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Got a question... What shrimp Medifast recipes do you like? Needed Medifast recipes? Thanks in advance for any answer. Second question.. Men... I warned you! read no further if you don't want to be grossed out a bit!.

So ladies....

Not sure how many of you here are still ovulating but I have had my first menses since.


And it is INSANE!! had to go to my OB to make it STOP! Surgeon says it's from the hormones freaking out do to such dramatic and fast weight loss. (46 pounds in 5 weeks!).

She put me on a 10 day course of.


But if the next one is this bad- they would like me to consider a.


IUD. I have mixed thoughts about this as me and hormones don't agree all that well anyways but did anyone else have this problem? Did it get better or are these going to be out of control for a while?.

If this is a one time offense- I won't worry about it but I can NOT do this again!..

asked May 09 at 07:53

Phoenix's gravatar image


That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

answered May 09 at 08:33

Cory's gravatar image


Good grief, I could only imagine. I was 17 days late having mine because of the weight loss and the change in diet. This is a great topic...I never thought of it affecting it in that way. We will see how I do, my.


Is tomorrow..


Bambi ~j~..

answered May 09 at 09:23

Hugo's gravatar image


I am using the.

Birth control.


And with it, I don't get my flow, but after.


It was so bad I went to my OB to find out if something was wrong. He said everything is good and now, 18 weeks later, all is "normal" :)..

answered May 09 at 09:53

Jeremy's gravatar image


Mine are always heavy and last at least 14 days :( I tried to get the.


But my Doc will only do it for women who have had a kid. I.


They get better for you, I know how much they suck..

It seems most things even out a few months after.


Probably just another waiting game..

God I wish I was a guy sometimes lmao ;)..

answered May 09 at 10:55

's gravatar image


I used to be an OB/GYN nurse So I know all he info about the.


But I was more interested if anyone just had this ONE time cazy period or if they were like this for a while... if it's just gonna be this one time- I won't bother.... if it's gonna happen again- I want to get it preauthorized and ready!..

answered May 09 at 11:58

Chandler's gravatar image


I'm with you sister, the period from hell after being almost a month late. I haven't had my second one yet. I did talk to some of the women in my support group, they said the first one or two were bad and than they went back to normal. Personally, I'm hoping for rapid wt loss provoked menopause - which my GYN assures me frequently occurs with women of my age. :)..

answered May 09 at 12:59

Emiliano's gravatar image


I had the period from hell 2 months after my.


, My period decided to visit me for 10 very very very long heavy days, with a lot of clotting and I mean big clotting, I was ready to buy baby.


That is how bad it was, and then it just stopped for 4 months after that,but it came back and now it is just like clock work .....

answered May 09 at 14:24

Emmanuel's gravatar image


Mine have changed... first two not a lot but really dark... third was more normal and this last one dark again. I think it will prob be diff until the weight loss slows down, Sorry you are having problems with the flow being to heavy. I used to have really bad periods than went through a procedure to remove the uterine lining and I have stint inserted in each tube to block them (easier than tieing your tubes) since then the cramps have eased up a lot but the flow is still heavy (before.


) lite flow and some cramps now after gbp...

answered May 09 at 14:50

Keaton's gravatar image


My first periods after.


Were very heavy and lasted for 7-8 days. But now it has been basicly normal and now it only last 4-5 days which I'm happy about. One thing that has happened is that I'm back to having cramps really bad. They usually last for about 2 days now...

answered May 09 at 15:06

's gravatar image


Eew! I'm so glad I'm not a chick!.


answered May 09 at 16:18

Nasir's gravatar image


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