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Got a question, hope someone can answer... What Nutrisystem diets have you tried? Did it work? Many thanks for any answer. Another question on my mind: Folks,.

I just got a Wii. It looks interesting. I played tennis and golf. I'm thinking of getting a Wii Fit add on. Does anyone have any thoughts..


asked Apr 21 at 16:30

Darius's gravatar image


I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

answered Apr 21 at 17:46

's gravatar image


I have the Wii fit and it has become a family affair. Just started using a few of the fit things but the balance games are fun. I even tried a bit of YOGA nothing like a 300 pounder doing yoga exercise...

answered Apr 21 at 18:47

Mauricio's gravatar image


Lol been sore plenty of times playing video games. Wrists, back, and eyes get sore after long hours of playing...

answered Apr 21 at 19:12

Blake's gravatar image


One of my dogs freaks out when I play the Wii or do the DVD from Nutrisystem. He feels inclined to help whatever it is the crazy monkey seems to be doing, although he can't figure it out for the world...

answered Apr 21 at 20:32

Aiden's gravatar image


There are quite a few threads about the Wii Fit. Jus search and you'll find threads here and in the other sections! Anything that gets you moving is great...

answered Apr 21 at 21:04

Caden's gravatar image


The boxing that comes with the Wii sports (included) is great! Wii ski is good too...

answered Apr 21 at 21:38

Kade's gravatar image


Wii Outdoor Adventure and Wii Personal Trainer are also good ones. We also have a Wii Fit. All of these can help you get moving without even having to go outside so they are all helpful. The Wii Fit is very hard to find unless you want to go to eBay or something like that to buy for a lot more than they are in the store..

answered Apr 21 at 22:44

's gravatar image


I got mine several months ago. Played the wii sport a number of times, my shoulder actually started to bother me after too much baseball. Then later I got the wii fit, which at least got me up off my @ss occasionally. Unfortunatley for me the novelty wore off and I resumes my normal laziness. Wii Fit was hard to find for a good long time, but it appears to be much more readily available in stores now...

answered Apr 21 at 23:27

's gravatar image


After about a month you'll figure out how to play all those sports games sitting on the couch just flicking your wrist...

answered Apr 22 at 00:25

Isaac's gravatar image


Haha...WHATEVER YOU DO.. make sure you have the strap secured on your wrist!!..

answered Apr 22 at 01:53

's gravatar image


I have a Wii and the Fit Board..

I actually purchased the Wii/Fit right when I started Nutrisystem with the idea to exercise as part of this "life change"..

Since that time I have to say that the Wii/Fit has made it easy to exercise. The routines are varied and can be hard or easy depending on your fitness level..

I would never tried Yoga, but the Wii/Fit made it fun and interesting..

Now, four months later, I have found that the Fit software just doesn't challenge me enough..

I recently purchased "My Fitness Coach", which doesn't require the Fit board (and doesn't use it). This program is plenty difficult since it will adjust the exercises to your fitness level. It also will allow you to use other workout ads like balance ball, step, hand weights, and heart rate monitor. I highly recommend this software..

I still use the Fit board to "weigh" myself just to keep track on the system and for some of the balance games (which are fun)..

I also understand that EA is coming out with a fitness program that will utilize the Fit board..

Overall, I do really like the Wii and I rarely play any other games on it..

In the four months that I have been using the Wii, I believe I have only missed a handful of days other than when I was out of town on business..


answered Apr 22 at 03:20

's gravatar image


Try doing the Wii Fit Step Aerobics while holding hand-weights and Boxing while wearing ankle weights. I get a MUCH better workout that way..

I love my Wii Fit!..

answered Apr 22 at 03:52

's gravatar image


You can't do the Outdoor adventure on your butt. There is a sensor pad that comes with it. It will get your heart pumping..

answered Apr 22 at 04:23

's gravatar image


Anyone play a real computer game like Call of Duty World at War?..

answered Apr 22 at 06:01

Pablo's gravatar image


When I was a kid, I had a dog. The poor thing would go crazy whenever she saw me exercise. Maybe she didn't see the purpose in it, I think that she just got confused...

answered Apr 22 at 07:23

's gravatar image


I remember that there was a big problem when the Wii came out. It seems that many people got too into the game and the remote came out of their hands smashing their way through too many TVs...

answered Apr 22 at 08:15

's gravatar image


I have a Wii. I also have Wii Fit. The key with Wii Fit is that you have to go through a little boring stuff and it will advance the reps and the activity times as you get better. The better you are the harder they make it. They also unlock more and more activities as you log more and more Wii Fit Credits..

I have unlocked all activites and I am at 3 or 4 stars, with 4 being the highest, on all activities..

My balance has improved 10 fold. I have a stronger upper chest and lower back and my core muscles have greatly improved..

To increase resistance I have added ankle and wrist weights to my routine. I also do the aerobics holding 10 lb dumbells..

I hope this helps!..

answered Apr 22 at 08:51

Hector's gravatar image


Most guys who post here are older than 17..


answered Apr 22 at 09:16

Bennett's gravatar image


I have an Apple II+ in the attic. Really sweated out putting the jumper wire on to get both upper and lower case letters..

And I added a memory card to extend the 16K to a full 64K of RAM...

answered Apr 22 at 10:31

's gravatar image


No, but I did own an Intellivision at one time...

answered Apr 22 at 11:18

's gravatar image


Toder, Im a Call of Duty player. Half the reason I am still fat..

answered Apr 22 at 11:33

's gravatar image


Thanks for the insight Markimus. Recently I added the Wii Fit to my Wii. It's pretty good. I usually spend about 15 - 20 after work. I spent a little more this past weekend. I have a lot to work on.


answered Apr 22 at 11:57

's gravatar image


I had a Commodore 64 and it's floppy drive. I tossed it when I built my first PC 20 years ago. My first computer, I remember it well with it's 30mb hard drive and DOS 3.2; I remember the good old days...

answered Apr 22 at 11:58

's gravatar image


You guys are soooo lame. I built one of these in the 1960s when I was ten...

answered Apr 22 at 13:36

Julian's gravatar image


Dean, I doubt you were ever 10..

My first computing experience was on a Burroughs 6900 Large System Compiler (punch cards) in 1980 at UNCC. Damn, I'm getting old...

answered Apr 22 at 15:11

Amari's gravatar image


I sent my first computer-to-computer communication in 1977 on a Univac 1050..

That's how old-school The Dean truly is...

answered Apr 22 at 15:39

's gravatar image


How did I miss this thread before?....

I contend that you can be old school, past 17 (way past in my case) and still be a gaming geek..

You just have to remember to get off your butt and do some actual exercise as well....

Among the machines that I have progressed through:.


Atari 400.


Mac 512e (before they had hard drives).

Vendex 8088.

Various home assembled 386 machines.



And, I currently have 3 on my desk...Gateway (modified), iMac 24" and MacBook...not counting the work PC Thinkpad....The wife has two and the sons two more...Our house can basically out compute NASA circa 1968....

Anyone need some old computer parts or software?...I could start an e-bay store with the old technology crap in my garage...

answered Apr 22 at 16:44

's gravatar image


Please remember to put the emphasis on 'geek'. Gaming is for kids and wannabes. A guy I know asked me to come over to his place and play Guitar Hero. I dragged over my beat Telecaster and classic Vibrolux Reverb and gave him an earful. Who needs a plastic toy and software?.

You wanna be a shooter? As I posted here back in the day, when I reached goal weight, I got myself and the missus CCW permits and some shiny new guns. That was my "reward". We go to the range once a month to keep sharp. This spring we are taking a tactical shooting course run by ex-government types I know. It's gonna be cool..

Get off the couch - doing the real thing may be more challenging, but it's fun, rewarding, and you actually get to meet some really cool people who don't just sit around stinking up your living room and eating out of your fridge...

answered Apr 22 at 18:04

's gravatar image


Heck Dean, we could start a whole new thread about guns. Video games are way cheaper then real bullets...

answered Apr 22 at 19:39

Edward's gravatar image


This is a weightloss website, not a hobby website. Please note that I tied it back to our weightloss goals. I'll go to place like The SigForum to discuss my shooting hobby...

answered Apr 22 at 20:05

's gravatar image


[quote=DEAN_WORMER;3019775]Please remember to put the emphasis on 'geek'. Gaming is for kids and wannabes. A guy I know asked me to come over to his place and play Guitar Hero. I dragged over my beat Telecaster and classic Vibrolux Reverb and gave him an earful. Who needs a plastic toy and software?.



Respectfully, I both agree/and I disagree with what you are saying..

Yes, Rock Band and guitar hero have nothing to do with actually playing a guitar. You have to not confuse reality with diversion. They are seperate and each one has it's place..

Nothing beats the sound of an old telly or strat in practiced hands. I wish I could play one...and one of the reasons that I don't play either of those video games is that if I were to invest the time...it would be in lessons to play the Esquire standing in my upstairs office that I've never been able to figure out on my own...not to pretend I could play one..

But, just because you spend time playing a computer game doesn't mean that you can't do real life stuff too. They aren't mutually exclusive..

I know lots of folks who game online and have interesting lives that aren't 100% in front of an LCD monitor. My group that I hang out with in WOW includes:.

A Baptist Minister, a Canadian Mountie, a fellow who is spending a year in China teaching English, a flooring salesman from New Jersey, a computer programmer from Germany and a construction worked from North Carolina..

None of them are glued to their chairs, they all do other interesting things and then once in a while we all connect to attack some random pixels together..

I actually know a guild made up mostly of lawyers from the Bay Area...now there's a group you can derive some real pleasure out of beating up...even if it's just electronically..

Just like eating right, it's about balance and doing things in the correct proportion...

answered Apr 22 at 21:19

Jorge's gravatar image


1972 on an IBM 370 running OS/MVT. I don't remember what the MVT stands for. If I wanted to run a program that was larger than 128kb, yes I said 128kb, I had to get departmental permission from the chairman. I had to provide the reason why I wanted to run a job that was that big, and they would run the program overnight as Class D lowest priority...

answered Apr 22 at 21:33

's gravatar image


Yes, like any exercise, Wii Fit will only help you lose weight if you use it. And outdoors is free..

(says the guy who finally bought a Wii Fit and has used it for the past two weeks)..

answered Apr 22 at 21:35

's gravatar image


It's just another device that people can choose to use or choose to ignore. The same could be said for a set of weights...

answered Apr 22 at 23:04

's gravatar image


I miss our Bowflex... I have nowhere to hang my shirts anymore...

answered Apr 22 at 23:19

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