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My question is Whats a good healthy Nutrisystem diet? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: All of you Newbies and returning members listen up. I have been reading all of the post that everyone is putting up. And I am no expert but here is alot of what I am reading..

How soon can I cheat on this? How much extra can I eat? Im just adding butter to my toast! Blah Blah Blah..

I am here to tell you stick to the plan from the beginning, if you do not you will struggle with falling off the wagon. I have had fairly good loss since the beginning when I stuck to the plan. Then I let a meal or two go the other way then man some other event or god forbid the holidays come up and blow you out of the water. So do your best to stick to the plan. Drink all the water, Lay off the booze, pick up the women with your charm and wit..

I am not saying dont ask for help or not to ask questions but think about why you are here. Do you want to lose weight or continue on your gaining ways? Adding all the food to your diet is how you got to the point of needing Nutrisystem..

There is very good information and support that can be gained but you need to listen to it and then use it..

That said congrats for taking the step and good luck in your journey...

asked Apr 21 at 18:10

Simon's gravatar image


Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

answered Apr 21 at 19:46

Dalton's gravatar image


There will be plenty of time to experiment once you make your goal and begin maintenance. I found that sticking to the plan 100% is critical to weight loss. Try to fit in the (cardio) walking too, I started in September and walked 1/2 hour 4 or 5 times a week until December when it got too cold. The walking really made a difference because it helped burn calories...

answered Apr 21 at 20:46

Tucker's gravatar image


Bucki - Your thread made me think of a couple things I've learned along the way..

I believe it is important for us to discuss what else can we eat to fill the void. We need to find a way to be full so we don't cheat. Over the months I've tried many of the items the guys on the bb discuss. I've been at this for over a year and I'm still looking for low cal stuff to fill my diet..

I think the word cheat means different things to different people. We all need to learn to eat off plan and not beat ourself up for it. I do understand that some guys disagree with this but it has worked for many of us...

answered Apr 21 at 21:11

Zayden's gravatar image


Great post Bucki. We all need to remember this : Losers never Quit and Quitters never Lose..

answered Apr 21 at 22:27

's gravatar image


I agree with the sentiment, but listen... I talked to my doctor on Friday and his only complaint with the Nutrisystem program was that it didn't make you responsible for learning "how to eat." He encouraged me to continue on with the program, but to try and substitute healthy options within the plan guidelines. That way I could learn from it as well...

answered Apr 21 at 23:18

's gravatar image


I'll have to respectfully disagree with your doc. If you really pay attention to what you're eating while you are on the program, you will learn how to eat the right food in the correct proportions. It also gets you on the road to eating fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains every day...

answered Apr 21 at 23:21

's gravatar image


Howdy All,.

Just puttin in my 2 cents worth:.

I think one needs to know themselves very well in order to have Nutrisystem work for them..I ate Nutrisystem but incorporated my reality into as well..Since my entire world is wrapped around food I allowed myself to go off Nutrisystem for any Holiday or Occassion..I did not think about calories, fat, carbs etc..I ate what I wantedThen I gave away the leftovers and went right back to the plan the very next dayI did not weigh in for 2 weeks after..I lost the weight slower but I also felt I did not deprive myself of anything and for me it worked wonderful..I could not change my whole lifestyle it took me 52 years to get one and to change it overnight was just not "my reality"..The main key to my success was not the water, not the exercise, but able to get right back on the plan..

answered Apr 22 at 00:05

Thomas's gravatar image


I gotta disagree here too. This program has "Learn how to eat" written all over it..

Sounds like the old Doc has a turd laying on the brain...

answered Apr 22 at 00:46

Mekhi's gravatar image


I received my last autodelivery 06/19/08. Assuming it took me a month to eat the food, I was 311.8 lbs as for 07/19. I am now at 267.2, losing 44.6 lbs in those 6 months. I have not been using Nutrisystem foods but I have been using the portion control and food combinations that I learned on NS. Bottom line: you will get out of it what you put in...

answered Apr 22 at 01:02

's gravatar image


Well I guess I better put in another cent of what I meant. We now have more then one issue. The people who are just starting and really should stay as close to plan as possible until they are firmly entrenched in the program and what it entails. We also have the guys that have been doing the plan and doing well. I do agree that you can do some substituting or go without the Nutrisystem food at all, but I would say that as you progress and know what those substitutions can be and then be done correctly, how we have to be when and if we get to maintenance. The newer folks and those without much control yet (really me included) should probably try and stay as close to plan as possible..

My original reason to post was after reading so many of the post and confessions. I remembered that this was similar to what I did when I started (a chicken wing here or there etc..). It was the wish words said to me if you are going to "Cheat" plan it. And think about why you are doing it...

answered Apr 22 at 01:35

Riley's gravatar image


I have to also disagree with your Doc..

I had serious portion control problems before starting NS..

I also ate crap foods...Now, I eat things like salad and yogurt that I would never have before...and I like them..

I'm far from successful and have my weak food moments...and I figure that I will forever. But, I have learned a completely different way of eating and dropped 66 pounds since August..

I think your doctor isn't familiar with the program and assumes all your food comes in one box. (As I did when I ordered on an impulse in late July).

The add in part of the plan is what taught me many of my new habits. I don't measure quite as exactly as I did for the first three months...but, now I can get pretty close to "a cup" or "a tablespoon" just from memory. And, that is most assuredly has taught me how to eat healthier...

answered Apr 22 at 02:41

's gravatar image


Bigjt you only have a pound to 300. Congrats..

answered Apr 22 at 03:27

Andres's gravatar image


Thanks, that one pound has been the toughest to lose so far..

With holidays and excuses I've hovered between 301 and 305 for a few weeks. I'm doing much better this week and sort of anxious to see where the scale puts me tonight at the gym..

I just need to focus and finally put a "2" up as my first number. It'll be the first time my weight will have started with something other than a "3" in about 25 years..

I'm really heading into some uncharted waters for me...think that I almost slowed myself a little these past few weeks, just to prove to myself that I could at least stay here if I went no further. I've defined it in retrospect as sort of a "mixed maintanence/eat a tiny bit of crap during the week" mode pretty much since the holidays..

Now it's time to kick it back into gear and get serious..

***Edit...Down a pound! A nice round 300 as of the gym tonight...next stop is the "2's"..

answered Apr 22 at 04:50

Scott's gravatar image


I talked to my doctor on Friday and his only complaint with the Nutrisystem program was that it didn't make you responsible for learning "how to eat.".

Okay, gotta put on my MD hat for a second....

As a physician, and a formerly more-fat one, I cannot disagree more. If you are obese (which we all either are or were), you need to lose weight. Period. End of story..

Nutrisystem allows you to lose weight in a healthy manner. Period..

By the time you reach your weightloss goal (not there yet, but what I anticipate it will be), you have learned portion size, keeping an elevated metabolism with small portions frequently, and you have a good starting point for the rest of your life to maintain your weight. Whaht you do from that point on is on you...and what you learned..

/Taking the hat off....

//Sorry for the rant....

///And the slashies......

answered Apr 22 at 06:20

's gravatar image


Great to hear a doctors opinion about the program...I couldn't agree with you more:-)..

answered Apr 22 at 06:32

's gravatar image


I have to say this. The food is ok, not great, but ok. But I decided that this is something that I have to do. It's a little like taking medicine. I'm doing this because I have to..

I'm not going to question what will I do once I get to my goal weight. I'll worry about that when I get there. For now, I have to do this until I lose the weight...

answered Apr 22 at 07:20

's gravatar image


I've worried about getting to goal and what's next from day one. I don't know about you, but I've lost over 100 pounds 3 or 4 times, each time gaining it back and then some. It's not the journey but the life style changes that I need to make that worries me. This program hasn't taught me a thing, I've always known what to do. My problem is just continuing to do what's right after the fact..

Right now, I plan to do Nutrisystem forever. It's cheaper for me than crappy food and a bar bill 2 to three times per week. It's right portions of the right foods and mindless. May sound crazy, but it's a plan..

My two cents from a sixty year old fart who's tired of being fat...

answered Apr 22 at 08:40

Trent's gravatar image


I'll put my MD hat on as well for a moment (although I'd rather take it off right now as I'm on call at the VA and dealing with really sick ICU patients)..

If anything this plan has taught me how to eat better. My typical routine prior to 12/1 was skip breakfast, eat lunch at a noon lecture if I could make it, and then hit the drive thru on the way home or order pizza (or both). My four food groups consisted of Taco Bell, Arby's, Papa Johns, and Ben & Jerry's. Now I'm recording my food intake every day and eat multiple fruits and vegetables each day. I shop with shopping lists instead of just buying whatever looked good. Actual thought goes into my meals unlike before.

So this docs opinion is that it's a great program that actually requires thought to suceed and will change your long term eating habits...

answered Apr 22 at 10:01

Reid's gravatar image


Discobolus. I just noticed that you got under 400..


answered Apr 22 at 11:30

's gravatar image


Outstanding Disco!!.

Your catching up to me...I better watch it, or you will pass right on by me...

answered Apr 22 at 13:07

Beckett's gravatar image


Discobolus great job on getting to the 300's. Keep it up and keep posting...

answered Apr 22 at 14:44

Zane's gravatar image


Incredible progress Disco and Bucki... gotta love those century milestones..

Looking at a lot of these threads and the weight loss a bunch of you guys have completed, real inspiring for us newbies!..

answered Apr 22 at 15:54

's gravatar image


I agree 100%!.

After being on and off diets most of my adult life, and being a true "Foodie" albeit a FAT one, I have found the food is really not bad at all. But, you must stick to the plan..

Last weekend, as we were traveling and visiting family, I did not do Nutrisystem food. I gained 3 lbs. Back on Nutrisystem on Monday and the 3 lbs plus another 1 are off so I am at a net loss for the week..

You get out of it what you put into it. For my health and happiness, I MUST stick to the plan..

Again, I am very encouraged by the results I see posted from the rest of you..

Keep it up!!..

answered Apr 22 at 16:02

Paul's gravatar image


Nutrisystem is definitely teaching me what I was doing wrong. I realized one day a few weeks ago that I had McDonald's for breakfast, Jack in the Box for lunch and was planning on Taco Bell for dinner and I signed up for Nutrisystem that afternoon. I've only been on for a week but I'm down a few lbs and I feel so much better!..

answered Apr 22 at 17:24

Chris's gravatar image


I just wanted to bump this up to comment on how impressive I find this. Kudos to you...

answered Apr 22 at 18:42

Emiliano's gravatar image


Thank you, brother. Anyone that thinks that Nutrisystem doesn't teach you long term behavior modification is uninformed. And anyone doing the program and not learning from it is simply missing the point. At some point, a person has to get tired of going through life without learning something from his experiences...

answered Apr 22 at 19:47

Dominick's gravatar image


For once as I ate out luch today, Panera and I actually picked only a salad and fat free shop. And I really enjoyed being on the plan without really being on it...

answered Apr 22 at 21:21

's gravatar image


Agree here with ya Larry. Seeing the right portions on a daily basis should set in your mind. That way once you reach goal, it doesn't take rocket science to figure out what portion sizes you should be eating...

answered Apr 22 at 22:38

's gravatar image


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