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My first question is Who can tell me about their success on Medifast diet pills? Thanks for any comment. My 2nd question... Good Morning!!.

Happy Birthday Sandy.

Wishing you the best birthday and sending MOXIE MOJO for your recovery!.


asked Apr 30 at 18:57

's gravatar image


That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

answered Apr 30 at 19:12

's gravatar image


Morning Girls!.

Ahhhh, the Scale Gods were an ugly bunch this morning, but I knew it was bound to happen. Getting back on that horse this morning, can't let this weight creep back on. So I'm making my coffee, mixing up my shakes and getting my soup ready for lunch..

Cold here again this morning, almost felt like winter....

Wash is going now, house smells like apple mango Gain soap and fabric softener. Guess if I can't eat the fruit, my clothes might as well smell like it. LOL.

Have a great day girls...Charly, love the name of that store? Cute name for a OB/GYN office..

Talk to you all later.......

answered Apr 30 at 19:16

's gravatar image


LOL Charlie too funny and they have cottage chicks ROFL.

The blahs continue..

answered Apr 30 at 20:42

Christian's gravatar image


Morning again...just went back and read the posts from last night..thank you so much for inviting me to join you all for Christmas. It means a lot to me. Who knows where I'll be...but it won't be here. Maybe we'll get a snowstorm and have to dig out..

Thanks again you mean more to me than you know!..

answered Apr 30 at 21:13

's gravatar image


Winter has officially started...I turned on the furnace!! OMG, so early too but it was freezing in this house. Looked at the thermostat and it was reading 63, a little too nippy for me. LOL.


answered Apr 30 at 22:49

Timothy's gravatar image


I agree Ali but so far today have the 'deal with it' attitude......no furnace yet..

answered Apr 30 at 23:40

Chance's gravatar image


Did you all hear about the high temps in the Los Angeles Basin - - 113 mostly and 117 in a selected area. That is just unheard of this time of year for them. It was 103 on our porch this afternoon, and the official temp for the area was 97, which is also way high for late September. Whew, I for one, will be glad when the temps fall. I was in town and melted..

I get home after being in town for 6 hours and find out my new glasses are in....I gave them my cell number, but no...they call the house number. Another trip to town...bummer. I am going to wait until my mammo the next week..

I did have a super visit with my friend Joyce. I see her at least once a week. She still is loosing weight and has no energy. And, she is starting to have pains in her abdominal area. Please keep her in your thoughts. She does not see the doctor again until mid October and cannot have chemo until her body gets stronger...

answered May 01 at 00:20

Elias's gravatar image


Sandy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I sure hope your special day was a good one and you got to do something interesting and fun..

Hugs, NA..

answered May 01 at 01:10

's gravatar image


Morning Girls! Up way, way, way too early this morning but then that's what I get for putting on the jams and sitting on the couch to watch Hawaii Five-0..fell asleep half way through it and woke up at 2am ready to go. ARRRGGHHHH!.

Currently 48 degrees here with a high in the 60's today..fall is coming. Yahoooo! Nothing new to report at this early of the day....gotta get the coffee going and the meals for the day..

Be back later.....

NA, keeping Joyce in my prayers along with Sandy too...

answered May 01 at 02:21

's gravatar image




You WILL need a nap today. Still raining here and dare I say it's cold, warmer in the garage than here in the house..


- I too am keeping Joyce in my prayers. I did see that 'temp' in SoCal yesterday, a friend in San Diego sent me a photo of his thermometer, said 108!! I don't care for this coolness here at home but his temps and yours are a bit much for me. Stay hydrated for sure..

Morning Pattishakes and Monica!.



- hope you are feeling better. If memory serves me right you will be cleared to drive this week..

Nothing here have the china and chinc cabinet cleaned as well as the 2 curio cabinets cleaned. I wouldn't have curio cabinets but they belonged to my grandma. No one wanted them years ago so I said I would take them. Have yet to start on the ceiling fans but they are on the list. Also decided I need to wash the wood trim at the floors....that's always a fun time. Charlie is quite the watchful audience when I clean (LOL).

Expecting no surprises but wouldn't be surprised if they suggest he needs to lose weight and if they would suggest that he would never tell me.

Have a good day!.


answered May 01 at 03:09

Dillon's gravatar image


Morning Ladies.

I got nothing but stress.

Which I would gladly pass on but I"m sure everyone has enough of their own LOL.


answered May 01 at 03:10

Alexander's gravatar image


ALI - Did you have a hard sleeping through the night when you were on the cruise? Just curious what it is about being home that makes you sleepless in Chicago..

My sleep problems are on the other end...I have to work at sleeping before midnight...hence I take Melatonin...works like magic. NA..

answered May 01 at 04:29

's gravatar image


CHARLY - Remember, we are going to do fans together. So be sure and let me know. However, I will be leaving the 5th, so if we don't get it done together, mine will have to wait until next November. LOL NA..

answered May 01 at 06:06

Travis's gravatar image


MONICA - I am sorry that your job is so stressful. I wish you could find something that fits better with your needs, but know that is very hard to do, especially in this economy. Maybe your drumming will help to get rid of the tension. Hugs, NA..

answered May 01 at 07:42

Tony's gravatar image


Nothing much going on around here today. I am cleaning one room at a time, putting things away, putting things for the motor home in boxes to be transferred outside when the rig comes back from the repair man. Found the problem with the generator was a bad fuel pump and the heater needed a new wire to the fuse box. So we will have heat and electricity when we are dry camping..

It was hot again today, but not as bad as yesterday. And it is already cooling off better than last evening. I had the bedroom fan on until 3 AM this morning...and I was on top of the covers. We just didn 't have our usual cooling night winds yesterday..

I think our deer herd has moved South...I have not seen them for three days and only the coyotes seem to be drinking from the water tub.

We had about 100 Quail yesterday eating on the lawn...today only about 20. So I would say we had a group coming through yesterday and heading South also. We do have some resident Quail that stay here all hear long. We have lots of piles of brush around where they can get out of the snow and keep warm. There are lots of places where they get food too..

OK, enough of my rambling about my critters. See you tomorrow. NA..

answered May 01 at 08:05

's gravatar image


Morning girls!.

Please note that it was ROB who turned on the heat last night, NOT ME!! You could have knocked me over when I seen him walk to the thermostat and put it on heat. Here I've set and froze to death for 2 days telling myself to get over it (ROFL). Is much more comfy in here I must say!.

Not much to report from this side. I like hearing your critter stories.


Like listening to an audible of wild kingdom.

Not too motivated to clean the ceiling fans but it must be done. Maybe this weekend or next week I'll start. Still have all the windows to do!! Eye appointment after work this evening and maybe I could slip into the nail salon and get a manicure and polish........maybe..

Have a good day...

answered May 01 at 08:11

's gravatar image


Morning Girls! Charly you should have just turned it on when you with the first chill you felt. I waited long enough and my toes were cold so that was it for me. Yesterday the sun shining in the front windows was so warm...who needed the furnace? It still hasn't kicked in yet from yesterday morning. Ceiling fans? OMG, come do mine. I had replaced all of them when I was going to put the house on the market, the one in the kitchen is absolutely gross..I just looked up at it. The only other fan that I have running constantly is the one in my bedroom and if I don't sleep in there, it's not on.

Did it again, fell asleep on there last night watching The Good Wife, never got past the opening credits. Woke at 11pm, said to myself to get up and go to bed..something else was on that I started to watch and ended up getting up at 4am. ARRRGGHHHH!!!.

NA, I used to sleep quite well on a ship, now however that's not the case. Most of the time I have to take a pill to sleep through the night. At home I can drink water until midnight and not get up at all to go to the bathroom...on the ship if I drink after 8pm I'm up a few times a night. Can't figure that one out..

I did start taking Omega 3 fish oil capsules a few days ago, read Dr. Oz article talking about it and helping with appetite control so I thought I would give it a try. Has other benefits also but that was the one that caught my eye. I do so well with my Medifast packets during the day, the night thing is getting me again. Not eating off plan, just adding an extra packet because I'm starving at night. Hopefully that too shall pass..

Monica, hope you're doing better today...stress in the workplace is horrible. At the end of my job that's all I had and I just dreaded waking everyday and going in. If it weren't for my little guys, I would have quit years before. Loved my job, loved my little men, did not like management..they knew it too so it didn't help..

Patti and Sandy hope all is well your way! Talk with you all later......

answered May 01 at 08:32

Charles's gravatar image


Morning Ladies.

YUp work stress is going to put me in the grave, just keep hoping for lots of money. It's being behind on the bills that is killing me and boss has to buy a new floor jack it never ends. I think I have a game plan, so I can at least appear to be caught up and can send out a bill when they call and ask me to get paid. Bad stressing about work bills almost as bad as if they were mine.

Worse we are so busy it's absolutely crazy.

Best get moving.


answered May 01 at 10:10

Diego's gravatar image


MONICA - I wonder what would happen if the boss put in a policy that the bill, or least half, has to be paid before the item left the shop?.

You just have to keep telling yourself, "I am not responsible for the bills for this place. I send out the bills and I cannot force people to pay on time. I will stop worrying about this.".

It is so easy to type but I know not easy to believe. Hugs...

answered May 01 at 11:19

's gravatar image


ALI - I just cannot imagine working in a place where I was stressed and did not like management. I was so lucky and loved all my jobs and bosses...starting as a part time dish washer, in an Italian restaurant, when I was 15. I ended up as an office manager and insurance agent before we moved here to start our own business. Great life in the working field. I was very blessed all those years. NA..

answered May 01 at 11:30

Jax's gravatar image


CHARLY: I am giggling about Rob and the furnace. I think we all are watching our pennies these days and trying to tough out some things we normally would not put up with..

Roger and I are trying to decide if we can afford to keep farming. This year the power bill to pump water was a total of $2,200.00 + a little. The first two cuttings of hay just barely paid that. That does not count the bug spraying we did, the repairs to equipment, land taxes, etc. The power company has just announced a 9.9% increase for this coming year. I don't think our retirement income can support farming that does not at least break even.

On a lighter side I have managed to loose back the weight I put on after I stopped doing farm work...so I am even again. NA..

answered May 01 at 12:55

Ali's gravatar image


Morning Morning!!.

I got nothing.......not even a good line of babble.............

answered May 01 at 13:49

Jorge's gravatar image


Morning Girls! Charly, you said what I was thinking..

Nothing new to report here..it's still cold, there is a frost warning out for tomorrow.burrrrr!.

Have a great day everyone!..

answered May 01 at 14:37

's gravatar image


Hi Gal Friends....another beautiful day here in Eastern Oregon paradise. I think Fall is the most perfect time of year here. Temps have dropped into the mid 80s and the skies are so blue I think they are made of Robin's eggs..

Had my Mammo today and a chiropractic appointment. Note to self. Next time, schedule the chiropractor first and THEN the mammo. I didn't realize by girls were sore until I was laying on the table, face down, and being pushed on. LOL.

I had a large salad at my favorite restaurant with 4 oz of broiled chicken and iced tea. It was so yummy..

Visited Joyce and the 99 year old from our church. I won't see either of them again until I get back in November. But I'll catch them both on the phone weekly..

Guess that was my day. What did you all end up doing today? Hugs, NA..

answered May 01 at 15:20

's gravatar image


Good Friday Morning Girls!.

COLD....COLD and COLD here, fall has arrived. Frost warnings are out but I really have nothing to cover. Pulled all the droppy flowers last week so all that's left are the marigolds that never seem to die off. LOL.

NA, good point about the Dr. appt first then the mammo...ouch! Keeping Joyce in my prayers..

Nothing new to report here. Went to my older brothers house for dinner last night..sister in law made the Barefoot Contessa's beef stew that marinated overnight in wine. OMG! It was good! Ate the beef, a few carrots, no potatoes and very little amount of gravy...then out came the Tollhouse cookies. Looked at her and said..You've got to be kidding me? Said she had a bag for me in the fridge to take home. Didn't want to be nasty, so I took them and dropped them off with the nephew. LOL She'll never know and I told my nephew not to say anything..

She's like my Mom, forgets things since the brain tumor so I just went along with her..

Other than that...having a really hard time with the eating thing this week. Medifast packets are always done and waiting but I just can't bother with them. Today is another day..

Hope you all have a great day..Talk to you later!..

answered May 01 at 16:44

's gravatar image


Morning Ali - dinner sounds good.

Terrible headache today but awesome hair day (ROFL)..

answered May 01 at 16:51

's gravatar image


OK, Where are Patti and Monica. Goodness our group has gotten so small that is someone is missing, there is a really big hole. So glad there are still some strong folks to be here..

SANDY - I miss you and hope things are getting better for you. Know you are loved..

CHARLY - Sorry about the headache...do you have migraines or just normal tension type headaches? Please be well soon..

ALI - How nice you are to not make a fuss with your family. I am sure your Nephew really liked those cookies too. The rest of the dinner sounds so yummy..

MONICA - Where are you? Are you buried under end of the month stuff? Hurry back..

PATTI - What is going on in Florida these days? Any shows in the near future for you and Peanut? How is sports going for Patrick?.

Not much new here. Something has happened to the AC side of our electric panel in the motor home and Roger will have to track down the problem. It was working all summer and now it isn't. Bother..

But, it is back from getting the tune up and oil chance, etc. So I can start cleaning and loading this weekend. IF Roger can get the electricity back working, we will be out of here on time...the 5th or 6th. I'll keep you posted..

Hugs to all. See you tomorrow. NA..

answered May 01 at 18:18

Dustin's gravatar image


Morning Girls! Fell asleep on the couch again watching TV, I'm now up for the duration. LOL Interesting programs on at 3am..

It's raining and cold here, frost warning out for tonight. So glad that I cut the grass down shorter yesterday and put the winter weed/feed down..nice, steady rain is just what that needed..

NA sorry the motorhome is still having issues but isn't that always the way it goes? It works fine while sitting parked and then right before you need to take it on the road..it's broke? ARRGGHH!.

Charly, Monica, Patti and Sandy..hope you are all doing well this weekend!.

Catch everyone later, going to go wash my hardwood floors....at 5am. What's wrong with this picture?..

answered May 01 at 19:31

's gravatar image


Well, the motor home is fixed. In the middle of the night, Roger remembered that there is a reset button on one of the outlet plugs and that reset button, for reasons we don't understand, control all the AC plugs in the whole motor home. So at 4 this morning he could not stand it any longer. He went out and punched that tiny red button in the kitchen.....like magic the plugs all work again. He is my hero..

I think you should stop watching TV at night, ALI. Or, maybe get one for your bedroom. At least that way you would be in bed when you fall asleep. LOL.

Hugs, NA..

answered May 01 at 21:06

Blake's gravatar image


Good Sunday Morning Girls...up early again today..yes, I fell asleep on the couch again. NA, I do have a tv in my bedroom, problem is I'm falling asleep sometime right after I sit down on the couch, around 8pm so I can't go to bed that early. LOL I actually woke up at 9:55pm, thought only a few more minutes and I'll go upstairs. ARRRRGGHHH! Few more minutes turned into 5 hours. LOL.

Now where is everyone? Guess it's just me and you this weekend! Glad the motorhome is fixed. Roger is too funny getting up to hit the reset at 4am, but then again that would have been something that I would have done..

Have a great day! Furnace just kicked itself on. It's in the 40's here and going to get colder. Burrrrr! Fall/Winter has arrived!..

answered May 01 at 22:33

's gravatar image




- CONGRATS on the reset switch, that's great news. You will be off and on the road soon, how wonderful..


- you getting up so early is due to the early pass outs (LOL). Hopefully you will get back in 'sync' soon..

Let see, BC yesterday then sat in the wind/rain and watched the nephews play soccer, stopped at a store here called Elder Beerman to try on bra's couldn't come up with one. Seems the straps are too short and feels like I can't keep the bra down. Said to heck with it and came home. Went to Rob's Dad's pizza party last night (I provided the cake/ice cream). Had salad and a little taste of pizza, didn't tase that great to me. No dessert for me but the others enjoyed.

I had asked Rob's mom his fav dessert. It's chocolate cake with caramel frosting. I've never made a frosting by scratch. Everyone enjoyed it and said it tasted 'just like way back when'. I was so happy to have provided something that was so enjoyed.

Came home and to bed shortly there after. Up now, cramps (TOM) soooooooooo rainy/cold outside. There is a craft show in town today at the Historical Society. Would love to go, went last year and they had some really nice stuff. I'm always in awe of what people's talents are. We'll see if I go or not depending on the weather..

Got a new lense last week at eye doctor (only wear one in the left eye), LOVE IT!! Have hair appt on Wednesday evening (color/cut). Would like a manicure and new polish but we'll see where that fits in..

That's my life up to this moment (ROFL)..

answered May 01 at 22:39

's gravatar image


Wow, Charly...that was a full day. I too think chocolate cake is better with caramel frosting....that was how my Ole Sweet Granny from Arkansas made it...it must be a generational thing. I took one to church one time and everyone wanted to know why no chocolate frosting. LOL.

We had some sprinkles this AM about 4...and it has been wonderful cool all day with a cloud cover. It made it so much easier to scrub on the inside of the motor home. Roger was scrubbing the outside and washing the Jeep while I was scrubbing on the inside. It is amazing how dirty things get when it sits all summer..

I'll have it finished tomorrow and all the cooking ware, eating stuff and food back in. I'll turn on the fridge tomorrow night so I can get it regulated and then start putting in veggies and eggs, etc....and stuff in the freezer. I am aming for a Wednesday trip to get Cora, but it might be Thursday. I have nails and chiropractor on Tuesday and grocery shopping for the trip. It is getting close..

See you all tomorrow. Hugs, NA..

answered May 01 at 22:53

's gravatar image


CHARLY - Have you texted Sandy lately? Just wondering how she and her mother are doing. NA..

answered May 01 at 23:06

Alexis's gravatar image


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