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My first question is Who was the first Spokes Person for Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any response. Another quick question... So I am doing great on the plan.. Down 15.4 lbs in about a month. I noticed today that my man boobs are getting bigger. Ouch...

Anyone else notice this issue?.

I guess it may be time to start going to the gym...

asked Apr 21 at 08:46

Felix's gravatar image


I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

answered Apr 21 at 08:48

's gravatar image


Sadly, the gym has not helped. After months of presses and almost 50 lbs lost, I can finally see my pecs and they are higher than my moobs..



answered Apr 21 at 10:03

Declan's gravatar image


Keep hammering away at it. Like all things it just takes time, effort and commitment. I cant wait to lose mine...

answered Apr 21 at 10:32

's gravatar image


You can't spot reduce fat. Your body will decide where it loses fat from and when. You can help with products like the Perfect Pushup. Just stay after it and you'll see them disappear in good time...

answered Apr 21 at 11:46

's gravatar image


And now I want to track down that episode so I can watch it again. I wasn't a fan of the show but that one was funny...

answered Apr 21 at 11:57

's gravatar image


This thread would have been more interesting if the title had been "Man, Boobs!"...

answered Apr 21 at 12:12

Douglas's gravatar image


My double D's are impressive..

So is the roll hanging over Johnson..

I'm told at my age nothing short of surgery will help..

And my posing for Playgirl will never become a reality...

answered Apr 21 at 13:37

's gravatar image


As the baby boomer generation ages they may expand their target demographic, dont give up hope...

answered Apr 21 at 14:31

's gravatar image


I wonder if it's possible when you had more weight/fat your moobs were "firmer" and therefore not as dangly? They'll shrink over time. For now enjoy the free play..

I know the rulez say "no your dick doesn't get bigger" but I have to say that the smaller scale of my body and the "padding" over it being reduced certainly doesn't hurt. I CAN SEE MINEZ JUNK NOW!!!111..

answered Apr 21 at 15:13

's gravatar image


Just shows that the women are lucky...boobs are the first thing they lose ;0)..

answered Apr 21 at 15:57

Braydon's gravatar image


Ok, so lets say you go to a gym and it has a transgender, the guy with implants and looks like a woman yet has male genitals. Should he/she be in the mens or womens locker room..

answered Apr 21 at 17:25

Emilio's gravatar image


Thats a confusing one Sizzle. I don't know if a gym would draw the line at pre-op or post-op. Since most transgenders claim to have a female brain you would think putting them in the mens locker room would be the wrong choice, but if they still have the a fishing rod it could certainly be awkward in the womens. Then again women are more likely to be accepting of that than men in my opinion...

answered Apr 21 at 18:22

's gravatar image


Thanks for the laugh! Actually, one school of thought says losing weight is the only way to truly gain size "down there", as if you're fat, the fat hides most of it. And having been overweight, lost the weight and put it back on again, I can attest to that! HAHAHA..

answered Apr 21 at 19:20

Maximilian's gravatar image


Not true, to quote directly from the rulez.

Yes, your Johnson will get bigger by about an inch per 30 pounds lost. Don't take this to mean that it will get bigger than it ever was. It will just come out of hiding...

answered Apr 21 at 20:12

Damian's gravatar image


The perfect pushup has made a big difference in my entire chest area. The moobs are much less noticible..

Note: when your waist size is 55, it's impossible to get really close to your partner - when you then get to size 38 - hugging is MUCH more intimate - meaning that the.


Size is MUCH larger!..

answered Apr 21 at 21:24

Riley's gravatar image


Let me see if I got this right: "pie R squared minus 100 pounds equates to better sex"..

I'll have to try that, wait I think I did.

I'm not telling..

answered Apr 21 at 21:50

Brandon's gravatar image


Woohoo! 2 extra for me!.

Not really, but it does make a difference since it's not competing for clearance from my gut and is not in the shade constantly anymore!..

answered Apr 21 at 21:58

Ryan's gravatar image


All this moob talk is making me want to take a shower..


answered Apr 21 at 23:36

Landyn's gravatar image


You can't spot reduce as someone already said... Your body actually is programes to take weight/fat off in reverse to the way it put it on. going to the gym WILL NOT reduce your MOOBS... However, what it will do is grow your muscles which are under the fat and will help to make them look tighter as the fat is dropped. Sorry for the bad news but it's true...

answered Apr 22 at 00:38

Riley's gravatar image


Ben is absolutely correct. Body fat comes off when it is consumed for muscle repair and growth. This is the only way it comes off in any way you'd want it to come off..

You could calorie starve yourself and still have massive belly fat and man boobs. You'd also lose a lot of your muscle mass and become weak like a kitten..

I do progressive sets of the most weight I can handle (8/6/4/2 each exercise) four times a week. My calves are getting ripped. My thighs are getting ripped. My shoulders are getting ripped, and my arms and back are starting to come along finally too..

The belly fat (upper and lower muscle groups) is hanging on tenaciously. The man boobs are less obvious as my Pectoralis Major and Minor are developing finally too. But I've always had trouble adding muscle mass to my chest, for some reason. I was super ripped as a 20-year-old swimmer, but very little mass. But I know a lot more than I did then, too. Wish I had the body chemistry from then, though.

Also, if you do your resistance training, but ignore the timing of nutritution, you can actually "grow" your man boobs. Estrogen causes fat cells to be accumulated, especially in the belly, gluts, hips, and chest areas. If you cause trauma to your muscles (don't panic, it's what a good workout *should* do) and then don't feed them the right mix of protein, fat, and carbs all the rest of the day and.

Through the night.

Your body will manufacture Cortisol in response to muscle cell stress, which will trigger Estrogen excretion, and fat cell retention..

Our bodies are wonderful machines which get better from using them properly, but like a real machine, neglect the lubrication and adjustment, and it will break down...

answered Apr 22 at 02:12

's gravatar image


Private - How much protein do you add to your diet and how do you add it? Supplements?..

answered Apr 22 at 03:19

's gravatar image


It varies based on the if it is a workout day or not. Every day I consume 1 serving of Muscle Milk around mid-morning..

On workout days, I add 1 serving of ON Gold Standard Whey plus a pinch of Gluten SR which I consume about 40 minutes after I end my workout. On workout nights, right before I go to sleep, I consume 1 serving of Probolic brand SR protein..

Many times, on workout days, especially if work runs me late getting home, I will change out the Whey after the workout for a serving of Muscle Milk, and for dinner, just eat steamed vegetable serving and a salad serving, no protein or fat serving. I have to try not to do that, because at the level of protein supplementation I am at, my blood chemistry is probably tending toward acidic from lack of alkalines induced by consuming carbohydrates. Just sometimes I don't have time and putting "real" food in my stomach at 8pm at night just doesn't feel good anymore..

Yes, all my protein beyond what Nutrisystem provides is from powdered supplements, which I buy in bulk, and mix in a blender..

All I can say is, my man boobs are slowly disappearing as the Pectoralis Major develops, and I've had to start several of my progressive sets (notably my narrow and wide lat pulldowns just yesterday) with 40 pound plates (2 of them, the Bowflex Revolution has two "sides", so 80 pounds total) on first, with a 20 or whatever, in order not to run out of smaller plates as I increase weight during the set..

All you have to do to get rid of the man boobs is a) reduce your body fat percentage below 20 percent and b) throw some weight around on a regular basis in such a way as to develop your chest muscle. Not that it's going to be easy, but someone earlier mentioned surgery, which is just about the craziest thing I've ever heard. Heh...

answered Apr 22 at 03:35

Leon's gravatar image


One other thing that helps with the moobs is to do a lot of upper back work. Even if it's just squeezing your shoulder blades together and downwards it will help your posture and also lessen the appearance of them...

answered Apr 22 at 05:02

's gravatar image


Just wondering what is your intake percentage for nutrition IE: carbs,protein,fat? I tend to be around 20%protein, 20% fat and 60% carbs which is close to Nutrisystem actually. wondering whats yours? thanks..

answered Apr 22 at 06:20

Timothy's gravatar image


I try to keep it as close to 45 - 35 - 20 (carbs, protein, fat) as possible. Nutrisystem gets me to 60 - 20 - 20 for free, then I supplement and raise fat and protein levels a bit..

I'm not sure if the creatine (I use BSN Cellmass, have no time for fancy creatines - grin) has any effect on the ratio, I don't think so. Neither does the pre-workout Black Powder, or N.O. Black..

My problem is at my age (post-50, or would it be pre-60? lol) my test production is low and it takes as long as a week for a muscle group I hit hard (I always hit hard when "on cycle") to recover. So if I eat a little too much it shows up instantly, since I'm not working out every day..

You youngsters need to work out every day, I can't or I'll hurt myself. Which does no good. Even Mr. Olympia (Jay Cutler) doesn't work out every day...

answered Apr 22 at 06:28

Paxton's gravatar image


Thanks but can you clarify how you reduce the carbs as I mentioned Nutrisystem gets you to 60% carbs on the basic program. Do you substitute meals and just have protien instead to get the 60% down to 45%? I know these are "good" crabs but... I would like to reduce it somewhat.....

answered Apr 22 at 06:43

's gravatar image


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