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Got a question... Where do I find a Weight Watchers/Nutrisystem type program for free? Looking forward for any response. Another quick question... I got a set of Perfect Pushups several weeks.

Ago and finally decided to get started this morning. I was shocked when I tried the MAX Regular push ups to determine my starting point. Suffice it to say that after I figured out the proper form I found out I could do ZERO perfect pushups. Surprisingly, that's a normal starting point, and by doing the push ups from the knees it's possible to do the push ups with good form..

I did the 2 minute wide position routine (4,3,2,1 in 2 minutes) without too much trouble and saw that the schedule called for the close position any time during the day. I gave it a try after about ten minutes of watching the DVD etc. Man, I had trouble with the second set of 3. I didn't realize how puny I am! It's funny because as the fat has come off I'm actually getting some definition and my biceps don't look that bad. I believe my triceps are much weaker than my biceps..

It looks like this may be a good product and it doesn't take a lot of time. Amazingly, I can really feel the effect of the workout - MUCH more than a full workout on the Bowflex..

Well, I'll keep you posted. I know we had some threads a while ago about this product - thought I would start this thread to track my results. If anyone else has used Perfect Pushups, please share your experience...

asked Apr 21 at 13:55

Bryan's gravatar image


Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

answered Apr 21 at 14:59

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Start slow. I remember when I started lifting weights a hundred years ago that they had me just lifting the empty bar for at least a week so I could work on form...

answered Apr 21 at 16:08

's gravatar image


You will always feel more with the PP than the Bowflex. With the PP you are going to have resistence the entire time (up and down). Not to mention that you are working small stabilizing muscles that the Bowflex never works. The problem with a Bowflex is that there are gaps in the resistance. With BF you get resistance when you first start a rep. Then you hit a spot where there is no resistance and then the resistance kicks back in.

The Bowflex is more or less an example of an excellent marketing campaign..


answered Apr 21 at 16:26

's gravatar image


I have been thinking about a set of PP myself. If executed properly in varied position there isn't alot of exercises that can work the chest as well as a good ole fashion push up..

I try to keep my strength training simple using an exercise ball a set of resistance bands a bench a resistance bar and some dumbbells. I'm not into body building or bulking up, just adding toned muscles..

Keep us updated on the PP set I've been using a set of octagon shaped Dumbbells to do mine on but that looks like a good investment for home gym..


answered Apr 21 at 18:03

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I think it's going to be great and at $29 at Costco with 2 DVDs it's a bargain. I think the rotation and other features will help protect the joints - I'm hoping it will help strengthen and protect my shoulders, elbows, and wrists while really strengthening and shaping my chest (moobs to pecks...)...

answered Apr 21 at 18:47

's gravatar image



Welcome to the best $30 you ever spent. The PP is the most effective exercise for your triceps out there and does a great job on your moobs and pecks. It is nothing short of wonderful..

Ok now that I sound like a paid info-commercial. Let me say this...I have been using these religiously since I started my weight training routine..

Most people that are even strong upper body wise can't do the PP with perfect form so do not feel discouraged. Remember that one PP is equivalent to 2-3 regular PU's. The way to get the PP to work correctly you must perform it with perfect form and as the video states once you get out of form... STOP. The reason is that you can risk injury otherwise. When I first started, I too tested myself and like you could only do about 8 or so in perfect form.

It is pretty easy to get injured with these as you are pushing up your upper body weight which can be substantial for some of us.

So, I started from the knees and was doing 12 reps x 3 sets (regular spacing, wide spacing and narrow spacing) after about 2 months with it I now max out at 37 PP in reg. position (off knees) and my regular workouts consist of 15-17 reps x 3 (regular spacing, wide spacing and narrow spacing). Its amazing how fast your body strengthens when you focus on form and a specific muscle group. However, I also substitute my protein serving with a protein shake by muscle-tech nitro-tech hardcore and seeing major results with it. WARNING*** you will gain muscle weight with weight lifting as you know so be prepared for that. One more thing that I found useful...

If you have this type of floor than for the regular grip spacing should be 4 slats, the wide grip is spaced at 8 slats and the close grip is spaced at 3 wood slats. It works great and keeps me consistent. Grip spacing location is very important for proper form every time you do the exercise so consistency is key here. Lastly, like any exercise remember to stretch before and after to help prevent injury. And since you tried these you now know how important it is with the PP..

Since the PP I have also found the AB ROCKET (.


) and the IRON GYM (.


) to be unbelievable additions and I HIGHLY recommend them as well. Please keep us posted on your progress and remember to only move off you knees when youre ready and STOP when you get out of form. Like Nutrisystem you need to stick to the plan and stay on form. Youre going to love what this thing does to your arms. Its unreal! Have fun..


answered Apr 21 at 19:24

Scott's gravatar image


You may have noticed that I chose not to follow the recomended schedule that came with the PP. Close grip for example as you know is harder and so is the wide grip. More so than the reg. grip. BUT... since I track my weight lifting routine and do more of a circuit training paced exercise routine I want to keep my heat rate up so I don't want to actually stop and check a schedule of how many reps I should do on what grip.

However... to each his own on this point. If you want more of a fat burn along side with weight and strength training than circuit training is it. If however you want to just strength train than do more reps in the reg. grip less with the wide grip and even less with the narrow as the schedule shows.


answered Apr 21 at 20:03

's gravatar image


My thinking exactly... good ole' fashion exercises work the best. I too work with dumbbells. you might want to consider these.

Http://images.buzzillions.com/images...3375_ 300.jpg.

If your into videos, here you go....


This is what I own and very happy with them. They are compact and you can quickly change from one weight class to another with little effort and go right into your next routine rather than surching around for another dumbbell...

answered Apr 21 at 21:31

's gravatar image


Ben, Thanks for all the great input. I'm going to follow the schedule as recommended which means tomorrow off. I'll continue walking for my cardio. Anyone else working with the PP - I'd love to get your input and results. At some point I think we'll all have to do some strength training if we want the real benefits our weight loss makes possible. For me Nutrisystem is the fountain of youth - I've read how much muscle mass we lose as we get older - building muscle mass will be an important part of that fountain of youth...

answered Apr 21 at 22:41

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You are very welcome. I would think since you are so close to goal, there is no reason not to start some resistance training. Good luck and keep us posted...

answered Apr 21 at 23:17

Kason's gravatar image


I was considering the bow-flex gym system. Is it really not worth the money? It sounds like good old fashioned exercise and free weights are the best solution. Oh and maybe the perfect pushup may be a good purchase...

answered Apr 22 at 00:54

's gravatar image


I've never used a bow flex but there has been enough negative reviews here that I don't think that I would invest in one. I'm not saying that it's not good at all, I'm just getting from the comments here that pull-ups, push-ups and free weights will produce the same or better results...

answered Apr 22 at 02:05

's gravatar image


There are many people out there that swear by their bow flex's. I dont own one but admit almost buying one. What I found was some serious flaws. Its a pretty unit but regular dumbbells and a dumbbell bench will be a fraction of the cost and you will be able to do more exercise routines than a bowflex... Its amazing how many different muscle groups you can hit with simple dumbbells and the basics. Do get the PP they are cheap and will get you results if used properly...

answered Apr 22 at 02:09

Sean's gravatar image


I've thought about picking one up, but with the detailed feedback posted here, I think I will grab one of those today and get started..

Thanks for the info..


answered Apr 22 at 02:36

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I like my Bowflex, when I've used it. That's the problem - I just never seem to stick with it. I'm encouraged by the feedback here on the PP. The key for me will be patience - we've seen what that can do with Nutrisystem - now I've got to stick to the plan for PP. It's amazing how tempted we are to throw out the experts program and do it our way. Had a friend that started Nutrisystem - told me he couldn't eat all of the food - told a friend that it's no wonder I lost weight because the portions are so small.

Well here I am taking a day off as prescribed after only doing about 20 push ups (feels like I did a hundred.

) Patience Tom Patience......

answered Apr 22 at 02:42

Izaiah's gravatar image


I always take a day off after any kind of resistance training. I'm a big believer in consistancy when it comes to exercise so whatever you do it's should be fine as long as you are consistant and use it.I tend to push myself sometimes too much and that is one of my issues. I do have to learn to pace myself as I tend to dive into something head first sometimes...

answered Apr 22 at 03:43

Morgan's gravatar image


The Bowflex is certainly better than nothing. But, it has serious limitations and does not give you as good of a workout as dumbells. Look into Power Blocks and a bench. The PBs allow you to have dumbells ranging from 2.5lbs to over 100lbs (you increase in 5lb increments) in a package the size of two dumbells. They are a little pricey, but they are much cheaper than buying individual dbs or home gyms..


answered Apr 22 at 04:21

Malik's gravatar image


I agree. I say go for dumbbells if you had a choice. I did and very pleased...

answered Apr 22 at 04:48

Cody's gravatar image


I suspect many of us (certainly me) have a touch of OCD. It can work for or against us. Nutrisystem is teaching me that it is amazing what can happen when you're consistent, persistent and a little patient..

answered Apr 22 at 05:26

's gravatar image


I bought the Perfect Pushup today $19.99 at Wally's. I was able to do 12 solid push ups using good form (I can do more but my form starts breaking down and I need to be honest to make this work) as described in the getting started directions. That will be my base line for my starting point..

Today is a rest day except for the PP trial (couldn't resist) didn't even do cardio today although I walk bend and move around alot at work being a tradesman. Tomorrow will be a full workout resistance and cardio. I try to put in 3 days of resistance and 4 days of cardio a week for now (I do both some days) plus try to mix in a down day here and there at 46 I find that helps more than pushing myself too much..

I too have a tendency to over attack something so listening to my body has been a hard lesson to learn because for the first 35yrs of my life I was very active..

Sticking to the basics as much as possible doing the crunches, push ups, some resistance training, stretching and cardio is my plan for now and the PP seems like it will be a good fit. Thanks Tom for bringing the PP to my attention I'll give it a shot and see what happens..


answered Apr 22 at 06:36

Jakob's gravatar image


What is the major draw of the PP product? Is it the fact that they pivot? Does that make them harder? More beneficial or just safer for your body? If they are only 19.99 I'll probably pick up a set...

answered Apr 22 at 07:00

Seth's gravatar image


Pretty much yes to everything you asked Ghost. They emphasize good form and work muscle evenly by rotating, and the griping vs the palm flat on the floor is ergonomically easier on your wrist it seems to me anyway. Plus the added height allows for deeper dips on the down of the push up..

I was using a set of octagon shaped dumbbells and gripping them in a horizontal to my shoulder position and it worked pretty well except I didn't have the rotate ability on the up motion that incorporates more muscle and stabilizers..

I have a $12 body ball, a $15 resistance tube set, a $30 set of dumb bells and a $40 dollar bench plus the $20 PP. A lot less investment than a a home gym and I think it is safe to say I can get as good if not better workout with them..

A friend is a Personal trainer , I don't see he much anymore because he retired at 55 but he looks like he is 35. He recommended the equipment I have (save for the PP which I heard about here) he swears by dumb bells and a bench as the basic essential all you NEED equipment wise. But he says push ups are essential to his routine so I thought the PP would just make it better for me. I am amazed at the quality of exercise one can do with little or no investment in equiptment.

I use the ball for stretching and Ab's and the resistance tube set just make some of the strength training easier and convenient. Cardio, I have a T-mill and a bike..


answered Apr 22 at 07:55

Cole's gravatar image


Pretty much yes....

Try this... stand in front of a mirror. now bring one arm up and make a fist. now throw a punch and bring your fist back in slow motion. pay attention to how your fist rotates naturally. Thats because the the muscle in our arms wrap around the bone slightly causing a natural rotation.

You are actually forcing an un-natural form..

AND... yes doing one PP is NOT the same as doing one old fasion push up. Its harder to do a push up using the PP..

BTW, $19.99 is a great price. get one!..

answered Apr 22 at 08:32

's gravatar image


Today was my third workout day - before I did the prescribed workout I tried a regular PP (not from the knees) and had no trouble doing one (didn't try for more). The first time I tried one, before starting the workouts, I couldn't begin to press up. My triceps are already starting to show and matching my biceps. So far I'm really pleased - looking forward to some great results!..

answered Apr 22 at 09:30

Jayson's gravatar image


Tom, I have missed my last workout due to the flue. I tested the one set max and was able to do 12, but I could not perform the 8,6,4,2 set that is recommended in the 2 minute routine chart. So I wind up doing something like 6,4,2,1 on the regular push ups, Then 5,3,1,1 on the wide and close push ups..

I pay close attention to form as recommended by the PP. I can do a few more that the above if I allow myself to get sloppy but whats the point? I can sure feel the burn from my triceps, abs. and chest after a workout and there seems to be some definition starting to show in those areas. More so in the triceps than anywhere..

I have a long way to go but this is one piece of equipment that will be used from now on. There is so much you can do to get into shape without making a big investment in equipment and this is probably the best $ value piece I have invested in..


answered Apr 22 at 10:41

Matteo's gravatar image


Mojo, I agree on the value. This (other than NS.

) is one of the first products I've used that more than lives up to it's claims. On another point - when you finish the first schedule and retest, do you just go around again using the new numbers (based on Set Max)?..

answered Apr 22 at 12:12

Jeffrey's gravatar image


Tom I would think that once you could comfortably do the 2 minute routine that goes with your one set max routine, then like any exercise routine you would increase the reps or endurance by 10%..

An example would be, the routine I started with is in the 10 push up 1 set max, each form of push up (regular,wide,and close) consist of 20 (8,6,4,2)push ups per 2 minute routine I would then increase each routine by 2 push ups..

Eventually when the number of push ups you are doing in your routine equals that of the next 1 set max starting point you could test yourself again..

Although I am not sure it would matter because the number of set routine push ups you would be doing by then would be greater than the 1 set max for that level..

Make sense?.


answered Apr 22 at 13:51

's gravatar image


Not really... But I get the idea. The schedule they publish has a routine for each set max. For now when it calls for the chair, I'll do the regular push ups etc. Hopefully by the second round I'll be doing everything normal and by the third round I'll really be upping the reps etc. For now as with Nutrisystem I just have to continue learning patience!..

answered Apr 22 at 15:25

's gravatar image


Being patient is exactly the right way to put it. Don't move on until you can do the routine correctly and entirely, no sprint here it is a marathon. I cannot do the 10 set max routine anywhere near what I should before even thinking of moving on. I can see me spending 21 days on this routine alone much less completing the 21 day PP guarantee, once again it's a marathon and I plan on finishing no matter what the time..

A little side note here, remember Herschel Walker ? Football player, won the hiesman at Georgia and went on to play for Dallas and Minnesota in the NFL. He was a gifted athlete with blazing speed and yet he was a big strong running back about 230 lbs if I remember correctly. Anyway the only strength training he professed to doing was sit ups and push ups I think he said about 1000 of each every day..


answered Apr 22 at 15:55

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Found this article on the Push Up:.


Here's another good article:.


answered Apr 22 at 16:13

's gravatar image


Thanks for this thread guys. I just got my PP from.

Walmart last night. They are only $20 but it does not.

Come with the video. Saw the exact same box at.

24 hour fitness yesterday for $49 but it included the.


It does have the work out chart in it. So I guess I will.

Stay connected to this thread and follow the chart..

Can't wait to get started today..


answered Apr 22 at 16:34

's gravatar image


Warrier, I wouldn't worry about the video - the chart really lays everything out well. If you look at the starting position of your hands for each position, you'll find that the rotation is very natural and instinctive. As has been suggested - form is crucial. Unless you're a LOT stronger than I am, you'll have to start doing the pushups on your knees. I did my fourth exercise day today - the program layout matches my progress perfectly. The very last pushup is always just barely true to the checklist.

Please let us know what you experience - if your results are similar to mine I think others could really benefit from these workouts!..

answered Apr 22 at 16:54

's gravatar image


I will post my results as you have been doing..

I really can't wait to get started. I haven't been doing any thing.

Except an ab video work out and cardio. I am.

Pretty excited about starting to develop something.

Other than moobs. lol.

Like I said on another post, everything is shrinking.

But it seems those are getting bigger. lol.

I am measuring now and I am losing the moobs.

But not as fast as the other areas are dropping..

I like you Tom, am actually starting to SEE a small.

Glimps of what looks like a 6 pack. For years I have told.

Everyone that I have a keg. Not any more...

answered Apr 22 at 17:52

's gravatar image


I've been down with the flue but did manage to go for a good brisk walk, I'm thinking somewhere in the 1.5 to 2 mile range. I'm hoping I will be well enough tomorrow to do a full PP workout but if not then Monday..

I am in between as far as the workout goes. Meaning I can do the regular push ups (12) with no knees but not quit well enough to finish the 2 minute routine sets in time that goes with the test for 12 push ups..

Not worried about it though if it takes a little longer oh well, I will build up to it..

Good luck to all who choose to do this workout and maybe we can keep updating here, say once a week as to where were at and track our progress..

See what you got started Tom!!! Thanks.


answered Apr 22 at 18:20

Hugo's gravatar image


OK first work out this morning..

Maxed out at 12 regular push up no knees..

So according to the chart my 2 minute workout will.

Be Reg. 8,6,4,2.

Wide the same and.

Close the same.

For a total of 60 push ups..

Now I did each set in 2 minutes for a total of 6 minute workout.

Plus rest time between each 2 minute segment. Does this sound right?.

I ended up doing my regular set 8 and 6 with no knees and the rest of.

That set plus the wide and close were all on my knees..

Wore my A@# out. My back muscles, arms, abs and legs are all hurting. lol.

I then did my ab video workout after the PP..

Did not get in my cardio this morning but will this evening..

This is an awesome workout...

answered Apr 22 at 19:34

Timothy's gravatar image


Warrior, congrats on your first set routine. !2 is what I tested at too and I couldn't do the 2 minute routine completely either in the alloted time anyway. Instead of working the rest of the set from the knees which BTW is a great idea what I did was cut the reps from 8,6,4,2 to 6,4,2,1 which is more in line with my set max. I have to admit to even cutting the close sets (the last sets) to more like 5,3,2,1. Either way I'm sure it is beneficial and will work out the same..

I hear you on the burn, WOW ! wait till tomorrow and the next day! I do some other resistance training too but I am going to do the PP first because it really requires the most effort..

No sets today though, just getting over the flue and my strength is down. I did manage 4.5 miles walking, so at least I've some cardio to show for today. I think I should be a go tomorrow.

That extra dip you get from the PP because the raise you off the floor, adds a degree or two of difficulty to a standard push up, doing regular floor push ups I can do double what I can using the PP, but it's not nearly as good a workout..


answered Apr 22 at 20:23

Bruce's gravatar image


Thats a good idea Mojo..

I may cut my reps instead of going to knees..

I could really feel a difference in the workout.

Going to the knees. Not near as effective..

I have already been doing regular push ups for about 3 weeks now.

And actually got up to 35 on the first rep, 25 then 20. Thought I.

Could whip this PP and call you guys wimps. lmao.

I'M A WIMP!!!! lol.

I hope that because I've already been doing push ups.

That I am not as sore tomorrow..

I may do some light reps tomorrow just to work out the soreness..

I can really feel it in my chest, shoulders, lats, triceps, and whatever the.

Muscle is called that is just below the rib cage on the back. haha..

answered Apr 22 at 21:41

's gravatar image


You guys are definitly stronger than I am, but even working from my knees I felt all the same things you described warrier. I'm amazed at how thorough the workout is in such a short time!..

answered Apr 22 at 22:10

's gravatar image


Have any of you guys tried out max on a chair yet? Just for giggles I tried doing them for the first time this morning to see if I can do them....

I was able to pull 19 off in good form w/ reg. hand position... However, I had issues with balancing myself. Seems to me that a pushup in decline is a whole lot different concept than a slight incline. I don't know if my leg to arm position is correct. I have to watch the video again.

I could have probably done more but I did not want to push myself too much. I have been working out with these for a couple of months already though..

I also tried doing the recommended workout and did not find it as challenging as my own current workout with the PP. But than I do tend to push myself. Sometimes too much...

answered Apr 22 at 23:02

's gravatar image


I have been using these for a few months now. When I started my max was right around 20 (18 to be exact), but I have now worked up to a max of 50. I have pretty much plateaued there for the last couple of cycles..

I love them because I have been working a lot and I just bring them into work with me and do them in my cubicle area. I have been very pleased with the results in my shoulders, chest and arms...

answered Apr 22 at 23:39

Hayden's gravatar image


Hey guys, thanks for all the updates here. Gotta admit I was a little inspired to go out and get a set of my own!.

So, like many of you I had to test my max, which I have to admit thinking I could do more than you guys did lol. I've been in the Army for 8 years, (the last four the reserves, hence the non daily PT weight gain) and have been doing pushups forever. In a normal sitting I can knock out 60 of them, (Also have to admit my form has gotten really bad over the years) in 2 minutes. I put up 19 and could not do a single other one lol..

Nonetheless, the form is what I really need to work on, so I will do with the 10 max set to train with. Once I can handle the form again, I will push up to the 20 max..

I will post some updates as this goes on as well. Thanks for the inspiration guys!..

answered Apr 23 at 00:13

's gravatar image


First, Thank you for your service!.

Its great that your planning to do max sets... thats exactly what I did when I got these. The reason for me is that I was not getting much out of the workout that came with the PP. For me doing a set max x 3 sets was the way to go and I have been increasing them as I see fit and boy was I feeling it by the third set (and still do). That should work great for you too. Hmnnn now I wonder how many regular pushups I can do without the PP???..

answered Apr 23 at 00:59

Finn's gravatar image


Boy, I sure have a long way to go to get to the level you guys enjoy! But just like starting the weight loss at over 300 pounds - I have that much more to look forward to. At this stage - just doing the basic workout without having to work from my knees would be a real accomplishment!..

answered Apr 23 at 01:25

's gravatar image



You are doing great. I started on my knees also and pushed it untill I got off... I remember when I first looked at the video thinking I could never do one on a chair and could not believe myself that I was able to do it the other day. Keep at it and you'll get there..

Your avatar looks great. I can see your triceps in that picture...

answered Apr 23 at 02:09

Gregory's gravatar image


Tom, when I first got to basic training, they had us all do as many pushups we could do to see if we had the necassary strength to survive lol. I did 13 I think. Two years into active duty I could do 90 in 2 minutes..

Point is, it will get better!..

answered Apr 23 at 03:04

's gravatar image


Thanks for the encouragement! And indeed when I first tried I found I was stuck at the bottom of the push up - I had no definable triceps. They started to develop immediately after I began using the PP. Nutrisystem has taught me to enjoy and appreciate the moment - it seems like yesterday that I started. I submitted my worst before picture for one of the contests - but it's soooo bad I wouldn't want to post it here. I know my strength will develop over time and I'm really looking forward to it!..

answered Apr 23 at 03:14

's gravatar image


Second work out.

1 regular set 8,6,4,2 in 2 minutes NOT on knees.

1 wide set 8,6,4,2 in 2 minutes ON knees.

1 close set 8,6,4,2 in 2 minutes ON knees.

About 1 to 1 1/2 minutes rest between sets..


Had to use my knee to prop up my arm onto the keyboard..

Barely c a n t y p e.

F a d I n g f a s t.

Right arm just hit floor this is all with left arm.

That is still propped up on k..

answered Apr 23 at 04:03

Jack's gravatar image


Lol, thats a pretty accurate description. Did my first workout today, same as you, though my first set was max regular. Did 24 regular, then the sets of wide and close both on my knees. My arms were so sore after that I could barely take a shower properly lol..

And tommorrow I'm playing golf, that should be an adventure lol. I checked the exercise program to see what golf burns as opposed to everything else I've done, and WOW, 1500 calories in cart, over 2k walking! Should I eat more tommorrow than normal since I will essentially be burning more calories in 4 hours than I will eat all day? I'll ask a counselor and see what they say...

answered Apr 23 at 04:15

Corbin's gravatar image


I am impressed with the workouts on the PP posted here. Audio I was in the military too but it's bee about 23 yrs ago and like you I though I could knock a gob off fairly easily I mean , it's just a push up....WRONG 12 was all I could do with the good form the PP pushes..

I am still not recovered enough from the flue to jump back on mine but I think tomorrow will be the day. I am getting in some cardio lots of walking although not on the T-mill. I bought a pedometer and set it and then wore it at work today and yesterday. I walk at breaks instead of sitting and I make a conscious effort to stay moving as much as possible, still I was impressed that the ped reading was over 5 miles..

I figure that probably 25% of that needs subtracted because of the extra clicks it adds from bouncing bending stooping or whatever. Still it figures at around 4 miles. Not a bad calorie burn for a day job. I am an Electrician in a fairly large Automotive plant where the interior measures around 7/10 of a mile around the inside parameter walls. And I cover approximately 2/3 of that area plus the break walking (been doing about 4 laps)..

Tom great avatar man you are certainly living up to your name here, looking fit bro. Congrats..


answered Apr 23 at 05:44

Corbin's gravatar image


I started a ticker to count the amount of pushups I do, I find posting it online goes a LONG way to keep me accountable. Thanks for putting up with the way too many tickers lol...

answered Apr 23 at 06:36

's gravatar image


Thanks for the comments on the avatar - it's nice to not groan when a picture is taken! I look a lot more cut than my strength with the PP would indicate. Getting the fat off makes such a difference on how the muscles show up and as I approach goal each pound has greater impact. I really want to increase my strength so when I pick up a 50 pound bag of feed or an 80 pound bag of salt I can do it with ease! Thanks for participating in this thread - I'm looking forward to all we're going to achieve! Speaking of 80 pound bags of salt - I need to unload 3 of them - THEN I'll do my PP workout!..

answered Apr 23 at 06:45

's gravatar image


Ok, so I played golf today, which went suprisingly well, though by the back nine my body wasnt quite as cooperative lol. I did call the counselors, they said to add in an extra dairy at some point throughout the day to make up for the lost calories..

Anyway, today is an off day for the PP and I am VERY glad lol. My triceps are destroyed! I had no idea how sore they were going to be lol. But it's a good sore, and one I know will pass in time and be SO worth it...

answered Apr 23 at 08:21

Nathaniel's gravatar image


Hey audio,.

I'm not surprised they suggested you add something. However, I would go with adding protien instead of dairy... Men don't need as much dairy than women so if you spoke to a female counselor they tend to suggest dairy additions where a male counselor would suggest protien. Just an observation..

I was also told to add and so I add protien shake suppliment after my work outs and even on off days for muscle recovery. I also joined a gym so now my legs can also see some resistance training. Actually I'm sore all over today, almost couldn't get out of bed this morning. Than walked about 5 miles at the zoo with the kids today. LOL..

answered Apr 23 at 08:24

Miles's gravatar image


BTW, I use muscletech brand nitro-tech hardcore protien suppliment (which is pure whey). I find that without it I could not do as much and also it helps with recovery time so once through your off day you feel like lifting everything again as you're 100%. Its great. I highly recommend it as it's only 110 cal's per serving so it's in line with the protien servings on nutrisystem. Its also one that is highly reguarded on bodybuilding.com..

answered Apr 23 at 09:13

Jett's gravatar image


Thanks! I went out and bought that exact same stuff after re-chatting with a counselor. I certainly need something, as on days with the extra vigourous workout, I've found energy has been an issue. And then the soreness lol.

So, workout #2 was today. Despite the soreness I still feel from workout #1, it went by without a hitch..

answered Apr 23 at 10:46

's gravatar image


I finally re-cooped enough strength to climb back on the PP yesterday. I did my little mini-sets of 6,4,3,2 and really struggled to get the last set. I think I may add a protein on strength training days too..


answered Apr 23 at 11:47

Dane's gravatar image


I love nitro-tech hardcore... for what it does to your muscles. I think the PP and nitro-tech are a perfect team together. Before taking a protein supplement I never had any cuts. Now I see cuts. I'm sure some of that has to do with Nutrisystem too.

Some guys don't want that and thats fine. For me, I want to not only be healthy (skinnier) but also feel better and stronger. We all know the stronger we are the less likely we are prone to get injured. Just a thought!..

answered Apr 23 at 13:04

's gravatar image


Agreed! I want my arms back lol! They used to be one of my best features. Not so much these days. My grandfather was a pro QB and I inherited his frame. It's a shame, (up until now anyway) that I havnt filled it with muscle...

answered Apr 23 at 13:23

Easton's gravatar image


Today was a workout day in which I was supposed to start with 2 chair sets. I was a bit discouraged when I could only do 4 regular PP without resorting to knees - until I remembered that I started at 0 and now the initial sets from my knees are much easier. PATIENCE Tom PATIENCE!.

I'm going to try the muscletech Nitro-Tech if I can find it. Thanks for the suggestion...

answered Apr 23 at 14:31

Kason's gravatar image


Since I've started taking it, my muscles feel more numb than sore, which is a good thing lol. I took a picture of my bicep today, and at the end of this I will do a comparison shot, should be a nice difference. lose 50 lbs a fat, gain a few more in muscle, should be good!.

I picked mine up at GNC for about 32 bucks, check there...

answered Apr 23 at 15:07

Salvador's gravatar image


Come on, with a teaser like that you're not going to spill the beans? Who's your grandpa?..

answered Apr 23 at 15:27

's gravatar image


Haha, his name is Marvin Mal Stevens. What an amazing guy, you can google him if you wanna find out more. College Football Hall of fame as both a RB and a QB at two different universitys, after that he finished his doctorate in medicine. At one point was an owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers, one of the pro football teams in a conference that didnt survive when the afl and nfl merged..

He was the team doctor for the Giants AND the Yankees, as well as served on the boxing commision..

If I had HALF the dedication and smarts he did, my life would be a lot different today...

answered Apr 23 at 15:57

Corbin's gravatar image


Here is a website which sums him up better than I ever could.


answered Apr 23 at 17:35

Reid's gravatar image


Does the PP workout target just upper body or does it at all target the legs? I am thinking about starting back with the kettlebells but am keeping my options open...

answered Apr 23 at 18:25

's gravatar image


I spose their is a very small workout for the legs, but not really. In fact, not at all lol...

answered Apr 23 at 18:26

Shaun's gravatar image


I did feel it in my ham strings the first couple of work.

Outs but not really any more..

If you want to start light by maybe some toning.

With building muscle, I went and bought an exercise.

Ball with workout dvd in it, and it has some minor.

Leg work outs on it..

I am not wanting to build muscle yet, just start.

Toning. I love the 25 minutes work out, it focuses.

On abs but touches on a little bit of everything...

answered Apr 23 at 18:55

's gravatar image


I got one of those two, I've been doing some crunchs to try and get my abs to the point where I can handle that workout lol. Unlike pushups, I've never been good at situps. I can pass the event, but damn it hurts...

answered Apr 23 at 20:00

Mario's gravatar image



"Nitro-tech hardcore" is made by a company called "muscletech" and you can find it in any GNC store or even better try their web site at GNC.com. avoid the Vanilla flavor as it tastes like medicine. Strawberry, chocolate, strawberry-banana, and the tropical fruit flavors are all great. I have yet to try the cookies and cream, but have been told it's good. One more thing one serving is only 110 calories so you could substitute it twice a day for your protein/dairy choice serving. I usually have a fruit prior to work outs and the shake right after one.

My local GNC has been giving me huge discounts as I buy alot of the stuff and also vitamins. Be sure to ask about the gold card membership for additional discounts..


answered Apr 23 at 20:25

's gravatar image


The gold card discount is nice, saved me 6 bucks lol. Alas, I have drill this weekend and a PT test on sunday, so day 3 of PP will have to wait until tuesday to continue...

answered Apr 23 at 20:50

's gravatar image


Thanks for the info on the protein; especially, about the flavor. Vanilla usually works for most things - so I probably would have chosen it without your advice. Michael, I wouldn't count on the PP doing much for the legs - but it sure takes care of everything else! I like the fact that it really gives you a thorough workout in a very few minutes!.

We have Vitamin Shoppes close so I checked their site:.


answered Apr 23 at 22:05

's gravatar image



You have to look for a GNC regional store around you. they will not only give you the 15% discount but that will be applied to 1/2 price per bucket. Nitro-tech around my neck of the woods costs $79 so 1/2 price and than 15% discount is like $33.5 a bucket so I pick up like 3-4 buckets which lasts a good 3-4 months..


My favorite is the tropical fruit but than I have a sweet tooth..

answered Apr 23 at 22:30

Keith's gravatar image


Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days..

Major Sinus infection has knocked me on my.

Butt. Starting to get over it so hopefully get.

Back on track Monday..

Sounds like everyone is still doing great..

By the Great avatar Tom...

answered Apr 23 at 23:36

Isaiah's gravatar image



I think you'll be able to do better at GNC.com or a local GNC if you have any. My containers I get from GNC are 4 lb size for $33. If you take 4 servings/day like I do one container will last you about a month..

I just did an apples to apples comparison on the 2lb container and it's the same price at GNC however you get a second one at half price... and if you have a regional store near you they will take off 1/2 price on every container including the first and than take off the gold card discount. which means more money left over to buy NS.


answered Apr 24 at 00:41

Cooper's gravatar image


I got the 2 pounder at Vitamin Shoppe - that'll get me started. Thanks for the value info - I'll check out GNC later...

answered Apr 24 at 01:00

's gravatar image


Ok, back from drill AND taking a PT test. So for a practical update, after 2 workouts I have no real improvement in real pushups, but then again it's only 2 workouts lol. My next PT test should be in about 6 months, so I'll update ya then lol...

answered Apr 24 at 02:33

's gravatar image


Couldn't wait till in the morning.



Couldn't believe it..

I've been sick for 4 days so this was the first.

Workout in that time..

Now I can barely type and will prob have to have my.

Wife help me shower. wait, is that bad....


answered Apr 24 at 03:48

's gravatar image



That sounds awsome and I bet you feel great about it. Wait untill you start feeling the strength building on. I just joined a gym but still doing the PP as they don't have them there. I am still amazed with these. they are freggggggin awsome. Keep it up..

I wonder how tom is doing?.

Audio how about you?.


answered Apr 24 at 04:12

's gravatar image


I actually havnt been on them since thursday of last week, as I needed to let my arms recover for my test, which they didnt lol. I will be restarting the whole plan on thursday...

answered Apr 24 at 05:44

's gravatar image


Well I had a great workout yesterday - I got through my first set without having to rely on my knees! - From 0 to 4,3,2,1 in a couple of weeks is great! I have a long way to go but I think this is the first product I've purchased like this that really gives the results you hope for!.

Warrior, THAT'S great - I'm really looking forward to a full rotation with the chair and NO knees. I'm at such an unusual point - when doing them from the knees is easy but I can't (later in the workout) do a single full PP...

answered Apr 24 at 07:14

Luis's gravatar image


Day 19 and I was supposed to take off preparing for the set max on day 20. Oh well - this way I'll stay on odd days and I know an extra day won't mean I could do more than 10. Today I did the first set without resorting to my knees and held good form. Made it through the first 4 of the second set but couldn't hold form after that. Hit a couple in later sets - at least it's getting a LOT easier from the knees and my first set was very encouraging..

I've got a long way to go but I really like this product. I hope you guys appreciate your strength - I know I took my strength for granted. I'm looking forward to the day I can toss those 50 pound feed sacks around easily.


answered Apr 24 at 08:38

's gravatar image


Great job Tom! I did my set yesterday after the treadmill, and it went pretty well gotta admit..

Maybe my brain is playin tricks on me, maybe not, but my triceps look bigger. Maybe I'm just uncovering what was already their with my loss, but they bigger...

answered Apr 24 at 09:27

Terrance's gravatar image


Tom, you are doing great, I still cannot do the full number of reps for each set. You keep hangin and you'll be tossing those feed sacks one in each hand..

I did my sets yesterday along with my other strength training. I walk about 3.5 miles every day at work on breaks plus my job calls for me to walk on average about 2.5 miles a day (according my ped which I have checked and found to be reasonably accurate)..

I am up to 45 minutes every other day on the T-mill carrying an 8 lb dumbbell in each hand at 3.5 MPH with inclines from 1.5* to 7*. After that I am usually to spent to pull off a good set on the PP so I do them on the off days I don't do the mill along with other strength exercises..

The PP is my first exercise on strength training days because it takes alot of effort for me to pull off the good form and get that extra dip from a regular push up. This is an excellent piece of equipment for strength training..

I think that with the PP a set of the stretch bands and an exercise ball you can get about as good a strength training workout as almost any home gym..


answered Apr 24 at 11:01

's gravatar image


I'm going to start another fat burning cycle with the kettlebells starting November 3. I really don't consider these a resistance exercise as I'm not looking to go to failure with my sets. Instead, the idea is to use mostly one's lower body to generate momentum to move the bells and elevate the heart rate. What would guys think of doing kettlebells 3 days/week and doing the PP on 3 other days? Would it be too much on my body in terms of recuperation? Going to post in the weight lifting/fitness forum as well...

answered Apr 24 at 12:26

's gravatar image


From what I know about weight training (i'm no expert)... is that when using heavier weight (heavy is defined by the individules athletic level) you should never use momentum. Instead use deliberate controlled rep to complete each set. it is more important to be in control than it is to swing a weight. We've all bee to the gym and see these guys swinging weight to show off as they use a weight class that they are not in shape to use. the key with any type of resistance training is to complete 3 to 4 sets of 12 to 15 reps in a controled, deliberate and slow fashion.

What you should be feeling is the exercise gradually getting harder with each set but completing the last set or at least the last half of the last set with some difficulty. thats how you know your in the right weight class. Momentum with anything, especially weights can cause injury to joints, cartilage and muscle. Having siad this you can certainly use little weight like small jogging dumbbells to add a bit to your cardio routine but this should be a weight that is easily managable..

BTW, I never worked out with kettle weights but I think they could be fun...

answered Apr 24 at 12:47

Braeden's gravatar image


Tom, sounds like you're doing great. Are you supplimenting protien after your routines yet? You'll be off your knees before you know it dude. Don't sweat it just keep at it and you'll get there. I'd say at the rat you're going you'll be off your knees in about a weeks time..

If you want to lift those 50lb sacks you should consider mid section and lower back strength alog with the PP. the PP will work mostly the upper body (ie arms, shoulders, and chest). you need to get your mid section strong if you want to lift with ease along with your arms. The best mid section exercise is the situp. For this I recomend the ab rocket. whats nice with this unit is like the PP there is different resistance bands that help you build to a level you want to be in.

The best one you can do at home is the reverse situp where you lay face down flat on the floor with arms on your side and palms facing cieling. now lift your upper body while looking up to a spot on the cieling. This should keep you busy for a while.

Do this if you wish allong with your PP routine and you should be tossing those 50 lb bags with ease...

answered Apr 24 at 14:15

's gravatar image


Thanks for the advice Ben. I started using the Muscletech Nitrotech earlier this week. I use it for my protein for the morning snack every day. Someone suggested raisins when (or before) feeling lightheaded from working out. The combo of the Muscletech protein and a box of raisins really works GREAT!..

answered Apr 24 at 14:29

's gravatar image


Thats great Tom... I do a fruit right befor every workout as it not only helps with lightheadedness but also gives me the extra energy I need to get through a typical workout. Keep us posted with progress...

answered Apr 24 at 16:05

's gravatar image


Day 7 work out. 2 Reg sets, 1 wide 1 close.

Ok this kicked my butt today. I did get all the way.

Thru to the close set on my toes but I was already.

Feeling it when I got to the close set. I did the close.

Set on my knees. I love this work out..

Guys I got the crap SHOCKED out of me last night when.

I came home from work..

My wife is in the middle of room using the PP. OMG!!!.

She is doing the whole work out from her knees, but come on....

Now I have to really stick with it so she doesn't pass me up!!.

Why did she do this? Why does she always have to do what I.

Am doing? Why? Why? Why? (sniff, sniff, whine, whine).

OK suck it up...Competition is ON now!!!.

LMAO Ok you know I'm just kidding... but really!..

answered Apr 24 at 16:28

's gravatar image


Umnnn, watch out she may just kick your ass now that shes doing the pp. you better get on those babies. Gimme 20...

answered Apr 24 at 18:04

Lawrence's gravatar image


I can't imagine my wife doing the PP, but I would be stoked if she did!..

answered Apr 24 at 18:38

Marshall's gravatar image


My wife is a flight attendant, lifting her roller board into the overhead bin has become a problem - she's also had some shoulder problems from pushing the carts etc. I'm going to try to get her involved in using the PP - I'm convinced women probably need strength training even more than we do (and it is very critical to our well being) to protect themselves and strengthen their bones and ligaments etc...

answered Apr 24 at 19:02

Cruz's gravatar image


Ok boys you asked for it... get your women to do the PP and this is what you get... careful, they will kick your butt..

answered Apr 24 at 20:24

Cade's gravatar image


I think (hopefully) that that would require steroids!!!! Sure wouldn't want my wife to look like that - YUCK!!!..

answered Apr 24 at 20:25

's gravatar image


HEE-HEE I agree... YUCK x 2. Think you're right about the steroids assumption..

I think warrior might like it though..

answered Apr 24 at 20:59

Jack's gravatar image


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