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Question I have... Who has tried the Medifast Diet with PCOS? Many thanks for any response. Second question of mine... Thought I would start a new thread for April. Please join us here...

asked Apr 28 at 06:35

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

answered Apr 28 at 07:31

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I'm here! Having survived Easter Spring Break week of bicycling seven miles (oww my thighs!), going to the Smithsonian Udvar-Hazy airplane museum for five hours, and touristing two former president's homes (Madison and Jefferson) for a total of ten hours - my children are all touristed out and are happy to be back at school. We walked for hours and hours, and I never ran out of energy - until 8:00 p.m. and then crashed into bed. I was off MF's food for one or two meals per day, and instead ate salads or fish. Entered the calories and was on-target, but the weight loss plateau-ed for five days as a result. I have no choice but to be okay with that, so life goes on..

Alana - you're so close!!!! Agh! How exciting this will be for you. Your family time sounds as hectic as mine. But lovely as well..

Watched The Biggest Loser last night again. One of their Trainer Tips was about "mixing it up" with your calorie intake and carbs. I indulged in two crackers just to add to my carbs and see if I could restart my fat-burning. Lost some more overnight, but not getting cocky about if the theory worked. Just happy to see it go!.

I hope all you Freedom Fighters are okay and somewhat OP.

Hope to here from you all soon. Off to watch my children eat strawberries.


answered Apr 28 at 07:50

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I am back guys - sorry as I hang my head in shame I fell off the wagon after my surgery - it was just so hard to stay on plan when I was just laying around the house - then every day was day one again - but I knew what I had to do I had to get back here!!! I really really want to finsh this ! I am not going to be embarassed I am not going to be ashamed - I am going to deal with the 14lb gain - and start all over again - so here I am.

Alana - you look fantastic - love all the easter pics too - must be so nice having the whole family together!..

answered Apr 28 at 08:59

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Hi Everyone!.

Alana, Ellen, Patty, Melissa, Lisa, Tammy, Dawna, JoEllen.

And anyone who happens along this thread! It is funny, this thread is so slow, and the other thread I post on is so fast...I get behind in an hour on that thread, but can catch up on this one after a week!.


- I'm glad you are moving forward...that is all you have to do!.

Alana & Ellen.

- I'm glad you had a nice family Easter..

Ellen - it is funny about what you said and changing things up (Biggest Loser Trainer tip) because I posted my weigh-in on my blog today and said after staying 100% on plan, my doctor told me I had to go off for a few days, and instead of the usual 2-3 lbs lost per week I had been experiencing, this week I lost 4.6 lbs! So, the tip is a good one!.

Take care everyone!.


answered Apr 28 at 09:10

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Patty, so nice to see you back. I'm glad you're better and owning up to your time of couch-sitting and eating.

Seriously, glad to see you..

Today is my three-month anniversary on Medifast. My lame goal was to be down to 225 today (from Feb. two month anniversary of 239 lbs.). Instead I am at 226.6. I understand I will get no pity party from any of you. My husband told me with a smile to "suck it up." I understand my body's weight-loss will not comply with my mind's goals.

I haven't wanted to, which is cool. But dag nammit, I wanted to see that number lower..

Oh well. Pity party over. I will now go walk to pick up my son from school ( two mile walk.

). I will continue to drink minimally 64 ounces of water, and tell myself to suck it up..

I did post a thread to the Medifast Dietician (sp?) yesterday about too many fat grams and protein grams. I have always kept myself in the zone of carbs (80 - 100), but have slipped up at times with more than 30 grams of fat or 100 grams of protein. Does anyone else know what/and if there are repercussions when you go over in those two categories? Ellen..

answered Apr 28 at 09:28

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Nope...no pity party from me. Just Woo Hoo and congratulations on what you have lost. You are doing great!!! You have done nothing wrong. I have learned a long time ago to not let my "expectations" be my downfall. Instead, celebrate what you HAVE accomplished..


answered Apr 28 at 10:51

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Maybe I need to mix things up a bit to get the scale moving again too. Thanks for the tip..


answered Apr 28 at 12:26

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My granddaughter grabbed the camera out of my hands and took this picture of me on Easter dayI am squinting in the sun with confetti in my hair after having some cascerones cracked on my head by my grandchildren..

I have been getting on the scale every day, waiting for that last pound to drop so that I can announce a one hundred pound loss. But my body is not letting that pound go so easily. I haven't lost anything since last Friday. I guess I can't complain because I have lost so much so fast until now. But I can see a slow down in my losses the closer I get to goal. So these last 30 or so pounds to goal may take another 6 months to lose.

The 10's are just 2 sizes away, but seem so far off. Anyway, I am in a hurry to be skinny, but not in a hurry to be able to start eating whatever I want again. As long as I stay away from even one bite of the "bad for me" foods, I don't crave or miss them. What I am afraid of is taking that one bite and then getting on that slippery slope of eating more and more and gaining the weight back. So like an alcoholic, abstinence...one day at a time...is what I am going to aim for.

Until then, wishing everyone a great Medifast day!!!.

And William and I in the Texas Bluebonnets near our house.....

answered Apr 28 at 12:55

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I am going to make this short and sweet for now. No big philosophical musings...just here to announce that the last pound I have been waiting to lose, so that I can reach one of my goals of losing one hundred pounds, has finally dropped..

I am now a member of the "One Hundred Pounds Lost" club!!! Yay!!!.

But this is not the place to stop. I still have lots of work to do...onward and downward...towards my final goal. And that is to be not only "skinny", but to also be healthy and physically able to do all the things I haven't been able to do or enjoy for years. Number "one" on that list is to dance, dance, dance with my husband the way we used to do (we used to love to go swing dancing and were complimented a lot back then on our dancing)..

We are leaving for a trip to Las Vegas in a little over 3 weeks. While there, my plans are to go out to some of the lounges with some of the better bands and go dancing...can't wait!!!.

This is what "One Hundred Pounds" lost looks like:.


answered Apr 28 at 13:58

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Oh Alana, I have goosebumps, literally! I am so thrilled for you, that is sooooo amazing and such an accomplishment, wow, just wow! Loved your Easter story. We got some of those confetti eggs, had a family egg fight, we are going to be finding confetti for years to come! Love the pictures.

Ellen, as always you crack me up. Your DC trip sounded like so much fun, I went there when I was 12 and have always wanted to go back. My DD is dying to go. Sounds like a great time. I don't keep track of anything other than the carbs. I do glance at the fat but as for protein I am a protein hound and need to stay on the higher side to keep myself moving..

Patty, so glad you are back. Surgery is tough on your body, you did the right thing, gave yourself time to heal..

Lolly, this thread has always been a bit slow, I like the fact that I don't have to take notes to respond back or worry that I will leave someone out!.

The whole changing things up a bit works. It is well documented, not only should you change up what you eat but also what you do. Example, some days I will get on my exercise bike in the morning and other days in the evenings. Keep the body guessing. Also, this week I ate no extra lean (99% turkey or shrimp) I ate chicken breast, chicken thighs and some ham. Yes, I know ham is not OP but that is mainly due to sodium.

I have been changing up my veggies, it is asparagus season and I love asparagus. I have been stir frying it and roasting it. Yummmy!.

This week my NSV was that I actually jogged. I have gotten off my butt and out of the house every evening this week for a 30-45 minute walk - my pace is a little over 3 mph so I am really moving. Finally the weather got a bit decent and it feels good to be outside. So, I tried jogging, I have never done it, can't say that anymore, I now add it to every walk and I like it! Need to get some new running shoes, mine are actually too big. My son sells shoes in a sporting goods store, guess I better go see him! No ACL and I am jogging, pretty good for a middle age overweight Mom!.

Here is a recipe I have made several times, it satisfies the need for salty crunchy and it is a nice change:.

1 serving of zucchini.

I cut the Zucs lengthwise, scoop out the mush in the middle and then chop into 1/2 pieces.

2 servings of Asparagus.

Chop into 1-2" pieces.

5 oz. (cooked weight) boneless skinless chicken thighs cut into cubes.

Sauce: I kind of just mix until it tastes the way I want it.

Splash of chicken broth.

Splash of soy sauce.

Fresh chopped garlic.

White pepper.

Chinese 5 spice.

Sautee the chicken in a hot non stick pan with some fresh garlic, then remove and set aside. Using the same pan.......

Begin with the zucchini and cook until the flesh starts to soften.

Add: the asparagus - stir fry until the asparagus turns bright green (l like it slightly crunchy).

Add: the chicken back in, toss.

Add: the sauce, stir constantly it will cook down into a glaze very quickly..

Plate and enjoy!.

I like to use chop sticks, they slow me down and force me to enjoy my meal a bit more!.

Last night I made this and I added fresh (produce fridge section) chow mein noodles for Sr and DD, we all enjoyed it. Healthy, full of fiber and protein and very good for us. Also note, there was no oil in this dish other than what came from the dark meat chicken!.

It was Delish!.

Have a great weekend ladies..

answered Apr 28 at 14:25

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Alana, Melissa, Patty, Ellen, Lolly and all. I am back. I weighed in at 239 this morning, which is up two pounds from FOUR MONTHS AGO!! On one hand, I should be glad it is not 50 pounds. One the other, I could have lost at lot more if I would get serious about the plan. Water under the bridge as they say. Funny, everyone keeps telling me how much thinner I look and haven't lost a pound in four months.

Thanks for all your posts and all your support. You guys are doing great!!!!!..

answered Apr 28 at 15:45

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Read this in the news today:.

Women Who Love Carbs Risk Heart Disease.

By Amber Greviskes.

Addicted to carbs?.

If you're a woman that addiction could spell bad news. A new study finds that women who eat a diet heavy in high-glycemic carbohydrates like white bread are putting themselves at risk for heart disease..

An Italian study released in today's Archives of Internal Medicine, followed nearly 48,000 adults including about 32,500 women for almost eight years to determine which diets were most likely to lead to heart disease..

Researchers calculated the total amount of carbohydrates consumed, but they discovered that only high-glycemic carbohydrates, which quickly affect blood glucose levels, were likely to lead to heart trouble..

"One of the reasons this study is interesting is that we're focusing on the high-glycemic carbohydrates or the simple sugars," said Suzanne Steinbaum, M.D., director of women and heart disease at the Heart and Vascular Institute at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City and an American Heart Association spokeswoman. "In the past we've heard that all carbs are bad, and that's not true. It's only certain ones.".

In the study, one-fourth of the female participants who consumed the most carbohydrates had about twice the risk of heart disease as the one-fourth who consumed the least. When the carbs were separated by glycemic index, those that ate a diet of high-glycemic foods were more likely to have symptoms of heart disease..

Neither overall carbohydrate intake nor glycemic carbohydrate intake were responsible for heart disease in men. Researchers believe this is because men and women metabolize simple sugars differently..

High-carbohydrate diets increase blood glucose levels and triglycerides while reducing levels of HDL or "good" cholesterol. Women hoping to stave off heart disease do not need to restrict all carbs from their diet. Instead, they should choose foods that are low in simple sugars, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grain carbohydrates..

This isn't the first time that health-care professionals have touted the benefits of a low-glycemic carbohydrate diet because this diet improves diabetes management, improves cholesterol, decreases hunger and keeps people fuller longer..

"In the past, we've recommended a low-fat diet with low-glycemic carbohydrates for weight loss," Steinbaum said. "Now we're recommending that diet to prevent heart disease. We're not saying that all carbs are bad, we're saying that candy, sweets, donuts all of those foods are going to lead to heart disease in women."..

answered Apr 28 at 16:00

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These before pictures were taken a year ago. The center picture was taken this last weekend (in April). Together, William and I have lost a total of 151 pounds between us (One hundred for me...51 for him)...

answered Apr 28 at 16:33

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My new exercise consists of bending, stooping, lifting and carrying heavy items, pulling and tugging stubborn weeds....in other words, I am Spring gardening. This is my favorite time of year when I spend hours outside in my yard. I love lots of color and fill my yard with as many flowering plants as I can "afford". That is the key word, because if not for monetary constrictions, my yard would probably look like a plant nursery...lol. So now I am outside getting lots of sun and exercise again. I went to bed last night and awoke again this morning with aches and pains all over my body.

I love sitting on my front porch after all the work is done, surrounded by the beautiful results of my labor. Here are a few pictures of how my yard is shaping up. This is just a small area of the yard. I will be adding others as the flowers begin to bloom..

Flowers along the sidewalk leading to the front yard fence and gate, plus one of my rose bushes in full bloom with lots of buds ready to pop open. If you look closely, you will see a patch of bluebonnets outside the fence, across the street...

answered Apr 28 at 17:16

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And here is a rose from garden for all of my friends:.

Wishing everyone a very blessed and OP Wednesday!!..

answered Apr 28 at 17:58

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Breath-takingly beautiful Alana! Congratulations on 100 pounds, your efforts are worth it - you look spectacularly happy and healthy..

Have taken a break on emailing because the weight loss has slowed so much this last two weeks. My stupid TOM has returned (does it ever leave?) and weight-loss slowed down to less than two pounds per week. I was depressed about it, but what choice do I have but to keep going - knowing that eventually it will drop off again. Have remained OP and have been walking just about every day for an hour. My thighs and feet hurt when I finally sit down in the evening... but it's all good..

Tammy, lovely to see you're back. Thankfully your "hiatus" is over, and the weight gain wasn't significant. Now let's get to work!.

Yesterday my Medifast food was shipped to me in two boxes... TWO? I am only ordered nine things. But sure enough, two months of food showed up. I have more bars than you can shake a stick at. I should selling them out of the back of my minivan. Speaking of shakes...

BLECH. Have tried a few of them. Blech. The support staff of Medifast won't trade with me, can't blame them, so they advised "get creative with them. Cook something with them." Anyone got an idea of what to do with them? Besides using them for packaging materials or kitty litter? "Shaken up" Ellen..

answered Apr 28 at 18:57

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Thank you Ellen..

Sorry to hear about your struggles with TOM. He is not in my life anymore and I don't miss him at all. My losses have slowed down lately too, but I am OK with that as long as there is still downward movement..

I use the shakes every morning for breakfast by making a shake cake out of them. Mix with enough water to wet the powder, add a little eggbeater and baking powder. Pop in the microwave for a little over a minute and eat warm. I pour a bit of Walden Farms pancake syrup on top for extra "sweetness". You can use any flavor shake for this...I like the chocolate and the banana best...

answered Apr 28 at 19:30

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Hey all - finally got my response from the Medifast dietician team regarding my posted (as of last week) question. My posted question was:.

"I have diligent about eating less than 100 grams of carbs per day (usually just 80 - 90) but sometimes I end up consuming via my L&G meal more than 30 grams fat or 100 grams protein. Do you jeopardize Ketosis when you have more fat or protein then recommended? I can't find an answer in the Medifast The Secret is Out book - I'm still losing weight, but just want to make sure I'm not shooting myself in the foot. Thanks!".

The dietician's summarized answer was: "no. Only by eating more than 100 carb grams per day do you jeopardize Ketosis.".

Cool. Now I don't feel so guilty about putting the feta cheese on my salad.

Have a good evening all! Ellen..

answered Apr 28 at 20:37

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Well it seems like everyone is coming back and admitting their short comings with stayng on the program. I too am back. Back to where I started a couple of weeks ago. So I gained back the four pounds I lost along with the original gain..

I don't know if I will be here long and it all depends on me. DH and I talked and if I don't get on the ball and stay on program, no more food is being bought. I have no one else to blame but myself and I am the only one. My support is right here and I have not been utilizing it. I am sorry I haven't been here for you too..

So here I go for one last time and hopefully the right time!!.

Type at you lighter!!..

answered Apr 28 at 20:39

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At work and all caught up so I thought I would pop in for an update. I have gotten all of my meals in so far and even 32 ounces of water. Been in a snacking mood so I have been munching on ny 3pm meal of Parmesan cheese balls. Hopefully they will last til 3pm but if not it is better than the alternative of chocolate. Hopefully you all are having a great OP day..

Type at you lighter!..

answered Apr 28 at 21:18

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Doing great!!! You can do this one day at a time!!..

answered Apr 28 at 22:31

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Interesting note on being back and honest with yourself Dawnna, I've been reflecting after watching The Biggest Loser the other night. One of the contestants was continually being challenged on why she had gotten herself to 358 pounds. "What did you get out of getting that big?" was continually asked her in different ways. She didn't seem to be able to find an answer..

I've been reflecting on that for myself. What did I get out of being fat? What habits had I developed to continually add on the weight, and yet be evidentally was fine with my weight gain? I've been reflecting that I'm a "rewarder." I reward myself in the evening of surviving the day - whether it be surviving my six-year-old, work, etc. - I reward myself with a glass or two of wine and more carbs (popcorn, etc.). This past three months of stomach-shrinking has made me less hungry all together; which I appreciate. But more so, I've had to come up with other rewards. Whether it's renting something special from Netflix or just letting myself prop up my feet - those rewards will have to suffice..

I like being able to exercise without getting out of breath. I like how my jeans are fitting me. I still have far to go. My weight loss numbers have decreased this month - as I expected them to, after looking at everyone's else's monthly breakdowns. So I'm having to be okay with that. I've got time.

And yes, bathing suit season is acoming. Oh well. It's all good. As Alana said "one packet at a time.".

Life is good ladies. May your day be as wonderful as you all are. Thank you for letting me share with our mutual struggles... ourselves. Ellen..

answered Apr 28 at 22:45

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Today is my weigh-in day..

Another pound lost forever this week..

Although my weekly losses are slowing down, I am happy with any movement down the scale. Slow and steady wins the race..

Here is a rose from my garden for all my friends here. Wishing you all a great day!!.


answered Apr 29 at 00:06

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Ellen, that is too funny that that questioning has been on your mind....that is the one thing that stuck out at me also when I watched it....it actually kept me up all night thinking about it. For me, it was an excuse....I really think....I enjoyed my life more when I was thinner (normal weight)....I just did stuff. I always struggled with weight, but I was a normal (not stick thin, not chubby either) all thru high school and adulthood until I got pregnant. It was my excuse to eat what ever I wanted and whenever I wanted...and I was tired so I slept right after work....and that just started everything. In my head I always want to be normal and look cute in an outfit...I have lost most it several times, but reverted back to old ways. But I really think it is my excuse, and my way of not having anything expected of me....and not expecting it of myself, which is even more sad..

But my problem is I love to go to a restaurant and eat..and sit with a friend for a while and talk, while the servers are refilling my drink and jsut hanging out relaxed....and when I am happy I want to eat, sad I want to eat....and I too need to find something else more rewarding to do in those situations....hopefully I get to the fitness level soon that makes it easier and comfortable to be doing active things instead...

answered Apr 29 at 00:53

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Heading out of town to attend my youngest granddaughter, Jill's, first birthday. Will check back in when we get back home. Wishing everyone a great weekend..

This is Jill's birthday party invitation. Her daddy did a good job making this..


answered Apr 29 at 01:18

Caiden's gravatar image


For any one interested, here is a link to a video clip that goes with previous post about Jill. This was taken on Easter. The kids played "Pin the tail on the donkey". Jill is taking her turn, with Mommie's help. Excuse my "cackling" in the background. I do that a lot because it gets Jill to smile at me..


answered Apr 29 at 01:51

Mario's gravatar image


I am back from my weekend away, attending Jill's first birthday. A couple of things to note from this weekend:.

1. We stayed at with my mom at her apartment. Some of you may remember that she lived with us for 4 months and only went back to her apartment to live a couple of weeks ago. She is doing well and things are finally looking up for her. It looks like she will be able to have some more time living independently, with some help from a provider who will come in daily and help her with her daily household chores. She is thrilled, as for a time it looked like this would not be an option for her ever again..

While there, I couldn't resist getting on her scale. I always like the numbers that show on her scale, as in the past they have been lower than the one I use at home. And sure enough, it did not disappoint...On Friday, my home scale showed me weighing in at 185 pounds, but on my mom's digital scale my weight showed me to be at 180.6 pounds on Sunday morning. I will stick with my Friday weigh ins on my home scale as my official numbers, but it was nice to see the lower number on a different scale. We are leaving for Vegas in two weeks and my goal was to be at 180 pounds by then. It looks like that will be a reachable goal..

2. Also while visiting family this weekend, I had the chance to have a conversation with my sister. She is extremely overweight...in a place most of us here can relate to. I have always been the one who has not wanted to resign myself to being fat all my life. I have made attempt after attempt throughout the years to lose the weight. I have been successful many times and have been fortunate to have lived at least a few years of my life as a normal sized person.

Approximately 15 years ago I lost 165 pounds and was the smallest I have ever been in my life. I did manage to keep most, but not all, of that weight off for 8 or so years..

Back to my sister...she has watched me go through all my successes and failures at trying to get control of my eating and my weight through the years. And in all that time, she has never done anything on her part for herself about her weight. I think my example may have been part of the reason she has not even made a real attempt for herself. She has gone to WW and lost little bits of weight along the way, but never anything significant. I would say she now weighs between 350-400 pounds, so 20 pounds was a drop in the bucket. I think her reasoning for not doing more is that even though I have lost lots of pounds before, at some point I have managed to gain some, if not all of it back.

Why even put yourself through that. So we are different...Even though, yes, I know I have gained the weight back before, I will keep on trying. I will take what I have learned from the past and try once again to lose the weight...and hopefully this time I will have all the knowledge and tools I need to keep it off once and for all..

As for my sister, I am afraid it will take a small miracle for her to change her way of thinking. She is a "foodie". Her whole life revolves around food...she watches all the cooking channels on tv, subscribes to food and recipe magazines, collects recipes and tries them all out, only having to eat what she cooks. She was telling me last night that since Tuesday is her daughter's birthday (she has only one child...this daughter who turns 27 tomorrow), she is taking off work to go to her daughter's work and surprise her with cupcakes. I smile as I picture doing this when my children were in elementary school, taking cupcakes for the class on their birthdays. So my sister told me how she was going to spend the day making Andrea's favorite cupcakes and how special they will be decorated and presented to her.

A bit obsessive, I thought...but that is where we are different. I made a comment along the way, that, "yes, this is all great, but after you make them, you have to eat them." And she agreed. But she pointed out that is what she enjoys...cooking and then eating all the creations that come out of her kitchen. So again, it will take a some kind of miracle for her to give up the center of her world...FOOD!!! She did allow me to talk some about food as an addiction and being able to withdraw from and abstain from food using Medifast as a tool to do so. Talking about dieting to her has always been very hard as she is super sensitive about the subject.

But it wasn't long into the conversation before she cut me off, saying, "I don't like to talk about dieting. I am happy for you and I celebrate with you for what you have done, telling everyone how well you have done and how proud I am of you. But can we change the subject now?"So just like that, very abruptly, the conversation was over...and there was a very awkward moment of silence at that point as well. I don't know the answer for her...wish I did. I know this is something she has to do for herself...she has to come to that place in herself like we all did.

And so I find myself rambling on and on about my sister once again...sorry. It is amazing to me that two people from the same family can be so different. But we are..

This is a link to a slideshow of Jill's birthday party. A couple of things to note...*In one picture, she is stretching out the elastic string on her hat and then she lets go and it snaps and hits her in the face...OUCH!! Poor baby...but she got over it quickly and moved on. *Also, her daddy painted her a floral picture and framed it for her. He also baked and decorated her birthday cake...what a talented guy!! My mom and other grandchildren were all there to help Jill celebrate..


answered Apr 29 at 03:31

's gravatar image


Beautiful birthday girl Alana - so glad her day was lovely. Moreso, glad your mom is getting so time for herself and doing well for the moment... moreso glad for you.

Reflecting on your conversation with your sister. I think I've come to the conclusion that "when you're ready, you're ready." Period. I'm in week three of minimal weight-loss time. Two pounds in three weeks. Agh. Have ordered the Medifast momentum stuff and it arrives tomorrow.

But with that in mind... still continuing forward in my Medifast journey. Exercising nearly everyday in one capacity or another. Walking two miles, Curves workout, painting a room, active cleaning the house, or yardwork. Something.

But I'm not feeling defeated. This is just the way it is at this moment. It won't always be like this. I'm not cheating; my stupid body is just coping differently at the moment. Hopefully the Medifast momentum stuff will help..

Your sister isn't ready. You can't own her reactions to your weight loss/gains; you can only be responsible for you. You might be related, but your bodies are different. Her hobby is food. So was yours for a long time. Mine was selfish rewarding myself...

Your sister might have no hope. It might be "too late" for her in her eyes. For a while I began to see my role was "the jolly fat woman" where I work. I'm still jolly, but less fat now. My personality and character are not defined by what I look like. How I feel about myself though? Better.

But I was ready. I hated not being able to stand up without my knees hurting. I hated having my lap reaching towards my knees when I sat..

Your sister isn't there. She's not hating her lap. Or if she is, I recently saw a woman on the Medifast pictures (before and after section) who has like come down from 600 pounds and now is in the 200's. That's amazing. That's determination. She was ready.

But perhaps she will be someday. When she's tired enough of her knees, back, lap, etc. I'll be praying for her. And I'm proud of you..

Have a lovely day ladies. Ellen..

answered Apr 29 at 04:20

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I know this is not really Medifast related or relating to any of the discussions here (although it does include some exercise...smile), but I wanted to share this with my friends here. I hope this brightens your day....

On Sunday, we took a detour on our drive home from attending my granddaughter's birthday. I wanted to see what all the hype was about on a stretch of road called the "Willow City Loop". And WOW....there are not enough words in the dictionary to describe the beauty that surrounded us on that drive. It is a hidden gym of nature tucked away right here in my part of Texas. The terrain with all the hills and cliffs of granite, the shallow streams flowing over granite rocks everywhere you turned, the reddish color of the granite gravel/sand surrounding the streams that has been worn down from the running water, the cactus, yucca, mesquite, cedar and live oak trees, and the largest variety of wildflowers in every color imaginable mixed and spread across the landscape by an artistic God in Heaven. It all looked like Heaven on Earth...I even said that to my husband as we made the drive..

Willow City Loop is a 14 mile stretch of privately owned roadway. The owners are ranchers whose vast ranchlands are spread out along both sides of the road.This is a narrow road, mostly used by the ranchers who live and work there, plus the occasional motorcycle groups who have chosen this road as a favorite for bike rides as the roadway twists and turns... the kind of road bikers like. And of course now, at this time of year, there are others like me who are making this drive to view the wildflowers (they are saying this years' blooms are a once in a 50-100 year occurrence)..

I had William make countless stops along our drive on this 14 mile stretch of roadway so that I could try to capture some of the awesome beauty on my little digital camera. I hiked, climbed, bended, stooped, etc. so that I could get at just the right spot for taking the picture I wanted to capture. This 14 mile road took us two hours to travel...lol...because of all the stops I had to make for photos. But I was not the only one out there doing this. There were even professional photographers with their fancy cameras and equipment trying to capture the best lighting for the perfect picture (wish I had one of those nice cameras myself...awww...maybe someday)..

As we were approaching the end of the Willow City Loop and I was reflecting on all the beauty and grandeur of what I had just seen, as well as feeling satisfied after taking over 200 photos of it all, I was thinking that there couldn't be anything else I would see that would awe or amaze me..

But as we turned a corner, right there on the road in front of us was a llama. I don't think I mentioned before that some of the ranches along this roadway are not fenced and that the cattle are free to roam. Instead, there are many cattle guard crossings on the road. Anyway, there was this beautiful, majestic looking llama standing in the middle of the road, looking at us. Now I know this is not a "Unicorn" sighting, but it did kind of feel like it. So, you guessed it....I had to get out of the car and take pictures.

Look what was in the roadway in front of us....

He finally moved off the road, turning his back side to us...smile.....

I love this picture...the lighting, plus the cow grazing and the hill in the background.....

One more picture before we move on....


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Good morning all!.

Ellen, hang in there - I have had a lackluster month until this past week. I was like you, almost stalled out, but I ramped up my exercise and paid very close attention to what I was eating - the rresult has been a loss every morning this week! I have never tried the momentum products, let me know what you think of them. I make a morning cappuccino shake with cold brewed coffee (16 oz) every single day, that seems to be enough caffeine for me..

I am 6#'s away from dropping under 200 - I cannot remember when I was under 200, my late teens I think! I finally broke down and bought new panties last weekend, my butt is no longer falling out of my panties! Oh, and I, a fairly conservative (clothing wise) woman in her mid 40's bought her first thong, yes I did! My DD thought it was awesome, DH was there too....he's a man, we all know what he thought.

3 weeks ago I bought some jeans that are Levi's - size 14 - they are a bit low on the waist and when I bought them I could not button them, but I thought well for the GoodWill price of $4.99 what the heck. I am wearing them today to work, they are actually a bit loose in the waist. Love them..

Alana, I am going to defend your sister and I agree 100% with what Ellen said, she is not ready she is not in the same place as you and from your histories she never has been, you are going to have to accept that..

I know it is hard, my Bro is an alcoholic, I used to think his behavior made me mad. I realized last summer, his drinking does not make me mad, it scares me. I am scared I am going to lose him, he is the only real family I have. BUT I have also learned I cannot help him, that is something he must do himself. He must want to change his behavior and until he does nothing I or anyone else says or does will make the difference..

I am a former smoker, I quit 2 years ago, we all know what "former" smokers can be like, I am sure you have met one or 2 yourself. I vowed that I would never be one of "THOSE" former smokers. You need to vow not to be one of "THOSE" former fat persons..

I am changing some habits in regards to my DD, she is 11 and as far as I am concerned that is my right and I have an obligation to retrain her thinking, it's not too late. The other night I was making turkey(not pork, see I am learning!) italian sausage on hoagie rolls. My DS was at the house for dinner and in my usual (when son is around) feed the football player mode I asked DD to go to the freezer and get a bag of french fries, she looks at me and says, "we don't need them, we have the rolls".

OMGosh, she has been listening and absorbing what I have been doing and she is willingly changing her habits. She suggested I add some fresh sliced strawberries instead, that is what I did. I was so proud of myself and her at that moment, there is hope for us!.

Your sister is a grown adult, if she wants to make her DD special cupcakes good for her. No one is making your sister or your niece eat them, they are chosing to do that and nothing you say or do will make a difference, it will just throw you into the self righteous category and they will resent your interference, I would. Think about it, when you were fat, would you have wanted someone lecturing you? I certainly would not have..

Deciding to change ones ways is a personal decision, one that no one can make on someone elses behalf. I was 43 years old, almost 300#'s, had never really made an attempt to lose weight and really didn't see the need to. Then I blew out my knee (Thank you God for such a strong message.

It was what I needed). My choice, lose the weight now and forever and be able to walk in 10 years OR continue to think everything was great and be one of those fat people (not disabled, just fat) on a scooter. I didn't want that for me, I wanted something more and I began this journey..

Notice all the use of I in this sentence. I want this, I deserve this and only I can do it!.

Glad to hear Mother is doing better and is handling being on her own again...

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Ouch, Melissa, I think you touched a nerve in me. No offense taken, but I do want to address a couple of points you made..

I guess that even though I didn't mean to, I must have come across as being judgmental towards my sister. As we all know, there are a lot of "dynamics" going on in most family relationships...mine and my sister's included. My sister is someone who is very sensitive, someone I have had to walk on eggshells around and being very careful of what and how I say things to...it really doesn't matter what the subject. She obviously has some major issues and has had a hard time forming really close, long lasting friendships with people because she stays behind the walls she has set up. (In retrospect...probably the reason she "chooses" not to lose the weight...she is hiding from something). So be assured that I don't ever "lecture" her.

I agree with everyone that anything we do in life for ourselves has to be a personal decision. Yes, it is heartbreaking to me to hear her make comments like, "I don't ever want to be a size 12" because she doesn't even see that as a possibility...EVER!!! She is resigning herself to being like the person you describe..."one of those fat people (not disabled, just fat) on a scooter", which is the direction she is headed soon. She is 54 years old and can barely walk and I know she is in a lot of pain with extremely bad knees. But again, no judgment...just sadness for the prospect of her future..

I certainly hope that I never come across as self righteous in my attitude towards the people I love. I have always tried hard to be compassionate and loving instead, and one of the things I always keep in mind is that I have not "walked in their shoes" so I should not judge..

Hope this clears up a little about me...as I guess I did take your words a little personal..

Moving on....

Congratulations on being so close to reaching "Onderland" and also for getting into the new jeans. Feels great...I know...we are at about the same place on our journey. And good for your daughter, being the one to remind you about the changes in your families mealtime habits. The changes you are making are going to benefit your family for years to come..

Wishing you a great Medifast day!!!.

Saw this road on our Sunday drive...you have to drive over the bluebonnets in the center strip to get where you are going....


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It's all about choices and the making the best ones we can live with. It looks like you made a good choice here. Keep up the good work!!.


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Ellen, thank you for your thoughts and perspective as well concerning my sister. Hearing what everyone else has to say helps me to sort out my own feelings and thoughts and about how to just be there for her when and if she needs me to. I know this is her decision and hers alone to make..

Concerning the 2 pounds lost, to me that is a good loss for a week. In the past, if I have had slower losses for a couple of weeks, eventually I would show a bigger loss a few weeks later. As it is now for me, my weekly losses have gone from averaging 3 pounds a week to around 1-2 pounds a week. At this rate, it will take a long time to get rid of these last 25 pounds to my goal. But that is ok with me. Someone on the boards had posted a saying that I copied and have placed for me to be able to see as a reminder to myself to just relax through this whole process.

"I'm visualizing a wide lake. I'm floating across it and I can see the other shore. Each little wave moves me a couple of inches nearer. I have no paddle, just me, just my body. There's nothing I can do to move any faster than the water will let me; thrashing about will only slow me down. "So relax, breathe," I tell myself, "and just float.

Saw this road on our Sunday drive...you have to drive over the bluebonnets in the center strip to get where you are going....


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Alana, I tend to be very blunt and don't realize it. I never meant to say that you were being self righteous or judgemental and I certainly meant no offense, I am truly sorry if that is the way I came across..

What I meant for my comments to mean was that it is easy for someone who is not in the same place you are to perceive your comments or suggestions in a negative way even though you never intended anything negative at all...

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Melissa...no apology needed...but thank you for offering it. I think I am a bit like my sister...maybe a "little sensitive" too, at times..


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Oh please ladies. I have the highest-maintenance sister in the world. Love her to death, but cannot relate in the least to her. I married when I was 23 - she was 38. I have two children (11 & 6) - she has two cats who she takes monthly to the vet for check-ups. They are her children.

My two cats are lucky to get fed daily even when we're here. We are very different people; always have been. Mutual friends of both of us have described my sister as "the type of person who likes to send back food at a restaurant." That's not me. I'm low-maintenance. To the point of neglect as demonstrated by my Swedish thighs that will continually rub together even if I weighed 90 pounds.

I would be brought on the ships for ballast..

50 pounds loss finally today. 75 to go. Treating myself tonight by walking to our awesome local restaurant (one-mile walk round-trip) and getting a spinach salad (dressing on the side, of course). Yeah I know I shouldn't be rewarding myself with food. Insert lecture tape here. But also got a raise today with a promotion for the next school year - I will be teaching 2 1/2 year-olds five days per week.

Had a revelation this morning on focusing on how far I still have to go. Realized that this oh-so-long-process is a benefit to me. I am having to be in a year-long habit of new eating patterns, exercising, and learning how to lead a healthier life. How awesome is that. I''ve never done that before. It is a blessing to be having to be on Medifast for most likely a year.

Therefore it is good..

I'm watching the Biggest Loser tonight; will make a profound comment on it tomorrow I'm sure. That is if you don't hear my crying when I see that poor woman who weighs 223 (my current weight) step on the scale in spandex. Lord, don't ever let me wear spandex. The thighs would look like tubes of squeezed toothpaste. Ellen..

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Ellen...know what you mean about the thighs....In our family we call them "tree trunks" and "thunder thighs". I actually used that last term over the weekend and got quite a reaction from it. It won't matter how much weight I lose, my back side and thighs will be disproportionably larger than the rest of me..

Congratulations on the promotion...I guess...lol..

I agree with you about the structure of using MF. I like that it is basic and simple...not much thinking required, which works for me.


Loved hearing about your sister and her kitty cats. My sister is a dog lover. Her daughter has dogs (no kids yet) and she calls them her "Grandpuppies"...talks about them the way I talk about my grandkids...

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Melissa - my gosh did your leg fall off? You seemed to be at 218 last week in my mind! Fantastic progress! But a thong? Can't even imagine ever getting to a point that I don't want to have my body covered in pants/long johns. The thought of wearing shorts this summer is imtimidating! Someday I'll like my thighs again. Oh well, off to watch the Biggest Loser. Have a lovely evening ladies! Ellen..

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Good morning ladies!.

Ellen, 50#'s you are awesome!.

Your sister and my Aunt (the one who helps me with Mother) could be twins! My Aunt is in her mid 60's, been divorced and single since I was 16, never had kids, she always had cats. Couple of years ago, my Uncle who breeds Shitzu's decided she needed one and talked her into it. Now we have Goldy who has a vet file that is thicker than both of my kids total combined Pediatric files and the dog is only 3! OMG she obsesses over the dog, every single time I am there we visit the vet. She goes thru vets fairly regularly I might add "they don't know what they are doing" LOL. I think it has to do with never having children. Having children makes you work out some of your anxieties well at least if you want a semi normal child..

Congrats on that promotion, you must be a very special person, only really special people can work with toddlers on a daily basis! I am a duct tape and velcro type of parent, toddlers fear me LOL.

Alana, I am a foodie to some degree. While I don't collect recipes or spend a lot of time cooking for myself, I am one of those people that feeds people. I am always in charge of the banquests, the BBQ's and I can feed 100 highschool football players without breaking a sweat. I was the one who is always behind the scenes whipping up some treat, I am a good (not gourmet just good old comfort food) cook. I plan all the holiday meals etc. My biggest fear of my son being away at college is that he will go hungry.

I have fed my family like they are football players year round all of my married life, this is a pattern I am working on breaking..


Now let me explain. As I get smaller, my jeans fit better/tighter and I hate panty lines but am not a commando type person nor do I want to endure Spanx every day of the week so I thought I would try out a thong. It's not super skimpy dental floss style, it has some structure to it and believe me I do plan on keeping it hidden from the general population.

In regards to your tree trunk / thunder thighs.

(my albatross is the girls, gheesh shrink already still a DDD).

Last week I was at the Goodwill and tried on a skort, this is when I noticed the skin issues on my legs/thighs, now my legs are firm and muscular due to all the knee rehab, but there is this layer of skin that is sagging above my knees - eeewwwww I have thighs that resemble an elephants leg complete with the layered wrinkles. There will be no showing off of the upper legs any time soon. I am more afraid of a bathing suit now than I was at almost 300#'s how weird is that?.

For some reason I have been on a roll now for a week, weight loss wise. I had been at almost a complete stall for 3 weeks, then this week it just started to melt off and suddenly clothes are too big or the ones that were too tight and I mean could not button or zip 2 weeks ago now slide up and over my hips, button and zip with ease, my muffin top is diminishing. I am 8#'s away from being overweight and not obese..

That stall was tough, some days I would be up a few pounds even. I just really focused on staying OP, under 1000 calories with carbs in check exercising and only drinking water. I cut out my Crystal Light all together, even tho I watered it down, I got rid of it. I also kept telling myself that losing was inevitable and I really tried to not let the scale get to me. BTW I do weigh every morning, it is a habit I like and one that I really want to continue. Now I am drinking a ton of water, I'll bet a couple of hundred ounces every day.

I am also very energetic, I like the structure that Medifast has brought to my life, my house is spotless all the time, I am at work early so I can leave early on a regular basis, I don't sleep nearly as much as I used to and I am restless. I must find things to do, sitting for an hour to watch TV is starting to bug me. Now, I have been a couch potatoe my whole life, I have no idea why exercise is actually appealing and I am starting to look forward to it, that is crazy to me..

Moglie made a good point Ellen, you have lost a small child. I was talking to my DH the other day, and I said picture a sack of potatoes, now multiply by 8, that is what I have lost! Every little ounce brings us closer to goal, closer to better health, closer to doing the things we want to do etc. I used to have a weight watcher leader that said when someone lost .2#'s - a stick of butter, picture a stick of butter. That is a tangible loss and one that I can visualize. Alana, I am like you, the last 20 or so pounds seem like they are going to take forever but I think that is important as I continue to learn what works for me, for my body etc..

Alana, your Vegas trip will be so much fun! I have 2 online friends who I have never "met" even tho I have sent gifts to their kids weddings, Christmas cards etc. How fun for you! (don't forget to pay your NV taxes, we sure need the bucks!).

Well ladies, I must get back to work, I wish you all a great day living life the Medifast way! Haha..

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Okay guys,.

After a 3 day actual gain in weight (while staying totally op and staying in ketosis) I actually put on a couple pounds...frustrated...but kept with it....finally this morning the scale dropped all the weight I put on plus and extra pound! Yeahhhh!!!!! I have 2 days until weekly weigh in and I am still only down 2.2 pounds from Friday.....I am hoping for atleast one more!..

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Yeahhhh!!! and Congratulations!!!! for showing a drop in numbers on the scale. You are doing this!!.

I saw this road on the other side of a fence on someone's property...I wonder where it goes and if the bluebonnets in the center are driven over to get there..

A beautiful mix of Bluebonnets, Purple Verbena, Red Indian Paint Brushes, and other pink, yellow and white wildflowers..

Fields of Bluebonnets and Indian Paint Brushes go on forever..


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So is the thong comfortable, even with some structure to it? This is still not something I am able to wrap my brain around...wearing one of those. But who knows, with all the changes happening to my body, maybe that is something I should try out..

My weight losses have slowed way down the last 6 weeks or so, but like you say, there have been sudden major differences in the way my cloths are fitting. I feel like I am so much in the zone that I don't sweat the numbers anymore. I know this is happening and that I will reach goal at some point along this journey..

And my energy lever...OMG. I feel like I am 20 years younger and I can do anything again. Funny story...on our detour drive home on Sunday, I had William stop every few feet as I would see another photo op. So it was stop, get out, climb over and under rocks, shrubs, etc. to get the perfect angle for taking the picture...and I look up and see William still sitting in the car with his camera phone pointing in my direction. He was taking pictures of me in awkward positions while taking the picture I was trying to capture.

Fortunately, he doesn't know how to upload them and share them...he got some pretty funny shots of me. But that is ok...at least now I can get into these positions...Ha!!!.

Have a great day!!!.

I saw this road on the other side of a fence on someone's property...I wonder where it goes and if the bluebonnets in the center are driven over to get there..

A beautiful mix of Bluebonnets, Purple Verbena, Red Indian Paint Brushes, and other pink, yellow and white wildflowers..

Fields of Bluebonnets and Indian Paint Brushes go on forever..


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Moglie - thank you for the compliment on losing the seven year old. Sometimes I'd like to lose my own six year old.


Just got back from picking up the six year old from school. His teacher's aide is a friend of mine. She too has been overweight since I've known her (for five years). She noticed I've lost weight, and she too looked thinner to me. She said - "I've been on a diet - Medifast - since November. I've lost 15 pounds! Haven't cheated a bit!" I did not dare tell her how much I've lost (51 lbs.

) nor since only this January. My gosh! What a difference between programs. I'll stick with the gerbil food anyday for these results..

Back to the thong... not going to happen. Although the granny-underwear are mighty stylish and sophisticated. They say.... "on sale from Target." When the bottom continues to disappear I'll come to grips with the reality of underwear shopping for the Swedish thighs..

Last night on The Biggest Loser a woman weighed in (only had lost a pound in one week - I relate well) and they showed her before and after weight. She began this journey at 273 pounds - MY EXACT starting weight! She is now 193 lbs. I paused the program and rewinded to look at the before picture - AGH!!!! That's how I looked???? AGH!!!!!! Thank God for MF. Today I weighed in a pound lighter than yesterday - cool. Tried the Medifast Momentum today. Tastes like drinking a pack of jello.

But we'll see how the results come in..

Back to nurturing the children. Good day to all!..

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Hello everyone....My step son and his wife and two kids who moved in with us at the end of Feb due to job losses have moved out to a small apartment as of yesterday. I am sad to say that while they were here I just "gave up" on my eating and am up 20 pounds. (What a shock when I weighed myself this am...had not weighed in over a month!)..

Congrats on making it to 100 lost Alana. Greetings to all the rest of you..

I have tried to restart at least 6 times since March but I think now that life will be more normal I won't be able to find all those "excuses" I was using. So ...just had a shake and am bringing ONLY Medifast foods with me to work. I am sure that today will be rough. I plan to post a few times and also log my meals..

Looking forward to catching up with all of you...

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Yea!!! Jo Marie is back. I missed seeing your smiling face here. Sorry to hear about the 20 lbs. gain. It is amazing how fast those pounds can creep back on...really kind of scary. Life happens and just makes it difficult to stay on track sometimes.

I will be watching and cheering you on as you work to relose those 20 lb and then continue on down to your goal. You can do this!!.




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"Gerbil food"...Ha!!.

Congratulations on the pound lost..

Keep us updated on the momentum drinks. I haven't tried them, so wondering what you think about them..


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Can you guess what I did yesterday? Shouldn't be too hard. Seems my new appendage is my camera...Ha!! Yesterday was my DSIL's birthday, so I had Lola here with me all day while mommy and daddy spent the day out celebrating. Well, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take Lola and her puppie down the street to play in the bluebonnets....and of course, while there....yep, more pictures. I thought these were just too cute not to share with the world, so.....

A little "Texas Lady" in the beautiful bluebonnets of Texas:.

Lola and the puppie (Tobie) she got for her 4th birthday a few weeks ago:.

I also took a few video clips of Lola playing in the bluebonnets...I thought they turned out pretty well. They give a different view than the still pictures. This is the area William and I do our walking at...breathtakingly beautiful, plus the sweet, fragrant aroma of the flowers in bloom...wish I could capture that as well...lol..

Running and climbing through the bluebonnets:.


Lola looking at the butterflies:.


Lola chasing butterflies:.



answered Apr 29 at 19:21

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Those flowers are gorgeous Alana....and so is the cutie in the pics..

So far so good today! Gonna head over and log in my food. Have a good night!..

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Morning! Day one went well. Managed to get past several difficult moments that I have been "giving in to" during the past 6 weeks. Tried the brownies for the first time last night...pretty darn good!.

This a.m. I am down 4 pounds from yesterday am....yeah! Hava a bit of a headache right now so guess I am in withdrawal from all the salts and carbs..

Have a great day!..

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Jomarie.... way to go with the four pounds!!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!! For this day, be someone other than yourself. Behave like someone who needs to eat for the sake of continuing to thrive. For this day you are not an emotional eater - do not let your emotions rule you. Consume your food and keep moving. If stress/a problem comes up? Go take a walk.

YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Proud of you! Ellen..

answered Apr 29 at 21:59

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Woo Hoo Jo Marie!!! Looking forward to another great report from you after today. I like the brownies, too..

Ellen, I really like what you said to Jo Marie..

Hello Melissa, Moglie (congratulations on your loss this week) and Dawna..

Today is my weigh in day. I have been sticking to doing weekly weigh ins (daily weigh ins mess with my mind). My weight losses have slowed considerably, but have still consistently moved down the scale. After weeks of only 1 or 2 pounds showing on the scale, this week was better with another 3 pounds gone forever. I can't wrap my brain around the fact that I am now just 22 pounds away from the goal I have set. Looking at myself in these pictures, I see that there is probably more than 22 pounds of weight that I could be losing, so I will probably adjust that number down once I get there and see how that looks on me..

Wishing everyone a great Medifast day!!.

The same day I took the previous pictures of Lola, she took the camera and took this pics of me. Because she is little (only 4 yrs. old), the angle is of her pointing the camera "up" at me. She did a good job of pointing and clicking, I thought..

This is my "before" picture...I need it to remind myself how far I have come in 8 months (104 pounds lost)..


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Yesterday was a Hungry day. Don't get them often, but it hit me big yesterday. Caved in and ate..... (drum roll please) One Tablespoom of Stouffer's Macaroni and Cheese. This spoon & half of death was entered into the Medifast Log Meals for the day. That spoon of death equalled....

Not really. Oh well, still made my calories for the day (and carbs.

) and continue this journey out of the 220s. I hit four months OP as of May 7th and I'm just hoping to be at 217ish at the rate I'm going..

The Medifast Momentum perhaps is the coorelation of why I'm dropping again. Just tastes like gelatin as you drink it. blech. Went thrift store shopping on Friday because all my shirts are too big. Very cool. My waist has dropped from size 26 to an 18 - my thighs? No reason to leave.

Is there a line of clothing for the large-thighed woman out there? Maybe a line called "Drumstick" or "Viking gal." Oh well ladies, hope all is well with you all..

Jomarie, thinking about you!!! Hope you're holding on! Ellen..

answered Apr 30 at 00:31

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Hi Ellen, your post was so cute! I too have Thunderthighs when I am thinner it causes problems...right now a 22 is fitting all parts pretty well..

I had a rough night last night ...had an event at school and let myself get too hungry and then ate some things I should not have on celery sticks when I got home. sigh..

Still down 7 pounds in half a week aint' too shabby. At 263 today. Aiming to get "back on my ticker" by summer!.

Refuse to change the durn thing upwards.....

Have a great Sunday!..

answered Apr 30 at 01:36

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Good Morning!.

Quickly checking in, short week for me, I am driving for my DD's field trip to Sacramento this Friday (2.5 hours each way) and have to get my desk cleared off. Beautiful weekend with mid 70 temps, today 75 mph winds and snow and rain on the way.......I'm ready for summer!.

Thighs: Try the Lee brand of Jeans - they have some with the fuller thighs as part of their various styles/fits.

Thong: Surprisingly it is comfortable, took me a week to work up the nerve to wear it. No panty lines which DD noticed right away! I'm going to buy a few more, I was surprised that I like them..

Ellen, I get those hungry days about once a week - they make me crazy, I eat salads on those days and sometimes more protein than is OP..

Alana, love the pictures, have a great time in Vegas.

JoMarie, nice to see you back! I keep bars and puffs everywhere now - purse, glove box, DH's car, my desk etc..

I had a great weekend, totally off plan LOL - we went to a large outdoor event and I wanted a break plus was majorly PMS'ing and had no desire to stay OP. I made really good choices, stayed away from the junk (except the alcohol.

) and had a great time. Played horseshoes and visited with a bunch of friends. I only see these people twice a year, in April and 4th of July so my weight loss got lots of attention, hehe!.

Had one heck of a hangover on Sunday. You play, you pay! I never used to get hangovers, must be the change in my body chemisty. Sunday morning back to OP 100%, I know it's not in the plan handbook but hey, sometimes you need a day here and there..

Went to my Dr. on Thursday for my once a year I am still alive please refill my meds appt. Now, my Dr. I have decided is an idiot or jealous, not sure which. She is a good size lady, definately obese. She makes no comment on my weight loss - not one, she says "oh I am so glad you quit smoking" and I said "yeah, a year and a half ago" then she says "so what you been up to?" I said "I blew out my knee and have lost 88#'s" she says "your knee??? I don't have any notes" aye yi yi! What does someone have to do to get some kudo's, I mean really! She didn't even ask me how I was losing weight.

Hang in there everyone! Have a great day.

P.S. if you all haven't tried the zucchini ribbons yet, I highly recommend them! Yummy..

answered Apr 30 at 02:26

Frank's gravatar image


My doctor, the Amazon queen (stands at 6'0" and wears stillitos (sp?)) smokes. Evidentally our doctors must be friends. She is seeing me on a monthly basis while I'm on this Medifast journey - she is ordering Medifast for her husband.

Today I am finally out of the 220s - 219.6! Tomorrow it will probably be back in the 220s, but for now I have victory. I think the Medifast momentum actually is working - four pounds in one week; following a two week time of only a 1.5 pound loss each week. So I'm recommending it - although it does still taste kind of funny. Tonight is the Biggest Loser, so hopefully I'll find new insight into something and write about it later..

Jomarie, hope all is well with your journey! Ellen..

answered Apr 30 at 02:55

Brayden's gravatar image


Hi Ellen, Melissa and Alana,.

My skinny little witch of a doctor actually....complimented me!! on my last visit. I almost had a heart attack because I usually get nothing but negatives from her. Hope your health care professionals can do that for you sometime cause it was kinda nice!.

One week back on Medifast ...down 9 pounds. Know that will likely be my best week ...hoping for 3 this second week. At 261 today. Want to get back into the 250's and then down, down ,....down..

Have a good Wednesday...

answered Apr 30 at 03:41

's gravatar image


-2 pounds for the week..

I have reached my goal of being at 180 pounds by the time we leave for our trip to Vegas on Sunday!!.

I am hoping to be able to hang in there as best I can while I am in Vegas..


answered Apr 30 at 03:48

's gravatar image


Alana - Viva Las Vegas!!!! Congrats on 180 and have a wonderful time and just eat L & G if you want to not gain bigtime. You'll have a great vacation wearing sequins.

Jomarie - congratulations on the loss. Stay with us girl - you can do this. Right now I'm going through hunger and temptation times, and am choosing just to drink 16 ounces of water rather than put the food in my mouth..

This Medifast thing really is a walk in the park, but sometimes you just want to walk somewhere else.....

Saw a friend today who I've known for years. She weighs probably 325+. She once lost alot of the weight and was down to a size medium. But she's also a Foodie and eats when she gets depressed. So the weight is back. She asked me "are you going to go for losing it all, or are you happy with what you are at now?".

Happy with myself now??? I still don't want to wear shorts. Even capris are threatening. Each thigh is 55" in circumference - no joke. Happy with myself now? No. I'll never be thin. This weight-thing will always be difficult for me.

But I'm tired of being one of the biggest girls I know..

But I am heathier. I can now walk up a 45 degree hill that is three blocks long - and not get out of breath. My heart beats faster and I'm not singing... but I can do it. I've never been able to do that - even when I was a kid. So yes, I'm going to keep going.

If not, write it out and let's get through this together..

Life is good. And no, I don't want to wear a thong. You go girl (Melissa.

)! Someone has to represent us in that department!!! Big granny-pants Ellen..

answered Apr 30 at 04:30

Andy's gravatar image


I am back from Vegas. We had a great time there. I am sorry to report that I did not stay OP very well while there. I was relieved to see that there was no weight gain when I got on the scale this morning. A great thing to report is that I could walk everywhere without any feet, knee, leg or back pain. That is unbelievable to me, since a year ago I was using a cane to help me walk and was always in pain..

Here is a link to view a slideshow of some pics I took in Vegas (including some of the food we ate):.


I am glad to be back home and am right back on track on this program to finish what I started..

I will be trying to catch up on how you are all doing here as soon as I have a little time to do so..


answered Apr 30 at 05:54

Tucker's gravatar image


Some pictures from our trip:.

William and I in the lobby of the MGM where we stayed..

Me at the Red Rock Casino off the strip in Las Vegas..

Me sitting at the window that looks out on Freemont St. in downtown Las Vegas. The restaurant is called Firefly and is at the Plaza Hotel and casino..


answered Apr 30 at 06:47

's gravatar image


Alana, isn't it marvelous to feel so much better! I went to my 30 college reunion last month and was thrilled to be able to walk all around the campus without any huffing or puffing..

Hope everyone had a great Mother's day!..

answered Apr 30 at 07:21

Israel's gravatar image


Hello Everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I was looking for a May thread but I guess we are still on April. I am so happy to see all of your progress!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I am just chugging along and staying the same pretty much. I will gain a few pounds and then cut back and lose a few pounds. However, for me, this is a MAJOR accomplishment. I wish I had lost 50 pounds in the last five months but at least I haven't gained 50 pounds in the last 5 months!.

I am leaving for six weeks overseas next week. I am not going to be able to have any medifast meals with me but I do feel more confident that I will be able to watch what I eat and keep from slipping back into my old habits. I am trying to learn the art of moderationsand trying to eat like a thin person would eat..

When I get back I am hoping to be ready for an all out attack on the next 50 pounds and quite possibly all that I am planning on losing. My goals on this journey have changed drastically since I began. But boy, am I glad I began..

Kudos to all of your success and I am so proud of you...

answered Apr 30 at 08:05

's gravatar image


Now that I am back from Vegas and OP, I am on track and losing once more....another pound since Monday. I didn't lose any weight the week I was gone, but I didn't gain either...so I count that as a victory..

Little by little, one day and one pound at a time, I am making my way to goal, which is now 19 pounds away..


answered Apr 30 at 09:32

's gravatar image


Alana- so great that you didnt' gain in Vegas....last time I was there I gained atleast 5! Way to pick up the pounds already since being back!! I have been slow on the scales....only lost 2 this last week, and 2.6 before that.....looks like I need to get the butt moving. Tennis has been over for 2 weeks now, but thankfully is starting back up next week...that should get me moving again...

answered Apr 30 at 10:20

Shaun's gravatar image


Hello to all my friends here...no time to give individual shout outs, but I have been reading your posts and am sending my thoughts and good wishes to each and every one of you..

And while I am here, I thought I would share this....



I took this photo near where I live in Texas..


answered Apr 30 at 10:31

Eli's gravatar image


Checkin in!.

I've been really busy with work, son came home for a few days after his last final and today I am headed off to Portland, OR with my DD for a week. Decided to take a girls trip since I needed to go check in on Mother anyway. Have a ton of things planned with DD, really looking forward to some good old girl bonding time..

All is well, I am plugging along, almost under 200! Grrrrrrr the closer I get the harder it gets, how bizarre is that!.

Time for a breather from my life.

I'll be back next week..

You all hang in there..

answered Apr 30 at 12:00

's gravatar image


Hi there, back to the plan after a while of sliding off into unhealthy habits. Only gained about 20# before I got a grip so I'm not too disappointed. I know this is a lifelong journey and not just a quick fix so I'm looking at the long term benefits. Nice to meet you all!..

answered Apr 30 at 12:17

Jerry's gravatar image


Today is my weigh in day..

-3 pounds gone forever for me this week..

Total loss now of 110 pounds since the end of August 2009.

16 pounds to goal!!! Yay!!!.

I was glad to see these results as I read a blog yesterday where many people were saying how their weekly losses had really slowed down once they reached the 170's. Hopefully I will continue through the 70's and onto the 60's at a good pace..


answered Apr 30 at 12:28

Justice's gravatar image


Hello and Happy Monday to all my friends!!!.

Some more photos I took of bluebonnet/spring flowers in Texas...hope they brighten your day..


answered Apr 30 at 13:10

Brett's gravatar image



, welcome back.


, great job, your losses are an inspiration - how was the meeting with your pal? was it all you had anticipated?.


, how you doing?.


, you too?.

Tammy and JoMarie.

, how are you? check in if you can..

Figure at this point we might as well skip May and just start a June thread next week!.

Portland was great, it rained buckets!.

DD and I came home exhausted but had a great time. My Auntie made me promise to not get back on my scale until next Wednesday and skip weigh in day today LOL - I think she had a very good point!.

Portland parks have teeter totters, something we don't have here. DD loves teeter totters and while I still outweigh her we were able to actually enjoy them this trip. When she and I went a year ago the weight ratio was too far off and it was no fun for her. Let me tell you, I walk almost 4 miles a day or ride my exercise bike for 30 minutes and then do 30 minutes of leg specific exercises for my knee. There is something in using the teeter totter that uses muscles my thighs did not know existed! My thighs hurt like the dickens.

I need to find me a teeter totter!.

Hope all is well..

answered Apr 30 at 14:47

Curtis's gravatar image


Hello Melissa...that teeter totter does sound like a good piece of exercise equipement. I am surprised no one has marketed them for such...lol..

Glad you and your DD had a good trip..


answered Apr 30 at 16:15

Edwin's gravatar image


Yay...summer is here!!!.

William and I spent Sunday afternoon at our favorite picnic and swimming hole on Lake LBJ. This is just a hop, skip and a jump from our house. I feel so blessed to live where we do in the beautiful highland lakes area of the Texas hill country..

In years past I have swallowed my pride and gotten into a swimsuit so that I could enjoy the cooling waters of the lake where we live. We have an old pontoon boat that we get out on the water in. We may not have waterfront property, but once out on the boat, it feels like we have ownership of the whole lake. The older ones of our ten grandkids love to be pulled around behind the boat on a tube. We have even spent the night out on the lake, sleeping on the boat..

This year will be more enjoyable than previous summers as I am now feeling better in a swimsuit (well, a little better...not a lot because of the loose skin issues) and more importantly, I am physically able now to do things I haven't been able to do myself in past years..

Oh, and not to forget that William has set up our yard pool. I will be spending lots of afternoons lounging in the sun in the water there, as well..

So bring on the summer. I am ready to "vacation" in my backyard..

This is a link to a short video clip of William floating in the lake at our favorite swimming hole:.


William at our picnic site...I have never seen anyone else using this site...our own personal, private location..

View of the lake at sunset from where I was lounging...see my shoes?.

Lola (4 yr. old DGD) and I went swimming yesterday in my pool..


answered Apr 30 at 17:17

's gravatar image


Hello ladies, back from a respite of unsocialness - I have either a cold or allergies and have been having a great pity party for myself. I also messed up during one day of my cold (amost two weeks ago) and threw myself out of Ketosis - didn't cheat with junk food, just overindulged in my carbs by ONE gram and threw myself out for six days. So haven't had anything to report in weight loss.... just a week of stalling time and blowing my nose..

So I'm back, still blowing my nose and not sleeping; but back. Have lost ten pounds in three weeks and have a week to go until I've been MFing for five months. Your words of wisdom ring in my head - just one packet at a time.... I'm 5.5 pounds away from seeing the number 199 - haven't seen that number in ten years..

Off to celebrate today being the last day of preschool teaching for me - a respite until September. My birthday is Sunday (no presents requested.

) and I plan to celebrate via a filet mignon that I cook myself. No cake or ice cream. Just a salad and steak. I'll check in with you guys later - off to cook dinner! Ellen..

answered Apr 30 at 18:20

Reece's gravatar image


We are having a great Memorial Day weekend. I will be sharing it in pictures. The weekend started for me on Friday. I took my DGD, Lola (4) and Jakob (a 3 yr. old little boy I babysit during the week) to the lake in our neighborhood. We spent 3 hours there with the place pretty much to ourselves.

They had such a good time and asked when we could go back. I plan on doing this most days this summer..

Video clip of Lola chasing a squirrel at the lake and then running down the hill to the water..



Jakob and Lola.

Jakob and Lola enjoying their picnic at the lake.

More of our weekend to come soon..

Hope everyone else is having a great holiday weekend as well!!.


answered Apr 30 at 19:47

's gravatar image


On Saturday we packed up for a night out in Luckenbach, Texas (Of Willie Nelson song fame). This is just an hours drive from where we live, but we had never been there. We will definitely be going back, though. There was such a diverse group of people visiting there...families with kids, bikers (who love this place), the regular locals who meet up there, young college kids, older people...great mix of people. We went specifically to hear and dance to one of our favorite bands. The dance hall is an open aired building, so no AC.

Fortunately, it wasn't too bad after the sun went down, with a little breeze and a little help from some fans blowing. But you definitely work up a sweat when you get out on the dance floor, which William and I did a lot of. We had a great time getting to be able to practice our swing dance moves. At first it was a little intimidating getting out there, as there were some great college age kids who looked like swing dance pros, but after our first time out there, it didn't matter. And we actually got some compliments on our dancing as well...not too shabby I guess for a couple pushing 60 in a few short years.

Attending the Cajun Crawfish Festival being held there. More on that to come..

My video taping turned out dark, but this is a great video clip I found of the band. This was actually filmed at Gruene Hall (the oldest dance hall in Texas) which is actually in my home town of New Braunfels, Texas. I love this place. Great swing dancers in this clip as well...no, William and I don't do all that "fancy" stuff...a little too old for that. But we do hold our own ok. :-).


Getting ready to go dancing in Luckenbach. This is a very "blousy" top so it isn't showing off my "curves" :-).

Our favorite dance band called "Two Tons of Steel" playing on the Luckenbach stage. Great Rock-A-Billy music for swing dancing. Notice the standing bass fiddle...

answered Apr 30 at 20:14

Porter's gravatar image


A continuation of our holiday weekend....

So after going dancing in Luckenbach Friday night, we spent the night in Fredericksburg. We got up Saturday, dressed and checked out of the hotel and headed over to the Cajun Crawfish Festival being held on the town square. Another type of music that is great to dance to is Cajun music and the festival had a wonderful line up of Cajun bands performing throughout the day. This was also outdoors, but under the roof of a covered dance slab with lots of picnic tables and chairs. There was a big crowd out that day, even with the hot Texas temps. Once again, William and I enjoyed ourselves dancing.

I mean, my heart rate was definitely up and I was breathing heavily after each dance...but it felt great to be able to do this. My legs and knees were working great as well. Yay...I am back in the land of the living!!! Today is a quiet day back home...not much planned for the day. Tomorrow we will be picnicking and swimming with family. Hope everyone else is enjoying this holiday weekend..

Take a moment to watch this. This is a video clip I took yesterday of one of the cajun bands, plus some of the people we shared the dance floor with. They really put on a show :-).


The covered dance slab with the stage at the far end..

One of the bands (Zydeco Blanco). See the singer playing the washboard on his chest?.

Crawfish, anyone? William is on the far left side of the picture...with the hat on..

Yep...we had to get us some crawfish too. William is really enjoying it :-)..

answered Apr 30 at 21:12

Joseph's gravatar image


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