 3 children (two 3 year olds and a 14 week old baby). By the time I left for home I was feeling mentally and emotionally drained. I did great though (already said that didn't I? LOL.....well, I guess it impressed me that I held onto my resolve on a challenging day). Weather & traffic on the drive home was terrible, but even that didn't tip me over the edge. A good day..

Denyse, hope the hip improves soon. Pam, I'm so sorry for the struggles your uncle is facing and hope the doctors can get him to the place where he can leave the hospital soon, enjoying a lot more quality time with those he loves. Ashley, I'm glad you don't have to wait a longer time until surgeryI'm one of those who, once I know about something needing to be done, wants to get things done a.s.a.p. You'll be in my thoughts on the 15th..

My weight is not where I want it to be, but I'm responsible for that and will work on my thoughts (since thoughts become actions most of the time). I'm so close to being done with this part of the program (and would have been in transition if I hadn't lowered my goal weight). I'm making foolish choices sometimes and that isn't going to give me the results I want. Wish I could open my head and click a switch that would turn off the self-destructive thoughts/actions in regards to foods/appetite/actions..

Today I'm babysitting two little ones and needing to run some errands in town. :P Not looking forward to the day, so already time for an attitude adjustment..

Have a great OP/OW day everyone!..

answered May 01 at 13:21

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Good aftermorn, Dreamers. Made it to Vegas about 10:00-10:30 last night. We ended up leaving So Cal soooo late. At least everything got taken care of that needed to be..

I'm going to work on the stats in a bit. We are forced to have one drop for not weighing in last week and this week. 3 more were no shows this week. Not a good thing for the overall stats. Sometimes when people go off plan, and that is not to say that is what happened, but if they do, they shy away and struggle much more to try to get back on. Since I have been around the boards for a year and half roughly and had a team for about 14 months, I see a lot of familiar faces returning.

That is the part that is sad because those last ten or so lbs seem to take forever and you have to face the forever again..

So, let's stick with this. Get where you want to go then re-evaluate. No one said it was easy, sometimes you just have to plug away. Grit your teeth.... it helps to keep the food out, too...

answered May 01 at 14:37

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Evening Dreamers!.

Chick - you're right. The last pounds seem to take forever. But it goes back to the commitment. Did you mean it? Gonna stick it out? I've started asking myself those questions when I think about eating something off plan, not want to exercise or not want to eat anything. I've worked too long and too hard to ruin it now. Been perfect? Not a chance, but I got back up and got back on the horse..

DiggerDee - Well, there are lots of good programs. Really depends on what you want to accomplish and what you like. I knew after I finished Slim in 6 I wanted to work more on toning and definition. So, I am doing ChaLean Extreme. I am on my 2nd round (5th month). Think I will do something different next.

Haven't decided yet. Thinking about ordering Hip Hop Abs or Turbo Jam - something my girls can do with me this summer..

Well, no baby yet. DD19 went to the Dr. Monday. Not dilated or anything. So, when she goes Monday, if nothing has changed Doc said they will induce. She is so ready.

So, I hope this means that she's ready to lose some weight..

So much going on right now!!!!.

Just wanted to mention - If you've hit a stand still in your weight lose - make sure you're measuring and logging your food intake. I'v been logging my food consistently for over a year now, on myfitnesspal.com. It keeps me more aware of what I'm eating and how much. I can keep an eye on my carbs and protein throughout the day. It keeps me from eating too much and not eating enough..


answered May 01 at 16:14

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Good morning Dreamers! I've a busy day with babysitting and errands. I should have done my errands yesterday but knew (ha!) that, today, I'd be only watching 1 child, instead of two so I put off errands for today. Well, plans changed and I was informed that today I'd be watching two instead of one. LOL Best laid plans.... oh well..

Tomorrow I'm babysitting from 6:45 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., 3 little ones (3,3, 14 weeks) so that will be a challenging day. Tiny tyke is a nursing baby so going to be an interesting time to see how a bottle versus momma works (still momma's milk though). I'm not positive I'm ready for this..

A few days ago, I stepped on the scale holding a 33 month old (about 33#) then had a 6.5 year old get up on the edge of the tub and climb up on my back (like a horsey ride). The two children, plus me (grandma) weighed just 8# more than I did all by myself - 3 years ago. I am so thankful to have 'lost' the weight of 2 children. I cannot remember how hard it was to move around with that extra 74#. I pray I'll never find out again..

Weight is holding steady and I am drinking my water! LOL I need to use my flavor infusors that I have here. I forget about them and it does make the water taste so much better..

Hope Chick is enjoying her time and that all are doing well...

answered May 01 at 16:16

's gravatar image


I guess I should explain the 74# up above since my ticker shows 64# lost....my highest weight was 222#. The day I placed my first Medifast order I weighed 216# and by the time the order arrived and I began the program I weighed 212# (I did an over the counter meal replacement program, SF, while waiting for the Medifast to arrive.).

I've had a hard time with making tickers, I'd love to claim the extra 10# that I've lost, but in all honesty-those 10# weren't lost using Medifast products. Unfortunately I'm always splitting hairs...

answered May 01 at 17:41

's gravatar image


Hello everyone:.

Just sneaking a little time to say hi. As usual, I got a busy weekend ahead. DS is in one last basketball tournament and DH is away to Fort McCoy for reserve drill so I have to run DS around to his activities..

Chick hope youre having a fun time in Vegas and that youre winning a few bucks. Sad that were losing some folks and some are MIA (wheres Pepi!!.

). I guess it's the nature of the beast with these forums..

Renee I peruse the Beachbody site a lot. That Hip-Hop Abs looks like a lot of fun. P90X looks good too very intense. Boy, Id never thought Id be like a kid in a candy store looking at exercise tapes on a website. Hope everything goes well with your DD and your new bundle of joy..

Talien that weighing experiment you did was very interesting. I can figure out I lost more weight than the weight of my two dogs combined (I lost 50 lbs., little dog is 10 lbs and bigger dog is about 35 lbs.) I often wonder how and the heck I managed to get around with all that extra weight on me..

Wish me luck on something. Tonight is my sons last basketball practice. The coach is telling them that theyre going to do one last scrimmage against a specialty team. Well the specialty team is the parents. With my DH out of town, Im going to participate on the team. It should be fun.

Im a tad nervous our boys are good and can be rough. I hope I dont get hurt!.

Wheres everyone else?? Drop in and say hello we miss you!..

answered May 01 at 18:23

's gravatar image


I know I've been MIA, but things have been crazy. Everyone has been sick except me, which I hope is attributable to the healthy choices I've been making regarding food and my exercise..

I haven't read any posts, except the first one on this page which was about MIA people for the challenge. I hope that doesn't include me Chick because I asked not to be included n this challenge. Have fun in Vegas btw!.

Hope everyone else is doing well!..

answered May 01 at 19:13

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Hi, all! I think this is day 3 in Vegas. Lost track of time already..

No Mindy, the MIA's do not include you. Only those who weighed in and committed are on the list. I'm going to post the results in a few minutes. I just got them done..

I wish I could say Vegas was fun, but things have not run very smoothly. At least I can say I'm alive but honestly yesterday was close. I had an allergic reaction, probably to something I ate. I had worked down the Blvd with my nike+ in hand, 3.75 miles. I congratulated myself with a food reward after dropping a few dollars so they knew I was there. Anyway, thank Goodness for the Nike because I can document the reaction time, having turned it off when I couldn't go any further.

My face swelled and went numb. My first ride in an ambulance too long for all the details. They kept me going with oxygen and ivs and after about 5 hours in the hospital I was finally back to looking like a human being. So I'm on rest and medication, steroids and all that to normalize me. I'll have to see my own doctor and try to figure out what happened when we get back home.


So I hope no one had my kind of excitement and I do hope you are all staying OP. BRB back with the challenge results...

answered May 01 at 19:40

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Congratulations to the Miracles! 2 weeks in a row and this week perfect on water and OP!.

Our numbers are looking a little shaky Dreamers and I am disappointed in the MIAs. Everyone who did not report in was sent a pm to check up on them and make sure they are okay. No responses and they aren't online, so life may have just gotten in the way for the moment. Hopefully they will return next week and everyone can recommit to the challenge..

Here are the numbers:..

answered May 01 at 20:58

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Chick - Glad you are OK!!! That is really, really scary!!! Take care of yourself!!.

DiggerDee - I know just what you mean. Seems like on Sunday morning I always end up on a P90X or Insanity infomercial. Drives hubby crazy!!!! I'm thinking P90X for my next program..

DD13 had a track meet tonight. I hate to say it, but I'm glad she doesn't like track. We got there around 4:30. She didnt' run til almost 7:30. It was cold, windy and miserable. My toes were froze!!! DD13 didn't get home til after 10:00..

Gotta finish what you started..

Well, the dogs just put themselves outside for the night, so guess I better go to bed too..


answered May 01 at 22:32

Charles's gravatar image


OMG! Chick, glad you are okay and that medical help arrived quickly! How scary for you... What did you eat? You are a trooper for posting the stats with all that you have been through. Take care of yourself and get some rest..

I have been MIA because life is just plain CRAZY! Just got home from clinical. Mental health might just get me committed myself. Can't wait until it is over! It is interesting to say the least and very frightening at the same time. I hate writing papers and we have to do two a week. going from nights to days is killing me with very little sleep. I am very hypomanic and living of 3-5 hours of sleep on most nights.

I have been OP/OW and back to losing more weight/week than I did during the break between challenges. A lot of mental challenges just being in the environment at clinical and my own personal demons that have been securely hidden with the nice fat suit I had created for myself. Working through them minute by minute..

On a positive note, I am almost at my 50# mark, wearing a size 8 jean, and people have been giving me NSV all the time. It is funny that I have to adjust my body in my bed because my ribs/hips are bony and it is uncomfortable when I actually get to lay down and sleep. The other interesting thing about losing this weight is that my butt and legs are falling asleep when I sit in hard chairs. I wonder if all the skinny A55 people have this problem or it is just my nerves in my butt are used to being covered in a protective layer of fluff and need to readjust?! I am just so thankful that I am actually seeing such great results and I will make it to my goal of not being a fat graduate. Medifast has been the best thing I have ever done in my life!.

Hoping to get a little sleep tonight. Have to write a paper in the morning before I head back to clinical. So much to do and not enough hours in the day to get it all done. 103 days until graduation! Oh I can't wait. Just trying to hold onto what little thread of sanity I have left. I had to go to a 12 step meeting and write a paper on it and I chose Overeaters anonymous.

I got some sayings off their website that I thought you all might get some inspiration off of. Hopefully some of it will resonate or help any of you that are struggling right now..

So here it goes: Slogans that Nurture Recovery.

The elevator is broken - take the steps!.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results..

Gossip hurts - and sometimes kills..

Pain is necessary, suffering is optional!.

If nothing changes, nothing changes..

If you do what you always did, you'll get what you always got..

The steps keep us from suicide; the traditions keep us from homicide..

Some things have to be believed to be seen..

Feelings aren't facts!!!.

Let us love you until you learn to love yourself..

Isolation is the dark room where we develop our 'negatives'..

You're as sick as your secrets..

Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less..

Compare and despair..

Don't compare you insides to other people's outsides..

Let go or get dragged..

If you're spinning your wheels, try getting out of the driver's seat..

HALT: Don't get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired..

Take an action, then let go of the results..

Carry the message, not the mess. Don't tease your disease..

It's the first car of a train that kills you, not the caboose..

Relapse is NOT a requirement. SLIP: Sobriety loses it's priority..

Those who matter, don't mind; those who mind, don't matter..

Expectations are preconceived resentments..

Serenity isn't freedom from the storm; it is peace within the storm..

Don't speak unless you can improve on silence..

You don't need to "find God"; He isn't lost..

Surrendering means you don't have to fight any more..

There is a solution...

answered May 01 at 22:49

's gravatar image


Hi dreamers.

Chick- so sorry to hear about your allergic reaction on your trip but I am glad you were able to get help and hope you recover quickly...I can't believe you still found time to worry about and post the stats.

Dee/Renee- DH just got the P90X series, all he has done is the stretching video until we go get some bands this weekend, I won't join him until the challenge is over and I am hopefully at goal and starting transition but I do the yoga video from the series each week for the last year it is GREAT for increasing balance and flexibility..

Cathy- I have noticed a similar problem with my tail bone when trying to do ab exercises, it hurts to try to balance on my butt with my feet in the air, that was never a problem before...I have lost my padding..LOL.

Talien- all I can say is wow, babysitting (2) 3 year olds and an infant...I struggle keeping track of my DD (18 months) she is all over the place, so I know you are busy.

Mindy- I picked up the Tosca Reno book, the cookbook. Once I am in maintenance I plan to start incorporating her recipes for everyone in the house to eat, we have even been looking into to getting a breadmaker and I am starting to cut back on the processed food we buy. Slowly trying to make little changes.

Dee- I would have loved to scrimage in that parents vs kids game, I love basketball played all through high school but none of my older kids like to play it, so I will just have to wait for littlest DD and hope she is my little b-ball player which means keeping the weight off so I can play with her..

Waving madly to everyone else and hoping you all have a fantastic weekend (OP/OW, of course)!..

answered May 02 at 00:23

Saul's gravatar image


Holy cow, Chick! Hope youre okay what a scary thing to happen on a vacation..

Kathie thanks for all those slogans a really fun read!.

{waving at KP} Hi KP! The parent/son basketball game last night was a blast! Hope your little one gets into sports so you can enjoy stuff like this. It was REAL scrimmage one of the coaches was the ref and he had his older son work the scoreboard, so the buzzer was going off and everything. The boys showed no mercy and a couple of parents landed on their butts. Needless to say the boys won by a landslide and they crowed as if they beat a NBA team rather than their slow moms and dads. What fun!!.

Well, ONE parent wasnt slow and that was me! Big NSV for me I was sprinting back and forth, up and down that court and I was hardly out of breath. I was bouncing around like a kid. I was even keeping up with some of the fastest little guys on the team and stole the ball from one of them. That energy felt great!!.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!..

answered May 02 at 02:01

Dominick's gravatar image


Chick, hope you know what you ate. What slows you down - and you still did all the work on the stats!.

Loved the quotes. One of my favorites is: If you do what you always did, you'll get what you always got..

Dee, loved your NSV! Last night my dh told me I never walk slowly anymore. He was asking me to slow down while grocery shopping..

Tomorrow is suppose to be a beautiful day here. I have talked my dh into loading the bicycles up and go riding at a canyon/lakes area just outside of town. We have another couple joining us. Going to have a picnic lunch and then ride. Should be fun..


answered May 02 at 03:33

Cullen's gravatar image


Hi, Dreamers....hope everyone is well...I have been MIA for a while...this semester is tough...preparing to write my thesis over the summer and the prep class is murder...I was studying so hard over this past weekend that I forgot to record my weight for the week (sorry Chick)...anyway all is well...I am still OP but to be honest it is getting harder and harder dealing with the stress of class, being on the road working and dealing with all the work responsibilities...my problem these days is getting enough sleep...I try to get at least 8 hours but...some nights I only get 4 or 5...my travel schedule should slow down in the next month so I hope that helps...anyway...hope everyone is doing well...bbl...smooches..

answered May 02 at 04:02

's gravatar image


Hi everyone..

Chick, I'm thankful you were somewhere that people recognized you needed immediate help. Frightening!.

It is *wonderful* to see so many Dreamers checking in you've been missed!!! I hope life will slow down or if it won't slow down, at least each of you will feel that you are in complete control of your days and nights (so that you don't fell overwhelmed)..

I made it through the day, the baby did well (breast fed baby using a bottle today) and so did the twins. All treated Gramma well (thankfully). When their mom got off work, the twins and I went outside and played. They drove their battery operated, ride in, vehicles up and down the drivewayacross the yard. I ran after them, ran ahead of them, played traffic policeman, gave them awards for safe driving and kindness to other drivers (better than giving them tickets for speeding, LOL). I was wearing my pedometer and enjoyed moving so much, watching the numbers/steps rack up..

I came home to a 2 year old throwing a noisy tantrum....not at all enjoyable. Now, I'm wore out and going to sit for awhile...

answered May 02 at 04:21

's gravatar image


Ladies, I have a problem.

My only child, dd is 26. Within the past several years has lost 50 lbs, but still need to loose about 20-25 more. We were out attempting to clothes shop for her. She is a nail tech and moving to a new salon. The past several years the shop where she works has required them to wear scrubs and is need of everyday "work" clothes. The type of things she wanted, were the junior type clothes, which 1) do not fit her body and 2) at 26 are not the type of things she should wear.

Then every time I would stop and pick something up I liked, she would either turn her back on me or walk off. I feel she is extremely jealous of the fact I have lost weight..

I know she has to be the one to want to loose weight and I know she is extremely unhappy about her weight. I told dh tonight I have almost come to a point of not wanting to be around her. So ladies, any words of wisdom or comfort. Guess I am needing to vent a little..


answered May 02 at 05:02

Kelvin's gravatar image



Just a quick note, I am glad to see everyone checking in. I can say all of the soreness is finally gone. I am back in business, but really sleepy!! Looking forward to relaxing this weekend and I hope of you have a fabulous weekend..

I will check in again on Sunday..

Til next time...

answered May 02 at 06:25

's gravatar image


Morning dreamers, checking in to say hi, I have been so busy this week- my kids school has a winter festival and each day they need a costume to go with what ever that days theme is. I cant believe how creative they are. For example 1 of the days was "fairy tale" day and I had a big bad wolf, little red riding hood and pinnochio, basically they were halloween costumes "tweeked" my pinnochio daughter made herself into a puppet, got a big long nose and hat and made a very cute pinnochio. big bad wolf was my son- his didn't take too much creativity they found an old wolf costume, little red riding hood got a picnic basket filled with food and he chased her around the gym. Then Friday was the potluck dinner at the school where the parents cook. Its hard- absolutely nothing at the potluck was OP- well I guess coffee was ok- I had to make a hot dish so even my own food was not OP- I had some of the salads and some egg salad dish that looked lighter(not all mayo)- heard it from my daughter that everyone was commenting on how great I was looking.

So all in all it was fun- the kids put on a show from their talent contest. I took off of work to go to this- I love seeing the kids do their performances..

Now today I have already been cleaning house, got a workout in and feel really full of energy- if anyone remembers- the last time I checked in I was having lots of hip pain and had an xray- Well results were some cystic lesions on the head of femur and around the neck of the femur- which my doctor says is degenerative arthritis, I need to come in because the radiologist report was saying in his report that there is evidence of autoimmune type arthritis. So I will be going back to get a "work up". on the good side my pain has decreased substantially and I have been able to work out every day this week..

Now the bad news my stupid scale hasn't budged an ounce- possible to work out too much- maybe, but I have really noticed an energy boost with my increase in activity so if activity means slower weight loss- oh well, I feel so healthy..

I wanted to comment about Kathys daughter- I have been in her situation- I was heavy at 1 point and my mother lost loads of weight and looked really good, I was mad at myself and JEALOUS of my mother, I hated to look at clothes or buy anything because I was so ashamed, my mom never took me shopping but it might have gone the way your day did. You might be inadvertently saying things that might be taken as insults. "At your size, this style might look better" etc. I wear scrubs and they are the worse type of uniform- you can gain weight and never notice until you are substantially heavier, they make everyone look a little chunky- there are a few form fitting styles but those are not as easy to find and can be more costly. Anyway, your daughter is angry at herself, jealous of you and probably amazed how it got out of hand. Let her handle it herself, she will either come to her senses and start working on it or she won't but she needs to do it on her own and you cannot judge her or even really offer advice (unless she asks).

I think there is some mom daughter competition and for us daughters it is a BIG self esteem blow when mom wins- ok, just perspective from a past participant..

Have a great Sat. all. I have a real date tonight with a real man- WoW!!!! got to start getting ready now..

answered May 02 at 07:39

Aidan's gravatar image


Just in case you read my last post. I know I am still not thin but I will get there..

answered May 02 at 09:15

's gravatar image


Found this quote on another board, thought I would borrow it this morning:.

Let your world be wonderful.

What dream would you now like to make into reality? What joy do you now wish to experience?.

What beauty will you behold before this day is finished? What feeling would feel best to you right now?.

Breathe in the sweetness of all that is good in this bright moment. Taste the possibilities that arise from endless abundance..

Though the challenges and concerns are real, so are the most magnificent of possibilities. Imagine the best of what can be, and find true delight in making it real..

Let your world be wonderful today. Let your moments be filled with life and passion and purpose..

Do you see how extraordinary this day can be? See it, live it, and it is..

Ralph Marston.

Denyse, thanks so much for the words of wisdom. I know she is absolutely miserable and the mommy in me wants to help her solve the problem. I have also decided that I may need to do my shopping for a while w/o her. This is hard because we have always shopped together. Again, thanks for your advice..

Beautiful day expected today in west Texas and planning to take advantage of it..

Everyone take some time and dream your dreams..


answered May 02 at 10:05

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Hi Ladies:.

Hi Chick - I'm here! Just taking a break from housework to stop in and say "hi".

Okay everyone - explain to me why we're largest group in this challenge and our thread is almost at the bottom of the page!!!???.


Anyway, enough with the guilt trip (I should talk, I've lurked and not posted before plenty of times). Hope everyone is doing well and on plan. Last night I fell off a bit. Was out to dinner for sushi with a pile of friends and white rice and a glass of saki is definitely not on plan..

Today I'm back on track and once I get the housework out of the way, I'm going to exercise my butt off..

My son had a glorious basketball win yesterday morning and their team is the sole winner of second place (if they had lost, they would have had to share 2nd place with another team). Next weekend they're in a tournament and that's it for basketball season. He has a 1.5 months off from sports before soccer starts..

Everyone have a great Sunday!..

answered May 02 at 11:43

's gravatar image


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