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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Where can I buy Medifast in oklahoma? Many thanks for any answer. Another quick question... This is the first thread for the new, improved Ruby team. We hope it will bring back all the "old" Rubies, and bring a few new faces also..

We believe in honest support, with the right amount of compassion, no matter where you are in your program, and no matter which way you are having to work your program. No judgement, no drama, but a safe place to come vent about the bad things in life, share and rejoice in the happy ones. Please feel free to post with us, even if you don't wear the banner!.

This is the first thread, and I will put a new one up on this sunday, and from then on, every sunday, so it will be a weekly thread...

asked Apr 30 at 09:18

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

answered Apr 30 at 09:30

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Good morning! It's a chilly morning in Texas..LOVE IT! Feels like fall! Have my autumn candles going, coffee in hand, and making a Medifast oatmeal "wrap" in the oven for breakfast..

My beloved Texas Rangers have their first post season playoff game today ..I'm SO excited! Love my Rangers baseball!!.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful morning!..

answered Apr 30 at 09:37

's gravatar image


Good Morning Chelle!.

Cool here in Va too, but I love it!.

Had my breakfast also,,,a half of a whole wheat tortilla with scrambled egg and a slice of fat free cheese. Makes a great maintenance breakfast and gets me off with a good protein boost right away. Unfortunately for me,,that half tortilla has to be my one grain serving of the day,,,,grains set me to craving if I am not careful! That has never changed!..

answered Apr 30 at 11:10

Hudson's gravatar image


Sharon ~ I struggle with grains big time!! Cause vicious cravings. That breakfast sounds yummy...what we call breakfast tacos here in Tejas :-)..

I mixed up some oatmeal really thick with a little baking powder and cinnamon and spread on a baking sheet about the size of a small tortilla. bake for 12 mins at 350. Then I stole a little from my lean and spread a little ricotta cheese on it. really yummy and a great way to use up oatmeal if you aren't a fan of it the "regular" way..

Well, I'm off to try to find some deals at TJMaxx..buy a little reward for almost 3 weeks back on plan :-)..

answered Apr 30 at 11:36

Darius's gravatar image


Good morning.

Shu and Chelle,.

Wow I must be getting sick I slept in way to long this morning and I hate doing that on my day off.. But I think I may have a sinus infection brewing ick.... Good think I work with a bunch of ENT Dr.s that can take care of that for me so I don't suffer this weekend...

Cool morning here too this morning 52 right now and it's already 9am.. So must of gotten really cool over night.. I will head out for a run once it breaks 60 today.

Breakfast with be a Medifast pancake muffin.. with ICBINB and a gu gel for the run has lots of carbs but helps to sustain my energy and today I think I may need that. I only do breakfast and two snacks for Medifast usually a shake..

Have to ask have any of you heard of Fluidity? I just got this new work out bar and dvd's since working with the trainer, it's alot like yoga, pilates, and dance but your stretching is all incorportated with the moves so there is no streching afterwards. If I run today I will do it tomarrow , or vice versa..

Not much on the agenda after that today the typical day, clean, laundry, cook, you know the stuff we get taken for granted for. Soon it will be time to start making firewood again..

My niece graduates from the Air Force this weekend on her way to becoming an officer she spent 4 years in ROTC in high school which helped move her up the ranks faster.. So proud of her..

That's it from here, the Chantix is starting to work the craving are subsiding and as many times as I have tried to quit I have to make this the last try, my body is started to feel like a smoker and if I would'nt be running I can only imagine how my lungs would feel. I hope I don't suffer the side effect from Chantix and they can get nasty. The dreams are the worst I have had along with some nausea but I find if I take it with food it is not as bad. So continue to keep me in your thoughts and wish me luck with this endeavor and the demon of these smokes....

I will try to check back later as the day moves forward...

Have a great day ladies.. So happy everyone is here.. I need you....


answered Apr 30 at 12:48

Jaylin's gravatar image


Nice to see this thread. I have heard lots of nice stuff about the Rubies. I will be stopping for some inspiration. It is raining and certainly autumn in New England. Nice cup of Medifast hot cocoa mixed with my coffee. I look forward to having some good drama free fun here with everyone. Hope everyone has a healthy and happy OP day!!..

answered Apr 30 at 12:58

's gravatar image


Hi Goal, Chelle and Laurie!.

I heard by text from jane today. she is traveling today, either away or back home, I forget which, for business, and said she will check in with us when she returns..

As to posting. I don't want anyone to feel they have to keep this thread going all day, we all have lives that extend way beyond just Medifast, but we all know from experience, that the more often we check in, the greater the accountability, so I hope we can all do so at least once a day, just to get that kick in the pants we all need, no matter where we are in this plan. but NO PRESSURE to be here all the time..

Laurie, you WILL quit the smokes this time! You can do this!.

We got home from a cruise 2 weeks ago,,,I am ready to go again!!.

Our next trip though probably won't be until June, when Ethan gets married. We are flying my Mom out with us, my brother will tag along too, not sure what rest of family will do, they all know in advance, up to them to save for it! He will be married on a yacht in Newport Beach Harbor in California,,how cool is that?? I'm excited!!.

That idea with the oatmeal sounds good Chelle. I love anything with cinnamon!!.

I am glad you heard just nice things about the Rubies Goal, I am hoping we can recapture what we once had!! Fell free to join us, and if and when you want the banner, just hollar to one of us and we will get it for ya'!..

answered Apr 30 at 14:18

Adrian's gravatar image


Thanks Schu! I will consider that. I have not joined other teams/groups because I have seen too much drama so I decided to be a "free agent."..

answered Apr 30 at 15:10

's gravatar image


Hi friends,.

I had a busy day at work and I'm beat. It must be time to eat or take a nap..

Since I don't FB maybe I'll try to give you all a snyopsis of what's been happening in my world since I dropped off the radar. Maybe later. Too tired now..

Day 6 100% OP..


answered Apr 30 at 16:40

's gravatar image


Good for you JD,, the hard part is over now, should be singing in the sweet praises of ketosis.

But am looking forward to what has been going on with you.. ANd what happened to the kittens you still have them?.


A free agent is fine, you are welcome here any time.

Time to get this thing done...

Good evening chelle, hope you had a great day and I too love cinnamon but the only oatmeal I eat is the peach and I love it. But it don't last to long, I eat around 630 and I am starving by 8 or so...

Never did try the eggs.. The browines are not to bad but I am not a chocolate fan... The puffs are yuck but make good croutons, and the cinnomon pretzels defiantly not auntie Annes!! but bearable..

AFM- did 7 loads of laundry and put it away, cleaned up a bit made dinner went for a run and I think I am going to make that 5 miles in an hour yet.. Tonight I got 4.25 miles in 53.22 minutes so that is only 3/4 miles in 7 minutes.. I need to restructure my route I was going to the highway but it don't make the five mile mark... The other way is lots and lots of hills would defiantly be a challenge, but such a good cardio workout. My lungs may explode.. but what a better way to clean them out huh?? May give it shot over the weekend.

G nite..

answered Apr 30 at 16:47

Kaleb's gravatar image




A free agent is fine, you are welcome here any time.

Time to get this thing done...

G nite[/QUOTE].

Thanks!!! Have a good night too!!..

answered Apr 30 at 17:12

Chase's gravatar image


Way to go on the 100% JaeDee,,you can do this ya' know!..

answered Apr 30 at 18:12

Silas's gravatar image


You are listed as being on Medifast since 2009, and yet this shows as your first post?? ummmmm, you should know how to eat on Medifast by now, don't ya' think??..

answered Apr 30 at 18:51

's gravatar image


7 loads of laundry? I do 4 each week and fuss at that!! guess that is one of those things we women do that doesn't get recognized, huh??.

Just got back from helping DH at the restaurant,,,,,I help him every Wednesday night. take carry out orders on the phone, Seat people who come to eat in, give them menus, water, etc. I will carry food from the kitchen to them if I have to,,but this old gal is not a waitress,,lol,,hot soups around me are dangerous!! He is short handed though wednesday night, as his main waitress that night is back in college and has classes that night. she is a single Mom of two, and we are proud of her for doing this. Hate the fact we will lose her soon as a waitress, but still glad she is bettering her and her children's lives...

answered Apr 30 at 18:58

Parker's gravatar image


Hi Girls! Great to see you all again. Just a quick post since it's way past my bedtime but I wanted to say hi....had to update my picture and ticker before I started posting again of course!.

Yes, it's true - I finally hit goal - it only took about 3 years LOL. Will post more later - had a fabulous time with our ZZ last weekend on the Central California coast. Can you say WINE Country??!!.

Anxious to catch up and see what everyone is doing!..

answered Apr 30 at 19:13

Lane's gravatar image


Just saying hi and nice to see our Banner Flyin again! Took me awhile to remember my password..

answered Apr 30 at 20:35

's gravatar image


Hi Rubies. Hope everyone is having a great day!..

answered Apr 30 at 21:01

Steven's gravatar image


Happy Thursday Beauties!!!.

SLAP ME SILLY...JANE ~ You look AMAZING!!! Congrats on reaching your goal!! wonderful!!.

Hi my sweet ZZ!!! *MUAH*.

Hi Hi Sharon, Laurie, and Goin!.

I wanted to get on last night to check in one more time, but by the time we got home from Julie's Baseball practice I was beat!!.

Today is my official weigh in day...down only 1 lb this week..i'll take it. I WAS 2 lb's a few days ago..them TOM showed up and hello water retention. Hoping that means big things this week!.

Tonight we're taking the girls to family book fair night at the school... Saturday we have a baseball game and then thinking of taking the girls to Sweet Berry Farms' Harvest Festival. We went last year and was great fun! Sunday we have my neice's 5th bday party.. busy busy..but busy is a good thing when on a diet. Less time to think about eating..well if you can ignore the bday cake, festival food,,etc etc...LOL...

answered Apr 30 at 21:56

Lincoln's gravatar image


Oh! yummy Medifast invention of the day!.

I don't really care for the vanilla pudding...but it comes in the free week....so I made it up as a shake and added 1/8 tsp peppermint extract. Tastes like an after dinner mint... pretty tasty!..

answered Apr 30 at 23:23

's gravatar image


That sounds good. I think I will try that. I have also made it with less water and some ice and it come out like the consistency of a frosty...

answered Apr 30 at 23:34

Liam's gravatar image


Morning Ladies.

Chelle, I never cared for the vanilla either, but I would have to add cinnamon or somthing I am not a peppermint fan either lol.. But I do love your inventions and how creative you are with the Medifast food.. I eat them usually the way they come, Sometimes If I am meal behind I will mix my banna pudding with a orange cream shake with about 8 oz of water very thick shake.. Yummy..

Morning Goal, maybe that is what it's like a frosty :O.

Jane you do look fantastic, and I know you feel it too.. So very proud of you and who cares how long it took to get there it gave you more time to learn along the way.. OMG you had such amazing legs before but now they are right up there with T. Tuner awesome ness.. You look so happy. LOVE LOVE LOVE THE new pic...

Shu yep 7 loads of laundry and I still am not done, but my shoulder is really hurting today so I am taking it easy.. Not going to do to much of anything except workout today, not sure If I will tackle a run or do fluidity today more of a yoga, pilates workout. Which may help the shoulder and I have a 12 hour shift again tomarrow..

That is great you help DH out at the resturant, sorry you will be losing your waitress but like you said can't blame her for wanting to better herself and her life for her kids. I am sure he made you a wonderful meal for all your hard work.

I love chinese food, but the sodium plays like a 4 lb gain the next day on the scale of course it's gone in a day or two with lots of fluids but such a head game...

ZZ when is your ride? I know it is coming up soon, I wish you great sucess and so proud of you for donating your time to ride for those who can't.. You have a big heart my friend..

JD hope you have a great day and get back here to fill us in on what you have been up too..

OK I must do some dishes or something this sitting around makes my butt hurt lol.

Ta ta for now..

answered May 01 at 01:02

's gravatar image


Hi Ladies -.

Sounds like everyone is doing great - so glad to hear it. Thanks for all the kind words - I do like that new pic - took it up in Napa a couple weeks ago when I was in SF for yet another business trip..

Then I got to go see my ZZ as part of another business trip - this time to Pasadena, but I flew into ZZ's town to see her for a couple of days beforehand. Got to meet her DH - such a great guy - ZZ is one lucky woman, but then again he is even more lucky to have her!! ZZ was such a trooper - drove me 3 1/2 hours to Pasadena on Sunday morning!.

Chelle - are you trying to lose 30 more pounds or is a "re-lose"?!.

Just curious - I'm still trying to find that right mixture of food everyday that will keep me on the right track. I think it's fantastic you've managed to keep so much off. I wish I'd seen more than just that picture of you in Vegas!.

Laurie - can't believe what a runner you are now! So fantastic - I never could do more than about 3 miles at a time although I am running again. I enjoy it. Also enjoy bike riding - went on a 10-15 mile trip with ZZ and loved it. I don't own a bike though so may need to work on that. Hope that medication helps with the smoking - I know how much you have struggled with that. They say smoking is the worst addiction of all - worse than heroin! so I feel your pain..

JD - so great to see you pop back up again! We had SUCH fun in Vegas - what a great trip that was - hope we hear more from you - would love to hear what you've been up too..

Schu - great to hear from you too, glad you texted me. Sounds like you've got the maintenance thing down cold since you've been doing it so long. How have you been doing? I know you had a couple of health issues, and didn't you decide to lose a little more weight at one point? How is that going? When I got to my initial goal of 144, I decided I really needed to lose a little more, so I went down to 135. That seems to be a good weight but I absolutely make myself get on the scale every day so I can be accountable. Traveling so much is tough, but I think I'm starting to figure out how to make it work..

ZZ my ZZ - had such a great time with you last weekend! So glad you remembered your password LOL. Have you been on your bike any more? How does it feel? Can't wait to hear how your big ride goes..

OK, gotta run - hi G4G - welcome to our group!.


answered May 01 at 01:58

's gravatar image


Thanks for all the welcome back and I have missed you gals.... so very much. No time for personals as I am on lunch and got a day filled with all the procrastinators still needing to file their income tax returns... I know you are all so jealous of me right now.... LMAO.

You bring a smile to my face and I see we have a newbie hi Goal - what do we call you?.

Chelle - one is better than -0-..... you go girl.

Laurie - cigs are tuff to kick to the curb you can do it.

Sharon -Sending you some love hot stuff and let us now how the healiong is going and getting back to normal.

JD- can't wait to hear what you been up tooo.... spill the beans girl.

Looking forward to hearing from some of the Ol' gang and some newbies.

Missed you guys.

I ride on the 16th ..... hope the weather is good..

answered May 01 at 02:08

's gravatar image


Jane ~ UNFORTUNATELY ..it's a re-lose.

Most of which happened just in the past couple of months. Nipping it in the bud now before it gets worse !.

ZZ ~ indeed ...1 is always better than 0!.

Laurie ~ I've done it with cinnamon before but I still could taste the weird vanilla flavor...so I picked peppermint cause that overpowers everything..lol.

Oh! And I got the brownies too..good..but not very filling. Cinnamon pretzels are "ok", but I really like they are portable! My days are pretty much the same, oatmeal, 2 shakes, a bar, and other misc item (cocoa, brownie, pancake, or pretzels)..

Jaedee ~ WHOOP for six days on plan!!!!!..

answered May 01 at 02:54

Hudson's gravatar image


Hi!!! You can call me G4G or Maria..

Nice to meet you!!..

answered May 01 at 04:24

Gael's gravatar image


Evening Beautiful Rubies (including you Maria).

Not a real productive day today, but I only have 12 hours tomarrow then the weekend off yahhhh....

I forgot to mention I sent Rita a PM she is just leaving for Japan and may come by when she returns...

Chelle I do like the portability of the pretzels, but they are not very good.. Just portable.. and the brownies I agree not to much to brag about either, but then again never been a big chocolate fan.. I personally prefer the shakes easy breezy and oh so convienent...

Jane, I took up running last year when I wanted to give up smoking yep worked for three months went back to smoking but I did continue to run until I got sick last nov and was down for 6 weeks, then suffered and knee injury down for another three months. So while running is not easy on this old bod I enjoy it to much to give it up.. I have a 10K coming up in Nov I would really like to participate in. I don't have to be the fastest just want to finish in less than 66minutes.. Other than that it's a personal reward for me.. Don't mean anything to anyone else..

Then I know I have pushed myself to the absoulte limit.. Right on the brink but not over.. My trainer worked me like that.. And maybe in some sick way I am addicted to it...

ZZ love the pic you posted with the gal on her bike.. I envy you being able to ride,, the thought just makes my well You know HURT!!!.. Never been a bike rider.. Now put me on the back of a motorcycle and I am a very happy girl.

Shu- hope you had a awesome day.... I was thinking the same thing from the post you responded to on here.. Thinking here comes the drama already lol... I am sure you know who I thought it could be.. ???.

Is kristen going to be joing us again? Has anyone heard?.

JD hope you had a great OP day and got throu day 7 without any problems, Which I am sure you did cause you awesome like that.. I probally won't be back tonight to catch up on what is new with you. But will catch up tomarrow...

I did'nt run today I did the fludity work out, pretty intense but I plan on going a new route and trying the hills this weekend with my run defiantly going to more of a work out but since Sunday is my offical quit day, I want to make sure my lungs totally hurt and smoking is the last thing I want to do. See I am a little sadistic and must enjoy pain.. lol.. So far no badness with the meds in the scale and was actually down this morning.. So maybe with more exercise it will balance out. Or that is my hopes anyway..

There is a 1/2 marathon in Long Beach California I would love to run Next Oct.. It's a beautiful run along the ocean, flat, which is good.. easy on the knees.. WHo knows maybe..???.

Have a great evening everyone...


answered May 01 at 04:55

Gary's gravatar image


Wow,,ZZ and jan both here now too!! whooohooo!.

Jane, you look fantastic!! As for my maintenance, end of Dec will be 4 yrs since goal, so factor in transition, and there ya' go. maintenace as far as weight number on scale has been good, but since I was off exercise for a year, I have softer middle,,lol. am working gradually to get my tone back. and yes, I want to drop 10 more,,I get a few off, then 1 or 2 find me again. I can't do the ketosis thing again, as my chemo med can stress kidneys, so can't risk more stress on them. I have not had any issues with the chemo though so far, and Feb will be 2 years I have been on it.

He said I can return to whatever I am comfortable doing,,except no set ups,,ever. But he said I could ski,,,,guess broken everything is better than strained back from setups,,LOL. anyway, I am doing great, can't even tell from the way I feel that I ever had the fusion done. all is good! I still will be using some Medifast foods though, and eat mostly "clean eating" otherwise. I too, do best , when I weigh daily.

Needless to say, I was pleasantly pleased!!.

ZZ, we will be heading out to california in June 2011, as Ethan gets married then in newport harbor, on a yacht called the Athena, thru Electra cruises. He has a beautiful fiance,,I am way excited for him..

Laurie,,hang in there with the not smoking thing. I never was a smoker, but I know from members of my family, that it is a tough thing to give up. You can beat this, just like you did the weight! you are definately the workout queen!! I got a new dvd that is dancing, but no partner needed,,,I love dancing, but have two left feet with it,,but it is fun and I can laugh at myself!!.

Goal, I am so glad you are posting with us, and whenever you are ready, the banner is yours,,just hollar!!.

Chelle, to lose anything at all with nasty old TOM around is great. You will knock these pounds to the curb quickly!!.

JaeDee, is the school year settling in for you now?? Beginning of a new one is always tough! congrats on remaining OP,,,u will do this for sure!!.

I hope we can each try to stop by and wave at least as we run by, but don't evern feel any sort of pressure about it. I know before, I would sometimes simply not want to be on the computer, but felt bad if I didn't post quite a bit. I don't want any of us having that feeling ,,,post when you can, we all understand! LOL,,that rhymes,,,..

answered May 01 at 05:57

's gravatar image


Hey Shu,.

Can you send me the new maintaince banner? It's prettier than mine.


Had to stop in a log my wonderfuly delicious cinnamon pretzels.. ICK>>>>..

answered May 01 at 06:53

's gravatar image


Sure, give me a few minutes to get the code,,,,,,and hope it works. lol Velvety (theresa) actually made this banner. I like it too...

answered May 01 at 07:51

's gravatar image


Sent you a pm with the code. I think it should work as is, just copy/paste it to your signature...

answered May 01 at 08:18

Rafael's gravatar image


This site has been crazy lately,,i either can't get signed in, or a page freezes, or I get a message webpage isn't accessable when I post, but then I find it DID go through,,,crazy!..

answered May 01 at 09:28

's gravatar image


LOL..this made me giggle. They really are quite bad, but so convenient!.

Well, my last little check in tonight. I was REALLY REALLY Craving just a bit ago but held strong. I'm trying to kick my diet soda habit, but I caved and grabbed a coke zero...better that than the spoon of peanut butter I was day dreaming about! LOL.

Good night y'all!..

answered May 01 at 10:14

Dante's gravatar image


It has been sooo weird!!! every post I have to refresh the page and then it say "you cannot post"..but it really is posted.....

answered May 01 at 10:39

's gravatar image


This has been happening to me too....

Shu I just realized I did'nt say congrats on the upcoming wedding,, So happy for him... And you get to go to California again.. WHOOOHOOOO>>>> Yeah I am jealous.. I love California and looking for any reason to go back.. ALthough I did just have a fellow ENT Dr return to SF and welcomed our OR team out any time.. She is a blast and I am sure SF would be a great time with her....

Thanks for the banner...

Gotta go make some dinner for the boy yeah the oldest one that don't do anything around here, ( But I did make him do a oil change on my car yesterday) Only got done because he was expecting some parts for his truck that I got and would not give him till my oil was changed.

See I am evil.....


answered May 01 at 11:42

Blake's gravatar image


I have become accustomed to them so not so bad. I still don't care for the parmesan puffs. They taste like stale croutons...

answered May 01 at 13:08

Grayson's gravatar image


Totally agree with this and they are bearable in a salad as crutons... Running late this morning.. Opps who did'nt turn the the alarm on.. Oh yeah that was me...


Have a great day will check in from work or later tonight...


answered May 01 at 14:31

's gravatar image


Happy Friday Rubies!!! I hope everyone has a great and healthy OP day!!..

answered May 01 at 15:02

's gravatar image


Hi - just a quick shout out this morning! Busy day at work...so ready for the weekend! Right at my goal weight this morning - that is a good thing after a week of traveling..

Have a great day ladies!..

answered May 01 at 15:51

Noah's gravatar image


Poppin in on a Friday morning .... got a full load today and the 15th is looming.

Hey Sharon - That wedding sounds fab! I grew up in the Huntington Beach area and partied in Newport nice and beautiful area as long as it's not foggy..

Hey Laurie - if you come out to do the marathon in Long Beach let me know the dates so I can see you! About 3.5 hours from here but my GF lives near and I' love to see you again too!.

Okay off to the showers and work ....blah blah blah -.

Chelle - I never liked the cim pretzels but Jane loves them but I still love the mustard one..

Maria- those parms were never a fav of mine either but work great crumbled and baked on top of green beans... go figure.

Jane - enjoy home sweet home and go but a bike!.

Hello to any lovelies I missed - Is out TrayC coming back- miss that sweetie!.

Hey JD - You look just like your avatar.... was dreaming of you and Major Nelson!..

answered May 01 at 16:10

's gravatar image


Home for quick lunch and doggie walk! had busy morning, and rest of day from 12:45 is booked every half hour until 6,,,,,will be dragging tonight for sure!!.

Jane, that is great that still at goal after traveling. You have this covered!!.

ZZ, yes, the area Ethan lives now is Huntington Beach, but he and Michelle will be moving to San Diego in a few weeks, she will be going back to college after the first of the year. they are both working for PF Changs right now, as the job Ethan had in the audio/video filed with ESPN/Disney was phased out,,,the whole department was merged into another, guess economy hits even the big places like Disney, huh? he has worked part time with PF Changs for the almost 4 years he has been out there, he was raised in food service, guess is in his blood. He will hopefully step up in that field, as he says he enjoys it more than what he went to college for,,go figure,,lol. He may also go back to school to study business, restaurant/motel management,,something like that. he says they have plan A and plan B,,,,.

Maria, not familiar with the parm puffs,,as I figured they would be like those other cheese puffs from the store in texture,,and I hate that texture!! I did try the pretzels when first released,,,liked the mustard ones best, but not wild about either. a friend sent me a packet of each of the soft serves to try,,now those I like!!.

Chelle, I hope Medifast fixes the sight soon!! I was afraid at first it was just me,,now I have read others are having issues too..

Laurie,,have a great day at work!! yeah,,I know,,,right! huh?? lol.

We need to stalk Tracy on FB!! We need her back here,,and whether she knows it or not,,she needs us!!.

Half my water down for the day,,,,and LOTS of coffee with it!! lol.

Back to the salon soon,,,hope not too tired to get back here tonight!!..

answered May 01 at 16:36

Deandre's gravatar image


Just quickly checking in. Not enough time for shout outs. I got pulled from my regular school to be at a school with the "Severe and Profound" kids that need a full time nurse. I was kinda P!$$ed but I got a lot of computer work done and saw some of our old Special Ed students that have moved on to "School to Life" program. There are a bunch of Aspberger's/Autistic kids I know there..

In-Laws will be here for the weekend soon. They are lovely people and I enjoy their visits but Hubby sits on his ***** when they are here and I just get sooooooo mad. I'm going to make Taco Soup for them..

I'm on day 9 and down 8 pounds now and "bonus donut", I POOPED!.

Welcome Maria!.



answered May 01 at 18:00

's gravatar image


LOL @ "bonus donut".

Sorry I didn't get checked in earlier!! On plan today, but for some reason could NOT stomach my L&G ..?? Not like I felt sick, I just had NO desire to eat it at all. I think I just don't want meat, maybe I'll go make some eggs....

Off to watch a movie with the kids! Then Up early for a 8am baseball game! UGH!..

answered May 01 at 18:45

Emanuel's gravatar image


LOL Bonus Donut - me too! Great to hear from you JD. Nice you get along with the relatives but too bad about the hubby - typical I guess..

And LOL to my ZZ when you tell me to "go but a bike" - does that mean go buy a bike or go get my butt on a bike?! Or maybe both. I would like to get one, but since winter is fast approaching in Colorado, I think I'll probably wait until spring!.

Drinking some of that yummy wine I bought in Napa a couple of weeks ago - yes that is my indulgence, but I try to keep it to a minimum...most of the time! Hey ZZ I need to order some of that stuff we sampled in SLO too....yum..

Schu -Hey my son is going to school for the audio/visual stuff - he's going for a bachelor's in "Show Production" - all the behind the scenes stuff. Is that what Ethan went to college for too?.

G4G - I do love the cinnamon pretzles but that's about it in the crunch category - they need some quality control with the other stuff..

Hi Laurie, Chelle -.

Where is Tracy - does anyone know? I know she is on FB, but we gotta get her over here!..

answered May 01 at 19:37

Gavin's gravatar image


WOW! I am up early! I had a good nights sleep which I truly needed. I am having a nice hot cuppa joe with Medifast Cappuccino and just relaxing while everything is quiet..

I got a box of Medifast yesterday and a shipment from Omaha Steak with tons of fish. I think I will have a romaine salad with lobster tails for l&g tonight. HMMM or maybe I will make the Cilantro Salmon recipe from the new L&G cookbook..

I need to work on getting in the water AGAIN! I had that going good when it was warmer. It is getting chilly in New England. I dread the winter! :-(.

I hope everyone has a great and healthy OP day!!! And it is nice to see the Rubies back "home."..

answered May 01 at 20:01

Sam's gravatar image


Morning girls,.

ALL Ihave to say this morning is it's going to be one of those days.. I did'nt get up till 10 this morning,, SOmething is not right.. I am a morning person, CRAZY azz dreams all night I am sure it's from the chantix.. and probally why I am feeling so tired not a good night sleep...

I will get back to do shout outs but I need some coffee...

JD Bonus donut now that is a how to wake up... lol.. to funny...

Have a great morning love the pics Maria and yeah that kitty is me this morning,...

Morning Jane, I love wine too sometimes too much.

Hi ZZ, Shu have a great day.

Chelle enjoy the ball game...

Hugs till later..


answered May 01 at 20:07

Milo's gravatar image


Good Saturday afternoon to ya!.

Had a good 8am game with Julie, then parents in law wanted to go out to IHOP for breakfast. Got an eggbeater omelet...of course if you remember my MIL..her mouth is too big for her own good and she asked if I was dieting again. I said no, just eating healthy! What the hell business is it of hers anyways?? Of course she had to order the same thing...I wish she had ordered first I'm sure it would have been the all you can eat pancakes! OH I'm so mean...but she gets to me..

Jane ~ you enjoy those glasses of wine, plus they are good for your heart right?!.

Laurie ~ I can't sleep in these days if I wanted to, but after IHOP I was exhausted for some reason I totally crashed. bless my hubby for letting me do that when I need it!! I was OUT from 11:30-2:30!.

But I was having the whackiest dreams too! Something about sleeping during the day..

Maria ~ I'm having a coffee w/ Medifast cocoa right now...yummy way to get my coffee, especially when I prefer to have a little coffee with my cream if you know what I mean!.

I haven't heard from Tracy ~ I don't want to "bug" her about it, ya know??.

OK SHARON~ Just when our cosmic connection couldn't get weirder... not only were Ethan and I born the SAME DAY, but he is getting married to a MICHELLE???!!!.

JD ~ I finally got my bonus donut today too! LOLOL...I think the scale is down 2 pounds from yesterday, no joke! That's a big donut..

ZZ~ I never told you how much I admire your biking..seriously...I wouldn't probably make it 2 miles.. that is so awesome!.

OK ~ Getting ready for game 3 of the Texas Rangers Division Series!! (I apologize ahead of time if I annoy the heck out of you Re: the playoffs...I just love my Rangers!).

Later Lovlies!..

answered May 01 at 20:17

's gravatar image


Yes! I do know what you mean!! I like using the hot cocoa or cappuccino and a flavored coffee like french vanilla with ice and made in the Magic Bullet. Forget Starbucks!!!..

answered May 01 at 20:41

's gravatar image


8 pounds!! that is great!! Light a fire under hubby's azz,,lol. enjoy your in laws! Congrats on the poop also!!..

answered May 01 at 20:49

Trent's gravatar image


Have a great time with the kids/movie. I miss all those times I watched movies with my kids and grandkids,,,,,and btw, my oldest grandson hasn't learned how to keep things zipped,,and it seems I am gonna be a great grandmother!!! Had this scare last year with the 'toxic' grlfriend, which ended false alarm, or else she wasn't when thought she was,,or asomething....would have thought he would have learned! They are both 19,,,so welcome to the real world I guess,,geesh,,,,.

Some kids are gonna grow up way fast now,, whether they want to or not!.

Yes, he is marrying a Michelle!! dang,,that is weird, sure you guys are long lost twins?? lol..

answered May 01 at 22:00

's gravatar image


Are dreams a side effect of the chantrix? better to have bad dreams now, and quit the smoking for life though!! hang in there,,you can beat this!!..

answered May 01 at 23:15

's gravatar image


Yummy,,I want what you had for supper Maria!! I am loving the kitty pictures!! Keep 'em coming!!..

answered May 01 at 23:30

's gravatar image


Ethan's degree states "audio engineering and technology",,,which is BS term for 'sound tech",,but twice the money!! lol the viedo he got through Disney/ESPN Zone with the Internship. guess now he will be doing what he was raised with,,food management,,lol go figure,,spend $$$$$ for school and he ends up doing what he knew all along!!.

Just so he is happy!!..

answered May 01 at 23:44

Jimmy's gravatar image


Good Evening lovlies,,.

Maria I have 4 new baby kittens that the momma is try to wean, that I dug out of the wood pile today that was not an easy task, but as I was reaching in for the last one I pulled it out one eye pasted shut and were crying like crazy... Thought of the pic posted this morning..

Shu yep crazy azz dreams are a side effect like the Nausea and headaches. Which have not been to bad this time around knock on wood.. Tomarrow is the final day I joined the on line support group today to check into everyday.. We will see how it helps...

Chelle, I don't like to sleep during the day, cause when Iget up I am famished always so just don't do it.. Although there are sometimes I feel like I could fall asleep in my chair, and I thinks it's due to the low carbs cause that is where your enegy stores come from.

Just a thought.. Glad you dropped a doughnut also.. hahahahaha.. That is tough on MF>>.

Jd enjoy the inlaws, I had to spend a little time with my mil this morning like chelle not always an easy task but she is so simple you can't help but to love her lol.. She is a good woman. But always apologizing for everything which drives me nutso... Like there is anything she could do about whatever is was that happened lol.. SHe means well..

So what ever happened with the kitties?????.

ZZ Wishing you great sucess on your ride, and sis would sure like to talk to you.. She told me today that she really likes you even though has never met you.. SHe feels like you get her.

Bonus not many people do.. lol.. If you get a chance just whisper hello to her I am sure she would super glad to hear from you... I am trying to get her to come back here and post.. But right now with dd moving from base to base and she is taking care of grams this week. She is pretty busy and won't even be on the computer at all I am sure.

Jane, I just love you new avi,, You look so happy and I am so happy for you.. You look awesome.. Keep doing what you doing cause you obviously got it right...

Has anyone got plans for halloween party's? We have one to go to on the 23 lots of fun to be had.

Shu gonna be a granny great now huh?? We had that scare too so understand, but at their age they know how that happens.. Right.. You will always worry about them..!!.

Mine (FORGOT) to pick up some items from work this morning (mind you he works at wal mart) SO I am forgetting to make him dinner tonight... Oh me bad... Just another day when I feel like I am the only one doing anything around here, and 4 more load of laundry today.. Ok enuf complaining.. Tomarrow is my day, nails, run, relax.....

Good night girls.


answered May 02 at 01:02

Braylen's gravatar image


Oh Laurie!! How nice that you rescued those poor babies! I have done that many times. Parting with them is hard. I hope they are going to be OK...

answered May 02 at 02:17

's gravatar image


I don't see a new Sunday thread, so I will say Good Morning to everyone here. Lots of homework to get done today so it will be a boring Sunday..

I am having Gevalia Chocolate Rapberry Coffee with a hot cocoa. I love the flavored no calorie coffees. They are a treat..

I hope everyone has a great Sunday!!!!..

answered May 02 at 02:59

's gravatar image


Good morning ladies - I'll wait for the new Sunday thread too...hate to post and then find a new thread!.

Laurie - SIS!!! I want to hear what Sis has been up to!..

answered May 02 at 03:58

's gravatar image


Morning ladies,.

I may or may not be back today, there are big issues going here, to make along story short. Have a pipe that is leaking to my water system in the basement.. Which is flowing like a creek through my basement, which means more laundry, which = more water running through there.. So will be a contant up and down the stairs today doing laundry, sweeping water, more lanudry cause the stuff that is wet all needs washed now before it sours and smells up the house. ICK....

And today is my quit day so this is just what I needed right lol.. It will be ok.. I really want to get out for a 5 mile run today and do the hills, and hopefully that is on my agenda. If not this morning maybe towards evening.. I actually slept pretty well last night but these pills just whack me out.. Last night after taking it I felt like a wet noodle must be some sort of downer, (guess that is why there are sucidal tendicies with taking it) I can do this.



answered May 02 at 04:35

's gravatar image


I know how you feel Laurie! Sounds like my world!..

answered May 02 at 05:45

Elliott's gravatar image


Sorry girls for the misunderstanding,,i will post new thread Sunday evenings,Eastern time,,which is almost 7 pm here right now,, I am gonna do it right now,,lol.

Thanks for stopping and posting though,,i tried three times earlier today to get in here,,,and it wouldn't let me. What is going on??.

Anyway, off to start the new thread...

answered May 02 at 06:33

Dakota's gravatar image


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